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[ The video opens to a man in bug goggles and a baby blue cowl sitting in a pretty nondescript living room—no decorations or anything in sight, so he must be really new. ]

Hi there. The name's Blue Beetle. I'm a new arrival, and as I'm sure you can imagine, I have a lot of questions. But there's one really awkward one I'd like to get out of the way right from the start.

So: who else is supposed to be dead right now?
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[Well, it's been a while. The sun's setting, and Cassandra's perched herself on a roof somewhere in... Nonah, from the looks of it? Anyway, she's up somewhere she probably shouldn't be, wrapped up in an eggplant-colored hoodie and sipping at a paper cup of something from a coffee shop.]

Hi. I guess... I'm back? [This is some weird nonsense, as far as she's concerned. Her voice is still a little clipped, dry. Like she's still really not used to speaking out loud.] Two months. The time's just - gone. Like I never left. Nothing new in Blüdhaven, either.

[She frowns a little, like she's having some trouble getting her head around it. Whatever, time for another sip of that tea latte...thing she's drinking.]

I miss anything? [With an expression that basically screams wow, things went sideways huh. but seriously, what's new.]
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I don't know who here knew Heiji Hattori, but he's gone. Ported out. Whatever it's called. He left some stuff behind, so there's that.

And I think I'm gonna have to look into finding a new place to live. The guy left me all his pets and I don't think there's enough room for all of them, me and my doves and my roommates. Does anyone know how to teach a cat to ignore the birds?

[Of course, this is text. Because Kaito is too damn tired to deal with Poker Face at the moment and he knows he'd have to use it if this was voice or video.

Dammit. Of course he was the only one left.]

001 | video

Nov. 4th, 2015 10:12 pm
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[ Lovely evening to you all, imPorts. Tonight, you shall be treated to a video feed shot by the hand of someone who is clearly A) entirely new to this whole "communicator" and "talking with videos" business, with the way she holds the damned thing a little clumsily and the unfamiliarity of having to point a camera at oneself, B) slightly inebriated, as evidenced by the glass of something she holds in her other hand, C) having a pretty good time in her living room, or D) All of the Above.

(The answer is, it's always All of the Above.)

The feed opens with the dulcet tones of "My Boyfriend's Back" by The Angels blaring in the background, and a woman wearing sunglasses moving as though she's dancing to the beat a little bit while holding the communicator. It's only after a laugh that she finally speaks, her thick German accent coming through: ]

I won't bore you all with more introductions and confusion. I'm settling in just fine.

[ Yeah, we all see that, Gaby. ]

I just have one question. I have been spending a lot of time catching up on what the music of the next fifty years have to offer, and...

[ Setting her glass down on the nearest surface, she then reaches over to a radio and switches it over. This song is playing, and Gaby lifts her sunglasses up from her eyes, letting them rest atop her head as she squints and looks like she's waiting for a very specific part. When the awaited line comes on, she hooks her thumb, pointing it at the radio. ]

"Dumps like a truck, truck, truck." What does that mean?

(( ooc: East Berliner from 1963 vs. The Thong Song. What will the outcome be? Maurtia Falls 001 has free reign to go straight to action! ))


Nov. 4th, 2015 07:52 pm
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[Narcissa is frustrated with this phone thing. She's never seen anything like it- it must be a Muggle thing. But it seems there is nothing for it- it seems this is something she has to do to get any real answers. Her wand is tucked just out of sight- still within reach. She's put a charm around the house, which seems empty at the moment, which would detect and alert her to any intruders. To any walking into De Chima #2, best plug your ears.

She's sitting on the couch, wearing looks like expensive clothes and the expression on her face is not friendly.]

I've been told this-device- is a means to communicate- even if it seems rather primitive.

[Really. Where are the owls? This is all so strange.]

Then I seek answers from any who may hear this. I am Narcissa Malfoy - [That should be enough introduction in her view. Who doesn't recognize the Malfoy name?] -and I want to know what this device is and what I need to know of this world.

I will be expecting answers shortly.

[Now how does one turn this off? This is more difficult than it first looked.]


Nov. 3rd, 2015 09:41 am
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UGGGHHH this is so moded! [Just when you thought you'd be safe from all the little kids wandering around dripping with fake blood and mashing their plastic vampire teeth, the video's coming on to reveal Bart Allen in all his bloody mummy bandage wrapped glory.

He's upset. He's so very, very upset.]
I mean I know it's random which is totally dumb on its own but c'mon it was Halloween! I missed Halloween and all the decorations and the ghosts and the vampires going blah blah blah and being able to get free candy and see all the crash costumes people come up with-- oh man there were probably heroes too kinda like fanPort ughhh this was gonna be such a crash Halloween!

[He jabs one of those mummy wrapped fingers at the screen, suddenly looking oh-so-serious and a little less end-of-the-world-y.]

We are totally having a second Halloween. [A grin slips through] A Hall-late-ween! HA!

004; video

Nov. 3rd, 2015 09:55 pm
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[ID reads Hal Jordan.]

I got ported out and... now I have no idea what I was thinking the last time I was here.

[A very perplexed Hal Jordan holds up a shirt that once belonged to Oliver Queen.]

I hoarded this guy's stuff after he vanished. Queen wasn't even from my world, why did I care?

[He puts it down and there's a thud as he kicks something out of view.]

If anyone wants a former billionaire's wardrobe, be my guest. Although I guess Barry gets dibs. [Aka someone pick up the Green Arrow related things please. He has zero use for a bow and arrow.

He then closes his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose.]

Remembering doing something, but not why is really bizarre. Is this a Porter thing or what?

[Private; Jaime Reyes]

What's the last world threat you remember that involved everyone?

[This is the easiest way to establish a timeline in DC.]


Oct. 29th, 2015 05:30 pm
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[Today on the network: a video starting with an extreme close-up of Sera's face.]

So, this Halloween thing--it's pretty new to me, though we do some things that are sorta similar in Thedas. I really like this holiday, though, and I really love some of the costumes I've seen. [She starts giggling.] Even I wouldn't've thought of making some of these things all sexed up. It's friggin' funny as hell!

Think I picked a good one?

[Sera then offers everyone a view of herself wearing the sexy corn costume.]

Really hard choice, though. Laughed my arse off the whole time I was trying to pick one. They look silly enough to go out and play hero in. [With a mischievous grin, she does her best dramatic announcer voice.] "And thus, the day was saved by Sexy Lobster."
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[ in front of barry is a rather large bowl of candy. it's clear that some candy ( half the bowl ) has been eaten and not just because barry happens to be eating some right when the video starts. call it him getting in the halloween spirit via candy meant for other people. he'll buy some more later. ]

Halloween is in two days, if I haven't forgotten a day or two or it isn't the wrong day. I know a reasonable amount of us are adults who are too adult to dress up or if we do dress up it's just for maybe a costume party. And those of us who aren't, just don't want to dress up or think they're too mature for it.

[ barry pauses to eat yet another chocolate bar before continuing. ]

But I like to think some of us are kids at heart. You don't have to have superheroes at home, it can apply to just here. Maybe you're a superhero at home and have other ones you just like enough to have thought about what I'm to ask.

My question is one that I only have a chance to ask around Halloween without it being weird and off topic. How many of you have wanted to dress up as a superhero before? And if you already were a superhero, have you ever wanted to dress up as another one. Just for Halloween or a costume party or whatever.

[ a pause and another candy bar is eaten. ]

You don't have to answer if you're too mature but if I'm willing to admit as a 25 year old that I've wanted to do that even today, I think some of you can admit it too. You could even do it on private, I won't tell a soul because it's a little rude to tell other people's secrets. I just want to know because Halloween's supposed to be fun, and it sounds like a fun thing to do.


Oct. 21st, 2015 09:03 pm
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[ He is sitting straight in his chair, looking as if his inauguration coinciding with Crane's announcement wasn't at all unfortunate. Well, it seems Dr. Crane was voting for the other guy. ]

I'm trying very hard to not take this as a protest on Dr. Crane's part as his right to vote has been stymied, but it seems he does want to challenge me on my first day. [ He sounds very tired when he says this, but only to forestall anyone nagging him about not taking this seriously. He doesn't take it as a joke, so close enough? ]

I have no reason to believe that Crane's threats are anything but a variation on his theme and full of hot air, but regardless, I would ask everyone take appropriate measures to deal with this threat. If nothing else, it'll be a good drill.

So. If anyone doesn't require breathing or have oxygen equipment to hand and want to take a look or somehow bolster the native police force, I would urge them to volunteer their abilities, as much as I'm loathe to give him the attention he evidently so desperately needs.

Otherwise, I would instruct you to stay out of Nonah's affected areas until we give the all clear, if you wouldn't mind. We don't want to tempt fate. 
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[Around 2 AM, a poorly worded text message makes its way onto the network:]

how do u get a kid to put a cucumber in his mouth
wait a minute
this is nut wut it sounds like

[Some letters are written with love or great frustration, but this one in particular was composed by a not-so-anonymous poster who had imbibed copious amounts of alcohol. Have no fear, however- As misleading as this shitty example of a modern "letter" is, Asher means well by it. He's been conspicuously absent from social media as of late, aside from the occasional #gains gym selfie on whatever this world's equivalent of Instagram is.

Anxiety is a bitch, and while his newfound powers could certainly be considered a godsend, his lack of control of them is what worries him most. Will he be the result of another unfortunate tragedy, yet again? Will the results of a mishap be even worse, this time?

He has managed to drink these thoughts away in order to gain more focus of the important things: Namely, how to get two mischievous twins to eat their vegetables.

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[Kon is peering over the rim of his shades as he takes a long sip from a blue Slurpee. To some, his appearance is a total flashback to the 90s. You’re more than welcome for that. He has a fade cut, curls and one gold hoop in his left ear. Because that was cool back then. Don’t judge.

He stops drinking and frowns as he moves the device about to stop the glare from catching too much.

You’d think in the future in some alternate world things would get better instead of worse. Where’s my sugar rush, huh?


Anyone got any info on what’s been going on that they’re willin’ to share?

[The view tilts slightly to show the sky more than anything and a little curl of his hair before there’s an ‘oh’ and he brings it back.]

I’m Kon.
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[ While the video switches on, there's something of a hesitation before the man holding the communicator actually lifts it to show more than the chest of the pinstripe suit he's wearing.

Finally, Harvey raises it up to his face: the familiar (to some, not all) bisection of scarring is plain to see, the handsome right side with its one alert blue eye and thick coif of hair a stark contrast to the savage red burns that have razed the left side, and kept the hair there white and deadened. His expression is a neutral mask for a long, weighted span of moments, before his eyebrow lowers down over his good eye.

My name is Harvey Dent. Some of you may know me already -- I'm a Public Defender in Heropa, former District Attorney of Gotham City. While that may seem neither here nor there, it brings me to my next point. No... my entire point.

[ He falls briefly quiet again, then gestures to his face. The elephant in the room, as it were. ]

Masks off. Don't be alarmed; everything's fine... before anyone decides to jump to conclusions.

This is me -- a face of justice broken down and left for dead. Someone that once believed in cleaning his city of corruption, but now... no, since, I realized that had been my first mistake all along. What the world needs is balance, not saving -- if it can't be right it can still be fair.

That's still my priority. I'm not going to hide it any longer, regardless of who still wants to call me crazy for it; that's why I undid my facial reconstruction, to prove that I'm serious. To make it clear that as a lawyer, balance of consequence is as important as balance of representation.

So no, I'm not resigning. I'm not c-- [ He stops short and laughs briefly, seeming to change his mind about that sentence, and there's an off-screen metallic clinking sort of sound. ] Where justice is concerned, an impartial voice is more necessary than you'd think. Such a heated subject, as of late.

[ He smiles in a calm-but-uneven way, as much as his mangled lips will allow, and holds a business card up to the camera; it shows the business address for his practice, as well as his phone number. 'Walk-ins welcome!' it reads amiably. ]

Remember: That's Harvey.

Harvey Dent.
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[ The video feed comes on, and here's Dick at his desk, homework spread out in front of him, math book open. He gives the camera a casual, easy smile, twirling his pen between his fingers. ]

So, school's in again. How many of you are actually going? Why or why not?

I know, I know, it's kind of weird to think about getting an education here and then going back home and having to do it all over again, right? But on the other hand, some of us have been away from home for a really long time. It's been over a year for me. And some of us don't even want to go home.

And oh, man, I'm rambling. Sorry.

The point is, if we're going to be stuck here indefinitely, we might as well take advantage of the time we have, right? I think. Wouldn't it be cool if we actually got to remember all this when we got home? And ace all our AP classes? And be the best ever at dodgeball, and know like three extra languages, and how to calculate the trajectory of a space shuttle? Food for thought.

Anyway, I'm Dick Grayson, junior at De Chima High. My best subjects are math, gymnastics, and computer science. And if anyone out there is interested in a study date? Or a coffee date? Or maybe even a dinner date! I'm available most weeknights, and I can order in seven languages.

[ A grin, somehow making it halfway between flirty and self-deprecating. Had to try. ]

Or just a regular old study group, but where's the fun in that?
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[OOC: This post is backdated to yesterday -- that is to say, before Batman's post on the newest volume of Crane shenanigans!]

[For once, Jaime's not looking pensive when he turns on the communicator, nor is he inside his home. He's just outside his home - which is Heropa #015 for all his lucky, lucky neighbors - standing in front of his front door. He gives the camera a singularly unimpressed look.]

You know what? I wasn't gonna say anything, but I think I have to share, because someone decided that my house needed a little improving. Check this out.

[He swings open the front door, and Journey's DON'T STOP BELIEVING automatically begins to play.]

Which, you know, ha ha. Very funny. But wait! There's more!

[Welcome to his home, imPorts, because you're getting a little walkthrough. He swings open the door to his living room, and goes up the stairs to open the doors of the bedrooms and bathrooms, though he doesn't focus the camera on anything in particular.

As he opens the door, one by one, more Journey songs begin to play.

There's a lot.

Jaime gives the screen an exaggerated smile.]

Oh, but that's not all. It gets better. [He runs back down the stairs, throws open the basement door, and louder than any of the other songs, a popular ditty by good old Rick begins to play. All of the songs are playing at once now in a blaring cacophony of noise. It's awful. There should never be so many guitar riffs in one place.]

Why is this happening to me. I can't get them to turn off! Any of them! [He points accusingly at the screen.] Wally, I freakin' know this was you! Get your ass over here and fix it!

[It was Wally, true, but it was also Mr. Tadashi Sweet As Sugar Hamada. He just hasn't figured it out yet.]
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[Kal is actually not so happy about having to use video. He's made sure to get as much sun as he could so his scars are barely visible anymore, but that doesn't really help much in the great scheme of things. And the thing is? He didn't even have to do this post- he didn't have anything to say that couldn't wait. So he had no reason for this.

Except his own pride. And that had always been his heal of Achilles, the one thing that made him rush into things even when he knew better. Pride was what had gotten him in this situation, actually. And pride was what told him he couldn't let himself seem so weak, not for this long.]

So first of all, I really am sorry. I know some of you were... angry at some of us for not giving a straight warning about Dr Crane. We- [And then he thinks better of it, and corrects himself:] I thought it'd be better to give him a chance in this place but it obviously didn't work out.

For those of you who need proof I can a hundred per cent confirm it was him. He had me in the basement for a little over a week. There's signs of me in that basement for anyone who wants to check. His culpability isn't in question.

But we should really try to make sure something like this doesn't happen anymore. I'm really not sure how we could do something like this without keeping people from their chance to redeem while in this place- it wouldn't exactly be fair. But we can't let something like what happened repeat itself either. So if anyone's got suggestions I'm all ears.

And again, I fully accept responsibility for not making you all aware of his past.
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[There's a certain anonymity in text. A certain kind of power.

Invisibility affords safety and security, yet enables the greatest cruelty. It offers the individual the chance to be sucked into the swirling whirlpool; that spiral pathway to the state of consciousness called the group mind. And at the heart of that mind is fear.

Fear is the first and greatest teacher anyone can have, he knows. How people could begin to understand the world without developing their exploration of fear, he had no idea. A child without fear of their parents is a child without an awareness of danger. Parents insure their children against failure by making them terrified of a lack of success - of being worthless in their eyes. The first lesson begins with parents, yes.

He hadn't known his parents. He'd lived with his Granny, who'd taught him to see fear was everything and nothing. It was power and control. It was empty and meaningless.

Mothering Sunday. Father's Day. Parents' Day. Today being what it is, he will help people see the truth. Should they choose to close their eyes, he'll force them open.]

Fear is the greatest enemy; the father and mother of suffering.

You set aside a holiday in which you convince yourselves you love, respect and admire your parents because you fear that you don't care. They grow old, yet you can't wait for them to die.

You give or receive gifts, but none of you are willing to focus on the motivation behind this day. You buy parental approval to avoid being called a failure. You buy cards because you fear voicing questions. You buy into the dream that keeps you an eternal child because you fear the day that comes when you will eclipse their presence.

The religious amongst you fear the Lord; the Father of all. Some of you revere Mary, the Mother of God.

But you are all terrified, frightened children. Scared of the truth. You will never win the approval you crave. You will one day be alone. You will be told you should never have been born. So you celebrate to forget. Except you forget that without a child, both Father's Day and Mother's Day are meaningless. What about the millions of children who have no father or mother?

Why do you lie to yourselves? Why do you celebrate at all?


Jul. 14th, 2015 06:39 pm
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[ There's a text advertisement popping up on the network, the header flashing. ]

Hey there all you newly empowered superheroes-to-be!

You've got your cool new powers, but now what? I'll tell you what. Now you need a name. Gotta keep your real identity a secret, right? But I bet you can't come up with just the right one.

That's where I come in. I'm basically an expert at this by now, so tell me your powers and the theme you're working with, and I'll give you the best name you could possibly hope for!

And for those of you who aren't so new to this, I have a proposition for you, too. You have tech or gadgets or a super suit or whatever that got busted while fighting crime? Or maybe you need an upgrade to keep up with the times? I can totally hook you up. With anonymous drop off, too, so you don't have to give me any sensitive information like your real name!

...I just kinda need to find a place to work, materials to work with, and a place to set up said anonymous drop off first. So if anyone has any suggestions, you would totally be helping me, and your local superhero community, out.

[ There's a private, secure connection to chat with him linked for anyone who doesn't want to publicly broadcast their information. It's not completely unhackable, but it's about as close as Cisco can get it, which is still really good. ]
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[When the video comes on Kal is grinning. Which is, admittedly, something he hasn't been doing lately. For once he's near vibrating with nervous energy.]

Hey! Superman here, for those who don't know me. A couple of people have already mentioned what today is for those who don't know what the 4th of July means, and I know there's other barbecues going on so I'll make it short:

I've set up a barbecue on Maurtia Falls, and anyone who wants to come by is invited. It's in the open near the building complex, really easy to find. Bring some food of your own if you'd like, and we'll cook it!

[He goes hang up, but then he thinks better of it and adds:] Oh, and there will be vegan options as well, if you're worried about that.

[And off goes the feed.]


Jul. 4th, 2015 12:59 pm
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ok so last year i was probably too drunk to ask about this but THIS YEAR someones gotta solve the mystery for me
so 4th of july is fuck yeah suck it mom to england, right, everyone knows that
but whats the fireworks
u cant tell me u won and someone happened to have a bunch of fireworks in his pocket and got a great idea
so whered it come from??? does it represent blowing up england because i dont think u did that. does it represent blowing up the us?? i dont think that happened either but maybe, my history is rusty

also if ur english do u just walk around feeling real annoyed today? or maybe real smug like yeah thanks for the reminder about the bullet we dodged

also also is anyone making burgers today, if so i wanna invite myself to ur party


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