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You know what's easy? Taking things away from people who aren't participating the way they were supposed to. I know it's...easy to be mad. Particularly about what's happening, and if I were to have my benefits cut, and my other benefits in question, I'd be mad too, more than that, I'd be scared.

The problem is, when you decide to do things when you're scared. I've done it before, and the problem is that thinking clearly isn't something that really comes to mind, and that's...where problems come in. I don't want to see us get in trouble, by not thinking. But I don't want to let people get walked over, either. The problem is that they haven't heard from us, and while I've pushed in my own way, it's been...ineffective. I'd like to sugarcoat it, but I won't, it was a mistake. The fact is that we need to push in a different way, and it's time to change tactics, if you're unhappy with the way things are.

For the people I haven't spoken to yet, I'm your representative. I've been advocating for import rights with our military benefactors, but unfortunately, the military is as restrained to the budget as anyone else, and that's the simple fucking fact of it. We can't change the budget, particularly when the porter's kept up like this for so long. There are a lot of us, and I don't know if they were prepared for so many people, and such a diverse crew. We've been lucky, honestly, back in the City, when we first started coming through, there were problems with destruction -- but then again, we had fucking Godzilla there.

I guess, I should really promise that I'm going to do better, for you. However, I'm one voice, and these sorts of things need a bit more than just empty words from one asshole who looks like he belongs. I need things from you guys, tell me why you chose what you chose. I'm not...looking for debate, exactly. We all have our opinions, and our reasons for choosing registration or not registering. What I'm looking for is the reasoning. why does registration make you uncomfortable, why did you choose not to? What can the government do to encourage you to do it? I know that sounds pretty damn trite but... [ He reaches up, to run a hand through his hair, the camera doesn't move, it looks to be affixed at computer length, from his desk. Behind him is a (mostly) obscured list of the senators currently in office, with [x]x and [y]s next to the names. It's a map of how they voted, obviusly. ]

I guess, what I'm saying is, give me something to take to them. Let me see if I can start pushing in the right direction, to see if we can change some minds. Tell me why you chose the way you did, what made you do it. What's your history with this kind of thing. Showing how diverse we are as a community will do more good than anything else.
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[The typical Godot scenario: set up on a sofa with a cup of coffee. He looks a little tense today for some reason, though tries to calm himself with a few sips of coffee before he speaks.]

In the wake of Mr. Edgeworth's departure, I believe it's important to have Import representation on both sides of the law. Therefore, I will be resigning my position at the public defender's office, and am in the process of transferring over to the prosecutor's office for the city of Heropa.


As a registered Import, I intend to prioritize cases involving other Imports. This means that if you break the law, your name will find its way across my desk. This does not mean that I'll be pulling any extra strings or going any easier on you should that be the case. So let's just all do our best to behave ourselves, shall we?

It also seems appropriate that I should offer my services to those who may come from different worlds and cultures, and who might have some questions and concerns as to how our legal system operates. Ask, and be served.

[An uncharacteristic pause goes here.]

If there are any such questions, my name is- Armando. Diego Armando. You can remember it.

[With no further discussion on how all of a sudden he's going by a different name, the broadcast ends.]

003; video

Sep. 23rd, 2014 03:43 pm
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Good afternoon, fellow imPorts. It is with considerable regret that I must inform you today that Miles Edgeworth, caretaker of the fund for Unsettled imPorts, has returned home recently. I have been holding off on making this announcement for as long as possible in the hopes that it would not be necessary, however it seems as if this is truly the case.

I am sure that those who were close to Mr. Edgeworth were already aware, however given his business, this is a matter that concerns more than just his close personal relations.

For those of you who are unaware, part of Mr. Edgeworth's business was managing a non-profit fund for Unsettled imPorts so that those who were wary of registering-- particularly children and teenagers with little other means of supporting themselves-- might have some security, as well as helping to find jobs for such imPorts.

Mr. Edgeworth left very clear instructions that his business was to be transferred to a Mr. Phoenix Wright in the event of his departure; however, it seems that he too has either gone missing or returned home. In any case, I have not been able to locate him.

The initiative, however, was sound. I would like to reassure both those who donated to the fund and those Unsettled imPorts who were depending upon it that the initiative will continue, in keeping with the spirit of Mr. Edgeworth's hard work. However, I cannot manage it entirely on my own. Being seventeen and only a first year law student, I am neither considered a legal adult in this world nor familiar enough with the nitty gritty legal details that must be taken care of in the day-to-day. I therefore humbly request the help of any like-minded individual who would be willing to assist. The groundwork has all been done by Mr. Edgeworth, it should not be too difficult a task. My name is John Mandrake, and you can reach me at this communicator ID at any time.

I've cleared my schedule, so I'll be around for some time today if anyone wishes to ask any questions.

02 | VIDEO

Sep. 19th, 2014 09:03 pm
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[Samara’s face holds little expression aside from the hint of what could be a smile touching the corner of her lips.]

It has been a long time since I have found myself in a position to act upon my curiosities. [After all curiosity can lead to very unpleasant things when it comes to the life of a Justicar. However, in this place, she sees little problem in at least entertaining a few of her curiosities. It is almost refreshing to ask questions and learn again. ]

I feel as though it may have left me somewhat rusty when it comes to asking questions on such a large scale. [Rusty is the nice way to put it, let’s be real here.] However, the more I have spoken to people here, the more curious I have become about this particular subject. [So, she’s going to attempt asking a question and talking to people, hopefully she will not be terribly awkward at it.]

The question I have is simple: how are injustices handled in your world? I understand many come from places with strict laws in place to punish those that commit crimes, but I find myself interested in what other ways people have for handling such things. [She tilts her head slightly to the left.] Though if any would like to speak about the laws they have, I would be interested in hearing of those as well.

[She smiles just a tiny bit and bows her head slightly before turning things off.]
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[ The feed turns on rather abruptly, almost as if the person who turned it on isn't used to the controls; and let's be real -- she isn't. The camera is rather skewed at an odd angle, not showing much of the young medium's face, or rather, showing too much of it in a close up before the screen pans up to the ceiling. Her voice can be heard nevertheless as she speaks though, rather determined, yet frustrated. It's in a low tone, but not inaudible. ]

At least being a hero is better than being called a witch... [ A beat, before there's an adjustment of the camera, lowering from the ceiling angle to a more proper angle, though it's still rather odd and disorienting. ] Ooookay, I think I got it this time! Take that!

[ And just as she yells that familiar (perhaps to some) phrase in an obnoxiously loud voice, the camera finally adjusts itself properly, now centered at Maya at a proper angle and closeness. She has her fists closed, a determined glint in her eyes before she speaks, energetic as always. ]

Now that that problem's fixed, greetings, citizens of the world! I am the illustrious, the amazing, the inconceivable Maya Fey, ace spirit medium. I'm still tinkering with the kinks of the whole, you know, superhero name and all, and I was thinking maybe either "Mystic Maya" or "Ayam Yef", but those two sound so blah and not dynamic enough, you know?

That's why today, I need your help! I need to come up with something even more amazing than amazing! Otherwise I'm going to get a heart attack for not having a cool superhero name...!

[ P R I O R I T I E S ]

( ooc: it may or may not come up, but if it does and you'd like to opt out of any pl vs aa spoilers, tell me here! )
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Hey, Akihiko Sanada here and I'm looking for some advice.

It's not something that involves the place, or what's been going on as a whole, something personal, and I'd appreciate if the person had some experience with it already. I don't really want to waste my time.

[Ugh so he should- probably mention what it is here so he doesn't just get any Tom, Dick, and Harry telling him how he should-]

[Arg. Come on dude, get balls enough, you're fine. You some how managed to buy those terrible as hell dating books for women- you can do this.]

Consider it romance advice.


Jul. 12th, 2014 08:43 am
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[The thing about employing text is that when you start using it when all your broadcasts are in video, people tend to question why you've suddenly switched. So he makes the decision to instead compose himself as best as he can and use video instead.

Unfortunately, he always sort of overestimates his ability to compose himself. He certainly doesn't seem distraught, or panicked, or anything of the sort, but he's definitely shaky. This is definitely a far cry from his normal, slow, quiet, lengthy broadcasts.]

I'm leaving on a business trip abroad for...some length of time. I'm - not certain how long. Please don't try to contact me; I'll be far too busy to answer any messages.

Good day.
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[Godot sits on the sofa in the living room of his new apartment. The room is bare except for a few small boxes, and a coffee table in front of him on which the communicator is resting. Something like 12 white coffee cups are scattered around the table's surface.]

Indulge me in a parable, my Imported amigos.

[You don't really get a choice, it seems, as he is all ready to go. It's time for Morality, Philosophy and Coffee Talk with Godot.]

There once was a doctor who lived in a small, peaceful town. He was very successful, and often called to other nearby villages to care for the people there.

The doctor returned from a long journey one day to find the door to his home left open. When he went inside, to his horror, he found his family, dead, all the victims of murder. He caught a glimpse of a man fleeing through the back window with a bag of valuables. The doctor gave chase, but could the man escaped into the woods. There were no other witnesses, and the doctor was left alone with nothing but his grief.

[He pauses for a slow, savored sip of the coffee in his mug. For a moment, it almost seems he's forgotten about the story, so concerned is he with the coffee. Just when it starts to become an awkward silence, he continues.]

The doctor left his home to continue his traveling practice, haunted by what had happened to his family. Years passed, and he finally felt able to move on with his life.

One day, he was working the back lines of a battlefield. The camp was small, and he was the only doctor working. A cry came out from one of the nurses, and the doctor rushed to help. A patient needed surgery, quickly, in order to live.

But when the doctor saw the face of the man lying unconscious in the bed, he recognized him. It was the same man he had seen fleeing from his home the day his family had died. Here, a man who had made a vow to save lives held in his hands the life of a man who may have committed the ultimate personal wrong against him.

His oath and his livelihood bind him to save this man. However, he could also do nothing-- or alternatively, twist the scalpel in his hands a little too far to the left or right, press a little too hard, and watch him die.

[Godot gives this part a long, dramatic pause as he finishes off the last of his mug.]

That's the end of the story. But the answer depends on the listener.

So tell me. Does the doctor save his life, or not?


Jun. 20th, 2014 02:00 pm
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[Edgeworth is sitting at his desk. He looks tired, still. He occasionally refers to a sheaf of papers as he speaks.

Buckle in; this is a long one. (As if they're ever anything else.)]

Good day. My name is Miles Edgeworth; for those who do not know me, I work as a prosecutor for the city of Heropa.

As many of you are aware, there have been a rash of incidents which have ended with the apprehension and arrest of your fellow Imports. I hesitate to call these "crimes," because, in truth, those who were arrested were determined to be not criminals at all. Rather, they were victims of a man named Sissel, now calling himself "The Manipulator," who utilized his ability of mind control against them. All those arrested have been released; I beg all of you not to treat the victims of this crime with any stigma, as they were not at fault.

Sissel is currently at large and must be considered armed and dangerous. There is a not insignificant possibility that he will continue to use his ability to commit crimes.

As such, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the symptoms of mind control. This ability begins with a sudden and inexplicable sensation of relaxation and foggy-headedness; you will find it abruptly very difficult to think, and you will start to move against your will. In the very early moments, before he has fully established control, it is possible to fight back - [He thinks - ] And so if you have already taken the necessary precautions, there are steps you can take to counter his ability.

I recommend that anyone who considers themselves at high risk of possession carry a panic button. Politicians, high-level scientists, computer technicians, and anyone working with or around the Porter seem to be particular targets of his. But if you think yourself at risk, the police will provide for a small fee a panic button which can be pressed in the event of an emergency; this will send out a signal to vigilant parties, and they can act to be at your location within moments.

[He nods, that message delivered. And then he gives a sardonic look at the camera. His voice is abruptly quite dry.]

Also, if you're thinking of committing a crime and then blaming it on him, please don't. We're more than capable of telling the difference. We've already arrested three copycats; unless you want to join them in a prison cell, do please act honestly.

[Well. That's out of the way with, so now he sets his papers aside and addresses the camera with more engagement. This question is clearly simply something of interest to him.

He asks:]

How many of you out there believe that there is any virtue in speaking about "villains"? I've heard the word bandied about. More, and perhaps more perniciously, I've seen people thinking as though there is some "villainous" segment of the population, who will act as though this were some tawdry film.

This notion seems to me to be beyond pernicious. I'm a prosecutor, and so I deal with criminals on a daily basis - but it would be irresponsible and destructive for me to confuse a criminal with a villain. After all, a criminal is frequently someone who's made a mistake, or who acts out of desperation. A criminal, too, is ultimately still human. Any of us could have become criminals had our lives been but a bit different.

So: there is my query. When you speak of villains, is this a shorthand? Or do you truly believe that some of your compatriots and comrades are irreconcilably morally different from you?


Jun. 12th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Alright, alright! I give up. I've changed forms once here, so I know it's possible, but I — [ hhhrrrgh he hates to admit this ] —can't do it on my own. Voluntarily, if you will.

This human body has lost any novelty it might have had [ which was none ] and I'm looking for anyone with tips. What is it some of you fleshies do... meditation? Would that help? I'm getting desperate. And, Danger, you need not apply. As well-meant as an answer of "I can do it but I have no idea how I do it" may be, it's not quite helpful.

It looks like we're getting a few more Cybertronians around here, is that right? Well, if any of you can figure out the change, feel free to let me know. I can make it worthwhile to share the wealth. If you're about as lost as I am, though... well. Good luck.

And, finally, if you're not going to be of any help at all, then at least tell me your favorite food. You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to keep trying new foods, with no idea which one will be unexpectedly awful.

001 > Video

Jun. 3rd, 2014 12:23 am
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[The video starts by showing a tired young man, sitting in a rather plain bedroom. His hair's a little messed up, and he's still wearing the clothes he arrived in, a blue coat draped over his usual red suit.]

I should be trying to sleep, but I don't think I can. Not after everything that's happened today. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

I'm Apollo Justice, and... I don't want to be here. There's not much else I can say about it. I was in the middle of an important investigation, and being kidnapped to- to wherever this is, and given weird powers by a bunch of military guys, wasn't exactly on my agenda! I'd just like to thank whoever had this bright idea, or whatever cosmic force decided it'd be funny to keep me from finding out the truth-!

[He squeezes his eyes shut and takes a deep breath, sounding a little calmer when he continues,] ... Okay. I'm fine. Tomorrow, I'll try to get my bearings and find out more about this place. It's not like I have much of a choice.

001 | Video

Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:18 pm
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[Muffled voices from an opened window greet all listeners when the broadcast begins; the screen comes to life a moment later and depicts a middle-aged man with pale hair, eyes, and complexion seated comfortably upon a chair in a dimly lit room. A cup of steaming tea rests before him upon an oak-stained desk. With care, honey is stirred into the drink.]

[Seconds pass.]

[Setting aside his spoon, he turns sharp eyes upon the device, but not unkindly. While more accustomed to addressing a singular person in this fashion and not a widespread audience, the man does a masterful job at hiding this unfamiliarity. A smile forms upon glossy lips, cordial enough for strangers.]

Good evening.

[A sip is drawn from his tea cup, the flavor savored as he mulls over what to say next. Ultimately, he decides to introduce himself in order to prevent having to repeat his name half a dozen times or more to everyone who takes the time to respond.]

I am Yuri Petrov, one of the new arrivals. ImPorts, I believe we're called.

[In fact, some of you might even recognize him...but it's far more likely that you will not. In either case, Yuri demonstrates no favor and forges ahead. Setting down his cup, he flicks a lock of hair out of his line of sight and continues with an air of confidence.]

I have a few questions pertaining to the justice system here that I would like to ask. If one of you has a moment? Perhaps someone who occupies such a field, or one of related interest.

[A slight bearing of his teeth and his smile widens.]

I will do my best not to take up too much of your time, of course. Thank you.


May. 30th, 2014 08:32 pm
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I was told once that the worst kind of failures are those caused by things beyond our control. I happen to agree wholeheartedly - more than once I found my job as a prosecutor made more difficult by people who didn't do theirs properly.

[ Up until now he couldn't be bothered to care about it, but since he's a prosecutor again… the last thing Blackquill wants is being told that a case has to be dismissed because someone roughed up a suspect a little too much, or something. There's a small pause, and the sound of him tapping his fingers against a table can be heard. ]

How many of you who run around playing hero have any knowledge whatsoever of criminal law? Of civil rights?

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[ This post, though visible to the network, is ENCRYPTED rather heavily so as to be harder to access via remote sources, such as anyone attempting to hack in or monitor the network through something besides a communicator.

Similarly, the first two "points" in this post will be accessible to all imPorts, regardless of status. The second two "points" will be further encrypted to Registered imPorts only, although they can be hacked.

Captain Holiday is sitting in what appears to his home -- it's an apartment, a sliding door that opens onto a balcony behind him and an end table to his left, a framed photo sitting on it turned face down. There's also an ashtray, which he stubs his cigarette into and present lights another. Somewhere off-screen there is the distant noise of a radio turned to the news in another room, and far-off cooking sounds. ]

All right, listen up, everyone. There's a lotta nonsense bein' thrown around, word of mouth and a hell of a lotta other crap, and damn if it don't get tiring. I'm the liaison between y'all and the higher-up's in the military and government, and I'm the one that takes the crap when the roads collapse. My number's there so I can help you, not sit at my desk while someone runs their mouth and blames me for terrorism.

Y'wanna ask me something? Now's your chance. I'll throw y'all a bone and hope it don't come back and bite me in the ass. But first do yourselves some listening, and accept if I can't answer something then there's a reason for it.

Before I really get started, I'm tellin' y'all on the record you did a great job handlin' that situation with what's his name. Y'know who, the devil. You won't hear a peep of complaint from the law about it even if you ain't Registered, even if you bent the rules a little to handles things, that's my promise t'you -- seein' as you did us a favor, too. No surprises down the line, nothing like that. This ain't a matter of taking things into your own hands, this is a matter of public safety, common decency, and dealing with goddamn hellbeasts. Our people ain't been coming back in one piece from that kind of crap.

But movin' past that for now. That was an aside, a thank you, but down to brass tacks--

Point one's the obvious. I'm not your enemy. I ain't your friend neither, but I'm a better one than you'll make with some of the other folk around here. Y'don't wanna trust nobody named Peter Narga, and y'don't wanna trust nobody that calls themselves a Hornet.

[ He drags on his cigarette. ]

Point two. The Porter was found in 1985 and we still don't know where it came from. Back then it worked differently. We couldn't control the people it pulled in, but we got it working to send folks back after about twenty years of trying. Course, that research was useless after Lachesis synched up with the thing, and y'all know the story from there. It does what it wants to now. It's all like I've been saying from the start, we don't got control of it.

Three. Them tattoos of yours... since it's relevant. In the vicinity of any of the Porters, they react to the tech to nullify a person's powers if they earn a particular title. If someone goes on a murder spree, for instance, their wrist will say "CRIMINAL" on it. Byproduct of the signals interacting that we tried to make the best of. Ain't a perfect fix, of course, but it helps toward getting someone apprehended if you get 'em in the right place.

[ Hint hint? ]


Y'all won't hear this in the official statements, and y'all didn't hear it from me, either. The imPorts before you weren't the only heroes we had around here. We had locals, too, normal folks without powers puttin' on costumes to fight the good fight. Most of 'em retired. Ones that didn't just kinda disappeared. But people here… native to this universe, I mean, they don't disappear same way y'all do. This is technically hearsay, y'follow me? But there's compelling evidence around that some of them folks are still active underground. Fighting crime or making it, sometimes both. No one knows which ones they are from the names we used to know, splashed up in articles and all, they keep themselves anonymous wearing yellow hoodies or jackets and black scarves over their faces. They're called the Hornets, and for all intents and purposes you'd be better off thinking of them as a lot of terrorists themselves. They think they got themselves a bone to pick with the government and you saw up in Nonah how they're expressing their displeasure.

[ He blows smoke from the corner of his mouth, looking weary. ]

Anyway. I got brunch with my partner in an hour, so let's make this worth the time.

[ OOC: Closed to new responses. ]
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[ The communicator switches on to an unusual sight, a rather busy, bustling large room. Decor is still being set up, but it looks like it's on the verge of being finished. Most of the decor is blue, blue curtains, backdrops, the lights are pristine, like glass or crystal, with bright lights that almost seem to sway with the jazz band practicing in the background, some sort of soft jazz -- the type that was perfect for either dancing or the kind that would be in a prestigious nightclub.

Which, what do you know, it actually is. Or rather, the proprietor thinks it will be. He's settled right off to the side, very obviously showing off the rest of the club, from the blue decor, to the jazz band the one or two staff that were there, in outfits that obviously said they were nearly ready to open. Although there were no patrons in the place.

Still, the owner -- supposedly the owner -- in his top hat, bowtie, monocle, and even with the lit cigarette held by an expensive holder, everything about him was pride, especially when he spoke.

Now then. This is much more like it, isn't it? For our fine, new partners in captivity, I suppose introductions are in order. I am Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. The third. [ Tacked on, and very obviously important. ] I'm yet another of the imports that was transferred from one cage to another, to join the rest of you in this fine new volary that they've pressed us into.

And with this new change of scenery is a new clientèle, and I have to say, it's refreshing to start things over. [ It's a little sour, when he says that. Very obviously lip service. ]

But with our new jobs, comes new money to spend, and as a welcome to all our new friends, myself, and the newly established Iceberg Lounge -- [ he laughed. ] or perhaps I should call it the Twiceberge lounge -- here in Heropa, to any imports who attend will find themselves with a night of fine dining, dancing, and entertainment, all for half cover, and half drinks, for the next week.

I say we could all use some relaxation, yes?
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I am a lawyer. My life's work is to steep myself in the darkness of humanity. But human beings as a whole are fascinated by the dark.

[Then the video feed clicks on, showing Godot sitting at his desk. The lighting is low, the red glow of his visor and the dim light from the shades behind him the only source, though his white mug in his hand stands out easily.

So do the six other white mugs on his table.

The unknown, the mysterious, the unfathomed and the feared. It surrounds us. It intimidates us. We watch in horror as it takes our fellow men. We cower and dread the day it will swallow us whole.

And yet, we cannot help but stare back into it. Despite the bitter pain it brings us, we return time and again, and we wonder how far it goes and where.

[This could very well be in reference to a certain dark figure who was arrested a few days ago. And it seems it may be, right up until he adds, with a smirk:]

Maybe that is why we drink the darkness that is coffee.

[He punctuates that sentence with a deep gulp from his mug, finishing it off.]

I am merely a humble enthusiast of bitter black magic. However, I have toiled at the altar of her darkest roasts for many years. It's occurred to me that I should capitalize on such toil.

Therefore, as a side business, I've decided I will provide limited batches of my Godot blends to interested parties for a nominal fee. Pricier than the swill you'll get at the corner store, but I dare say one of the finest cups you'll ever sip, provided you make it correctly.

[He shoots a brief glance at the camera. You are going to make his coffee correctly, if you partake.]

If you're interested, and if you think you can handle the pitch black perfection of my work, feel free to get in touch.

In the meantime... [He reaches for another cup of coffee, as well as for a stack of papers off to the side on his desk.] I am embroiled in the darkness of ink and paper.

[Yes, he absolutely must make a big production about absolutely everything.]
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[Edgeworth has taken the time to clean himself up after the whole kerfluffle with, you know, fighting monsters, all that. His message is delivered firmly and impartially, without celebration or joy; he looks tired.]

Good day. My name is Miles Edgeworth; I work with the prosecutor's office here in Heropa.

The fugitive known as "Lucifer" has been apprehended after a lengthy manhunt culminating in a stand-off between a joint team of imports and police officers. As some of you may have surmised, the sudden invasion of dangerous creatures seems to have been linked to his attempts to evade capture.

Lucifer will be given a fair trial in full accordance with the law. Details will be forthcoming.

Thank you.
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[Say hi, Cole. Guess what day it was yesterday.]

My mom's stuck back home. [She's the one who's stuck, in his perception. Not him. He likes it here, despite all these recent disasters.] She's the only family I have.

[First there was the death of his grandmother, then his father left. The rest of the family never gave much of a damn, and neither did he.

There's silence in his lack of an expression. If anything, it's only possible to tell that he's deep in some thought. Maybe he's already had more than enough chances to cry about his mother being far away, for having been unable to see her for almost six months now. He's growing up and the only thing keeping him from calling this place home is the fact that she's not here.

After the pause is over, he continues in the very same emotionless tone.]

Lucifer hasn't stopped. People are still dying because of him.

[He should know - they keep showing up at his doorstep.

The feed clicks off.]

001 [Video]

May. 9th, 2014 03:43 pm
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[What initially looks like a pink version of Iron Man is addressing the network, although he has enough sense to lift his face plate when introducing himself to strangers.

The confidence with which he carries himself, along with the polite/neutral mask he wears, both suggest that the man is at ease with broadcasting his image for anyone tuning in. However, someone more observant might detect an oddly brittle look in his green eyes.]

Hi. My name is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I'm currently trying to confirm the status of a man who goes by the name of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. He's middle-aged, wears a distinct beard, and is of Japanese descent.

[This is where he might have made some vaguely smart-ass comment disguised as legitimate concern about property damage, but the anxiety gnawing at him keeps him laser-focused on the task at hand.]

If you've seen a gentleman who fits this description, I would appreciate any information you might have. [He almost mentions the fact Kotetsu was injured the last time he saw him, but for the sake of being cautious, he decides not to expose a potential vulnerability just yet.

The most important question asked, he nearly ends the feed, but stops himself. A beat of silence, and then he dryly adds:]

Also, since my current outfit doesn't do much for letting me blend in, I'd be grateful if anyone can recommend a skilled tailor or a good place to purchase a new wardrobe.

[It's not the sort of thing he'd typically ask right off the bat, but he's so taxed emotionally and mentally that he's decided to free up as much brain space as possible by deferring smaller matters like clothes to people who know the area better than him.]

Thank you for your time.
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[The video feed turns on with Athena's face right in the camera. She taps the screen a few times with a gloved hand, glaring, before she pulls away from the camera. The necklace around her neck is glowing bright red.]

Is anyone there?

I have a little more to say to whoever's going around abducting people into your sinister conspiracy. You can't just kidnap people and give them tattoos and tell them to work for you without asking first! What if I had left the stove on?

And another thing! Research librarian? Does this look like a librarian's -

[At this point, punctuating her words, she pokes her lapel where a badge is pinned, but apparently manages to poke herself hard enough to knock herself off balance and drop the communicator.

It's about five minutes later when it turns back on, and she seems to have completely changed her attitude, or at least is no longer glaring into the camera, nor does she seem at all embarrassed about what just happened.]

Right, so, as I was saying! It's really inconsiderate. Anyway...

[She flashes a grin at the camera.]

Who's actually at the other end of this thing? I have to admit, I'm pretty curious. We should meet up and compare notes, and maybe someone could show me around? I've never been in this part of the country before. I also have a few questions about this incredibly ominous situation, but first things first! Those can probably wait until I get settled.

And it's Athena Cykes, by the way. Nice to meet you!


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