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[It's late. She should really be sleeping or at least doing something useful like patrolling, but instead she's lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling and making an audio post to the network like some angsty teen or something. Which she guesses she kinda is?]

So I'm turning seventeen in, like... almost a week. And it's sorta weirding me out. Not just cause it's here, although come to think of it I'm not sure if I actually have a full 12 months since my last birthday but it averages out to something like that - Does anyone bother to figure that out? Or do you just go by birthdate?

Anyway. It's just, I kinda didn't expect to make it to seventeen. Not cause I have a death wish or anything, just cause I came really close to dying a couple times the past year. And it's cool, I made my peace with it. [Sort of. She might have been okay when she thought she was about to die, but sometimes she thinks it's kinda harder to keep living after that?] I don't know, there's just a bunch of stuff that I wouldn't have gotten a chance to do. Stupid stuff like... I don't know, going to a prom, I guess? Going on really terrible dates and then deciding being a crazy cat lady doesn't sound so bad? Things you just get to do because it's just part of life.

I don't know what I'm trying to say. This is probably dumb, anyway. Sorry.
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[ The video starts rolling well before Walter's prepared to sit down and talk. What the viewer gets is about twenty minutes of a frail and sickly thin, older white man in his tighty whities, staring blankly into the screen. A bottle of wine is in one hand, continuously pouring the contents into a glass as he drinks them down only to refill it again. It's the alcoholic channel, with a few fascinatingly thoughtful jaw clenches and an unwavering staring competition with the lens. Finally, he clears his throat and speaks up. ]

So this is supposed to connect me to others 'like me?' These so-called imPorts...

[ He studies his empty glass, turning it in his hands. ]

There's one question that never got answered, and maybe you can give me some insight? Clue me in a little because I sure saw a lot of fire and brimstone a few days ago...

[ He looks up, dead eyes focusing on the screen. ]

Is this supposed to be hell?
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We're the good guys.

( for her first address to the network, irene mimicks what she was told upon first arriving, no matter how hazy the circumstances surrounding her arrival might be. she certainly doesn't waste time; her address to the group at large is barely fifteen minutes after she is dropped off at her new home. as much as she hates to add to the general confusion that seems to be going around, she wants answers. immediately.

her appearance is as it always is: calm. put together. her tone is nonchalant, mocking even, and less than distressed. lipstick immaculate, hair pinned neatly. she doesn't look inconvenienced in the least. )

Good is so subjective, isn't it? I'm quite certain anyone would say they were 'good' if given the chance, regardless of what their actions prove. All this talk of justice, heroics, saving people....

( the way her sentence trails off is very intentional. )

Well, you can forgive a girl for being a bit skeptical.

( her gaze on the camera is pointed, and her smirk dares, prove me wrong. she's information gathering. surely there has to be at least one person out there who likes to overshare. after all, there always is. )

( ooc: i have an opt out and a permission post for anyone who is interested. )

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Jan. 8th, 2015 05:51 pm
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[ah, thank god this thing has a text option. Hazel is leery of even putting her voice out onto this network - she really doesn't want any way to be more identifiable than she absolutely has to be. perhaps it's a little paranoid in the company of other...less than normal people, but she can't help it. somehow she doesn't think even imPorts would look kindly on a zombie.]

So, this is...fantastic.

There's probably been a lot more creative complaining on here than I can dish out, so I guess I'll skip that for now. Maybe I'll come back to it when the next catastrophe hits? Who knows.

Anyway. How exactly do I pump these nanowhatevers out of my body? I refuse to believe that people have been here like, what, a whole year? And they've all been fine enough with that kind of stuff floating around in their body to not do anything.

I mean, it's not like they get taken out when you decide to unregister, right? So there's really nothing stopping them from forcing you to help anyway.

Is there something about all this that I'm missing? Am I just nuts? Does this universe jumping render you temporarily insane or something??

[wait no shit she's spiraling into anxious paranoia THAT'S NO GOOD GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF GIRL]

So. Yeah. I'd appreciate whatever help you can give me. And I'm going to need video proof of any suggestions that're especially stupid - I don't really have the patience for pranks right now.

[ Video ]

Sep. 19th, 2014 08:44 pm
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[ Hey look it's Clem! Hi Clem! Only she looks a little ... guilty, and sheepish today. She's curled up on a chair by the window, with a book open in her lap, and a look of concentration on her face. Occasionally she glances up and around at a sound of the apartment settling, or a bird chirping - any noise she wasn't expected she jumps a bit in surprise. ]

.... I kind of messed up at work today. I think the man I work for is mad at me.

[ Or just a little concerned, Same thing. But uh... what exactly she did to make him concerned in the first place ...well, she knew she screwed up badly there. ]

Is Thane still here?

[ She hopes he is, but...wouldn't be surprised if he was gone - that tended to be the norm; people leave. At least he hasn't died right? After an awkward pause, she decides to offer another question. ]

And... um..What's a tibisp? I can't find it in the dictionary.
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[ even in the florida heat (does florida even have fall or is it just summer and summer lite? sigh, she wants four seasons again.), abigail had a scarf neatly looped around her throat. she looks exhausted and much like she's sitting up in bed, but considering the video feed comes relatively late at night when night is turning to morning, it may be that she just woke up.

her question is simple and she doesn't waste time leading up to it, just spits it out and lets it soar away into the ether before she can think better of it. ]

Does anyone else have trouble with nightmares?


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