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cw implied harm to (fantastical) animal, implied drug use, probably offensive language within ??

[the picture shakes, obviously handheld. when the picture focuses, there's a dragon rampaging down the street, wings flapping, eyes blazing orange, its body built of churning smoke and fire. it has teeth, in terrifying, serrated rows, but that seems somehow less important than the impossible cycling of gas and combustion that form its flesh. the whole situation is very cloverfield. in the background, the sound of human screams rises tinny, shallow.

lower definition than the communicator video.

but there's a reason for that. a discerning eye might notice immediately: the street the monster is running down is empty of people, and there's something wrong with the buildings. not enough detail in the brick, the windows, the pavement, and beyond it, the sky a fuzzy, paint-white blank. when the camera pulls out, reality becomes clear. the city is merely a cardboard model, stylized in a way that will be familiar to some, but this time a rendering of de chima's downtown area rather than sleepy henrietta. the monster, no matter how miraculous, could fit in the size of an ordinary man's palm.

or inside of a drinking glass, as it turns out. the next moment, one such cup plunks down over the creature, trapping it like a spider in the glass. the tiny dragon immediately begins to screech in rage-- or pain; it's hard to tell, but you only need a little imagination and familiarity with fire to consider the consequences.

and then kavinsky squares the camera lens on his face. skinny white boy— young, hollow-eyed and pale, his black hair clotted with too much gel. one earring, wifebeater, probably (definitely) trying too hard, probably (undoubtedly) overly impressed by himself. there is something oddly jittery about his hands, shoulders, the swollen bloat of his dilated pupils. he sprawled inside of a bedroom, generic, unlived-in. past his shoulder, there's a television playing stadium footage of a european football game, hence the poorly dubbed soundtrack. the dragon's outrage grows fainter.

he smiles.]

Made you look.

[he winks, and cuts the feed.]
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[Shatterstar has been to a lot of strange places, and seen a lot of strange things, but this device is new to him. He's been told that the similar devices back from the version of earth he's from are called "smartphones" (he assumes this is ironic, as they don't even have the barest A.I. capability), but the ones he's seen before don't have functions like this.

What ends up being broadcast is: first a recording of what seems to be several seconds of silence followed by the muffled sound of something like the snapping of fingers. Then there's a video, footage of a few seconds of what looks like a deserted alleyway. He's testing out its functions; he's not dumb enough to let himself get recorded while he does it. At least not until he knows the nature of his enemy.

Then, finally, there's text.]

This is Shatterstar. If my teammates are out there and can respond, do so. I'll find you.

To the villains behind this farce, know this. If you think you can control me, you are laughably mistaken. I have bested far more capable than you. Your "government" does not intimidate a warrior born.

[Okay, that last bit he just threw in for fun. Let them come after him. He could use a workout, if they even proved to be that skilled.]
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Funny thing is, I spent most of last year counting down to my 5th imPort anniversary, and in the end I missed it by a good month and a half. Guess that's what comes of having a significant life event close to the holidays.

[ Spider-Man red versus Goblin green… totally counts as festive, right? Of course it does. ]

You gotta love the human -- sorry, the sapient -- capacity for adaptation. Forgetting the day of my own kidnapping.

But for the sake of you patient souls who suffered through my existential moping last year -- how many of you are still here, anyway? roll call! -- let's skip it this time and go with an icebreaker for the newbies.

Two truths and a lie. For those of you who come from universes without awkward getting-to-know-you party games, (a) congratulations, (b) it's just what it sounds like. I'll start:

1. I once picked a fight with a swarm of communist bees.
2. I used to have six arms but a giant lizard helped me remove them.
3. My car once tried to murder me.

Take your guesses.
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IMPORTANT! Before you post, remember: The imPorts taken hostage have had their comm handsets confiscated, which puts our overall information security at risk. The Soviets may be able to view our communications, even on Mirrornet.

With that in mind, I've developed a geocryption algorithm that anyone can install and use on their handsets. Anything encrypted with this shouldn't be visible on devices outside the United States. You're welcome.

[Attached is the "qgeocrypt" executable. The remainder of the post is geocrypted using it.]

I think we can all agree, priority one is that we rescue the hostages. Breaking that task down gives us the following objectives -

A. Secure our lines of communication.
B. Locate and disable the Soviet Porter / "Lackey". If we don't do that, there's nothing to stop them continuing their "confiscations."
C. Locate the hostages. A number of people are fielding discussion on that already, but ultimately we need exact coordinates.
D. Disable or circumvent power nullification at hostage location.
E. Extract the hostages.
F. Don't start a global thermonuclear war in the process. The "war" part it's a bit late for, so we'll need to focus on the "global thermonuclear" part.

I propose we form a few small teams to handle each of these objectives. If you think your talents are well-suited to one or more of them, reply with your name, powers, and experience, and we'll go from there. And yes, experience is important here. I don't need to tell you a lot of lives are at stake. Failure's not an option we can afford.

I'll start.
    Name: Qubit.
    Powers: technokinesis, teleportals.
    Experience: 4 years coordinating a large superhero team. Many more spent resolving high-stakes crises on various worlds, inc. supernova, hostage situations, and yes, wars.

((ooc: Full details on qgeocrypt are here! All it means is handsets outside the US (as defined in that comment) can't access geocrypted posts/comments. Nanites aren't included, so hostages can still see them unless other measures have been taken to keep them out. Sorry about any confusion!))


Jan. 22nd, 2016 02:09 pm
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There are things we need before we can even consider rescuing any of them.

Information, primarily speaking.

Now I don't care where it comes from or how it was obtained, I just need every scrap of information anyone has on this situation. Perhaps it's not much on an individual scale, but compiling everything into one source may grant us more insight.

I've gone ahead and created such a document, though it is locked down for security reasons- as all informative responses to this should be. I've granted some individuals access, and will continue to do so as I sort through responses. Everyone with access will have the ability to add their knowledge to it, as well as share the document with others. Moderately complex perhaps, but it's an attempt to keep the information leaks to a minimum.

There's not much there at the moment, as it only reflects my observations so far, but collaborative discussion of course is highly encouraged. I will store frequent back-up copies in case of error.

Hyperlink: Information.doc

((ooc: As the Gdoc is open to everyone, feel free to assume access- or don't, if you want your character to badger him about it instead.
Update: This post and the attached document are now under Qubit's qgeocrypt so that only devices inside the US will be able to access them. This means all captives have been locked out!))


Jan. 21st, 2016 07:22 pm
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[And here's Max, sounding tired and scared, but determined nonetheless.]

Can everyone hear me? This is Max Caulfield. I'm not sure this is working, but I'm gonna try it.

[A pause that's punctuated by a deep, shaky breath, and Max continues.]

We've been kidnapped. I'm sure you've already noticed by now, but I figured I'd start with that anyway. [As it turns out, Max is every bit as awkward as she usually is, if not more so.] We're not hurt... at least, not as far as I can tell. We can't use our powers. They've told us we're "property of the USSR." [Her tone more than denotes how much she thinks of that little detail, but she moves on.] But we're okay... I think. We're not injured, as far as I can tell.

They've told us we're in space, but... I don't know. A lot of us don't think that's right, but hell if I know where we are. They could be telling the truth, but they could also just be trying to scare us.

Look... I know this is a lot to deal with, but please don't do anything crazy. We're fine.

[At least for now.]

Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna try and figure more stuff out, and I know a lot of us being held over here are trying, too.


Jan. 21st, 2016 08:51 am
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[ Kitty's voice is a little strained. ]

Right, so...Hullo, Kitty here. And we've already had a bit of input on glorious-war and glorious-war-but-do-be-careful-about-it-because-the-Russians-are-a-bit-scary, and at this point everyone's probably like shut it won't you. But for anyone who's still out there and still listening, just...

This is hard for us. We've lost our friends. That's scary. But remember that no real harm has been done yet. They've been kidnapped, but no one's been killed. The situation right now is not that bad. But it has the potential to get so much worse if we let loose our anger. Remember, the weapons in the Russians' possession - and in the Americans' - can scorch the earth. Kill everyone. Everyone. It won't just be us who go if we escalate this war: it'll also be the little kids in the school down the street from you, and the girl who always remembers your order at the malt shop, and the bloody...puppies in the animal shelter.

So those of you who are thinking that it's time to go burn down Russian cities, or join up with the army as they march to destroy our enemies - close your eyes and think of the entire baskets of puppies and kittens that'll get scorched into nothing but atoms when this war gets stepped up and the bombing starts. Okay? So instead, maybe let's give thought to negotiation. Forgiveness. Stepping down the violence. Some of the kidnapped have gotten word out - I bet you anything they'll agree.

[ video ]

Jan. 20th, 2016 07:08 pm
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Okay, listen up... Anybody with tracking powers, any telepaths, anybody who can teleport people, or anybody who's got any kinda power that could help us find the ones who got kidnapped:

I got the power to make you stronger.

Wider range, keep your portals open longer, whatever it is, I can double your power. I just gotta be near you. As in, like, in the same room as you. So if you're trying something and you need a boost, call me over.

And anybody who's planning anything crazy dangerous might as well call me up, too, 'cause I got some first aid shit you can bring with you.
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For any displaced Heropians... People who live in Heropa...? Who don't have a place to stay while this um... thing is happening, the Xavier school's door are open!

There will be a sign-in and out procedure for security measures and organizational purposes, and everyone will be assigned their own temporary dorm. There are forty-one rooms available. Please specify if you're alone, with a partner, or a larger group and you'll be accommodated accordingly.

Any purposeful destruction of property will result in a ban from the premises.

The school is close to the city's limits, so if anyone wants to use the building as an HQ to organize themselves for a rescue mission they're more than welcome to. They just need to contact me - Akito! - or Agito first.

Also, if anyone needs someone to watch their animals while they're away we can make space for them as well.

Do we have a preliminary count of how many imPorts and natives are affected by this yet? It will be easiest to get a count on which imPorts are MIA first, so please respond here with who you know that is missing!

{ added later: a rudimentary list of imPorts he knows have gone missing }

((ooc: since all of the other school officials are MIA or otherwise occupied, Akito is temporarily in charge. Xavier's layout is here.))
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[There is a thin, angular man with dark neat hair and intensely focused hazel eyes on the screen. He clears his throat when the vid starts; he's had to swallow down his nerves and put on his calm political mask to speak. His accent is a gravelly, guttural sort of Russian, as if Russians went into space and were fast-forwarded a thousand years. Which they did.]

Hello. My name's Greg. I'm adding to your barrage of new arrivals. It's still very surreal to be here, if for no other reason than that I'm on pre-space travel Earth.

[He does look honestly bemused by that.]

I was wondering what the regulations are for obtaining jobs around here. They've assigned me one, but I was hoping for something... low key. Normal, menial work. [A quirk of his lips.] I have experience putting in lights, if that's relevant, and as a navigator.

I was also looking for confirmation that all of the, ah, abilities listed in our files are real. I'd prefer not to test something like this to find out.

Thank you.
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As seen initially on BlueTube, where the footage was leaked, before all major news networks picked it up:
Cell phone video footage allegedly depicting a barroom brawl between imPorts went viral after it was uploaded to BlueTube last weekend. The video, recorded at The Cantina in Heropa on the night of December 12, begins with a shot of broken glass and a man's voice shouting, "It just exploded! It just [EXPLETIVE] exploded, dude!" The video goes on to depict bottles shattering on shelves behind the bar and general chaos as patrons begin to flee the building. The video fails to capture the faces of the imPorts in question. Witness statements point to the use of some kind of telekinetic power. In addition to glasses and bottles, there was significant damage to the bar's furniture and interior. Police claim no injuries were reported but the suspects are being sought for destruction of property.

As seen on Lulzfeed and heavily featured within popular Rumblr posts:
A picture depicting two thin, unshaven Santas enjoying beer has gone viral online since earlier this week. Many have manipped the picture to include jokes about SANTA PLEASE DON'T GET DRUNK THIS CHRISTMAS and WHAT MRS. CLAUS DON'T KNOW WON'T HURT HER with a few jabs thrown at various charities most commonly associated with ringing bells at Christmas. A second picture, depicting one of the Santas vomiting in an alley while the other Santa pats his back, has gained the same amount of attention. No one has yet been able to determine who these drunken imposters are, though some claim they must be imPorts. There is a subset of people who are devoted to discovering their identities, as thin Santas are apparently a Christmas wish for them!!

(NOTE: Anyone familiar with Will Graham or Edgar may, after a little squinting, catch onto the charitable culprits.)

As seen on BlueTube:
ImPort, zombie survivor AND teenage heartthrob Carl Grimes has made his first post on BlueTube, imploring everyone to consider the responsibilities of adopting a furry friend before taking them home for Christmas, as many of these "gifts" are soon return to shelters not long after adoption.

His fangirls, popularly known as Grimey Gals, furiously support his cause.

As seen on the internet as well as all imPort city newspapers and any television talk covering the matter:

Now that you've seen the truth of my words, the fires that came to pass, there should be little doubt of the legitimacy of my claims. Unfortunately, once more, I do not come to you bearing good news. An ominous nightmare has been plaguing me for the past several nights.

I've foreseen darkness, so thick and cloying, it swallows everything in its path. Within this darkness, hide and seek becomes dangerous, but getting caught in a game of tag is deadly.

Take great care of yourself during the holiday season, fellow imPorts. For this is the calm before the inevitable storm.

(NOTE: If any players want their specifics foreshadowed by the Clairvoyant, remember to hit up the permissions post!)

As seen in the 24-hour national news cycle:
Rumors of Lachesis reincarnated as a Russian continue to circulate. An anonymous source in Cyprus claims that he has seen Lachesis himself, and she is much younger than he would think a Fate to be. Another source in Norway contradicts reports of sightings, claiming that Lachesis is not a reincarnated human being, but instead she is a human-looking robot.

As seen on BlueTube:
Popular video channelists (ages 15 to 35) have made their mark on this season by sending exotic (and sometimes ludicrous) gifts to imPorts. While not all unwanted gifts have been accounted for, a tallied list has been circling Bwitter of people "Port Claiming" imPorts by giving them some "holiday cheer". The up-to-date list is as follows:

XXXSANTOXXX gifted GEORGE O'MALLEY with a George O'Malley ceramic doll.
BAEWATCH gifted KANAYA MARYAM with a set of porcelain forks.
2HOTHOTDAMN gifted BILLY KAPLAN with 2000 black rubber duckies.
ASTRANGEMIND gifted NEWT a year's supply of potato chips.
THE_REAL_PETE_REPEATREPEAT gifted KAMALA KHAN a red sequined cape.
INERTIA3502 gifted WALLY WEST some nice jarring food.
BUMPINTHENIGHT gifted HARRISON WELLS a collected of antique medical tools dating from 1909.
MILKSHAKE1995 gifted RICK GRIMES a book on good parenting.
INOALLURSECRETS gifted KEN KANEKI a box of pink, brain-shaped candies.
HAWTBOO91 gifted BARNABY BROOKS JR. a plush doll of Kotetsu.
4DALULZ gifted AGENT WASHINGTON 10,000 Washington apples.
SARTEWASRIGHT gifted BLUE SARGENT a blue velvet top hat.
CHEEZWIZ gifted LUKE CASTELLAN a Nico di Angelo action figure.
BORNDISWHEY gifted GLITCH a table shaped like a rocket ship.
BOOKIT gifted ATHOS with five pairs of cashmere socks.
PRETTYINPINK gifted JOEL MILLER with five pairs of golden color contacts (no prescription).
MARRYMEALITTLE gifted RIZA HAWKEYE a pair of taxidermied ospreys.

Children who have the misfortune of spelling "Santa" as "Satan" will probably have their letters delivered to Lucifer. Stay in school, kids.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from VIOLENT VIOLET to PLUM because in the wake of the recent imPort-related domestic horrors and the chaotic holiday spirit, a couple national newscasters plumb forgot to send their reports through the government censors, thus fostering mass delays. Those newscasters have been sent to reeducation camps.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Dec. 4th, 2015 10:27 am
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[ Here's Kitty, wearing a smile and giving a little wave to the camera. ]

Hullo. It's Kitty here. I was just thinking about how it's about time for us to get another wave of new people - and then I remembered how last December, we didn't get any, and then I realized that I've now been here for over a year and that was just mad to think about.

It's easy to focus on all the horrid things that happen to us here. Because there are so many horrid things - that's true. The war with the Soviets is just terrible, and sometimes you just want to take the President by his shoulders and shake him until he stops - and those groups that detest us, they've made things a bit hard at times, as well. [ There's a little sideways twist to her lips as she says that; that's a grotesque understatement from a girl who had quite the history with one of those groups that detest us. ]

But it's always easy to remember the bad above the good. That's how the human brain works, isn't it - it's designed to remember hurts so that it can avoid those hurts in the future, which isn't bad, but which means that we sometimes lose track of the fact that there is so much more kindness than cruelty in the world. So I was just sitting and remembering all the good that's come to me over the past year.

Because this year, in this world, it really has been filled with impossible goodness. When I first came here, I was so scared, but there were people who took me in and helped me and protected me until I got a little more courage. And now here I am. I've made so many friends, amongst them someone I thought was my direst enemy. I saw people whom I'd never done any good for - I saw them forgive me when I was cruel and wicked and spiteful towards them, saw them risk themselves to help me and to save me.

And I've lived amongst the people of this world, who have been so good to me. So good. I've made friends amongst them, too. I've been kept on at work when I really have been the worst employee, when I've been unreliable because of my other obligations. And we've been allowed to speak our minds, speak freely. We've been allowed to travel far and wide. We've been supported in everything we do, which is far more kindness than has ever been extended a group of refugees at any time in any world. We've lived at peace. We've lived well.

So -

[ She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. ]

I'd thought - if I could trouble you all - that we could spend a little bit of time, all together, remembering the good turns that people have done us.

Talk about whomever you'd like. Talk about the people who have been kind and helped us when they didn't have to. Talk about the wealth that is the other people we know here. And I thought we could talk about the natives, too - I was thinking I might put together a little something, a few quotes, that we could pass along to the natives of this world, so that we know that we appreciate them. Let's take some time to overcome our brains, and remember the good - focus on the good and remember how kind the world is to us. How well we live. How strong and brave and honest we can be here.

[ Translation: 'All of this is a somewhat underhanded but well-intentioned PR thing that will let me package some stuff to make the natives less furious at us in an ongoing attempt to avert all-out war between us and this world.' ]

Anyway. There's that, if you can spare some time. Oh, and, erm - come by Krakatoa, while I've got your attention. Best club in town, bar none. And the employees are simply gorgeous.

[ A quick, half-sheepish grin, and then she gives a little nod and waves her way off. ]
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As seen in all local imPort city newspapers:
De Chima Animal Shelter seeks imPorts for fostering!
With local animal rescues expecting to reach capacity over the upcoming holiday seasons, the De Chima Animal Shelter is reaching out to members of the imPort population who may be interested in the companionship of a dog or cat, but don't feel that they can commit to long-term ownership due to unstable existences. Even a few months of a loving household can go a long way in finding our shyer shelter residents a permanent home! Some restrictions do apply, as the shelter cannot in good conscience allow imPorts listed as Criminal to volunteer as fosters.

As seen on BlueTube, USTube, and the popular clickbait website Fuzzfeed:
Have you seen it? Are you SWAG enough to have seen it? Don't worry potential cool kid, here's the home video from infamously handsome TV host Stan Pines that went viral over the weekend, creating this week's new internet sensation! Find out why this man has 12 PhDs but can't put on a sweater without being stabbed*!
*Video contains no actual stabbing.

NBSea has a BRAND NEW "documentary" airing 10:00 PM EST on November 10th! Following the frenetic fervor of their successful shark endeavors, the sharp teethed executives at NBSea have shifted their usual educational programming to something more of the popular consumption variety -- this means CONSPIRACIES. Or as NBSea will call it: conspiraSEAS! This evening's "documentary" offers the theory that not only do mermaids actually exist and the government KNOWS and is ACTIVELY HIDING MERMAIDS FROM YOU, but that in fact the following imPorts are UNDER THE SEA COVER MERMAID SPIES:
Kitty Jones
April Ludgate(-Graham)
Dipper Pines
Jang Junseo
Hazel Lockwood
The Iron Bull
Lapis Lazuli
Carl Grimes
Tobias Matthews
Agent Texas

The takeaway from the program is clear: approach these merPorts with caution and make offerings of raw fish to appease the creatures.

Nailed it!, the high-end fashion nail polish company wants to produce the first and MOST EXCLUSIVE imPort line OF NAIL POLISH. All proceeds will go to Nailed it! and their stockholders. The company is looking for ONE color suggestion per imPort in order to market that imPort's face over that imPort's personalized and stylish hue! Nailed it! will take any offer, literally just comment with a color and you will have your own thematic nail polish out on the shelves by Friday.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from BLOOD ORANGE to EVERGREEN in response to the unusually calm and perfectly normal activity afoot.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[Well, it's been a while. The sun's setting, and Cassandra's perched herself on a roof somewhere in... Nonah, from the looks of it? Anyway, she's up somewhere she probably shouldn't be, wrapped up in an eggplant-colored hoodie and sipping at a paper cup of something from a coffee shop.]

Hi. I guess... I'm back? [This is some weird nonsense, as far as she's concerned. Her voice is still a little clipped, dry. Like she's still really not used to speaking out loud.] Two months. The time's just - gone. Like I never left. Nothing new in Blüdhaven, either.

[She frowns a little, like she's having some trouble getting her head around it. Whatever, time for another sip of that tea latte...thing she's drinking.]

I miss anything? [With an expression that basically screams wow, things went sideways huh. but seriously, what's new.]


Nov. 6th, 2015 06:13 pm
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[The screen turns on, showing a young woman glancing rather uncertainly at the camera. There are dark shadows under her eyes, and she looks exhausted and a bit sad, but her smile is unquestionably genuine.]

Uh… hey, there. My name is Max, and I guess… I’m a super hero now?

[Not that that’s anything new, really. Max doesn’t look nearly as shocked as one might expect - although she does look trepidatious about it. After what happened with Arcadia Bay, she was pretty reluctant to use her powers ever again. Still, Max braces herself internally, shoulders hunching unconsciously and almost defensively, and carries on, determined to not fuck things up quite so badly this time around. Folding her hands neatly on the desk in front of her, she shyly manages another smile, this one brighter and more sure than the last.]

Super Max? Yeah, right. I guess I thought this sort of thing only happened in comic books or something. Wowser. Does this mean I get a cape? Wait. No capes. [Giggling a little, she leans back, relaxing in her chair.] Sorry, I had to. [Not that she thinks people will necessarily get that straight off, but she’s more than happy to have a little joke after the hell her last week was.]

Well… I don’t know if I can really help people, or even inspire them, but I’m willing to try. I’m seriously buzzing over the idea of this - I mean, I’m not exactly hero material. Are heroes allowed to be klutzy? If so, I can probably stop a robbery by tripping or something. And I guess I’m registered now?

[Max holds up her wrists, shaking them a little so that a spiked leather wrist-strap on her left wrist and the more colorful ones on her right shift down, revealing a faint, glowing script.]

I have to admit, these are pretty sweet. I always wanted a tattoo, but I guess I was too chicken to get one. But now, they’re mine! Boo-yah. Even if they are for “hero work”, or whatevs, it’s kinda cool to have them. Like if people need help, they can let us know or something. Maybe it’ll be faster than 9-1-1? Seriously, though, this is all pretty surreal. I don’t know if I can get used to it, but… I’ll try.

[She’s a lot less shaken than perhaps she should be, as though she’s used to this. With great power comes great bullshit, after all - but Max never could quite bring herself walk away from people who needed help. Shrugging a little, more to herself than anyone else, she carries on.]

Anyway, does anyone know any good places around here to take photos? My portfolio kinda needs the work, and I kinda need the fresh air. Not that I don’t usually get fresh air, but I’ve been pretty busy moving in and all. [And here, she holds up her camera.] Say hello to my little friend! Speaking of, I need a place to get film for this bad boy. Any ideas? [She also needs clothes, but pictures are all that matter right now, you have no idea.]

[Wow, that was was more talking than she’d originally intended. But she had been making more of an effort lot be more outgoing lately, and it was nice to not be such a shy weirdo anymore. She can deal.]

Okay, I’m getting tingles now, and I’ve gotta deal with new school… new-ness. Also new job stuff. [Insert a not-unhappy eyeroll here.] Must learn. Must take photos. Et cetera. It’ll be nice to get settled in.
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[ This video opens with a shot of four very unhappy teenagers, all of whom look wrung out. They’re pale and drawn, with shadowed eyes as though they’ve not slept in days. The view of the room behind them can’t clearly be seen, but what’s on show seems scattered and broken, streaked with red. Gansey is front and center, looking considerably more strained than the last time he was here. He is making an attempt to seem calm, but his expression is pinched with worry. Granted, the dark circles under his eyes don’t help. ]

I’m sorry to have to send this message. It’s not my intention to frighten anyone, but it wouldn’t be right not to tell you.

[ He glances at the others. ]

Our friend, Ronan Lynch, is missing. Ordinarily this wouldn’t be a cause for troubling you, but there’s also this.

[ He moves aside to show a full shot of the room. It’s been trashed, and the streaks of red are interspersed with what looks like feathers. The walls have been scored by something long, curved and pointed. Some violence has happened here. ]

We all woke up to this, and we’re concerned he may be in trouble. Adam, show them.

[ Because, by fascinating coincidence, only one of them has a picture of Ronan on their device. They’ve only been here a month, after all.

Adam’s been relatively silent for the whole exchange but when Gansey prompts him for the picture he lifts his device and thumbs through it. Holding it up he shows off an image of the missing boy in question - half out of the shot like it’s been taken by accident but still very recognisable by the shaved head and raven perched on his shoulder.
] Here. [ He lets it stay there for a moment before he drops his arm and once more tries to call Ronan on his cell, glaring down at the unanswered screen like it offends him. ] This is a waste of time, we should be out there looking for him.

[ Gansey sends a sharp look at Adam. Of course they should be out there. They should have been out there, already. ]

We’re going to find him. [ Back to the camera. ] The problem is what might be chasing him.

[ Blue’s been sitting to the side, arms folded, finger to her lips as she gnaws at her lip with a look of frustration and anxiety. Her foot taps against the floor, only stopping when she takes the camera. ] You saw the claw marks. All the destruction.

If it’s what we think it is, then this thing isn’t nice or very pretty. It’s actually really ugly. You’ll know what it is when you see it. It’s big, it’s kind of like the bastard child of a bird and a man that should never have been born. It’s got a beak and everything.

[ For a second, anger gives way to worry. ] It’s nasty. That’s what you really need to know. Just be careful if you see it. Especially if you’re someone who likes to fight and wants to try to take it on.

[ Gansey tilts the phone back, looking suddenly urgent. ]

What she means is, don’t take it on. Get away from it, and call us. If that’s not possible, mind your eyes. It tends to go for them.

[ He steps back again, relinquishing camera space to Blue, who shoots him a look before turning back to the camera herself. Her anger has come back stronger than before. ] And if you’re out there, Ronan, and you see this: answer your damn phone!

[ Noah has been hovering in the background, but now he gently slides into frame to add to Blue’s demand. ] Please. And, you know, don’t die. [ His scared doe eyes say the rest for him: don’t do anything toostupid. While we’re asking for miracles. ]

(( ooc: This post marks the start of Ronan's Angry Birds plot! The ooc post is here.

Gansey is black, Adam is green, Blue is blue and Noah is pink.
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[Around 2 AM, a poorly worded text message makes its way onto the network:]

how do u get a kid to put a cucumber in his mouth
wait a minute
this is nut wut it sounds like

[Some letters are written with love or great frustration, but this one in particular was composed by a not-so-anonymous poster who had imbibed copious amounts of alcohol. Have no fear, however- As misleading as this shitty example of a modern "letter" is, Asher means well by it. He's been conspicuously absent from social media as of late, aside from the occasional #gains gym selfie on whatever this world's equivalent of Instagram is.

Anxiety is a bitch, and while his newfound powers could certainly be considered a godsend, his lack of control of them is what worries him most. Will he be the result of another unfortunate tragedy, yet again? Will the results of a mishap be even worse, this time?

He has managed to drink these thoughts away in order to gain more focus of the important things: Namely, how to get two mischievous twins to eat their vegetables.

[ Text ]

Oct. 12th, 2015 12:46 am
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I have been here for over year and a month. I have been sent home, I have seen people leaving and not returning, and I see nearly every month someone telling us over the network a person is gone. Someone I knew was sent back recently. That's not what I want to talk about, I already had my tantrum when Annie left.

But this person was three years ahead in my world. I was told few things that will happen to me in the future, things that I want to stop from happening. But these are things that will happen because they already have, even if I haven't lived them. Yet. Timelines are such a mess here.

So I wonder, how many people would want to know about their future. Or if that has already happened. And if there is a way to change it. Even though you lose all your memories of this place when you are sent back, yes I know.
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Alright, kids, gather round. [ says the man in an expensive suit with Flawless Hair (it's a legitmate power now, he loves it), as he eases back into a leather office chair in what looks like a government building. if anyone's been inside the imPort public relations office, you might notice the wallpaper behind his head looks familiar. ] Seeing as our hosts have assigned me a post in the imPort Public Relations department, it seemed natural I should get to know the people I'm to be relating to.


Show of hands: How many of you would've sold your nanny to get a vacation like this back home? Or something slightly less hyperbolic if you'd rather - you get the idea. [ a hand is waved dismissively, giving a flash of a watch that could probably pay for a new car, and like three rings on a single hand because son has an obsession ok. however, pricey taste aside, his voice is perfectly amiable and good-natured. casual, even, like he's chatting up friends, no hint of arrogance or pomp to it. ]

I'm not demanding life stories, so don't start hanging me for prying; just what you're willing to share. I'm only trying to get a general picture of our community. [ a pause, jack slouching some as he shrugs, nonchalant. ] Can be for anything - the powers, the second lease on life with a clean slate, or just getting away from whatever tragedy your day-to-day had turned to.

Or, maybe, the contrary. Who would sell old Nana for a chance to get out? Important chores to get to, love affairs put on hold, disagreements with the restless natives? Again, details are yours to disclose, or not, in your judgment. [ but he does want to hear the details. because he's nosey, because he's bored, because he likes knowing more about other people than they know about him. ]

By the way, manners - I'm Jack Benjamin, and a preemptive 'lovely to meet you' to all. Retraction of sentiment pending on how actually pleasant you may or may not be as an individual.

[ a beat passes, and Jack flops back some, a lopsided, boyish sort of smile pulling across his lips. if there's anything disingenious to it, it's impossible to spot. ]

But it seems like a benefit-of-the-doubt kind of day.

[[ ooc; PS, Jack's powers include Charm Speak, which he isn't using at the moment and won't be over the network, but if I could get you guys to check out his permissions page for that, that'd be badass. also, if you'd rather have your dude run into jack in person, there's an open log as well /o/ Thanks! ]]
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[ On the screen there is a boy. He is brown-haired, hazel-eyed, and wearing a pair of wire-framed glasses. He’s also wearing a garishly orange polo shirt, against the advisement of the other boy beside him. The glasses-wearer is Gansey, and he comes with a friendly, very-nearly-cheerful, smile. ]

Good morning. My apologies, if I’m interrupting any of you. I’m Gansey. [ He points beside him, to the dusty-haired, sepia-toned boy with his nose in a book. ] This is my friend, Adam Parrish. [ The book moves down an inch, Adam’s mouth twisted in displeasure. ] I said I’d sit here, not that I’d join in.

[ Gansey pauses mid-flow, concentration suddenly shifted to Adam. ]

Saying hello is not joining in. I’m being polite, why can’t we be polite?

I’ve said hello to people. [ Glancing to the device in Gansey’s hands and then up to his friend’s face again. ] Multiple people! If I’d have realised we were putting on a show I’d have swapped places with Lynch. What’s wrong with texting?

[ Gansey’s head does a minute little shake. ] No one wants to read this amount of text. Just bear with me, all right?

[ Adam pauses for a moment and then let’s himself think about how much they need to ask, what they’ve already discussed. He has a point. ] Okay, fine. [ A sigh. ] Carry on.

[ And so Gansey does, attention back on the lens. ]

We’re new here, although I’ve met a fair few of you already. I thought it was time for formal introductions. We’ll have seen some of you at school. We’re going to Xavier’s. If you’re a student there, let us know. We’d like to meet you. I also have a few questions. Don’t feel you have to be a student to answer them - I’m looking for any takers.

[ He pauses to put something small and leafy into his mouth, and shifts his posture. Looking mildly more comfortable, he continues. During this time Adam closes his book and twists a little where he’s sat to watch the epic reveal of Studious Gansey to the masses. It’s his favourite part. ]

What I’m after is knowledge. I’m painfully bereft of it here. It’s very disconcerting to know that the history of a place is entirely different from all I’ve learned. I need to catch up.

But most of all, more than anything else, I’m interested in that Porter. I’ll be honest with you; as fascinating as it is here, I was in the middle of something I wasn’t ready to leave, and I need to get back to it.

[ He pauses, thoughtful, wondering how to go on. His thumb runs across his lower lip, an unconscious signature of his thought process, of gears turning in his head. There’s an energy about Gansey even though he’s sitting still. This is important, and he wants to phrase it properly, but there’s also a great deal he needs to say. ]

None of my theories are good enough, strong enough, to explain what that machine does. Is it drawing energy that comes from a natural source, like a ley line? Does it have its own source of power? How does it decide which of us it brings here, and why does it give us powers? I’m not just talking about how we’re all supposed to be heroes. That’s a human answer to a question that may have nothing to do with humanity at all. If you have theories, I’d like them. No matter how outlandish you think they seem.

[ He’s serious. Every investigation has a beginning. Every search starts out with false leads. He will pull at every thread until he finds the right one; that’s what he does. Gansey has always been good at finding things. This is a problem, but it’s not one he’ll let go. He’s only just beginning. ]

I’ve already spoken to a few of you. I’ve heard tell about a being calling herself Lachesis, and I’ve heard there was another world, before this one, that some of you were stranded in. She brought you here, and apparently, she talked to you. I’ve also heard she hasn’t talked since. If any of you know more about this, I’d like to hear from you. I’d also like to hear from anyone who has studied the Porter as it is now - or anyone who’d like to, because I promise you, it will be a study of mine.

[ His fingers tap idly against his knee. That thoughtful expression is still there, still not done, but somehow it’s gotten lost in itself. So he looks to Adam, who drives a clear path through that chaos better than anyone Gansey has ever known. ]


[ Adam looks up startled, as if he’d been too caught up in Gansey doing his thing to remember that he was part of it. He frowns and then leans a little closer towards him to be seen. ] We get it, we’re new. But you can trust us. We just want to understand. If we can do that then we might be able to help. [ Superhero Adam Parrish. He looks uncomfortable. Pleading with the masses is awful. He sends a furtive look to Gansey once more and picks up his book again.

Gansey, meanwhile, is watching him with a smile that’s altogether different than the one he’d given the camera.

And, that’s why you’re in the video. [ Gansey nods, flashing his eyes back to the device again. ] Thank you all for your time.

[ End feed. ]

(( ooc: Gansey is black; Adam is green. ))


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