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Those of you from an alternate Earth, what similarities or differences have you noticed between this world and yours? Specifically, I'm looking to pinpoint where a great deal of our common ground lies, and if there's a trend where most timelines appear to diverge. Discussion encouraged.

As well, if there are any research institutions with room for a theoretical physicist and biologist interested in solving the mysteries of this world, please do get in touch.
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(As the video feed begins, Zoey seems somewhat apprehensive and yet inquisitive at the same time.)

Okay, I'm going to get right to it. If anyone knows of what Pokémon are, or know two people by the name of Ash or a blue-haired girl by the name of Dawn... Please contact me. My name is Zoey. Now on to bigger problems... has anyone been having issues with their new 'powers'? And another thing, I find the facts that the people who greeted me when I arrived to be a little...suspicious to say the least. And as for my job, wildlife intern and student? Are they kidding me? *she sighs*

Information would be a big help from others who are in my situation. I live some place called Heropa. Let me know as soon as possible if you have any relevant info. Thank you.


Nov. 5th, 2016 07:12 pm
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[ The video shows an incredibly gangly young man in a black aviator's jacket and dark clothing. Black and skulls are all the rage for this kid, and he tops off the aesthetic by having a long, black sword in view of the camera, albeit set off to one side. He could be intimidating, perhaps ... if not for the array of miniatures also set in front of the camera. Nico is just a big ol' nerd.

He's slightly red when he addresses the camera; the color looks odd on his pallid cheeks. ]

My name's Nico di Angelo. [ A beat. His eyes track offscreen; he's clearly reading off a notecard of some kind. ] I'm a half-blood - or a demigod, whatever you want to call it. Son of Hades. [ Better to get that out of the way now before making this kind of request. ] I was here a while back, so if you met me before I'm the same guy. And ... um ...

[ Gods, just get on with it. Why is it so hard to ask such a simple question? ]

Does anyone want to get a roleplaying campaign together? I - er - I'm mostly familiar with Myths and Mazes, but I can build stuff for any kind of d20 based system. I like making up that kind of stuff. I've got three people so far but I can take up to three more.
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As seen in weekly newspapers and the De Chima local news:
ImPort Leonard Snart got a chilly shock earlier this month when he was arrested for breaking into Wayne Technologies. The cold-hearted criminal is chilling out after being thrown into the cooler in De Chima. When asked to comment on his criminal activity, Mr. Snart gave us the cold shoulder before announcing that he was "full of beans - cool beans, actually" before frostily announcing he would unearth the coward who framed him.

Leonard Snart has since been released from police custody. He was perhaps glad to have his freedom, since when one reporter asked Snart what killed the dinosaurs, he simply said "the ice age".

As seen in advertisements and articles in newspapers, magazines, online, etc:
The happiest place on Earth is going to be the spookiest place on Earth this Halloween! Disney is offering special rates for its Magical Express between the city of Nonah, North Carolina and Disney World, Alabama. So take a day trip and have fun at Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!

Disney also announced a special deal for imPorts: agree to take pictures or sign autographs for the park guests and your trip is free.

As seen on national news:
Ronald Chump announced that he will be spending the next two weeks in Toronto, Canada, for the grand opening of his hotel and eight golf courses. The hotel will be one of the largest in the world, expanding to a total of 7,200 suites and intertwining between the corresponding golf courses. Bwitter user kittyjones4pres questioned if this would in fact interrupt the flow of imPorts, citing a popular conspiracy theory that Ronald Chump is the humanoid shell of the mysteriously powered Porter.

As seen on Bwitter, Rumblr, Deddit, and morning news shows:
ImPort-themed Halloween costumes are always flying off the shelves this time of year, but after last month's events, there's one top seller standing out above the rest. Halloween parties are promising to be packed with these Inferior Iron Men, dressed in shoddy and battle damaged costumes that parody the armored Avenger. Many costumers online have been customizing with bruised makeup and "kick me" signs. One poster on Deddit constructed a full facsimile of Tony Stark's armor out of cardboard, and promises to use his new-found flying abilities to bumble drunkenly through the De Chima skies.

This Halloween is proving to be one to keep an eye out for, and Lulzfeed is planning to hold a contest where visitors can vote on the best Inferior Iron Man sighting.

As seen in local newspapers, along with the usual rumor-mongering online chatter:
Police are investigating the mysterious death of a young woman in downtown Nonah. Eyewitness reports are scattered, but all agree that on October 18, 2:19 PM a truck hit an unidentified female and a tiger, then flew into the air to land on the woman again. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The tiger appeared to be a Blickablake model from the ImPocreat line and emerged relatively unscathed from the accident.

The driver of the truck, Lief Olesen, could not be reached for comment, having suddenly decided to pursue a lifelong dream of going off the grid and living completely secluded from society.

The body was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital, where it disappeared seemingly of its own accord before an autopsy could be performed. Rumors are already circulating that the residents of the now infamous haunted alleyway are beginning to step past Maurtia Falls' boundaries - or worse, that the rash of bizarre murders has continued unabated. While officials have quashed the outlandish claims, even they are forced to admit that they have no earthly idea how a corpse could remove itself from a morgue with no witnesses.

Authorities believe that the ImPocreat's master may be involved in both incidents, having been seen by many arguing with the woman just before the truck allegedly took to the skies. An anonymous source has provided a photograph of the individual, and anyone with information concerning his identity or that of the victim is encouraged to contact the Nonah police.

As seen on Bwitter, Rumblr, Deddit:
Employees at Starrware, co-founded by imPort Karen Starr, were taken by surprise as their co-CEO was seen dragging an older man out of their offices. According to witnesses, the man, known as The Doctor and another imPort, had shown up around noon in the building and begun behaving suspiciously. When asked to cite his reasons for being in the building, the Doctor explained that he did not trust Ms. Starr and wanted to check her research for temporal anomalies as well as “really obvious baddie stuff.”

Ms. Starr had apparently requested he leave, but he remained insistent on examining every inch of the building. The two were reported to have gotten into a heated accident before Ms. Starr was seen punching the Doctor and physically and roughly escorting him out of the building herself.

“I like Karen, she’s smart,” says one employee who wished to remain anonymous. “But she isn’t very… womanly, you know? She should have let security do their job. I think she was rough on the old man.”

As seen on Rumblr, Bwitter, Deddit, Photogram, and the nightly news:
An imPort named Persephone (who claims to be THAT Persephone) is putting on concerts that she refers to as "communions." While most attendees just fucking love her music, there have been reports of fans collapsing, suffering panic attacks, having visions, traumatic flashbacks, or even becoming enraptured with religious fervor while she sings. Probably more than a view BlueTube videos of people freaking out- but the audio on the recordings are completely garbled. Kids coming out of her shows are claimed to be more aggressive/likely to cause mischief than before they went in.

Others are claiming that she does not sing and that there is no music, only a girl in tacky clothes standing on stage and chanting in tongues.

In short, reviews are extremely mixed, but tickets are none-the-less selling like hot cakes.

As seen leaked on Bwitter:
Rumor has it that the upcoming imPort Ambassador forums will involve a limited number of imPort-submitted questions. Oh my!

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from DESPERATELY WRONG BEIGE to MODERATELY SKEPTICAL PINK because pink makes the eye squint (in a conjunctivitis way).

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.

#01 [video]

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ImPorts network, correct?

[ This young man is speaking in Japanese, but he already figured how to get English subtitles to appear, courtesy to the translator. His expression is very serious and stern, but the slant of his eyebrows might be just how his face was designed. The only strange detail in his face are eyes, black sclera and golden irises, but starting from the neck it gets weirder. His neck has black silicone sheathing instead of skin, while the other part of him not covered in clothing - his arms -, is artificial and covered in metal plating. ]

I am familiar with organization registering heroes, although the one known to me was based on private sector, rather than military. [ He's really not sure how he feels about it, especially with the whole "war with soviets" thing. Hero Association isn't best system ever but at least it didn't make them-- ] Soldiers, that's what we are here.

[ That sounds cryptic, but it's also how it looks to him ]

I'm Genos- From my initial assessment of the situation here, it is not unlikely for ImPorts from the same "world" to appear.

Based on that, I require information about cyborgs present among ImPorts. With emphasis placed on those with unstable mental capacity and tendency to bouts of violence.

[ Being thrown into foreign country in different world is not going to stop him from searching ]

Additionally, if anyone could point me at intensive language course. I'd be interested in trying it.

[ Even with the translator option it would be far more useful to learn the language that everyone speaks ]
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[The feed begins with the sight of...part of a face? There’s clearly some kind of green hair, tan skin, an eye, and...blood?]

--Like this?

[Yeah, uh, definitely blood. In fact, as whoever the owner of the voice was speaking to adjusts the camera angle for him, there's...quite a lot more of it that becomes visible. His entire shirt front is soaked in it, but the poor waiter/bartender next to him seems a lot more distraught by this than he is. In fact, if it weren't for the fact that more was still clearly dripping through the tears in it, one could almost be forgiven for not immediately assuming the blood was his.]

So I just--talk into it and people hear me? [A tiny, wordless nod comes from the other man.]

Huh. Kinda like a Den Den Mushi, but with a picture...guess I will hang onto it then. Thanks for the info.

[And while he’s at it...he takes a moment to address the weird mirror box before he heads on out, since he’s got nothing else to trade for food (or drink).]

Oi! I'm missing a couple things:

[Things, people, the entire kingdom he was just in. Same diff.]

A rubber idiot wearing a straw hat, a shitty cook with a curly eyebrow, a long-nosed sniper--[He counts off on his fingers, as if reciting a list of groceries, rather than, you know, his crew, but much as he might be acting tough, there's a definite undercurrent of concern there]

A reindeer-person, a blue-haired girl and her pet duck, comes up about this high [he raises a hand to about waist height], and a red-haired girl, our navigator. If you've acquired any sudden debts lately, it's probably her.

If someone's seen them or can tell me how to get back to Alabasta Kingdom from here, I'll owe you one.

[He huffs, then, rests one hand on the hilt of one of his swords.]

--And if any of you morons is actually listening to this, you better tell me you're alive, or I'll kick your ass when I find you!

[That draws a small yelp from the bartender, and Zoro turns back to him, suddenly reminded of his presence]

Oi, how do I stop talking at the weird box...?
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[ The video turns on showing nothing but vibrant pink. It  takes a few moments for the camera to zoom out to an armored soldier.  ]

Heeeey Guys!

As a new Hero I thought what better way to introduce myself than with a song.

[ Is he serious? He clears his throat - Yes. Yes he is. He takes a moment to begin but when he does -- oh god ignore the lyrics!! ]

[ At least his voice isn't too grating?? Right? Either way, the song comes to an end a little too late to save his credibility.  ]

♫ ♪  So let me blow you…
Blow you all…
One by one…
Individually---or in a group
Blow you---
A… way…! 

[He ends the song with a flourish then bows deeply, pretty in pink. ]

This has been a Franklin Donut Production!

[ What did he just.... Yes. You heard him right. He wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to put his talents to use! Sarge never lets him do any plays or musicals back home but ~Sarge isn't here sooo~... With a wink that no one can possibly see through with his helmet he moves to end the video but stops half-way through the act as he remembers something. ]

O-Ooh! Before I forget. Does anyone know where to find De Chima #005?

[ He looks around. ] I'm kind of lost.


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