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Arright. So, Porter gives people powers, seems like goin' fast is one of them. I was thinking going real fast is actually kind of harder than it sounds? Plus also, some of us go-fasters wanna go even faster and the best way to train yourself up is friendly competition!

So, anybody wanna race with me?

Oh also, if anybody's having problems with like uhhhh clothes being on fire or sneakers melting or things like that, I know a guy. [himself, the guy he knows is himself] Lemme know.


[in a terrible and pompous english accent:] Mmmyes, Miss Katherine Bishop would like all of the uneducated masses to be aware of the fact that speedy mcgofast people are officially recognized by the state of Earth as speedsters, thank you and good day.
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Sorry I've been AWOL. Broke my arm, kind of hermited for a while. Hard to text with my good arm busted. Better now. Also massages are awesome and should absolutely be mandatory for all forms of workplace. Like everyone needs to get rubbed down.

[ And then a few moments later... ]

I mean by outside sources. Not just someone in the office. Like a professional massage therapist.

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[After the you-know-what happens, a newly 16ish Caitlin Snow made her way to StarkTech for some testing. She starts recording while she's trying to arrange the lab into something more presentable.] After the... events of today, I'm going to be at StarkTech for the rest of the day. If anyone wants to drop by, I will be performing basic physicals to ascertain whether there any secondary effects of the changes several imPorts have experienced. [She huffs out an annoyed breath when she tries to put her labcoat on and finds that it's too big for her. Luckily, there's a lab assistant who is quite petite and who doesn't mind Caitlin borrowing hers for the moment.]

I will be collecting data on how the nanites are responding to the changes, but it's strictly opt-in. If you have any privacy concerns, I can strip your data of any identifying information. But my primary concern is to ensure the health of those affected. I can also assist in medically determining physical ages, if that's something anyone would - [Her voice abruptly stops when she notices that, while she was rushing around getting equipment together, her engagement ring slid off her finger. It's easy to spot, so it's not like it's lost or anything, but she still covers her mouth to cover up the small, hurt noise she makes when she realizes it doesn't fit. Ronnie's ring. It's too big for her finger.

Her eyes are suddenly brimming with tears (stupid, stupid) but she pulls herself together quickly enough to finish up and shut off the video as fast as she can.]
- so if that's something anyone would be interested in, I'll be available.


Mar. 20th, 2015 09:32 pm
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Hh. Alright...

[a breath, and then a beat.]

I can't be the only one stuck with probably the worst idea of a power ever, but. But even if I am...someone here has to have the power to simply... [a weak, faintly frustrated noise through his nose.] Make it stop. An, an anti-power power? That can't be a silly idea, right?


It's not really my thing to just sit and complain...I'm trying to be proactive about things! But there's only so much I [his voice gets warped and muffled while he's dragging a hand down his face:] can do all by myself.

So. So that's a offers I had for training. And probably a yes to any other offers that show up, too. Chances are I can take whatever gets dished out... [mumbled:] Chances are that'll be inevitable, too.

[expect a tag hiccup on saturday/sunday with tagging returning with a vengeance monday so coME AT ME BROS]


Mar. 14th, 2015 06:08 pm
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[ the name on the comm is Oliver Queen ]

At the end of February, like a few others, I was [brainwashed into some sort of psychotic monster?] affected by the same things others in the city were.

I have information on the man named Benjamin Braunstein. Well. Insights, more than anything else. For those who might be interested. In exchange, I'm interested in information about Quisma. As well as anything people have managed to put together about the group of heroes that existed before imPorts came through.

[There we go. Short, sweet, to the point, and without any mention of his. Uh. Slight break from sanity before everyone else.]

To those who are new, don't worry. Not only are the Hornets old news, but things like this only tend to happen once every four months.

[It's a joke. He's joking. He's just... not... very good at it.]
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Hi, everyone.

[ Allison is, naturally, still stunned, holding her hands out and staring into her palms for a minute. She knows what kind of environment this is, but it still doesn't help her from feeling totally ... weird about asking such a question.

Being taken here, and losing some people she was close to, or had been friendly with – it's been difficult. She's overwhelmed and trying her hardest to stay afloat.

I ... I need help.

[ She hates admitting it, but this puts her entirely out of her element, pun intended. ]

Seems like some of the powers listed in my file decided to show up last month. I have no idea how to handle it. [ Her fists close and she swallows hard, setting her jaw. Sure, she wants to feel as if she can take care of herself, but this - this is way more than she bargained for. With inhuman powers, there is the risk of potentially hurting innocents all over again. She can't have that. ] I realize this happens to a lot of people, but I’ve got a feeling that, um, snow powers aren’t the norm.

Or, maybe not? I’m still finding my way around.

[ Allison smiles, nervous but friendly. ]

Thanks in advance.


Feb. 27th, 2015 01:23 pm
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I'm sure everyone's noticed what's been happening. Increasing reports of violence among imPorts, friends and colleagues behaving strangely-

Has anyone affected been detained? I think we need to coordinate and get to the bottom of this. Please, if anybody has any information, no matter how small, regarding fellow imPorts who seem afflicted by...whatever this is, let's all get together and try to work on a plan of action. This could be a disease, or...a virus. [Maverick virus, even. Somehow.] Brainwashing. I think we owe it to each other to work on a solution as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time.


Feb. 23rd, 2015 06:22 pm
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[Oliver Queen, when he appears on the communicator today, looks like death.

He hasn't bothered to shave in what's obviously been days, his eyes are bloodshot and there are bags underneath them. He looks like he hasn't slept in days because, well, he hasn't.

With what happened with the Hornet attacks over Valentines weekend and then the weekend just past, as well as the events that are about to happen, one of his powers has been in overdrive. And it's reached the point where privacy be damned-- he needs help.]

Does anyone have experience with-- [He breaks off, jaw clenched as his gaze flickers to his right, focusing on something in the distance before he lets out a sharp breath and forces himself to continue.] Premonitions or clairvoyance. Of any kind.

[There's another pause, where Oliver really just ends up screwing his face up in pain and reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose.]

Or, if anyone knows a way to knock yourself out quickly and effectively-- I'll take that, as well.

[Someone help him he's about to lose his goddamn mind.]


Feb. 15th, 2015 09:14 pm
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[Dr. Caitlin Snow has been staring at her communicator and biting her bottom lip for the past couple minutes, feeling... let's say concerned. She has every reason to be concerned, after all, since she's not only been kidnapped to another dimension and given metahuman abilities but she's also the only member of Barry Allen's support team present, which is... going to be a challenge. Especially without the resources of STAR Labs at her disposal. But right now, one of her primary concerns is a little more selfish.]

How would you handle testing a power that would be... incredibly unethical to use?


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