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Oct. 6th, 2014 08:14 pm
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Great, just what I was looking for. Another day in paradise.

[Thanks for that. It wasn't like she was in the middle of something important.]

This is my second time here, but it doesn't look like much has changed. I'm just going to ask if anyone has seen the rest of my teammates.

[Just like before, Blake figures. Maybe they showed up in the time that Blake was gone.]

Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, and... Yang Xiao Long.

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Aug. 22nd, 2014 01:18 pm
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[Today's network message is brought to you by one, Shiki Ryougi. It's fairly succinct and dry, just like how she usually is in person.]

Anyone use a katana or know where to get a good one? I would like to find someone I can train with to keep up my skills. No good slicing air and all. If neither of those are feasible, I'm good with practicing knife combat as long as there's a decent training ground for that.

Preferred training hours are between 5-7 PM or 10 PM to... whatever. I'll eventually go home, but I'll basically stay up as long as anyone can stand it.
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[Kay is sitting cross-legged on her bed in Residence #007, writing something intently in her notepad. She suddenly and haphazardly tosses both her notepad and blue pen onto her pillow and faces the screen, however, like it's no big deal. Before speaking, she tucks a lock of her black hair behind one ear - well, not all of her hair went into that ridiculously high ponytail secured with a giant key.]

I've been here since...May, I think, and I've always been a juror-in-training at Teen Court.  My question is, when can I finally drop the "in-training" part? Should I start asking for a promotion? It's been three months. [She rests her elbow on her lap, and her chin on her palm.] Did any of you have to be "in-training" in your jobs first, too? When did you stop being in training?

And...I've been thinking of buying myself one of those skateboards. You know, those that fly. Whoosh! [Kay extends her arm and pumps her fist into the air.] It'd be fun to try 'em out! Then the Great Thief Yatagarasu can really take to the sky! 

...I wonder if I'll get a pay raise once I'm not in training. [Actually, Kay is already planning ahead of that. The notepad is actually where she's listing all the ways to earn a little extra dough for the Kay Faraday Skateboard Fund. Selling cookies, enlisting her crows to be messengers, carrying paperwork and bringing coffee to lawyers...]

[Private to Winry Rockbell]

You said you wanted to do some baking. Well, no time like the present while school's out! Your place, or mine?
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[ The camera opens up with a panning shot of a hotel that looks a few decades past its prime. The paint is peeling in places, the roof is in desperate need of maintenance, and weeds are sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement. And this is the good side of the building—the other side features quite a few lovely boarded-up windows.

After a long moment, the camera is turned around, taking a moment to focus on Charles. Emma and Erik are visible in the background.

Welcome to the future home of the Xavier School for ImPorts. That still sounds strange to say. As you can see, it’s been a while since the building has… seen its prime. [ Charles smiles a bit, his expression notably optimistic. ] Although that is where you come in! We would like to prepare the building for a proper opening in September—and I believe that with the help of any and all volunteers, it could be entirely possible.

[ Emma being Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is catty, but she knows enough not to snipe at her nominal boss on camera, at least not right off the bat. She takes a few steps closer so she can address the audience over Charles' shoulder. In her usual heels, she has several inches on him. ]

While Charles is rather more of an optimist than I am, this isn't my first construction project [ Do you have any idea how often mutants have to rebuild things? Do you? ] or first time running a school for super-powered students [ A lot of them are even still alive! ] so I'm confident we'll have everything in order in plenty of time. We're also looking for faculty and staff, and we'll be casting a wider net than a more conventional school, so if you think you have something to offer, please get in touch.

[ Charles turns his attention to Erik as though silently asking him if he has anything to add. After a moment, the communicator is handed off to Erik. ]

There will be dormitories in the school for anyone who desires an alternative to government housing-- registered or otherwise. [ There's an emphasis on "otherwise". He's made his anti-registration stance fairly public by now. ] In light of last month's events in Colorado, security will be an utmost priority.

On a related note, Charles and I were able to question an accomplice in the kidnapping. If anyone else was able to uncover any information on the parties responsible, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.

[[ There will be an open log for renovating the school later this week. Here is the previous OOC plotting post about the school, for those who missed it. The school directory is over here; please comment on the directory post if you are interested in having your character be a student, teacher, and/or resident at the school! ]]
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[This communicator has been hacked.

Attached to the broadcast is the alias LUNATIC, a name some of you may have come to know by now, though most of you will not have. Not to worry, of course. There will be plenty of opportunity in the future...]

I have been watching.

[The speaker's voice has been manipulated to sound both artificial and faintly hollow.]

There are sinners in your midst. [You know their names, don't you? Perhaps some of them even spring to mind: Lucifer, The Manipulator, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover...and so on. It's possible you even sympathize with some of them, though it's clear the speaker does not.] You answer their crimes with rewards of friendship, forgiveness...and freedom.


[What follows is clearly exasperated, but spoken in such quiet tones that it forces listeners to be all the more attentive.]

As expected, heroes...your idea of justice...is weak.

But that is why I have come.

[The speaker pauses, perhaps for dramatic effect, for when he begins again there is a certain zealousness to his tone.]

My name...is Lunatic.

[Do not mistake him for a hero.]

I will strike down the evil that has arisen. For the wicked ones...there will be no escape. The time for them to atone for their atrocities is now.

They will hear the voice of Thanatos.

[Those listening closely may hear the crackling and hissing of flames in the background...it grows louder and louder before the communication is suddenly cut and the line goes dead.]

[OOC: Please note that icon links have been broken. This broadcast in no way reveals the connection between Yuri and Lunatic.]


Aug. 12th, 2014 10:57 am
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Good morning. Normally, I wouldn't broadcast while I'm at work, but this is different so please bear with me. [Hope pulls up a video chat, and is silent for several seconds. However, a word eventually appears in the chatbox with his name attached. However, he's not typing anything-- in fact, his arms are not moving. He's focused though, squinting a little as he tries to make these new powers of his work.]


... All right, not bad, though I'd like some punctuation and capitalization.

Testing 1, 2, 3. [He's a little more satisfied with that particular result, but the focused look on his face doesn't go away-- in fact, he's shifting in his seat and tapping at his chin with one finger. Hope's not the kind of guy to leave it at that. He always needs more work.]

I'd like to ask a favor of everyone-- if you don't mind me making typos, I could really use some practice with this particular ability of mine. Well... Let's talk about any topic that comes to your mind at the moment. Something you wouldn't mind-- [He's cut off mid-sentence by a single knock on the door, before it opens. Part of a man can be seen on the edge of a screen, a coworker of Hope's.

Meanwhile, the textbox is filled with a few somethings. Stuff Hope's likely not doing consciously, or even aware of, since he's standing up, his attention currently on the person who interrupted him.]


Heeeyyy there. Last day today, huh? We're sure going to miss you. I mean, things aren't going to be the same anymore since we wont have you and your imPort stuff around.

That's... er. Thank you? If that's all you need to say, I'm in the middle of wrapping some things up...

[Unfortunately, the man turns out to be a fanboy, and gushes on and on over how amazing it was that Hope became his coworker, and ignores Hope's subtle attempts to get him to leave, resulting in a Hope that's quickly feeling stressed over the attention, and it's definitely showing in the textbox where he's still broadcasting symbols.]


[Finally, Hope reaches out to grab the man's arm and pulls him towards the door.] All right, thank you very much for visiting-- we can speak more later. After work, please. I'm busy!

[When Hope sits back down on his chair, he realizes his connection to the network is still on and he starts to put a hand over his face, before letting it drop to sigh instead. His life.]

I'm sorry for the, er... Interruption. Can we move on from that, please?

01 / VIDEO

Aug. 11th, 2014 10:07 pm
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[The video feed clicks on to show... an extreme close-up of a cat's nose pressing into the screen. The camera jiggles around for a few moments before the view lurches up and away, with an unmistakably annoyed meow being heard in the background. It isn't clear where this is being filmed... it's obviously indoors, but the room is dark, and the curtains are drawn]

Teekl, away from that thing! Give it here, you obstinate beast! Now then, how does this work...?

[The video gradually swims back into focus as Klarion squints into the camera, before finally holding the phone out at arm's length and giving any viewers a polite nod.]

Ah, there we are! Greetings, fellow imPorts... or should I say temporary kidnapping victims. I am called Klarion, and this is Teekl. [The camera swings down to show the cat, a large, impossibly fluffy ginger Maine Coon who looks less than impressed, then moves back to Klarion's face.]

First, I should make two things clear: one, I'm a witch-boy from Limbo Town, not a pilgrim, although I understand that my hometown's fashion sense has certain unmistakable similarities to their clothing. Ill-intended jokes about turkeys or thanks-giving day pageants are not appreciated, and will be met with extreme prejudice. Any jokes about these wretched blue creatures called 'smurfs' shall be met with even more extreme prejudice. Consider this your first and final warning.

Second, where might I find some 'iced cream'? I've heard that it's a delicious remedy to this absurd heat, and I should like to taste it for myself! Especially if it comes in strawberry.

02 | Video

Aug. 11th, 2014 04:04 pm
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[When the video comes on, Jaime's seated at his desk back home, a tidy stack of books visible out of the corner of the screen, and a larger stack of boxes smack dab in the middle of it - which is fine, considering the contents of the boxes is what he's here to talk about today.

He gives the camera a little wave.]

Hey, guys. I'm Jaime, and today I'm gonna be making a... really weird PSA. So as it turns out, we come from a bunch of different worlds and times, and some of these worlds and times don't actually have toothbrushes, which makes my boss want to cry, so! She gave me a box of free stuff so you guys can avoid cavities and, y'know, terrible breath.

[What he's saying here is that you guys - you medieval guys, you know who you are - are disgusting. All of you. That's okay, though, because superdentist-in-training is here to help.

He cracks open the box and pulls out a toothbrush, still in its plastic wrapper, and with it, a hilariously small travel-sized toothpaste tube.]

What you wanna do is squeeze some toothpaste onto this, and just -- brush your teeth like this. [He pantomimes it in midair, which looks about as stylish as it sounds. He honestly looks a little self-conscious but hey, it's a living. (Half a living. Maybe a quarter of a living, if he's lucky.)]

So seriously, if you need any of this stuff, hit me up, because I got like a hundred to get rid of. Also, it's super helpful in de-disgustifying your mouth and they've got, like, cheerful little pictures on it. It's a win-win.

[The aforesaid cheerful little pictures are happy suns with sunglasses and purple tulips, because evidently he got a crate of designs meant for small children. Beggars can't be choosers, right? He cuts the feed.

...and turns it on again long enough to add,]
And I got floss!

[Job done.]
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[Touma was homesick. While he may have been here only a few months, he has been an unwilling traveler long before he arrived in Heropa. He has long since accepted the fact that he will never see his original world, but that didn't make the reality any less painful.

And yet, he couldn't help himself from desiring to see even a fragment of his home. Seeing others being reunited with their friends reminded him of what he lost and a small part of him selfishly wished that someone from his world would turn up. It definitely seemed possible.

Perhaps the Network can provide him with something more concrete?]

I've been pondering some things. How many people have peers from their world here? Since arriving here a little over two months ago, I've noticed something strange about the people being dragged here; some of them are familiar with each other and those already here. Given how the Porter has an infinite amount of worlds to chose from and its random nature when concerning its victims, just what are the chances of it pulling in people from the same world? How about the same timeline. Location? Social circle? Not only that, but to repeat it multiple times? There is no way this is a coincidence.

Not only that, but it's very possible that there are people who belong to the same world and have no idea that they do. If the Porter can gather people who coincidentally happen to know each other, I don't think this is too improbable. Of course, it would be incredibly difficult to prove without a doubt due to all the factors that could muddle the connection and the fact we only have anecdotal evidence to go by. Time can greatly shift a world even within a few years. Location can influence your perspective on your surroundings in a world. Just those two factors alone can make it outright impossible to tell.

So, what does everybody think of all this? These thoughts have been rattling around in my brain for awhile now and I just wanted to share it with you guys.
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[Hear that Heropa? That's the sound of what should be a destitute lounge singer. The sound of smite worthy caterwauling. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Celine Dion and that hell worthy song from that movie we all hate.

At least Balthazar hates it. With a passion. The camera is pointed towards the source, a simple radio while in the corner the angel seems to be scrambling for something heavy enough to hit it with.]

Unacceptable. Un-bloody-acceptable! This bloody fecking song!

[He comes up with a thick hardcover book and throws it. It does nothing, bouncing off the radio and there's a string of curses in french and gaelic. Balthazar doesn't seem to be away that this is being filmed. Someone wanna give him a heads up before he smites himself?]

001 [video]

Jul. 9th, 2014 03:07 am
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[He's got the run down, he's been taken to his new place, and now he's being left to absorb all the information. Which, really, seems more like something out of a really bizarre fever dream. This kind of stuff isn't the kind of thing that happens in real life, but it's not like he's in a position to argue what is and is not possible.]

Good evening. [The sun is setting and Mike briefly straightens up to press his fist to his heart. It's an odd salute, but it and the uniform he wears will definitely be familiar to some. He's not the first member of the Survey Corps to come through the Porter, but he doesn't know that yet.] My name is Mike Zacharius.

[He pauses, a grimace passing over his features. He certainly feels and looks like he might throw up at any minute, but luckily for everyone watching he's so-far managing to handle it.

Um. Right, he's doing a thing.]

I'm a member of the Survey Corps, so if anyone knows if there are any other members here, I'd appreciate the heads up. If there aren't...Anyone who could explain what's happening here would be fine.

[This is exactly why he doesn't really do rousing speeches outside of combat. How do you communicate with people? But, hopefully someone out there will take pity on him.]
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[The camera starts up on a pair of violet eyes and pans back to show two girls- one brunette with a large black bow atop her head and a slightly taller blonde, the owner of the eyes, who grins and offers a jaunty wave..]

There we go! Hey Heropa, I'm Yang and this is my partner Blake-

[Blake looks at the camera for a moment, blinks, and gives a small wave.]

... Hey.

[Social relations aren't her strong point, okay. Yang only rolls her eyes a little, still smiling, before continuing.]

-and we're one half of team RWBY, but unfortunately, the other two letters of our team are woefully absent. So! If any of you run into a girl with black hair, a red cape and a huge scythe, that's my little sister Ruby.

Our other member is a girl with white hair, blue eyes and a scar over her left eye. Her name is Weiss.

If anyone has seen either of them, please let us know.

If nothing else, the yelling will give Weiss away, and Ruby will probably be fawning over someone's weapon. Don't hesitate to let 'em know we're looking either- it might kick their butts into gear.

[Yang flashes a look at Blake then, brows rising.]

Anything else?

Shouldn't we at least ask them what this world is like? We don't really know anything about it.

[Not being in Remnant was definitely going to take some getting used to.]

Oh... huh, I guess that's true! So... anyone feel like telling us what this place is like?

[Yang bends forward then, offering a bright, pretty smile that's obviously meant to be charming, tilting her head to one side.]

Either way, thanks a bunch in advance guys, we appreciate it.

[A wink, and she reaches to shut the video off.]

Team RWBY out!

((Orange is Yang, black is Blake, responses will come from both!))


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