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There's been some talk, I've noticed, over the network for the past few days. Mainly about how people have changed and aren't acting as "themselves." I investigated into this and uncovered past messages I've posted onto this server, under my name, and yet not with my face.

Another version of myself, from a different timeline, and I have taken his place. He seemed to know far more than I do as well, likely due to being ahead of his timeline in comparison to my own. I've only time traveled a couple times, but he seems to be something of a veteran.

[And, what Eobard Thawne won't mention, is that this version of him was plagued with certain particularities that he doesn't have. Things he doesn't know if he quite wants.]

Timelines have been mismatched. I'm not the man from those past feeds, despite the matching of names, and I am sure I will never be him. And yet... I wonder if there are some who would prefer things the way they are now. To not "go back" to what seems to be "normal".

It may seem foolish to some of you, but I wonder what will happen to me should things be fixed. Will I vanish away, a remnant destroyed? Will I be sent back to where I belong, while my counterpart is restored? It's the kind of question that might be hard for people to ponder if they see time through a linear lens.

I think those of us who were affected by whatever caused this should take this into consideration. Do you even want to go back to who you used to be? To be changed into another version of yourself that may be completely... wrong, the way you see it? I can't say I'm fond of the idea.

[ooc: for RNT, Eobard's change is that he never came to hate the Flash. Still a sociopath, but his obsessive need for revenge never manifested.]
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[ The comm is obviously the Doctor's. And the background is obviously the Doctor's room in Heropa 11 (if you know what the Doctor's room looks like, that is). But there's some sort of hodge-podge device made up entirely of junk and taking up the majority of the bed. There's a fez sitting on a bedpost because the Doctor has money and Heropa has stores so the Doctor can buy hats. And the person who's grinning at the camera like a maniac is definitely not the Doctor. If it wasn't the lack of eyebrows, it's the bowtie and the fact that this Doctor looks like he'd be grumpy granddad Doctor's kid.

There's also a possum that's hanging out on his shoulders. Yeah, space granddad's affected like HELL due to the current plot.

Hellooooooo Heropa! Doctor here, or at least a Doctor, or at least a Doctor that you might not know, though that's the thing, isn't it! I don't know if you know me or not, isn't this fun? [ This Doctor does not shut up. ] But I do know that thanks to a few conversations with a few friends and a little bit of poking around here and there that some things aren't just adding up.

Now, someone mentioned magic. I don't know anything about magic, magic's not my wheelhouse, bother someone else if you want magic, but what I do know about are timelines. People who know people who've got weird memory issues, speak up! Who's affected, who's missing bits and pieces, who's backstories weirdly don't line up with your backstories, this might be a timey wimey problem and I'm the king of timey wimey.

[ There's a pause, while the possum yawns. ] Oh yes! This is Murray, by the way, he's informed me that he's quite happy with his living circumstances though he'd enjoy it if he had a few eggs. I think I'm taking Murray with me if the TARDIS ever were to show up here—he'll be new Handles.

[ another pause before ] Oh and also, I do hope that I wasn't the one who came up with the sonic sunglasses. There's nothing wrong with the screwdriver, screwdrivers are classic, screwdrivers are cool. Tell the other-Doctor if he shows up again that I'm rather put out by the changes! Right, Doctor out!
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[The man facing the camera might be familiar, or he might not. His face and voice resemble the Doc's, and the ID still reads 'Emmett Brown', but his demeanor has entirely changed. The man's hair is short and neat, he wears a prim and proper suit with conservative polo, and the eyes behind his glasses bear a stern impression, nothing like Doc's wide-eyed wonder. Perhaps strangest, his room is the vision of neutral sterility, lacking the inventive chaos and sprawling blueprints that usually surrounds him.]

Good evening, citizens. I believe this is the appropriate forum for introductions? My name is Emmett Brown and I have recently arrived in the town of De Chima. I've had a fine welcome, and I thank you, but I confess I'm troubled by some of what I've seen.

I see discord, grit and grime, compounded by the chaos these 'supernatural abilities' are said to bring, and I wonder, perhaps: if there might be a better way. You see, I'm the leader of a peaceful and thriving town, and if we're all to remain here for the time being, I believe I should offer my services to you as well. With some careful planning, we can make this town a cleaner, brighter, and happier place.

I therefore toss my proverbial hat in the ring for the role of Ambassador, and I'd be honored to receive your vote of support.

[He steeples his fingers, glasses glinting in the light.]

01; video

Jun. 6th, 2016 12:26 pm
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[First things first. Alberto Reyes is new here, and though he's gotten his happy reunion with his family and all that, he still has a lot of questions about the new world he's been unceremoniously dropped into. He's far from a stranger to all of this superhero stuff, seeing as he's from a world full of them himself, but alternate realities? All of this Cold War business? That's definitely news to him.

But he's got another pressing concern right now-- one that he should probably deal with sooner rather than later. So howdy, Heropa (and all other associated locales), howyadoin': have a very perplexed man in his late 30's, dark eyes squinting quizzically into the camera.

Hello, everyone. I wasn't sure of where to ask this, so I thought I'd try the network. I was told that I was assigned to become a 'blogger'.

[A beat. Berto blinks.]

...What, exactly, is a blog?
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[When the video starts, the man in front of the camera very much looks like Harrison Wells. A man who recorded a few days earlier. However anyone who checks the username will see a clearly different name. He isn't looking at the camera when it begins recording, instead looking to the side for a moment. Once he focuses onto the camera he'll have a glass of what looks to be scotch.]

Okay. So this is going to be...odd. Odd even for what is commonplace here. I'd like you keep an open mind, if you decide to watch and respond.

My name...is Eobard Thawne. And I've been here before. For several months actually. However, during that time, I addressed myself under a different name: Harrison Wells. I was a professor at Heropa University in Kinematics. I knew a number of you. Not all, not possible given the situation, but a number.

[He takes a small, but slow, sip of his drink. It's hard to tell if he savors it or not from his expression.]

The reason I hid my identity was for personal security. You see, I happen to be a time traveler. And being a time traveler means blending into society and keeping myself hidden, out of fear of altering time. Even in this dimension, I felt the need to hide so I could keep myself secure for when I made my return home.

So now I come forward, in my return here, because there is no going back for me. ...I'm dead, and it's the type of dead I will not soon revive from. It's quite permanent. And while I could go on, using this name, the man whose identity I claimed is here now. Smart man - not as smart as I am, but smart - and I would hate for him to be so troubled. Plus it would just be...confusing.

[He takes a moment to chuckle to himself, taking another sip of the drink before setting it down. Calm and without any erratic stumbles in his words. Not at all like the man people may have saw a few days ago introducing himself.]

I apologize if you're hearing this and have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. I felt this was the best place to make things straight. If you feel betrayed by this, then feel betrayed. I make no apologies, I only bring clarity.

Video [1]

May. 11th, 2016 02:46 pm
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[When the screen blinks on, the sender—lanky, black sweater, glasses being slipped off—is already centered and ready for it, clearly very familiar with the technology already, and he starts speaking immediately, quick and terse as if this is already taking up too much of his time.]

Good evening imPorts, my name is Dr. Harrison Wells. It is a...supreme...irony that I'm asking this, but to those of you who left your worlds as ordinary humans and arrived here with new abilities.

[There's a pause, Harrison's fingers tapping lightly against his lips, as he considers the reception he'd experienced on his arrival. Not cold, not remotely, but…knowing. Everyone he's seen in Heropa seems to know what he is, and that's...new. New and unpleasant. And he's reluctantly beginning to understand what the metahumans in Central City had gone through, being watched and whispered about.

He catches sight of the tattoo on his wrist, a very faint glow under the skin, and abruptly twitches his sleeve back down to cover it.

How do you cope?]
I'm curious how you mastered them.

[It's a much more dismissive tone than the beginning of that sentence, very clearly not what he'd originally intended to say. The glasses go back on and he moves to switch off the transmission, then taps his finger against the edge of the screen, speculative.]

And as I will apparently be spending my time here making science fun and accessible for kids, I anticipate needing copious amounts of coffee. And I am...taking recommendations. On the best fast food in the area. Also anyone who understands a reference to STAR Labs and/or Central City.

[He looks like he’s going to add something else, then rethinks it. The screen blinks to black without another word.]

001 video;

May. 7th, 2016 07:28 pm
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[ The video feed focuses in on an auburn haired woman, perched primly on the edge of her seat, clearly unable to relax. She reaches out to stop the video without speaking, hesitates, and withdraws with a sigh. ]

I'm certain I'm not the first to raise this complaint, or even the tenth, or the hundredth. And I know I'm not going to be the last. But -- [ There's a quirk of her lips, a dip of her head, as if to say I'm still going to say it. ] It's incredibly disturbing to wake up in a different world and find you've been given a tattoo. [ Of course, it's probably not any better than what had just happened to her, too. Kidnapped to a different world. But with shackles instead of a tattoo. ] Like a bad movie about an even worse road trip, except these aren't your friends and you aren't going back to your normal life in two hours.

[ That piece said, there's a ease in her shoulders. A little relaxation. Just a little. ]

Aside from college towns, I've never really lived anywhere but Central City. So, I'm all ears. Tell me about Heropa.
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[The feed opens to a man in a hospital room. The bed has been tilted so he can sit semi-upright, and he's been familiarizing himself with the details of his current situation. Digging through network archives was more like Karanomori's area of expertise, but he's at least managed to find the imPort FAQ, and gotten a nurse to fetch a copy of the government's welcome brochure.

Once he's gotten the gist of where he is and what's going on, he puts out a call over the network.]

This is Enforcer Kogami Shinya of CID Division 1, seeking other members of the MWPSB. If you receive this transmission, please respond.

[He's. About to shut it off there, but...he should probably....address the others on this network somehow, get more information on his fellow dimensionally kidnapped. Unfortunately, it's been three years since he's been allowed to socialize outside of the MWPSB, so he's a bit. Unsure what to say, and there's dead air for several seconds as his gaze drifts over to the window a nurse left open earlier.]

...If anyone can bring by cigarettes and a lighter, I'll pay you back later. Or you can consider me as owing you a favor.


Mar. 3rd, 2016 03:30 pm
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[Guess who, everyone? Even Pan has something to say about this terrible, terrible tragedy.]

Honestly, I'm not sure why any of you are quite surprised that this happened. War is never clean. Besides, why fight a messy battle within trenches when you can cut off the enemy's limb cleanly without risk to your own people?

It's the pragmatic solution in the end so why not just live with the outcome. People fight and murder to protect what's theirs and this land was only looking to protect their investment or rather, us.

Besides, it makes for quite a show.

[What else can he do in jail but watch this stuff anyways.]
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[The video starts with, oddly enough, no person in view, though there’s a stack of books and a pile of papers spread out on the floor. Cosima leans into the frame, grin wide and open, as she settles in front of the computer, lying down on her stomach and propping herself up on her elbows. She adjusts her glasses with one hand and waves with the other.]

Hey, everyone. I’m Cosima. And before you ask, I'm not Alison or Sarah, don't let the nearly identical faces confuse you! We're identical quintuplets, and believe me I know how crazy it sounds, the odds are so incredibly slim, it's completely improbably, but not impossible. We're living proof of that.

Anyways, I've been here a couple weeks now and I'm pretty much settled in and left with a few important questions!

[Well, in all honesty, it's more than a few. Cosima's barely stopping herself from conducting an impromptu survey. She figures, it can wait though. People might be more receptive to her more detailed surveys in the future if she starts out with something much more simple. If she can get a few people excited about intel gathering with this post that’s really all she needs. She smiles again, hands moving in small circles, displaying her practically uncontainable enthusiasm.]

So I've got three questions for everyone! [She holds up three fingers for emphasis, and begins counting them off with each question she asks.]

Number one, I'm wondering if any scientists or science inclined, would want to start a journal club of sorts? Nothing too formal. Just something fun to exchange ideas and knowledge about where science is in our different worlds and the state of science here. I'm totally willing to organize the whole thing, but I wouldn't say no to some help.

Number two! Let's talk about powers. Did you have any back home? Are super powers even a thing where you're from? Do you like your powers? I'm just curious. If you don't wanna say what they are, that's cool. We can keep things as vague or specific as you want.

And number three, what do people around here do for fun? I'm open to any and all suggestions to cure boredom.

[She ends the video the same open smile she started it with, as she unearths a pen from her scattered papers and taps it against the screen.]
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[ Barry knows fully well that this question should be asked over video or over voice, but with how things can be and how he knows might react to some answers, it's probably safer to just stay with text for now. ]

Does anyone believe that there's people you're just supposed to meet? I don't know if I'd call it fate, but I mean the idea that there are just some people you're supposed to know no matter what. That the universe or universes figure out a way to make everything line up even if it really shouldn't. Or it makes no sense for it to happen and yet it does anyway.

I know asking this is weird considering what happened earlier this month but...I went home and when I got back I started thinking about it. That maybe here you meet people you're supposed to and maybe at home you do and if you're lucky they somehow intersect. It's cheesy, but...sometimes you just have to wonder if certain things are supposed to be fixed in your life.
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I have to say, if any week got skipped for me due to a porter - I'm glad it was last week. [He smiles grimly, not amused by his statement, and sighs.] It's been some time since I've last addressed everyone, so I'll reintroduce myself: Dr. Harrison Wells, Heropa University professor in Kinematics. If anyone wishes to attend a science lecture for free, I open my lectures to the imPort public so long as you're respectful of the enrolled students and don't cause havoc.

[The last part in particular is especially pronounced in his voice, almost like a warning. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, letting the same hand shake his hair a bit between his fingers, before continuing on.]

I understand we have a lot of new people coming in, as is usual around here. December was quiet, terrorist attacks aside, but things seem "back to normal." Large scale destruction by imPorts, people confused and scared...etcetera.

I've been here close to seven months and I have to be honest: things can be better here. We can all be better. Yet if we don't start to make changes, then people like Crane and Pan will continue to cause destruction and leave us picking up the rubble after. Oh and don't worry about them popping in to gloat about how oh so special they are, and how we can never best them, because I locked this communication away from their eyes.

[He rolls his eyes and takes a breath before continuing.]

I believe new measures need to be taken to protect ourselves and to prevent other imPorts from causing chaos. Something that can work within the confines of the government that we are, on some level - like it or not, an essential part of. Surely we hold more leverage than we even know because this country would be likely ravaged without us by this point, and surely the government isn't fond of Heropa being attacked twice in the span of a month's time.

I have my own ideas, but I would like to hear what others think of what I'm saying first. I know many people here may not be fans of preventative measures, acting instead of reacting, but if we do nothing...people like Crane and Pan won't be satisfied. They enjoy the deranged things they do and they know how to make it hurt. Don't think catching them will help when the government's idea of punishment is a slap on the wrist.

For starters - prison reformation should be key.

[And he knows something about holding dangerous superpowered criminals in spaces where they can't be a threat to anyone around them.]
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[The video shakes a little bit as Eddie sets the phone up on the table in front of him, trying to get it stable and recording evenly. Pulling his hands back, he lifts them both, takes a deep breath, then lets it go, sitting heavily in the seat so he can look directly at the camera.]

Okay, there we go.

[Eddie looks more than a little harried, stressed out - his top button is undone and his tie is a little loose. But he puts his hands down on the desk, flat, very carefully, worrying his lower lip with his teeth.]

It has been a rough few days, so I'm sorry if I'm a little...weird.

[He shifts his hands against the table, fingers twitching a little, and somehow the slight vibration knocks over a bottle of soda visible in the corner of the recording. The bottle lands on its side, and the cap pops off, soda spraying across the surface of the table. Eddie jumps back in his chair, knocks the table leg, and hisses a noise of pain as his knee collides with wood.

The phone topples over, face down in the soda.]

Dammit! How the hell did that even happen?

[A few moments of quiet, aside from Eddie cursing under his breath, and the phone is picked up - the video's blocked as he wipes off the phone with what appears to be a piece of paper towel. When the recording resumes, he's holding it in his hand and looking more irritated than harried, the whole feed streaked with sticky soda residue. He shakes his head and sighs heavily.]

There has to be someone out there with tips on how to get control of this stupid ability. Or preferably, to just turn it off.

[Glancing over his shoulder, he steps back a little and the feed skews as he stumbles over the soda bottle and topples over backward.]

Owww...what the-

[The feed flicks off.]

[OOC: Responses will come after he's sorted himself out and turned the feed back on.]
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[This Christmas Eve, the underprivileged children of Heropa are getting presents delivered to them by Pied Piper the elf and Trickster the reindeer.(not pictured: obnoxious blinking Rudolph nose). Behind the two of them is a large bag of presents, hovering in midair, balanced on a floating shoe. Weird. But apparently there’s enough room in their schedule for for a little PSA, as well--Piper being the one giving it, of course.]

I know most people are bound to have Christmas plans by now, but I figured a last minute reminder wouldn’t hurt: if you aren’t doing anything tomorrow, your local soup kitchens and homeless shelters could without a doubt use the extra help. And I can’t think of any way to use your time that represents the spirit of Christmas better.

[James is helping by smacking Piper in the back of the head with his stuffed reindeer antlers. They squeak. How irritating.]

I can think of at least seven worse ways I’ve spent Christmas, I guess. Incarcerated. [Headbutt.] Hospitalized. [Headbutt.] Incarcerated again. [Headbutt.] Inside a giant ice cube. [Headbutt.] Breaking out of prison. Wait, those last two were the same Christmas.

Thank you for your input, James. [Piper seems anything but thankful.] Anyway, if anyone wants a list of places looking for help on short notice, let me know.

And if anyone needs me to cover their lawns or houses or their friends’ lawns or houses orrr their enemies’ lawns or houses in fake snow and glitter, let me know. That’s my Christmas good deed, so don’t say I never did anything for the good of humanity.

[Piper steadfastly ignores the continued antler headbutting.]

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Christmas, and keeps those less fortunate than themselves in mind.

[James pauses, looking as if something of critical importance has suddenly dawned on him.] Hey, so do you think Rudolph is like a metaphor for the gay experience, or—

[And with that, the feed cuts off.]


Dec. 19th, 2015 01:13 am
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[ Characters who have listed addresses will have received, some time in the past week, an invitation in the post that reads "You are cordially invited to attend the Very ImPortant New Year's Eve Show, a televised extravaganza supporting the Society for Institutional Safety". It mentions a studio lot in De Chima where the party will be held, the free food and alcohol that will be available, and a request for volunteers to man the telephones and take donations. There is no mention of Lucifer on the invitation.

Fast forward to today. The first few bars of "Santa Baby", the Christmas cover by Dorian Grey and the Hedonists, plays to darkness as the advert begins. The singing begins, and now there are clips of delighted children opening presents, and a warm scene of a family sitting around a fire, and then a few seconds of a silver angel perched on top of a Christmas tree, lights twinkling. It's all very homely and sentimental, and then Lucifer appears. He's sat in what seems like the same warm, well lit room, the reflection of the firelight on his face.

Ah, Christmas. That time of the year where parents the world over are forced to sit through half-assed reproductions of the birth of Christ, and everyone else tries to pretend they care about the spirit of giving crap and not the fact that they desperately want the latest console or phone. Santa Claus is, believe it or not, bigger than God. I mean, look at the guy - literally bigger - but then people stopped feeding God their fattened lambs thousands of years ago, it's no wonder he's lost a few pounds.

Anyway, I'm Lucifer. [ He touches his chest. ] Satan. The Morning Star. And I may be everything that the Bible says I am, but for once, I come bearing gifts. To introduce you to a brand new Year of Our Lord, our network has agreed to host an extra special edition of ImPortant!--A Very ImPortant New Years Show! We'll have all sorts of guests, clips from Winger Man and other imPort shows, and an extra special musical performance by Dorian Grey, all to raise money for the Society for Institutional Safety.

Now, isn't that just the perfect spirit of-- [ Lucifer trails off. One of the small children in his chosen poster family has come trotting over with a toy train, which he proceeds to drive across Lucifer's forehead before running around the back of the couch. For a moment the archangel is very still - almost calm before the apocalypse still, his eyes hanging closed - before his eyes slit open again, leaving a kind of serene-but-lethal calm in place. ] ..."good will to all Men"?

[ The clip closes with a flash of the title card of ImPortant! with "A Very" and "New Year's Show!" written above and below the title. The image of Lucifer in his throne on the left hand side of the image is now augmented with tinsel, glittery angel wings and a silver halo. The crap he does for his ratings. This clip may be reposted to the network by Lucifer, but it's also all over the ads on regular TV, exhaustively repeated  Please see the OOC post for more details!]
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[ Clary's video feed once more shows her bedroom in Heropa. The stacks of comics and manga books, the half painted easels and thrown around sketchbooks, they're all part and parcel of who she is. But this time there's a sad little Christmas tree in the corner. It's only half decorated and is slumped on one side. Idris, her orange tomcat, is attempting to pull the tinsel free. Clary herself looks accidentally festive with a green sweater on and her red hair falling from her ponytail. But there's no Christmas cheer on her face. ]

So how do you guys do it?

[ Clary tucks a tendril of hair behind her ear. ] How do you deal with the holidays knowing that the people you're supposed to be celebrating with are another world away? [ It's been weighing on her since October but now it's starting to hurt. She should be celebrating Hannukah with Simon, going Christmas shopping with her mom, choosing a tree with Luke. She's never even seen how Shadowhunters celebrate - if they even do. But part of her longs for it anyway. She could be teaching Jace ridiculous versions of Carols right about now.

Instead she's here with the holidays yawning in front of her and nothing to keep her from being sad. She hasn't seen her mom in six months. That's a long time for a sixteen year old.

I could really do with some advice.

[ Idris finally gets a good solid yank on the tinsel and topples the tree to the ground. Clary jumps and turns to see the mayhem. But then she sits back down again. What's the point? It's just her. ] Figures.


Nov. 29th, 2015 01:39 am
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[ so it turns out, even after being here for so long ( a year now, which is- it's a lot. it's a long time. so she's not thinking about that now! ) it's still really difficult for Teresa to feel comfortable talking to the camera, to post to the network. she's not shy, really, she doesn't mind listening in and responding to other people, but being on the opposite end is wildly intimidating, for some reason. but! far it be from her to step down from a challenge when she's got something on her mind ]

So, I understand the concept of secret identities. I understand the need to protect the person behind the superpowers, and protecting those close to them. I understand the desire to live a normal life outside of what you can do when you use your abilities. It's all- I get it. I promise.

But why here? Why, when everyone is equipped with powers of all kinds without fail, do people still go by an alter ego? I probably sound like I'm trying to make some kind of dig at those who choose to go by a superhero alias, but it's a genuine question. I mean, I highly doubt every one of you just really enjoys wearing a lot of spandex and leather every day, so... What's the real advantage of wearing a mask in a place like this?

[ she's already got a few vague ideas - it's not like she'd know, personally, but she has a couple of friends who rock costumes when they're out using their abilities. it's one thing to take a guess, and another to hear it from someone else, so. that's what this is. super curious, this one. ]

This is coming from someone whose world was full of a lot of codenames, and secrets, and a number of other carefully controlled things I won't get into, so I guess I'm just curious about this because I believe having the choice to be open about who we are and what we can do here is one of the best things about being here. No hiding, no secrets. So... Why?

4 - voice

Nov. 13th, 2015 03:14 am
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[Mike's first audio network post is a little noisy: there's a busy road somewhere near him and, every once in a while, a small-sounding dog barks.]

Lost another month, last month. Hear 'bout that happenin' a lot. Good thing, though. If you didn't know it was happenin' to other people, too, might start thinkin' that you were goin' nuts. Or that the government was screwin' with you. Or that you got abducted by aliens... After gettin' abducted by the god machine. That'd be somethin'.


I was gonna ask what happened last month, but I figured I could just guess what happened. So, guessin' now.

[He clears his throat, coughs lightly.]

Last month! October? Starts out real quiet, just like it is now. Then, around the middle of the month, the Russians show up. I mean, show up. Like in boats. You ever see that movie with the guys? The guys wearin' short shorts and capes? There were like 200 or 400 of 'em or something. But in the movie, the big enemy army all showed up in boats. The guys look out at the ocean and it's like shit, that's a lot of boats. That's how it was last month. With the Russians.

Then there's a big battle, right? US soldiers and heroes versus Russians. And it lasts like a week? No, two weeks. Two weeks for sure. Total bloodbath. People dyin' all over. The soldiers and you heroes are puttin' up one hell of a fight, but the Russians keep comin'. There's just so many of 'em and it turns out they've got those power-blockin' things?

By the end of the month, they're winnin'. They're winnin' and they're about to take over.

[A pause for effect.]

Why don't they? 'Cause a hero stops 'em. He gets clear of their uh... blockin' things... And this hero has like... You ever see that other movie about the guy with the, uh... knife thing? Full of sand? Magic sand? And that guy could rewind time with his magic sand knife? That's what this hero did. Except like a power instead of a knife. Or maybe he had that knife? Or a similar knife? Don't know if the movie was based on a true story or not. Probably not. Sometimes they do that, they tell you it's based on a true story and they're lyin'...

But yeah. That's my guess. Which means it's not November now, it's still October, and you guys probably only have a couple days before the Russians show up again? Kinda sucks, if I'm right. I'd keep an eye out for those boats if I were you.
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[ Squint your eyes a little everyone, when the feed opens the camera catches the direct glare of the hot sun. Whoever is holding the communicator has it positioned at an odd angle, so the video captures clear blue skies, though the sound of the ocean can be heard with the occasional tropical bird cawing somewhere in the distance. The camera jolts without warning, dipping low enough to capture what appears to be a boat deck.

Off camera, Karen’s voice can be heard snappishly saying: ]

Are you still trying to take a selfie? Could you put that down for one second?

[ The camera jerks again, capturing an image of a chest that might be familiar to those of you who own the Booster Gold Mancalendar™ (you’re welcome). ]

Is it sooo wrong that I want to document this?

I guess we can document the part where I throw you off the boat.

You wouldn’t. There’s jellyfish in there! Probably. And besides, you never said there was a rule against selfies. It’s an American tradition.

Just try me, and Jesus, would you focus on steering the boat? [ Something splashes up beside the boat, seizing Karen’s attention for a moment. She groans loudly. ] We’re getting too close to those things.

Those things are Hawaiian squeaking sharks, and they’re our friends. Say cheese, guys!

[ The camera’s focus wobbles down off the side of the boat, zooming in on a group of splashing, smiling bottlenose dolphins, which are indeed getting very close. And then: a thump. ]

... oh, God. What was that?

Uh… maybe start guessing what it wasn’t and we’ll narrow it down…

[ The clicks and whistles of dolphins grow louder. If you happen to speak dolphin (or even if you don’t), they sound… pretty pissed. ]


WHAT? It was an accident!

[ The camera jerks again, horror movie shaky-cam style, as more dorsal fins rise from the water. Did you know dolphin pods can get really, really huge? Well, now you do. ]

Crap. Does anyone know how to say sorry in dolphin?

( ooc: red is karen and blue is booster! replies from karen will have the ID read as “karen starr”. booster's reads “booster gold,” but who cares. no dolphins were harmed in the making of this post. )
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[It would be really, really nice to just go one day without a reminder that none of this is normal. Like a patient noticing the glowing tattoo and looking uncomfortable. Or having a full-blown panic attack on the way to work, just because a bus passed him by.

Or a bedpan filling itself up with hot coffee on his last day of work as a nurse.]

It turns out "infinite coffee" is somehow the actual most annoying superpower ever.

[There's a shuffle and the sound of water running. He's attempting to get the worst of the coffee off of the stain, while the scalded skin underneath quickly heals itself. Another reminder.]

What's the policy on disappearing into anonymity here? 'Cause I just wanted to rest in peace, not live out a comic book. I don't even want Heaven after all this, Purgatory would be fine. I was a good Catholic kid.

[Until he stopped believing in God, committed adultery, and got divorced.]

I lived - live - to help people. I joined the army back home to help people, and that's all I want to do here, with my afterlife. But I'm tired. Death is tiring, and I just want to be Mr. Nobody who goes to work and comes home from work and gets a couple of drinks with his friends. I don't want to be a hero to anybody's world.

... But if I'm going to be, I need to know what the hell you tell yourself to keep going. I don't have anywhere to get back to. This is my only world now, and I don't know if that makes me part of it, or if I'll be an outsider forever, but I need to hear it. I know I'm not the only undead guy walking around without a purpose.


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