[03] Video

Jul. 4th, 2015 08:33 am
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[ The video feed starts with Walt in a room in his Heropa home, an open box on the bed filled with Kaylee's things -- coveralls neatly folded and tucked inside, wrenches and other tools laid delicately on top...the whole process seems exceedingly painful for him as with each item he pulls out of the closet, the efforts become slow and labored. ]

I don't know who knew Kaylee Frye. If you didn't, you should have. I've never met anyone so genuinely cheerful and kind. She was the sunshine in this dark, cloudy world.

[ There's a very sad, forlorn smile. This feels more like a funeral, like saying goodbye to someone who passed away. And in some cases it's worse -- them vanishing to another universe, never to remember their time here, never to be seen again. ]

She helped me when she didn't have to. She cared when she shouldn't have. She took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. And what did she expect in return? Nothing.

[ With a long pause, it's very clear Walt is trying to maintain his composure. A breath in and a breath out. ]

I hoped I was wrong. I hoped to god I was wrong. That her disappearance was only temporary. But it's been a few weeks, and there's been no sign of her returning. I will miss her. Every day I will miss her. I already do.

This world -- it's done nothing but take things away. From me. From everyone else. Can you honestly say you've gained anything from being here?

[ Walt goes to reach into the closet for one of the final items and his hand twitches back. The sadness in the lines of his face increases as he pulls out a wrapped present -- a card reading: To Mr. White.

That's when Walt can't hold it back anymore. He sits on the edge of the bed, pulls the square-shaped present to his chest and cries. ]
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[ Okay, he's bored. Where are the tumbling heroics? Where's the challenge? Lucifer is here - back - whatever, taking time out from recording his show to hang out on the network with you fascinating examples of God's greatest mistakes. He sets up his camera, which shows off the back of a chair that reads 'Lucifer' in broad black writing. The background is a handsome looking church, with stained glass windows, long red carpets, and hanging red drapes that tumble down the broad pillars. Huge bouquets of summer flowers decorate the altars and tumble out of the planters beside the pews, and light pours in through the round feature window. For once, Lucifer - when he takes his seat - is groomed, dressed in a neat black on black suit, and finished with silver fish shaped cufflinks and everything. He looked the part of the villain, the businessman; the schemer. A charismatic cult leader. Or well...like a guy in a sharp suit. He counted off on his fingers: ]

Pestilence. War. Famine. [ And he touched his fourth finger, then looked puzzled at the camera. ] Well, would you look at that. Four horsemen, not three. No prizes to anyone who guesses the last one.

[ He reaches into his breast pocket, removing a simple silver ring very carefully, propped it on his thumbnail and then flicked it. Flicked Death's ring clean into the air, then snatched his hand up and caught it. ] One left.

[ He leaned very slightly forward, speaking as though he were sharing a secret. ] Don't worry your head about it, my darling. I wouldn't dream of giving this thing to just anyone, but its multiversal owner really will have to come fetch it back before I'm tempted. To do what? Who knows? I'm mercurial like that. Sammmmy, come on out to play. It's been forever.

[ Lucifer's attention was broken by his accepting a clipboard and signing off on something on it. ] Chicken soup again? [ A nod from the assistant. ] Good. It's wonderful for the soul.

[ And then he's left to continue with his video, and he rolls his eyes pointedly. ] The fault really lies with you, kiddos. All that anger and repression, it'll mess you right up. But for the sake of argument, I think it's fair to say 'I predict a riot'. Accurate? Why don't we talk it out, hm?

001. AUDIO

May. 21st, 2015 06:17 pm
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[The background noise comes through first - a minor roar, a cacophony of voices. People talking and cursing, intermixed with the sound of coins, of levers being pulled. To anyone who has ever been to one, the sound is unmistakeable: it's a casino. Suddenly, there's the sound of a lever being pulled quite close to the communicator... a slot machine. And then...]

Upon my arrival here, I thought immediately that I had arrived in a world most readily comparable to a heap of dung. A world containing all the most disgusting features of my own home, but without the redeeming feature of its being my world - which is to say, the garden that belongs to me.

[...Bing bing bing! Jackpot. There's the sound of cascading coins - someone just got lucky. Right next to the communicator. Eh, it's probably the person speaking. Either way, said person doesn't stop - you quickly hear another coin, another pull of the lever.]

However. As it turns out, there are some minor pleasures to be had here. For example...

[--and judging from the sudden cascade of coins, it looks like he won again.]

...casinos. I'm not unaware of their existence on the Earth of my origin. However, due to circumstances, I have never had the pleasure of visiting one. There's something quite satisfying about that clatter of coins, however. Most pleasant.

[Did he just pull the lever again?]

I have since decided that this place is acceptable. Be proud, casino owners. You have earned the approval of The King.

[....he turns the broadcast off just as another jackpot begins to rain coins down from this poor, abused machine.]


May. 17th, 2015 01:59 pm
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[There is no greeting, just a shot of Sabriel's face, all seriousness and barely contained fury. When she speaks, there is both calm authority and something deeply urgent in her tone. She's at the porter in Heropa, getting ready to step inside. She's dressed in the clothes she arrived in- right down to her surcoat, with the sword she commissioned from Revan at her hip.]

I need every imPort with experience fighting the Dead to come to Maurtia Falls- I don't know how many Dead he managed to raise, but hopefully the canal will keep them on one side of the city. If the Dead he's raised follow the rules of my world, they won't be able to cross running water. Their presence may cause technology to break- and guns will not be effective. If he's raised Dead with physical bodies, they'll need to be completely destroyed to keep them down. If he's managed to create Shadow Hands- bodiless spirits... we'll need magic to stop them.

I'm going to find Ma-Melkor, and take my bells back. Once that's done, I'll be able to put down whatever he's raised easily enough.

As for everyone living in Maurtia Falls- [Sabriel takes a deep breath, and starts reciting the precautions she'd recited in class, back in Ancelstierre.]

Be inside by nightfall. Lock all doors and windows. Deny entry to strangers. Shed light inside and out. Prepare candles and lanterns for when the electricity fails. Wear silver. If caught outdoors, find running water.

May the Charter be with us all.

[ooc: Sabriel will reply to comments, but may cut things short if she feels it's going nowhere.]


May. 17th, 2015 12:46 pm
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[Melkor is in his element.

Clad in his armor once more, he has a bell in one hand, one of Sabriel's, and the device in another. This isn't nice Melkor- his eyes are alight as the sounds of the undead can be heard around him. Fire glows in the background of the Maurtia Falls district but he just throws his head back and laughs.

This is going better than he could have hoped so far even if the creatures he's summoned have proved more difficult to control than expected.]

It is time for a proper introduction! I am Lord Melkor of the Valar- first among the gods, lord of Arda and Master of Fates!

[He brought the bell up, the metal gleaming in the light of the fire. He loves a touch of the dramatic after all.]

And now I claim my dominion upon this world, to shape it into my vision as I see fit. Perhaps there are those among you who believe you could stop me but Manwe is not here to save you- the Valar have no interest in your pitiful existence. There are none who will come to your aid against me this time.

[Melkor's grin is cruel as he brings the device close to his face. This time he has a message for one specific person.]

You were foolish to trust me, Sabriel but I appreciate all you have taught me of your necromancy. Due to your assistance, I will once more have an army worthy of serving me!

[The video clicks off with the sound of Melkor bringing down the bell to ring it loudly. He has a great deal to accomplish now.]

[ooc: Melkor won't be responding but there will be a log following shortly!]

001: VIDEO

May. 10th, 2015 08:01 pm
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[There's a new face with bouncy blonde pigtails waving happily at the camera. She's sporting a wide friendly grin.]

I figured I should do one of those "nice to meet you, get to know each other" things, since I'd just hate to miss out on a trend. And, well, it is nice to meet you! Probably! I dunno, we haven't done it yet, so you could totally suck for all I know.

But maybe you don't! So, hi. I'm Harley. Got any tips for a newbie? Y'know, stuff you wish they'd gone over when you got here. Pros and cons, lifehacks, that one weird trick they don't want to you know.

[She reaches to shut off the feed, but pauses as she remembers one last thing. And, obviously, it is the most important thing a girl should know.]

Oh, and for you Heropa folks. Where do you keep the fun in this town?
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[ the network is introduced to alby via a video that's not quite on his face. actually, it's mostly alby just trying to get used to the shucking thing that he'd been given, staring at it with the most distrustful face one could possibly manage, his eyebrows furrowed, scowling deeply into the video as it starts up too close to his face and then gets pulled away with a muttered "shuck."

alby's breathing kind of hard, and his shirt's ripped--there's blood on his face and on his chest and shirt, and he looks a little wild when he does finally settle in, panting a little bit as if he'd just been running. he had been, actually---he got away from the imPorter as fast as shucking legs would carry him, and alby had only finally trudged back to a stopping point in front of a house labeled 001. eventually, his shuck curiosity got the better of him--god, let him never tell anyone that happened--and though alby hadn't gone back for the file, he'd at least remembered the number. 001. alby wasn't dumb enough to think this was anything but some other shucking trial, and, seriously. after everything that happened. WICKED could even manipulate them in death.

WICKED. right.

well, whatever shuck kind of trial this is, something's not quite right, and thus the reason for the video broadcast. the changing is still weighing heavily on his mind, still haunting his perception of the world in shades of hellfire and thunderstorms, of cranks he's expecting to see around every corner. the way the city looks isn't in line with the scorched earth he saw in his memories, but the destruction---and talk of the flare--is.

his brief, sour, and certainly mistrusting question is this: ]
What the shuck kind of Paradise is this?

[ but before alby can properly get angry about it, a cat leaps up into the video feed, right in alby's face. mrroww, says the cat, and it purrs and basically gets all up in the video, making the camera tilt and shift around. alby puts a hand on the cat's back, not too harshly at all, and gently pushes him down, but the cat resists enough so only the top of his head, his eyebrows, and his eyes poke out from over the top of its body. ] And what the shuck's with all the cats?

[ alby doesn't get much time to ponder it, though, because the cat decides that's clearly not good enough: it knocks the device over. the last thing you hear is alby's shucking-- before it falls and turns off. ]
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Okay, so this superhero gig? Best. Thing. Ever!

[Each word is accompanied by animated hand gestures and unnecessary head bobbing. Better get used to it.]

Yo, this is frickin’ awesome! I mean, I wanted to defend the law and all, but this? This is better than all the wet dreams I’ve ever had! And, phew! I’ve had some great ones. Madonna? She may be old, but that chick can get it.

[Why is he gesturing to the viewer like he won an Oscar or something? What the hell is his problem?]

Some guys wouldn’t be caught dead walking around in spandex and a pair of tighty-whities, but… You can’t deny that this bodacious badonkadonk-

[Asher sets the device on the table in front of him, doing a twirl for the camera. Oh god, is that a booty pop? It is. Someone stop this man.]

Would look great in a supersuit.

006 Video;

Apr. 13th, 2015 04:09 pm
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[Why is it that Dean never posts to the network unless something shitty is going down? When the feed starts, he scrubs a hand over his face and offers the camera a smile that's more smirk and just a tad more tense than it might normally be, to anyone who's particularly observant.]

Alright. So anybody who was here before, you've seen what Lucifer can do and you know how dangerous he is.

[He sighs, presses his mouth into a line. Does he really need to say more than that? It's not like there's a jail here anymore that they can toss him in to rot.]

And anybody who doesn't know him, but saw him on the network yesterday. He is the actual Devil and he's pretty freaking dangerous. Don't underestimate him.

[What he wants to do is make sure that nobody else goes after Lucifer, but the Devil has shown his face now, so there's not much Dean can do aside from putting himself in the line of fire instead and hoping for the best.

There's a moment where it looks like he might say something else, but he reaches out and ends the feed instead.
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[To those who know 'Didi,' you might be surprised by the angry look on her face, or the cold, clipped tone in which she speaks.]

I've put up with this indignity for far too long. To try and trap Death herself in a fragile sack of mortal flesh... it's greater foolishness than any of you could possibly understand. The chaos your impertinence and ignorance threatens to wreak on this world is beyond your comprehension.

There will be consequences, keeping me here.

(ooc: Welcome to Death from three billion years ago! She's cold, she's harsh and she's a far cry from the kindhearted Didi you all know and love.)


Mar. 22nd, 2015 09:38 pm
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[ What have we here? A white mech with a big grin. Is he new? Most of the network wouldn't recognize his face. He puffs up happily. ]

I finally have my body back! It only took me several months...

Would you look at that!

[ Definitely a familiar voice. ]

Oh-! Right! It's me, Drift! If anyone wants to go for a celebration drive, let me know. I'm in a really good mood.
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[Once again, the cheery face of the bun-headed school girl appears on screen as her camera blips to life. She may not be around the network as often as some, but that hair style isn't necessarily forgettable. She's seated at her desk, her cutely decorated room as her backdrop, smile bright as ever.]

I know this is a day late but… Happy spring everyone!

[Her excitement over the season change is genuine, despite the fact Heropa never got terribly cold during her stay in the latter part of winter. But after a moment, that happiness seems to falter a bit.]

Things have been… kinda nuts, huh? I know some of you are better at handling this sorta of… thing… better than others.

[It's kinda a weird moment, for Usagi to look more sullen. There's a difference between the cry-baby tears and this more serious tone she's fallen into.]

So, I also wanted to say… good job, to everyone. A lot of you have been doing your best to help out! I really respect you for that. Honest! There are so many of you out there who have a real sense of duty to help people. You're really strong and courageous! It's amazing…

[She is quiet for a spell, eyes straying from the camera. But then she shakes her head a little and pats her cheeks. When her eyes return to the camera, she's smiling more again.]

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
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Do you think that it's possible for people to be inherently bad? Not all the way, necessarily, but like maybe there's a bigger chance of messing up if you come from something bad, or like you've got some kind of latent seed planted deep that could burst someday.

I don't think that's true, if you look at it objectively. It still makes me really nervous sometimes, though, so I wonder if some part of me thinks it's a real possibility. I can't shake it off, so I get frustrated with myself sometimes.

I'm sure other people must feel like that. I'm sorry if you do.

[ video ]

Mar. 10th, 2015 05:46 pm
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[From what's visible behind him, Jesse's seated at the nurse's desk of the Xavier School infirmary. That's not really relevant to anything, just that he's at work and he's bored and out of anything useful to occupy his time. He's currently wrapping a gauze bandage around an empty soda can. An art piece, maybe. Or just keeping his hands busy.]

What's up? Anything exciting going on?

[He's talking to the comm device, but his eyes are on his "work".]

We got new guys coming in, right? How 'bout you? Freaking out about this superhero thing? It's pretty wild...

[That might be touching on sardonic. He knows it's no fun to be new here.]

You guys wanna talk or anything, I got nothing better to do.

[As thrilling as it is to keep winding this bandage around a soda can.]


Feb. 23rd, 2015 06:22 pm
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[Oliver Queen, when he appears on the communicator today, looks like death.

He hasn't bothered to shave in what's obviously been days, his eyes are bloodshot and there are bags underneath them. He looks like he hasn't slept in days because, well, he hasn't.

With what happened with the Hornet attacks over Valentines weekend and then the weekend just past, as well as the events that are about to happen, one of his powers has been in overdrive. And it's reached the point where privacy be damned-- he needs help.]

Does anyone have experience with-- [He breaks off, jaw clenched as his gaze flickers to his right, focusing on something in the distance before he lets out a sharp breath and forces himself to continue.] Premonitions or clairvoyance. Of any kind.

[There's another pause, where Oliver really just ends up screwing his face up in pain and reaching up to pinch the bridge of his nose.]

Or, if anyone knows a way to knock yourself out quickly and effectively-- I'll take that, as well.

[Someone help him he's about to lose his goddamn mind.]


Feb. 22nd, 2015 12:06 pm
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[I hope you're ready for someone clearly uncertain about technology. Though he's not wearing his armor (for once) there's still a bright red gash of warpaint across an eye, and his long blonde hair still hasn't been combed out well... But at least he looks like he's bathed semi-recently. That's a plus. And he's wearing sort-of normal clothes. A dark hoodie with the sleeves shoved up to bear thick, hairy arms, though the rest is obscured from where he's sitting at some outdoor picnic table next to a stack of library books.

(If you turn your head sideways to read the titles, they all seem to be about homebrewing beer.)

He's watching the communicator a bit uncertainly, but seems to be operating it alright- aware that it's recording, but not exactly certain how. Be proud, it's only taken him like an hour to do this.]

Greetings, ImPorts. [Sort of polite, at least, but man is that a strong accent. Something a bit hard to place, though roughly Scandinavian. He lifts a hand to scratch at the trimmed beard at his jaw, considering what to say.]

I understand we're all stuck in this Plane for the time being. I wouldn't mind getting to know more about it, and your own worlds as well.

[His smile broadens warmly.] -And if you prefer to speak in person, some men in town were eager to give me some of the 'cash' used here in exchange for my gold from Tamriel. So if anyone knows a hall with good ale, I'd be happy to buy a round.

[....yeah he got like $500 for just shy of a half-pound of gold coins and feels so proud of himself. Yay discovering 'Cash 4 Gold'.]


Feb. 21st, 2015 07:18 pm
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So... Do a lot of people here believe in ghosts? And, if they do, shouldn't they want to leave the ghosts alone?

I mean, I guess it would be hard to tell what's possible and what's not in a place like this, and I'm just not sure that gawking at potential spirits is a safe pastime. It might be fine for people that are only going to do the rounds once, but if I'm poking around them every night, they're going to learn my face and stuff. You probably don't want ghosts to think you're some kind of annoying jerk, right?

... Of course, it's also perfectly possible that they're not real. If that's the case, though, why does a 'Ghost Tour' business even exist?

Well. This world has a lot of a strange jobs, so maybe it's as simple as that, and maybe I don't have room to complain so long as I'm getting paid. Riding around and telling people stories isn't a bad gig, either, huh?

I dunno'. I just thought it was weird. [ Aaaaand, now he's not sure why he's here or how to end this. Ghosts? Jobs? Yeah. ] Um. Bye, then?


Feb. 20th, 2015 10:37 am
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Bear with me, but this is insanely fascinating. The way this whole thing is set up in the bathroom. I can-- I can have a bath whenever I want. A hot bath! In five minutes! I could bathe every day. This is revolutionary!

And in the same tub, I can make it rain. Hot rain, even. I have my own personal waterfall.

The technology in this world is impressive. I wish I had more words to convey that because-- well, you know, hot waterfall.


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