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[ Unlike most interactions with Armstrong, the characteristic loud, friendly smile that he usually portrays on his face is replaced with a more serious and grave look. His shirt is, like most occasions, turned off as his eyebrowless face squints and glares at the feed with alternating forms of intensity.

He's trying to set a mood. Emphasis on trying. The alternations of intensity underneath his brow look inconsistent at best and like he accidentally squirted lemonade in his eyes at worst. ]

It appears now that, for some time, justice has taken a more passive role in both the eyes of the U.S. government and imPorts. Political reasons aside, there is no justification to injure civilians on the behalf of a government that is now cutting our funding. We remain each other's valuable resources for both fighting injustice from wherever it may be. We cannot remain reliant on a system that has no intention on looking out for us.

[ A close observer will notice that wherever Armstrong is right now, it's really cold. His breath is visible, creating tiny clouds of vapor as he shivers from time to time. ]

I expect all who take the term Hero to stand against injustice and perform true heroic values! [ His voice booms before a smile slowly erupts on his face. The more familiar side of Armstrong takes over. Good cop, bad cop. ]

Now, for the real reason I'm talking on here...! I wish to ask, does anyone have abilities that change seasonally? [ He remains still and focused. ] It appears that, for summer, I was given the talent of producing Hawaiian shirts by thought but now that it is fall....

[ He starts to triumphantly flex before a bright light envelops his torso. It fades to reveal an American Flag turtleneck. ]

It appears Heropa wants me prepared for the seasons, as now I can make turtlenecks! Would anyone want one?
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[Even if you have never personally had a mother, you can easily recognize this look: the Very Disappointed Mother Look.]

I am very disappointed in some of you!

[so disappointed]

It's bad enough that poor Belgium lost so many people in those terrible attacks! [CLOSE ENOUGH] Did you really have to steal from them? Stealing from healthy people is low enough; stealing from people who are dying or hurt or have legs blown off, why, that's the lowest of the low!

Wouldn't you be sad if you lost your leg and then you learned the Mona Lisa was missing? That would just make everything even worse! That's why Museum Director-san is so upset, even though he isn't missing any legs!

[AHEM] And so I ask, very nicely, that whoever stole the Mona Lisa and anything else from Museum Director-san return them immediately, with a note saying how very sorry you are for stealing from legless people!

... Ah, right! [sounding more cheerful] I've also gotten a nice card for Captain Holiday-san! [holds up card; it says GET WELL SOON and has an injured yet smiling sun on it] I hope everyone will sign it, so he'll know we all hope he'll feel better soon! It's pinned up right outside my door [actually nailed] so anyone walking by can sign it! Thank you!
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[ The bright posters of Nauru island resorts and beachside scenes in Tuvalu on the wall behind her stand in stark contrast to Elizabeth's gray blouse and tired eyes. Ambiguous messages and leaked encryptions that may or may not be a trap don't exactly call for restful nights for people like her; A Soviet spy in the guise of a stressed housewife cum travel agent who clears her throat as she moves back from the camera to take her seat in front of it. ]

Hi-- I'm Elizabeth, your state tourism agent, here to make sure that you, our heroes, have the opportunity to rest and relax between the often perilous yet essential missions assigned to you.

[ Her smile is taut, clearly unaccustomed to speaking to a machine like it's human, and she swallows nervously. ]

As you know, the holiday season is still some months away but that also means we can offer great low-season prices. Our latest promotion is for trips to the beautiful Micronesia: 25% discount for one-week holiday packages to the lovely Nauru island, 30% off for Tuvalu and, get this, 50% off for tickets to the amazing Gilbert islands.

This offer won't last forever, so stop by the counter soon or give me a call.

[ A pause as she considers what else she's supposed to say in this instance, before-- ] Thank you.

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Oct. 6th, 2014 10:20 pm
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[when the camera clicks on, everyone is treated to a riveting shot of the user's chest. it moves up slowly and deliberately to finally showcase Jonathan's face, which is currently staring at the communicator with the sort of intensity that only a man who possessed the barest idea of what he was doing could wear. the guides he'd met upon arrival could only explain so much in a limited amount of time, after all.

when it becomes apparent that he's actually managed to get the thing going without incident, he smiles with a boyish excitement. it's a little surprising to see on a man whose chest is still taking up 2/3 of the shot despite the careful angling. when he speaks, his voice is gentle and even.]

Ah, it worked! I was so sure that I'd break something and have to start over at least once.

[he laughs lightly]

Hello to...well, anyone viewing this, I suppose. My name is Jonathan Joestar - but feel free to call me Jojo, if you prefer. I'm one of the new arrivals, although that probably goes without saying.

[even without the fumbling with the communicator, Jonathan feels like it's pretty obvious he's completely out of his depth]

I still have quite a bit of adjusting to do, but in the meantime I hope to help in whatever way that I can. If there's something you think I might be able to do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

[is he seriously offering to do whatever anybody needs to an entire network of strangers? the answer, apparently, is yes, because Jonathan smiles with complete sincerity as if this is a completely normal thing to do.

is there anything else he needs to say right now? he'd already asked the government people about Speedwagon and Erina, so no need to try and page them here. there is that one thing, but...he hesitates, then decides to just go for it. no shame in not knowing something.]

There's something I'd like to ask about now, though, to anyone who's been here long enough to be familiar with this world's culture.

Is seeking out ghosts...normal, here?
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[ it's been over two years since steve had woken up in the future; he's more or less gotten the hang of modern technology now. which means that when he addresses the network via a video, there is no technical malfunction, and the feed doesn't shake, it isn't upside down, none of that. it shows steve in uniform, framed so that he's visible only from the shoulders up. behind his head, the curve of the shield strapped to his back is visible, though not immediately recognisable. ] This is Steve Rogers- though most people back in my world know me as Captain America. [ there's a hint of a smile in his expression, something rueful. ]

Where I'm from, freedom of speech is an important pillar of society, and I hope the same holds here. So I'm asking now — what are your experiences with the military, and the government?

[ there's no hesitation in the question, just a firm steadiness to both his voice and his expression. steve isn't paranoid by nature, but hydra infiltrating shield has shown how important transparency and scrutiny are for a government and for the military. so, before he goes back to a life of service for a government that isn't the one he knew growing up, he wants to have some account of what they're like. asking the government itself or turning to the media is one thing: in a well-functioning society, those are sources that will tell him the truth. in a not-so-well-functioning society, however, that's very different and steve? steve grew up in brooklyn, grew up on backalley fights and the great depression. asking the people is, in the end, the best source there is.

after a moment's pause, he adds:
] If, for whatever reason, you'd rather not talk about it via this channel, I'd be happy to meet you anywhere. And if you're afraid to talk, that tells me enough.

Thank you for your time. [ he lifts a hand, obviously to shut off the video feed, but before he does, there's a dry: ] Rogers out.


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