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[When the video comes on it doesn't show a person, nope, just a shoulder and a cityscape that might be recognizable to its residents as Nonah. The video is shaky and unfocused when Lavellan starts walking and talking.]

Neat little contraptions those porters are, aren’t they? They remind me of something we've got back home, but with less eerie inter-dimensional pit stops and, somehow, more baffled people when you pop out the other side. [He stops walking for a moment to center the video and shrug. The background now clearly places him in a public park.

For another moment the recording goes shaky as Lavellan takes a seat on the grass, and then quickly he rights it again. The image is still blurry though, and it stays that way the rest of the video.]

And these… these things-- [He taps on the screen of the device rather than looking for a word his vocabulary doesn't have.] I’ve never seen an enchantment like it, I can’t even find the rune! They must have some talented dwarf or tranquil working on these.

[A pause.]

Anyhow, that’s enough admiring the fancy shem technology. Nice to meet you all, I’m Talyn Lavellan. The Inquisitor, if you’re the sort that cares for titles. I’m your man for all your damsels-in-distress and lost sheep related needs. Been told I’m good at that sort of thing. [A fact he is strangely proud of, if his smile is anything to go by.]

I’m not sure how quickly that business is going to get off the ground here though, so in the meantime, can anyone tell me where the good parties are around here? Preferably ones with copious amounts of alcohol and dancing that only barely qualifies as such. This elf’s got plans.


Aug. 5th, 2015 04:41 pm
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[ On screen there is this very charismatic, neatly dressed newcomer. He might have some resemblance to some guy called Talbot, no idea who that is, or for others, perhaps, sounds a little bit like Iron Man. These things happen. But here he is, Nathan Petrelli, a pair of silver wings acting as his tie-pin and an American flag pin in his lapel, denoting his political office. He straightens his jacket briefly before addressing the network. ]

So what, no Kissinger? What I can't figure out is if this is real life, or we're starring in a version of reality where Tom Clancy was high when he wrote his Cold War novels. I mean, think about it, it could happen.

Kidnapping a US Senator, though. I'd like to say I'm impressed, but it's not like it would be the first time.

Okay, so I've got the basics. Superpowers, non-mandatory conscription, yadda yadda. Some information on the histori-political situation here would be a good start. Mostly I wanna know where it all went wrong. Did we do the Cuban Missile Crisis? 'Nam? Watergate?

[ Then, slightly more to himself: ] This time travel stuff is messed up... Uh-- [ Louder, and back to camera: ] One more thing, I'm dying for a decent cup of coffee. The swill they give you on a military base isn't even worth swallowing.

[ OOC: So this is Sylar, shapeshifted. He doesn't know he's not Nathan, thanks to certain telepaths funking with his brain, but if anyone's power is relevant please let me know! ]


Jul. 12th, 2015 10:44 pm
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Hello everyone, I have a small favor to ask. [Sabriel's in a graveyard, wearing rather muddy clothes-she's making this post during one of her breaks at work, apparently.]

First- I won a car, thanks to that game at the last swearing-in. But unfortunately I have no idea how to drive it, though I'd like to learn- is anyone willing to offer lessons? I can pay you for your trouble.

[Someone, help her. Hopefully someone will teach her who doesn't view traffic laws as optional.]

Secondly- part of the nature of Charter magic is that it's a power granted by baptism, not birth- I've taken on several students here, and I'm always happy to teach more. I want anyone interested to understand that Charter magic takes dedication and training to master- the rewards can be great, but all lazy or slipshod spell casting will get you is singed fingers.

[And while there's a light in Sabriel's eyes as she speaks, it suddenly dies away.]

And no, I have no intention of teaching anyone necromancy, even in a theoretical sense. After the incident with Melkor, I trust everyone understands why. [Not that there's much theory to Free Magic- it runs on will and instinct, and Sabriel can't actually give anyone that power- not unless they already had it.]
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[ He opens the feed with a couple fries still sticking out of his mouth. Everything is lost now that he's discovered junk food. Sure, Konoha had it's own version of quick-and-greasy, but nothing he'd ever consumed in his world tasted like this. It's second only to his one true love -- ramen -- of which there is a distinct lack in this area except for in cup form. It's a good thing he's not picky.

He chews thoughtfully for a minute while he stares directly into the camera, but conveniently swallows and speaks up just before it gets awkward. ]

So I was trainin' the other day. Doin' some kicks and stuff, practicin' on a clone. [ Yeah, that got him some weird looks. Who wouldn't find the sight of a dude beating an exact clone of himself up and laughing about a little weird? ] And I realised somethin' when I tried to summon Old Man Toad..... I can't do it anymore. I tried and tried, I got so desperate I woulda even settled for meetin' Gamatatsu.. but nothin'. They live back on Mount Myoboku, and that's still in my world, so my summoning contract with them isn't gonna work anymore, is it?

[ He scratches his face idly, as if talking about missing his sentient toads is a totally normal thing. He really doesn't know any better. ]

So, I was wonderin'... Does anyone know where I can get a frog or a toad or somethin'?

02 | VIDEO

Jun. 18th, 2015 12:27 am
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Good evening, everyone. I hope you're doing well.

If we haven't met before, I'm David Xanatos, founder and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises. I have a couple of things to discuss tonight, so please bear with me.

Firstly, I'm happy to announce that I've taken over the role of Director at Xavier's School for Imports outside of Heropa, filling a more financial-oriented role with the always-capable Robert Callaghan as Headmaster. Import youth of all ages who would like to learn more about controlling their powers or who simply want a student body filled with people like them are welcome to enroll at any time, and we're always hiring for teachers and staff positions.

Secondly, I'm looking for science-minded individuals to collaborate with myself and Tony Stark in the design and construction of a state-of-the-art, multi-billion-dollar research facility near De Chima. The sole stipulation is that any discoveries made there be made available for others to build on, for the advancement of all.

I'll be happy to take any of your questions in the meantime.


Jun. 13th, 2015 04:05 pm
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This device is not something I'm quite certain of, yet. We do not have anything like this where I'm from; I suppose if I wish to alert the rest of the world to something, I must have new posted, or it must be cried out. I ought to use this more often. What other things do people use this for? It seems like there is no limit to-

Ah, I have an idea!

I am seeking someone who would like to practice bowcraft with me. I've a bow, but I would need a safe target. I would like to learn how such things are done with other bows, in other worlds, as well!

And, I would like to know, how to better use this device, and what manner of things those who use it think is important to say.
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[When the feed goes live it shows the top half of a man, wearing a simple black blazer and a white dress shirt. He is well poised and has his hands flat down on the table he's sitting at, a relaxed smile on his face as he checks to make sure the device is recording before he begins.]

Hello everyone. I understand it's been a hectic past week of sorts, especially for people just arriving here such as myself, so I hope everything is back in sorts and everyone is feeling more themselves.

[He breathes out a small amused sound, though it comes out more awkward and an attempt to lighten what may still be a sour mood. He taps his fingers on the table and continues.]

My name is Harrison Wells, and I work as a physicist back in my 'world' — so to speak — specializing in particle physics and quantum mechanics. [He pauses with his mouth half-open, as if pondering on what to say next, before going on.] I was also the founder and director of a research facility called S.T.A.R. Labs, or Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Labs for long, if anyone happens to recognize the name. If not, then don't worry about it. From what I gather every world has its own ticks here and there that make it unique and distinguishable from the next.

[He's really only tossing it out as a bait, to see if there are people here from his world or tangent worlds that would recognize a landmark scientific facility. If he finds people who recognize it, good. If he doesn't, then it's not the end of all things.]

Here I've been employed as a Kinematics Professor in the local university in Heropa, so if you happen to attend or work there then I'm sure you'll be seeing me around often. If you are interested in attending a class, please let me know. I plan to teach both a 101 and an advanced course in the summer and fall and I encourage even those who are not inclined to the sciences to give it a try. [The tips of his smile crease up, his grin turning slightly toothy.] I promise, I am a patient teacher, and won't give up on anyone who doesn't give up on themselves.

Introductions to the side, I want to pose a more personal question and ask for opinions on this situation so to speak. Your experiences, good or bad, although you don't need to go into detail if you don't want to.

In fact I'll go first, since it's only fair: a little more than a year ago, in my world, a portion of the population in my home city became affected with genetic mutations which caused people to develop powers— ones not much different from the kind people are given here by the nanites. [He pauses with a gentle inhale of breath through his mouth, taking off his glasses while he does and holding them by a temple arm between his index finger and thumb, before exhaling it out quietly.] Since that time I've been working with a team to identify and research these cases, along with trying to provide help when we could. Some people used their powers for the good of the public and others for their...own purposes. My team experienced issues with the military because of this as well, not unlike the kind that this world has with the imPorts.

[He shakes his head lightly, remembering the distaste of his dealings with a certain General, and puts his glasses back on with a strong blink to readjust his eyes.]

I must admit to being somewhat on edge because of this. It makes me uneasy to think that not only powers are being handed out, but also that there is a government force behind it all. Powers mean...different things, to different people. So if anyone wants to share their thoughts with me, any kind really, I'd be interested in a discussion.

If not, then I have nothing more to say for now. [He shrugs loosely.] This "blogging" style of messaging never really suited my tastes.
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[ to the video a woman with bright red hair and a selling smile comes to view. Her ID tag reads “Dominique Destine”. ]

Well, it seems the Porter has yet again brought in new faces. Welcome to this world, even if not under the best circumstances for all. My name is Dominique Destine and I’m a scientist working for Stark Technologies and also the new Biology teacher at The Xavier School for imPorts – worry not, I’m not particularly strict. [ yeaaahhh, she kind of is. ] Regardless, I welcome anyone to attend my classes if you feel that you’d benefit from them but do expect your knowledge to be tested eventually.

[ now that is out of the way ] Anyway, I know this place has become the epicenter of worlds coming together and as someone who came from one where Humans are the sole rational species, it fascinates me to see other species and races as intelligent – if not even more – as humans. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to now be living among us, Homo Sapiens [ yeah, she can ] but I’d love to know your opinions on the planet and our culture, the differences, what you might find lacking or simply far too weird and different from your own. Anything that comes to mind, no need to hold back. [ at all. ]

Lastly – it seems the Porter enjoys irony, thus I was given a kind of magic as my power. It’s fairly useless [ it isn’t. ] most of the time, but I have been wondering if it’s possible to fuse the magic of two different imPorts together. Those who have magic, would you be willing to experiment with me and see how far are we able to get?

Thank you for your time. [ Dominique nods and turns off the feed ]
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[He's back. Ah, and not much time has passed here, has it? Might as well prod at the network a little, though why not make it a bit of a game? He did have that endearing persona he used once before against... who was that again?]

[Oh well.]

when u show up here with rly cool powers u probably would feel pretty bad not using them 2 b a hero huh? (っ◞‸◟c)

ahhh but isnt that scary?? how strong do u have 2 b 2 jump a building?? all u heroes must b rly strong. wats the most heroy thing uve done here?? how can i get good at it! ᕙ(⇀‸↼!!)ᕗ

[Guess who.]

[Or don't. You can also just tell him about cool stuff you've done to make yourself a potential target and be fawned over and complimented because you're so cool.]

001: VIDEO

May. 10th, 2015 08:01 pm
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[There's a new face with bouncy blonde pigtails waving happily at the camera. She's sporting a wide friendly grin.]

I figured I should do one of those "nice to meet you, get to know each other" things, since I'd just hate to miss out on a trend. And, well, it is nice to meet you! Probably! I dunno, we haven't done it yet, so you could totally suck for all I know.

But maybe you don't! So, hi. I'm Harley. Got any tips for a newbie? Y'know, stuff you wish they'd gone over when you got here. Pros and cons, lifehacks, that one weird trick they don't want to you know.

[She reaches to shut off the feed, but pauses as she remembers one last thing. And, obviously, it is the most important thing a girl should know.]

Oh, and for you Heropa folks. Where do you keep the fun in this town?

002 | video

May. 8th, 2015 02:24 am
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[Hey, look who it is! Some of you may recognize her as 'that lady with a dying wish for alcohol' — though she looks all better now.

She is sitting on the hood of this sweet vehicle and once again holding the comm at arm's length.]

Apparently I won this the other day for showing up at that little cocktail party. [The swear-in. ]

Runs on water instead of gas and, according to the paperwork, you could drive it into the fucking ocean if you wanted. I haven't tried.

Figured some of you are rich assholes, you might be interested. I'll keep it if there's no takers, but I'd rather have cash.

[Opening spiel over and done with, she slides off the hood and turns the comm toward the car, walking around to get shots of it from different angles. Come on, you know you're tempted!]

01 | video

May. 5th, 2015 12:47 am
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[the communicator turns on, but all it shows is the bright blue sky overhead. there's the sound of lapping waves somewhere in the distance, and then a man's voice saying and that's all there is to it. it's difficult to tell, but there might also be a small sound of someone acknowledging whatever tutorial just took place. there isn't much time to dwell on it; the view shifts, as if the communicator is being handed over to someone else, and then the feed cuts.

several hours later the same communicator makes another post, nearly identical to the first. this time the view is of somewhere in Heropa, and there is definitely a young girl's voice going oh. um, thank you before the feed is switched off once again.

twenty minutes after that post, it makes a third. this time there is an honest to god face on the video, rather than some upwards view of various locations. it's a young girl, one who is very obviously inhuman judging from the vivid blues of her skin and hair. she regards the communicator stoically, expression unreadable beyond some sort of subtle expectation in her eyes.

she stares. and stares. aaaaaand stares some more.

when it becomes clear that whatever it is she was waiting for isn't going to happen, Lapis' expression imperceptibly relaxes. she still gazes flatly into the camera, but there's the feeling that she isn't prepared to throw the comm at the wall and flee now.

and, finally, she speaks.]

I'm not going to defend this earth any more than the last one. Why is that so hard to understand?

[she's emoting now, face screwed up into something uncomfortably straddling anger and desperation. this was barely any better than the bottom of the ocean had been.]

So just leave me alone. You can't make me change my mind.

[she reaches up to turn the video off, then hesitates. her gaze drifts away from the camera as she contemplates, then decides to just go for it. her voice is softer now, less sure of herself.]

...but if you're here too, Steven, I'd like to see you.
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[ ID: Dominique Destine

There is a soft female voice. If she didn’t sound so amused, it’d be easy to tell she is incredibly pissed due to the current circumstances ]

Do tell me, are you actually helping this world and its war? I am sure all of you are dying [ she loves to use this word when addressing to humans ] to show everyone and yourself how heroic you can be, but let's be practical, shall we? You owe this place nothing. To fight for them, without even listening to the opponent's side, seems awful narrow-minded, doesn't it? [ no surprise, humans love an excuse for war ]

Regardless, we are here and there isn't much we can do, according to the military. I'm afraid I'm not so inclined to trust them blindly though, neither willing to offer my skills to them.

I much more interested in helping fellow imPorts, as long they are not directly related to the military. Said this, I'm a scientist and my focus is bioengineering. [ sort... of ] And few other things. [ like weaponry. Using it, at least. ANYWAY. ] If anyone would be interested, I'm very willing to give you a hand.


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