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Have any of you realized you would rather go to a friend's world than back to your own?

[ and now more upbeat-- ]

Winry-chan! I came up with some new part designs that I need help getting components for! And I need to talk to you about Benji-kun's prosthetic upgrades when you have time too, ne? He's almost outgrown the ones I made for him!

...Ah, and also! Um... Are there any shapeshifters here? Ones that can shift into multiple forms - not just one?

[ because he's kind of... stuck... ... ]

...Finally, Jiji! I need your help with something ASAP! ...Please?


Jan. 12th, 2016 10:49 am
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[ The video clicks on and it's the Doctor, grinning like a madman. He's wearing a pair of sunglasses that...kind of make him look stupid, but if that's the case, he doesn't recognize it. Instead, he gives the camera a little wave. ]

Hello there! Doctor Disco here, back from a brief vacation, glad to see that everybody got the forest thing sorted out. [ he's keeping his tone light and cheerful, probably to hide the fact that his brief vacation back home was SLIGHTLY SOUL CRUSHING and that his getting brainwashed in Peter Pan's forest was ALSO KIND OF SOUL CRUSHING. ]

Anyway, two things! First! Remember that bit a month or so ago where a lot of people swapped powers? Well, during the storming of the castle, I managed to poke around in the computer files and picked up some lovely info on the people who made that mess in the first place. They're the Cain Cabal and, surprising no one, they want immortality. [ the Doctor can't help but roll his eyes. When he speaks next, it's with the authority of someone who kind of messed up a lot of things by making someone immortal. ] Rule of thumb, any one who wants immortality doesn't deserve it. Rule of thumb two, just don't give people immortality to begin with, it never ends up well. Anyway, there's a lot more boring stuff about nanotech and the Porter so I'll just attach that in a different link.

Second! Clairvoyant! Hello there, me again, you were right about birds by the way, top marks! I wish you could have added in a little bit about the Fisher King but well, nobody's perfect.

Third! [ didn't he just say there were two things ] Mabel! Mabel, Mabel, Mabel. Remember how we were talking about the sonic screwdriver? Well, popped back home for a little bit, don't have it anymore, but I have the next best thing. [ And here, he taps the edges of his sunglasses with both hands, giving the camera a big, toothy ridiculous grin. ] Wearable tech. It's cutting edge, new technology, goes great with every outfit. Just watch...

[ The sunglasses make a little sonicy noise and the video turns off. Attached to this post, is a more Doctory write-up of this information from the power swap plot in December, complete with editorial comments from the Doctor, mostly along the lines of being sarcastic at the soldiers. ]
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[ Pan is more than a little steamed that his curse was broken, but it wouldn't do any good to stay mad about i or to show it. It'd just get everyone all happy and cocky that they beat him.

He could still play with them all, especially on here. So he's made special care to put this on the mirror network, after all, can't go sharing this with the authorities unless you want to reveal your biggest secret, can we?

The video turns on and it's a forest a night with a fire and there's Peter. All smiles and relaxed and he's holding a certain someone's staff. He spins it around like some kind of play thing only to lean against it.]

Good evening all. After our little adventure I thought I should give you all my sincerest congratulations at breaking my spell. I suppose all good fun has to end sometime, but, the time has come and gone and we can move onto newer and much more fun games, wouldn't you say? [His smile seems pleasant, no trace of the wickedness he had shown much earlier this week.]

But, I feel like I had should give a few people their due because I could never have achieved such a thing without their help.

So, my thanks to you: Sabriel, Hawke, Mabel and Ford Pines, Billy Kaplan, to whomever brought that bird like monster to life, and to you, Tetsuo. Without all of you, we never would've had such a game to play.

[And he smirks a bit one last time.]

Here's to more future games everyone.

[Get in line folks, everybody wants a chance to punch his face in.]

001 | text

Jan. 10th, 2016 05:39 pm
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[Poor Leon had gone to his first day of work, despite being rather dubious about the whole thing. A "party prince"? Leon hated parties, and it sounded like this was a thing you did for kids, too. Even worse. When he arrived at work, his misgivings were almost immediately proven true, since the kids were ... well, kids, and way too hyperactive and attentive for Leon.

He pulls out his communicator when he thinks he has a break— but he only gets out half of his message—]

Does anyone know how to get kids to calaljoiqwjior

[He doesn't get a chance to send the next message for several minutes, until he has another (brief) moment of respite.]

These kids need to calm dowankajnkjerwhui

[Eventually he realizes the messages are getting garbled because the kids are being too distracting, so he just types out one word this time:]

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Hi hi, fellow imPorts!

(Someone might find this to be very familiar, but if you asked Maps? She's just really, really, really excited to be here.)

So, this is the place to be if you're a 'superhero' or 'hero-in-training,' right? I REALLY hit the jackpot! I'm Mia Mizoguchi -call me Maps!- and to everyone out there who hopes to be a hero, let's get along and become friends!

Oh, but I should mention one thing first: the spot for my best friend, that's taken. Olive's got that spot, and she wouldn't replace me with anyone else so I've gotta do right by her. And to anyone here who's a villain or villain-in-training...I've got my eye on you!

(...Yes, Maps has literally put her eye up to the screen for a few moments. Give her some time, and then she'll pull back.) I'm a little curious, though. Does this world have dungeons, creepy haunted houses and stuff like that? 'Cause if it does, I wanna loot the crap out of it! Anyone who's into fun stuff like that, roleplaying games or even tackling some puzzles, let me know and we can plot some sweet team missions. Don't worry, I'll set up the plans and everything 'cause that's how I handle it with my party back home! Unless I hear otherwise, and then we'll play it by ear.

(She will loot the crap out of any dungeon, assuming she finds any real ones in this world or discovers any roleplaying games similar to what she has back home.)

Oh, yeah! I'm in Maurtia Falls if anyone wants to chat, and if you need any pizza delivered, I'll deliver it myself without fail! Promise!

(Does Maps even know how she'll deliver anybody some pizza yet?)


Jan. 9th, 2016 06:26 pm
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[The camera, when it turns on, is bouncy-- like, found footage horror movie bouncy. Like it’s attached to a seal or being fought over by a pair of semi-feral children. Which it is! The lovely views of Heropa trees then sidewalk then someone’s leg eventually settle on the dirtier than normal face of Dipper Pines.]

Mabel, there are more important things than finding out what happened on Meow My God last week! [There’s an indignant cry of LIES! just off camera.] Hey, what happened in Heropa while we were gone? Apparently, there was a giant jungle? We were out in the swamp and I got poison ivy and poison oak and poison sumac… basically every plant you shouldn't roll in, we did it. But I won the trap contest and the swamp apes like me better so that's why I get the communicator first!!

[The camera veers wildly again and when it steadies it's focused on Mabel's cheerful, though grimier than usual face.]

The swamp apes just liked you better because you both smelled the same! And anyway I wrestled way more alligators than you and made way better shelters so just let me have it ‘cause I have a party to plan and I need to get invites out as soon as possible!

[The camera starts getting bounced around again as they fight, again. The dulcet tones of a childish slapfight can be heard just before Dipper screeches.]

Not the loincloth!!

[End broadcast.]
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[ The camera turns on to show what appears to be a kitchen -- or possibly a living room -- and is propped upright on a table, showing two people sitting at it with somewhat sour expressions: Reggie Mantle and Sasha Blouse.

Laid before Sasha is a blank piece of paper, a pencil in her hand that she idly drums against the surface of the table.

Hello! It’s Sasha again. I— [ She wrinkles her nose when she has to correct herself. ] we have a few questions to ask other imPorts. It’s for a school assignment so if a few people could answer our survey and help us out I would be very grateful!

[ Reggie’s brow furrows slightly and he sits back in his chair, making it evidently clear he would rather not be there. Restlessly he taps a pen as well, against the edge of the table with a sort of frantic impatience. ]

Yeah. We’re supposed to represent the "imPort experience" for about a quarter of our grade -- not that there’s any way they could check if we just decided to make it all up.

[ At that, he shoots a pointed look in Sasha’s direction, the person forcing him not to cheat. ]

I’m not getting another Saturday detention for this. We could’ve done this earlier, but you were procrastinating on it.

Well, that’s only ‘cause unlike you I actually got a social life. This is a waste of time. [ He gestures at the camera, looking at it briefly before looking back over at her. ] It’s not like everyone out there's just sitting around waiting to answer questions so that we can get an “A” on some dumb project. I mean, maybe if they’re bored enough-- here, I’ll read 'em, what do you got so far?

[ See, he’s participating! He grabs the paper from her, then frowns at its relative emptiness.

Sasha frowns when he snatches the paper from her, reaching to take it back.

What social life? [ She mutters under her breath, glaring at him sharply. ] If you wanted to be doing something else we should have finished this earlier. Jeez, I should have asked for another partner...

Like anyone else would want you for a partner. You didn’t even write anything down -- if I’d known that I wouldn’t’ve started recording yet!
His Friends Hate Him, But What She Does Next May Shock You. )
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[ Clary's video feed once more shows her bedroom in Heropa. The stacks of comics and manga books, the half painted easels and thrown around sketchbooks, they're all part and parcel of who she is. But this time there's a sad little Christmas tree in the corner. It's only half decorated and is slumped on one side. Idris, her orange tomcat, is attempting to pull the tinsel free. Clary herself looks accidentally festive with a green sweater on and her red hair falling from her ponytail. But there's no Christmas cheer on her face. ]

So how do you guys do it?

[ Clary tucks a tendril of hair behind her ear. ] How do you deal with the holidays knowing that the people you're supposed to be celebrating with are another world away? [ It's been weighing on her since October but now it's starting to hurt. She should be celebrating Hannukah with Simon, going Christmas shopping with her mom, choosing a tree with Luke. She's never even seen how Shadowhunters celebrate - if they even do. But part of her longs for it anyway. She could be teaching Jace ridiculous versions of Carols right about now.

Instead she's here with the holidays yawning in front of her and nothing to keep her from being sad. She hasn't seen her mom in six months. That's a long time for a sixteen year old.

I could really do with some advice.

[ Idris finally gets a good solid yank on the tinsel and topples the tree to the ground. Clary jumps and turns to see the mayhem. But then she sits back down again. What's the point? It's just her. ] Figures.


Dec. 11th, 2015 08:49 pm
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[And here we have the Iron Bull, holding his communicator like he's taking a selfie. But it's a video feed instead. He's... out in the wilderness somewhere. Dragging a tree in one hand. There also happens to be mistletoe strung between his horns.]

[Behind him is Kaneda. Holding the other end of the tree, covered liberally in pine needles and bits of pinecones and other dead leaves. He looks like he's having a bad time.]

So. I heard you're supposed to bring trees inside for this holiday crap.

[He shakes the tree in his hand. Unfortunately for Kaneda. Who gets jerked to one side, swearing liberally at Bull.]

Check this one out. We got it all on our own. No one else was even out here!

[That's because you're in the forest, Bull.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will both be responding.))


Nov. 7th, 2015 08:28 pm
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See this fish?

[Bull what--]

[Okay, before that question can be answered, or even asked, the camera swings around to show off a hideous, flopping salmon. Then it swings around to look at Bull again. He's grinning.]

It's going to be a dragon.

[And the camera whips around again, showing off a fountain-slash-waterfall installation somewhere in Nonah. Bull is standing on one of the little raised platforms in the middle of the 'pond'. Holding the fish.]

And I'm gonna wrestle with it.

[Somewhere, off-screen, one can hear Kaneda's voice yelling:]

Oi! Jiji! That's not even a koi!

[Undaunted, the Iron Bull winds up... and flings the poor salmon at the waterfall. With literally no other explanation.]

((ooc: Kaneda and Bull will probably both answer.))

3 | Video

Nov. 7th, 2015 12:23 am
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[Hey network, enjoy this small smiley child beaming at you when this post goes up in the wee hours of the morning.]

Hi everyone!! I’m Ripley and I am here to make a public service announcement about friendship!

Having friends is super important. You already knew that, right? Seriously, it’s probably like, the most important thing ever. Of all time! ‘Specially here. So I wanna make sure that all the newbies here have friends! Newbies! Do you have friends yet?

If you don’t, I have good news. I’ll be your friend! In fact, even if you’re not a newbie, I’ll still be your friend! I always like making friend and I’m very good at friendship. Come talk to me if you wanna be friends.

That’s all for now, Ripley out! [Her sign off is accompanied by a tiny salute and her best attempt at a serious face before the video ends.

--OR DOES IT. Soon after, she makes an addition.]

Oh, oh, oh. P.S. Does anybody wanna adopt a hermit crab? Or maybe twenty? I’ve got a lotta hermit crabs. [She looks off camera wide eyed, momentarily overwhelmed by her own vast amount of hermit crabs.

But then she’s back.]
Okay, thanks!

003. Video

Nov. 2nd, 2015 11:57 pm
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[An incredibly haggard looking Drew appears on the screen, broadcasting to the entire world. His eyes are rimmed with dark circles marking sleeplessness, where there isn't black there's the puffy pink of a man who might've been crying recently.

He'd taken a few days to process what'd happened and somehow, in the midst of the mind-numbing insomnia and guilt he decided a public confession needed to be made. When he speaks his voice is raw and raspy and the only light in the room is from the crack left in his curtains, allowing daylight to filter through.

So I uh, I guess I lied about some things. [He hears his voice and realizes how shitty it was, coughing slightly to clear his throat.] When I talked to any of you, I told y'all werewolves weren't dangerous, that we were regular members of society and we could control ourselves. I guess that ain't exactly true.

[His voice cracks again.] See the thing is, we feel things a little different, everythin' just comes on a little strong. An' hell, I can be weak... an' I was weak last week. I let the wolf take over an' drowned the human part of me in poison. An' I uh- [A deep breath.] I killed someone, a guy called Toby. Now I know it ain't permanent or anythin' but I guess I had to tell everyone that 'm not just the nice guy I wanted to be, I can understand if there're people out there who won't wanna talk to me anymore. Hell I don't even wanna know me right now. Shit hit the fan and I didn't leave myself in a position to control it.

[His voice goes quieter.] To anyone out there who I was really friendly with, I get it if y'wanna keep your distance- I fucked up, maybe stayin' away from me is the best thing y'can do. I'm gonna try fix things... its just gonna be hard, but I want y'all to know that this ain't what every werewolf does... I don't wanna hurt the cause 'cause of my own emotions... it ain't the species, its just one bad person.

[Now that his confession is done the wind is visibly gone from his sails, he seems almost haunted as the feed stays on for a couple seconds before clicking off.]
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Hey everyone.

So if you didn't know, uh. I'm part of a team back in my world of young superheroes called the Young Avengers. It's what it sounds like, if you're from any world that might have people from mine; we're Avengers, only. You know.


Keep up, guys.

So considering our fearless leader is gone, and after that her fearless lieutenants, all you have is me, her fearless....tank. And I guess I'm stepping up now.

So here's the deal.

If you're over sixteen but you don't feel like joining the adult versions of the same kind of superhero things, talk to me, and let me know. You don't have to register with the government, I'm not registered. You don't have to be a fighter, either. We'll figure out what we can do.

Sound good?

Let me know, and all that.
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It's like twenty days until Halloween and I haven't even got a costume figured out yet. This is a catastrophe.

[ Ah, she knows that they've had some very serious actual catastrophes lately, but Clary definitely seems to try and focus on the normal things in life. Especially when she's stuck here and can't get back home to make a different. ]

Anyway, so does Heropa have a carnival or anything? Or any of the Porter cities? Usually I go to a club or a party with my bff. It's tradition. I think he'd be disappointed if I didn't do something. What's everyone else doing? What's everyone wearing? Are glittery vampires still the popular costumes? Boy wizards? Sexy clipboard? I need to know!

Chapter 2

Sep. 21st, 2015 02:26 am
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Well, it's hard to believe it's already been a month since I arrived. I suppose if I'm really going to stay here and fulfill my duties as the superhero this city deserves, then I need to have some semblance of normalcy as well!

Therefore, I require the services of a maid.

-Must be female
-Must be able to cook
-Must enjoy cleaning
-Must have a bubbly personality
-Must be willing to become a model for occasional drawing/writings
-High school students welcome
-Uniform optional

If interested, please report to Maurtia Falls, Residence #002 and ask for Shigure Sohma, or simply contact me.
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[ Max is linefacing pretty hard at the camera, and his house is covered with water (hopefully??) and broken shards of porcelain.

He holds up his baseball bat and slings it over his shoulder. ]

So as long as the most essential of technologies has turned against us, whoooo wants to go camping?
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So -

[ Okay. So this is some found-footage shakycam stuff right here. Kitty Jones is staring into the camera with eyes wide with alarm. Her voice is squeaky and nervous. Her hair is mussed. Her shirt is wet.

Don't ask how her shirt got wet. ]

So, erm, Billy and I were doing a little bit of a spell to make latrines self-regulating and it sort of went a little bit wrong and now toilets are sort of coming to life? So, erm - Oh, no, oh, look out, look out -

[ She swings around. The camera catches one William Kaplan, Center of All Magic In The Universe, with his hands lit up, struggling valiantly against a toilet that's pried itself up from its floorboards and is now clomp-clomp-clomping towards him on its base. With a flash, it's shattered into shards of porcelain; Kitty ducks, shielding her head. ]

Oh, not that one, too...

[ She turns back to the camera. ]

We - think that this magic is going to be radiating outwards. So everyone check your loo, but check really really carefully. I can come and undo it - if I touch them, they'll go quiet - but just be careful. Toilets, port-a-potties, outhouses, all of them, they're all hostile. Stay safe, and oh God make sure that you've flushed before you try to fight them, please make sure you've flushed.

[ ooc: So this is the post regarding the miniplot referenced here! Feel free to have your characters' toilets come to life. Kitty's warning is not completely correct: toilets will treat your character as they themselves have been treated. If your character has been neglectful of their toilet, doesn't clean, flushes cigarettes down it, buys super-cheap toilet paper, etc., then the toilet will be vengeful and wrathful. However, if your character treats their toilet well, keeps it clean and maintains it well, then the commodes will be as loyal and affectionate as golden retrievers.

Alternatively, have your characters' toilets not come to life because this plot is (as they say) very crappy. ]
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[The young man on the video feed gives the communicator a casual, easy smile, only interrupted by a ugly scar running down his face. He's leaning on one elbow and looks for all the world as if this whole situation is really funny.]

So, from what I'm getting we're here to save the world from another part of the world and all that. I'm not gonna knock that; it sounds like a good deal.

It's just, you know, the file left out something really important to the whole do-gooder atmosphere: a superhero name. I know. You're probably as shocked as I am. That's everything with franchise rights. There's action figures at stake here. Card games! [Checks something on another screen, quickly.] And ... donuts, apparently.

Not that I've got any great ideas, but I'll take suggestions if you've got em.


Sep. 11th, 2015 11:49 pm
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[ Carl finally shows his face again on a post of his own. This time, he's somewhere outside in the grass, this time with a large and very fuzzy dog. It's not his, although the way the dog is rolling around in the grass while Carl is giving her rigorous pats. He's wearing his classic sheriff's hat. He's bright-eyed and clear, looking a lot better than he did in the past two months. ]

So, um, I put in my application for a job today. I hope I'll get the job. But if I don't, I would still recommend of anyone stopping over at Heropa Animal Shelter. No point in buying a dog when you just can just adopt one, right? Or a cat, if you like cats. I'm more of a dog person myself. Cats are cool, but dogs are more in your face?

Although cats are kinda in your face too, though they pretend they don't.

[ At least dogs actually know how to play fetch. ]

So anyway, there's that. I just want to put that out there. I don't know many imPorts that have pets, or even want to have any.


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