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Oct. 1st, 2014 05:56 pm
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not 100% sure what's going on here but problem number one out of a million:
the delorean shrunk.

[No, that's not some strange euphemism -- this is Marty's first post to the network. And said post is totally very eloquent and not awkward at all. But really, who cares about eloquence at a time like this? A time when he can't get his brand-new, so-called "powers" outlined in his file to work properly.]

do these weird "powers" of ours work on command or what?
because I would like a car-sized car back
not a clown-sized car if at all possible.

[Okay. Does he sign off with his name? Does he just leave it at that? What do.]


p.s. all right, if this is all just some strange dream, I'm waking up in:

well that's too bad.

[Is this where he hits "post"? There is where he hits "post".]
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[ The camera opens up with a panning shot of a hotel that looks a few decades past its prime. The paint is peeling in places, the roof is in desperate need of maintenance, and weeds are sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement. And this is the good side of the building—the other side features quite a few lovely boarded-up windows.

After a long moment, the camera is turned around, taking a moment to focus on Charles. Emma and Erik are visible in the background.

Welcome to the future home of the Xavier School for ImPorts. That still sounds strange to say. As you can see, it’s been a while since the building has… seen its prime. [ Charles smiles a bit, his expression notably optimistic. ] Although that is where you come in! We would like to prepare the building for a proper opening in September—and I believe that with the help of any and all volunteers, it could be entirely possible.

[ Emma being Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is catty, but she knows enough not to snipe at her nominal boss on camera, at least not right off the bat. She takes a few steps closer so she can address the audience over Charles' shoulder. In her usual heels, she has several inches on him. ]

While Charles is rather more of an optimist than I am, this isn't my first construction project [ Do you have any idea how often mutants have to rebuild things? Do you? ] or first time running a school for super-powered students [ A lot of them are even still alive! ] so I'm confident we'll have everything in order in plenty of time. We're also looking for faculty and staff, and we'll be casting a wider net than a more conventional school, so if you think you have something to offer, please get in touch.

[ Charles turns his attention to Erik as though silently asking him if he has anything to add. After a moment, the communicator is handed off to Erik. ]

There will be dormitories in the school for anyone who desires an alternative to government housing-- registered or otherwise. [ There's an emphasis on "otherwise". He's made his anti-registration stance fairly public by now. ] In light of last month's events in Colorado, security will be an utmost priority.

On a related note, Charles and I were able to question an accomplice in the kidnapping. If anyone else was able to uncover any information on the parties responsible, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.

[[ There will be an open log for renovating the school later this week. Here is the previous OOC plotting post about the school, for those who missed it. The school directory is over here; please comment on the directory post if you are interested in having your character be a student, teacher, and/or resident at the school! ]]
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.

001- video

Jul. 7th, 2014 10:08 pm
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[So far, Nick has been avoiding his assigned residence. In fact, he's avoiding any and all larger pockets of people. Being pulled away a beat before dying would be enough to shake anyone up. His friends are gone, the world hasn't been devastated by plague and the Dark Man. Stranger stil, he can hear what everyone around him is thinking.

Unsettling on it's own, but Nick has never heard anything in his life. Born deaf, he's suddenly forced to cope with a cacophony of noise in his head and it's been more than a little frightening. What he has found is a quiet corner and a chance to type out a message and hope that someone can help.]

I guess I'm part of the latest band of arrivals to the city which means I should probably introduce myself. My name is Nick Andros and the world I come from is very different. I'm also deaf, so if you see me, just get my attention. I'm perfectly fine with reading lips, been doing it my whole life.

And if there are any other telepaths, or people who can hear things in their head - I could use some help.
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[ You guys have no idea how long it took Toboe to work with the communicator. He is a wolf, not a tech-savvy human! The pup watched others working with it and after he bit the device, threw it against a tree and poked every button, he finally figured out which one allowed him to post to the network. When the video comes up, you see a human boy around 14, brown hair and four silver bracelets on his right wrist. And wow, he is excited. Because he managed to turn the feed on; go Toboe! ] Ah! It's working! Finally!!

[ Okay, you can do this, Toboe. Act cool. ]

I was told I can talk to other people through this thing. My name is Toboe and I just arrived so I thought I should say hi and get to know you. [ because people, he loves people. And yes, he wants to talk to you all ]

Oh, and there is a big dog [ it's totally a wolf ] around, a red one with four silver bracelets on his wrist. [ like the ones Toboe has, why yes, indeed. That is not suspicious at all ] He is very nice and you don't need to be scared of him, so you don't need to hurt him. He just walks around, looking for food, and he will like it if you pet him. [ really, please don't hurt him and pet him forever. Toboe will claim to be the "dog"'s owner, so hopefully there won't be any issues. Certainly, he is not the best at lying but this is the best thing he could come up with so nobody would try to hunt Toboe down if they saw him. ]

And- [ he pauses because he realized what he was just about to ask. How can he ask? "Did you all die, that's why you are here?" or "Is it normal to bring dead people here?". Toboe doesn't want to think about his death, but he doesn't understand how they brought him to this world. He also wants to ask about his pack, if they reached Paradise or if they were here, but he is afraid to hear "no" just like he is afraid to hear "yes".

He can't ask any of that.

For a moment he looks worried, but he puts up a smile (tries to, though it's a sad one. Toboe doesn't hide his emotions) and finally he asks something completely different: ]
Can you tell me about super-heroes? We didn't have that in my world, I think.
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[ the first thing that comes on is the voice. It's a young man, British accent...and obviously sloshed. ]

Really, this government has it all planned out, doesn't it? Kidnap you, give you a tattoo, and then take you to a wonderful party to make you forget all of it. Plus, this little phone certainly is-- [ and then the voice cuts out for a little bit. offscreen, someone is talking to Dorian. ] What? It does video too? Well, mind showing me which button that is?

[ and then the video clicks on...to show Dorian's feet. Thankfully that only lasts a moment or so, before he picks up the camera, laughing slightly at how bad he is at this. The camera's at a horrible angle, but you can see Dorian laughing, dark hair still slightly damp. You can also see fireworks in the background. Dorian's obviously recording from the glass bottom boat party. Great job, buddy. ]

There we go. Anyway, I'm Dorian Gray, fresh from 2007 and one of your newest inductees in...wherever we are. [ A voice offscreen corrects him: 'It's Heropa.' And then Dorian scoffs. ] Heropa? What a dull name. Of course, it's already proven that it doesn't have dull people.

[ Goddammit Dorian, stop flirting while the video's on, that's rude. Eventually, he remembers 'oh wait a moment, I turned this on for a reason.' ]

Oh, right. Anyway, like I said, I'm fresh from 2007. Mind giving me a little catch-up on what happened from 2007 to 2014? Any world, I suppose--I have a feeling this 2014 is different from most.
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[THE SCENE: megan's room, which is decorated tastefully in floral patterns and pastels, almost making up for the fact that it is also a total disaster area. megan herself is standing in the middle, in view from the waist up--the comm seems to be resting on a desk.

there is a few seconds before megan does anything, apparently not having realized the broadcast has started. then she smiles, claps her hands together, and bounces on her heels a little bit, her wings fluttering in unison.]

Um, hello, Network! Omigod, this is my first post, isn't it? Well, hello, my name's Megan. Or Pixie, if we're being professional.

[she gives a small wave before continuing. her accent's some kind of british (welsh, for those who can tell).]

I don't know about you, but I thought paintball ended up being kind of rubbish! And I know there are a lot of people about my age around here, sooo, I was thinking, why don't we go have some fun for once? Like, a group outing, or something. I haven't been downtown too much yet, but there has to be some good clubs around, right?

Or we could go to the movies, or anything people would like to do. I just thought it might be nice to blow off some steam and hang out, considering everything that's been happening. What with the fake bodily injuries and crazy robots and all.

So, if you're interested, let me know and we can figure out what we're doing and when. Since it's summer, any day of the week should work, right? (Er, this place doesn't have a curfew, does it?)

Don't worry if we don't know each other, everyone's welcome, and maybe this way we can all meet new people! Anyway, that's all, carry on.

[she gives another little wave and the feed cuts.]

TEXT ADDENDUM, dated a few hours later: since the swearing ins this weekend im thinking well shoot for wednesday evening unless someone has an objection. we can meet in the park and figure out the way from there! see you then (/^▽^)/

[OOC: the intended result of this post is a semi-open everybody-hits-the-town log that I'll probably put up at some point in the next week. I'm trying to keep the specifics flexible. If you want to participate you can either have your character ICly RSVP to this post or just gatecrash the log, either's good.]
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[ The video shows Erik seated in front of a desk covered in books, largely focused on the history of the past fifty years, along with the advancements in science and technology that have occurred in that time. There are several notebooks strewn about, and a map pinned to the wall with several marks made on it-- anyone who chose to scrutinize it closely enough may notice that they are the locations that are unique to this world. The room is well-lit, sunlight shining through the open window. ]

I hate to put a damper on this weekend's festivities. [ No he doesn't. ] But since my arrival, I have found myself with more questions than answers. That delightfully informative video that our hosts provided for us was of little help, I am afraid. You see, this is not the first time I have been branded against my will, and I have few reasons to believe that the intentions of this group are any more pure than the last.

So now I turn to you, my fellow imPorts, and I ask this: If you have chosen to register, why? I wish to believe that the majority of you are wise enough that you have not been drawn in by simple propaganda, so I am sure that you all have your reasons.


Jun. 14th, 2014 10:36 pm
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My analysis and records of previous Network communications indicate that it is ironically common for this holiday to be marked by a series of posts to the Network airing grievances of a paternal nature.

Personal experience suggests that fathers are rarely the heroes portrayed by commercial greeting cards.
I sometimes wonder why society feels obligated to celebrate such a holiday at all.
If the subject of fathers is so controversial, perhaps it is better unheralded.

As a matter of academics and curiosity, I will pose a brief series of questions to the Network, as is traditional under these circumstances:
Did your father love you?
How do you know?
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[ tap tap tap ] —Is this thing on? Hello? Ah, there we are! I've never seen a device quite like this before. I must say it is truly stunning—technology has come an incredible way. Oh! But I'm getting sidetracked—

[ He clears his throat, then speaks again. ]

My name is Charles Xavier. I hear this place is looking for... heroes. I shouldn't want to act with such hubris as to say I'm qualified for such a job, but the prospect is certainly intriguing. If you don't mind my asking, has anyone—well, here, I suppose, if this device is to be believed—participated in any such activities? Ah, "heroics", if you will. I assure you, my interest is merely academic.

[ He makes an awkward sound while he shifts the device in his hands. ] Thank you very much! I certainly hope this message goes somewhere... [ There's a soft click, and the transmission ends. ]


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