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[ The camera opens up with a panning shot of a hotel that looks a few decades past its prime. The paint is peeling in places, the roof is in desperate need of maintenance, and weeds are sprouting up through the cracks in the pavement. And this is the good side of the building—the other side features quite a few lovely boarded-up windows.

After a long moment, the camera is turned around, taking a moment to focus on Charles. Emma and Erik are visible in the background.

Welcome to the future home of the Xavier School for ImPorts. That still sounds strange to say. As you can see, it’s been a while since the building has… seen its prime. [ Charles smiles a bit, his expression notably optimistic. ] Although that is where you come in! We would like to prepare the building for a proper opening in September—and I believe that with the help of any and all volunteers, it could be entirely possible.

[ Emma being Emma, the first thing that comes to mind is catty, but she knows enough not to snipe at her nominal boss on camera, at least not right off the bat. She takes a few steps closer so she can address the audience over Charles' shoulder. In her usual heels, she has several inches on him. ]

While Charles is rather more of an optimist than I am, this isn't my first construction project [ Do you have any idea how often mutants have to rebuild things? Do you? ] or first time running a school for super-powered students [ A lot of them are even still alive! ] so I'm confident we'll have everything in order in plenty of time. We're also looking for faculty and staff, and we'll be casting a wider net than a more conventional school, so if you think you have something to offer, please get in touch.

[ Charles turns his attention to Erik as though silently asking him if he has anything to add. After a moment, the communicator is handed off to Erik. ]

There will be dormitories in the school for anyone who desires an alternative to government housing-- registered or otherwise. [ There's an emphasis on "otherwise". He's made his anti-registration stance fairly public by now. ] In light of last month's events in Colorado, security will be an utmost priority.

On a related note, Charles and I were able to question an accomplice in the kidnapping. If anyone else was able to uncover any information on the parties responsible, I would appreciate an opportunity to compare notes.

[[ There will be an open log for renovating the school later this week. Here is the previous OOC plotting post about the school, for those who missed it. The school directory is over here; please comment on the directory post if you are interested in having your character be a student, teacher, and/or resident at the school! ]]
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[ The camera turns on, and for a moment attempts are made to find a point of focus: first the screen shows the top of Annie’s head and part of Reiner’s arm, then just Reiner, Bertholdt’s elbow -- each adjustment forces the others out of the frame. Finally the camera is pulled out further and, as they all stand assembled, Annie climbs on top of a chair that gives her enough height to be past even with Reiner’s shoulder, ending the camera’s focusing woes. Shortie. It’s Annie who starts speaking. ]

ImPorts. In light of recent circumstances, we’ve spoken with representatives of the United States military in regards to this announcement... and now we’re speaking to any interested as a courtesy.

My name is Annie Leonhart.       My name is Reiner Braun.       My name is Bertholdt Hoover.

this confession is riddled with spoilers for anime-only viewers and also is very long and very oh you silly teenagers so we hid it behind this cut because we love you )

III. Video

Aug. 3rd, 2014 11:17 am
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[Erwin is composed today, only a hint of emotion in his blue eyes. He's dressed simply- forgoing the usual uniform for plain slacks and a white button down shirt which the empty right sleeve hanging by his side. There are papers stacked neatly to the side along with his pen, he had been taking advantage of having a quite day off to get some work done.

He plans to keep this short and to the point, clearing his throat before speaking.]

As some of your may already be aware, Commander Hange Zoe has left us recently. While I am sure she'll be missed here, it's for the best that she returns where she is needed to ensure humanity's continued survival and freedom.

Due to her absence, I will be taking over her position once more [retirement hadn't been working out so great anyway.]. Mike and Levi will be available to handle things as well and I trust everyone has settled in by now without any trouble.

Lightning- the Commander was able to pass on her report to me before she departed. I'm not sure if she was able to share it with you before she returned home but if you would like to read it, we can arrange that as soon as possible.

Moving on- [Because dwelling wasn't going to accomplish anything, even if he would miss Hange being here on a personal level but no time to get emotional about it.]

It seems circumstances has made it necessary to seek another weapons designer. I am seeking someone with the expertise who would be able to design and implement suitable upgrades to our 3DMG. The blade will have to be replaced with a more suitable substance which would not shatter along with possible upgrades to gas canisters.

Any questions, inquiries, and concerns of course can be addressed to myself, Levi, or Mike.
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Our designation is "hero", isn't it? And while a clamorous number of you may resist this government-mandated labeling, such is nevertheless the social stratification that we find ourselves bound against. [He clears his throat -- there's a clink of glass, a murmured slosh of liquid.] It almost seems a touch Promethean. [A beat.] And, ah, we the imPorts, pitted against universal disparity, well. Haven't we noticed a few universal constants?

[The archetype talk. Chilton may be more Freudian in practice and provocation, but not even he can resist a little symbolic Jungian theory.]

If you're so inclined to understand my meaning, then let's begin: list three desires, or goals if you will, that you possess. I'll take it from there.

[It's an invitation for a quickie analysis. Careful, though, because the psyche can be quite a... Jungle.]

#2; voice

Jul. 19th, 2014 09:59 am
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[ it's early in the morning when Tommy decides to post to the network. very early, if the faintly audible morning chorus in the background is anything to go by. ]

Okay, so-- people date while they're stuck here? I keep hearing about it and every time I wanna know why, 'cause it's crazy. Prisoner solidarity, I get that much, but you're never going to see this person again, ever, so what's the point?

[ he pauses. ]

If you already knew them, that's different.
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[ The feed goes live with Bertholdt looking absently at it. It's not his voice that comes through first. He's getting prompted with instructions, albeit bumbling ones, that he nods to and responds with equal confusion and uncertainty. ]

—right? How do I tell if it's on?

I told you-- [ The feed shakes a bit as a larger hand grasps it and adjusts it. ] You got it right already, stop worrying about it. See?

[ Reiner waves his hand in front of the camera as if to demonstrate. ]

If you say so...

[ He looks off to the side for a moment, apprehensive and another "are you sure" on the tip of his tongue; not that he doubts Reiner but this technology is still new to him and it's taking a while for him to adjust and trust it. He looks back to the camera and concentrates on it. ]

Hello, I'm Bertholdt Hoover. I have a few questions about this place… There are some laws and rules here that doesn't exist in our world. Just the other day, I was told you can't buy alcohol if you're not over twenty one years old, which is when you're considered an adult here. I wondered, what else aren't you allowed to do here if you're under adult age? Is this just in this world or is this the same where everyone is from? I hope it’s not a lot—

[ Reiner interjects, though at first his voice is quieter, directed more to Bert. ]

Hey, Bertholdt, don’t expect a good answer to that one! Around here it's normal to be treated like a child even if half your life has passed already. [ Then, louder, he continues tangentially: ] I'd be better off asking how to stop someone from moving in bed all night and keeping me awake -- it's harder to sleep through all that crap without something to drink first. A beer before bed would be great right now.

[ Bertholdt sighs and resigns himself to being the guy who moves around too much when he’s sleeping. ]

Reiner, thanks. We’ll… talk about that later.

[ He continues with the somewhat somber voice: ]

I just have one more question. [ He thinks about it for a moment and a frown shows he’s struggling with the phrasing. ] …What does everyone do here, now that their old lives are left behind in another world?


[ Reiner sounds mildly caught off-guard by the question -- awkward -- and shifts over on the bed they're sitting on so that he's more in view. He nudges Bertholdt a bit roughly with his elbow before effortlessly replacing the mask of enthusiastic confidence back over his expression. ]

Mm… uh, what he means is -- do we get to choose how to live our lives here now? Are we obligated to live a certain way because of how things were before, or is it really up to us? Is there anyone living a better life here? … If anyone has advice about that, we’d really appreciate hearing it.

[ Bertholdt watches Reiner speak and makes eye contact with him, holds it for a second more than necessary, before turning back to the camera. He shows a small smile. ]

Thanks for your time.
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[ When Charles appears on the screen his expression is twisted into one of confusion, with a layer of thoughtful disapproval dusted on top. He opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it; debating two subjects that seem to be warring for relevance at the front of his mind. Really, that's been the story of his day to day life, here. ]

There are entirely too many strange things going on in this future; there's more culture shock than I'd expected. On the one hand, I suppose I had expected cars to fly—not disappointing. On the other, what on Earth are the ingredients in this? [ Charles displays an energy drink for the camera after a moment with a knit brow. ] I really only wanted tea—which they didn't have—and I was given this in the place of coffee. I don't think it "does the same thing". I think I was lied to.

[ Then, putting it aside, his expression turns more serious. ]

I digress. I can.. save my suspicion for another day. What I would like to know, from anyone who is willing—what is the power you acquired upon your arrival here? They are not unusual where I am from. However, they're acquired through genetic means; I cannot help but wonder if that is true here, as well, in some—retroactive way, if your genes have been... modified.

Thank you.

[ He's right about to shut off the feed before he stops and, as an aside, says: ]

I would also appreciate it if someone younger could tell me whether or not there are drugs in this drink. Thank you.
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This isn't meant as a criticism of anyone or anything, but I've noticed I find myself answering a lot of the same questions over and over again when the subject of my world comes up.

While working at the library I've come to enjoy the simplicity of the informational pamphlet. With that in mind, I'm offering this list of Frequently Asked Questions to anyone who would like to know more about my world.

Others from my world are completely free to also utilize this link. Please let me know if there's anything else I should cover.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 10:24 am
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[It helps that Jean has a day off to do this. His job isn't exactly a taxing one, but having to learn an entirely new world has put him behind—and ensured that he's had to take some overtime. (Or more work for a kid his age.) It's not something he's minded, and he thinks it'll help in the future.

Of course, he doesn't know what future that entails. He has his doubts about a great deal of things. His role in the Survey Corps is one of those things, but he knows that he intends to help humanity. Being a hero isn't really his idea of a "good idea." That isn't why he wants to do this, but he's heard enough to know that what he's about to talk about would be a good idea. That has nothing to do with heroics. It has everything to do with helping out humanity, and ensuring that this world doesn't go to shit.

After all, that's something he knows too well.]

It's a new month, which means there's gonna be a whole different event to make us go on display. That's what everything's been about anyway, right? Making sure the world knows who we belong to right now. I've seen how easy it is to find information about us, and trust me, it's too easy.

[There's a pause.]

I wasn't here for Nonah, and I just turned up for those damn sharks, but I think that's enough to say that we need to act to protect us, and anyone who's out to see us be ourselves. Even if they're idiots and think we're heroes, we don't need them to be the casualties of that weird idea. It's not like the government's gonna keep us all in a safe facility forever for that stuff. It won't always work that way. And I'm not willing to trust that they'll look out for us. [But Jean doesn't trust a whole lot of things these days. His sentiments toward the government are embittered partly because of the paintball event.] I think we all know better now after that friendly game, right? [But of course he's going to say why—or at least provide his world specific reasoning.]

The idea I came up with is some kind of volunteer group that would be organized to keep an eye on imPort events. We can try to ensure with observation groups and different strategies to work together. I think we could do rounds and various sweeps periodically until they've over. That isn't gonna help with the waterfront stuff, but it's a start. And I bet we can come up with an idea for that.

And while I'm honestly surprised no one's come up with it yet, I think it's time. So who's interested? And who has ideas on how we can do this?
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[Someone...is not a happy camper. Granted, that's Metalhawk whenever something isn't going his way, anyone who knows him from his 'past life' will tell you. But today? He's going to be vocal about it. After learning basic human needs from many sources: Bumblebee, Trucy, Knock Out, and Ed to name a few...he's learned that humans are incredibly needy creatures, needing to eat more than once a day and in a regular schedule. It's been a learning experience to say the least.

It's not so much the habit itself. Metalhawk's used to consuming things for energy. But it's more like WHAT they consume.

So allow him to be his oh so charming self. ...Sigh.]

Good Evening citizens--[God you don't have to sound like a broadcast...] It's come to my attention that my stay here will be for an indeterminate amount of time. However, that's not why I'm broadcasting.

No, I'm broadcasting because of this.

[And he holds up what looks like a...wrapped hamburger. Like you'd get at a fast food joint. His other hand is reaching offscreen, holding back what seems to be a struggling person, the mutters of 'give it back!' and other such exclamations from our friendly neighborhood Bumblebee.]

Am I seriously finding out that humans consume other living creatures? Other creatures that show pain or pleasure?

[That certainly is Varying Shade of Unimpressed #45D on his face right now. And yes, this is apparently his problem.]

{ooc: Metalhawk and Bumblebee are stuck as human women for this post despite the robot, male icons!}
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[ The video clicks on to Starscream, standing tall and proud in his Cybertronian form, nasty little smirk on his face. There are two other giant robots a few feet behind him, obviously shorter than Starscream himself (though they bear a striking resemblance.) ]

Well humans. Now you're about to see the true might of the Decepticons, not the pathetic attempts at assimilation the other so-called Decepticons have been trying. [ He nods back to the other robots. ] Aren't they impressive? Your technology is primitive at best, but as you can see, I made it work--and I've managed to get my proper body back...with all its perks included.

[ Nasty grin on his face, Starscream points his fist towards what he believes is an empty warehouse (in actuality, it's Thundercracker's pad. Whoops.) Purple laser things that haven't entirely been explained by canon shoot out of his wrist and hit the warehouse, creating a pretty impressive explosion. Turning back to the camera, Starscream is all evil smirks. ]

It's no use to try and stop me, heroes! Your precious Porter will soon be mine and the Decepticon take-over of Earth will start again!

[ And then he finishes the video with a full tilt maniacal laugh, before clicking off the camera. ]

[Private to Thundercracker & Knock Out]
[ not really knowing that whoops, he totally shot a missile at Thundercracker's house, Starscream clicks on this private channel to talk to his fellow Decepticons. ]

I expect you two to either join up with me and the new Decepticon army or stay out of the way. Needless to say, if either of you try to stop me, I suppose I'll just have to blow you to pieces myself.
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[ The video shows Erik seated in front of a desk covered in books, largely focused on the history of the past fifty years, along with the advancements in science and technology that have occurred in that time. There are several notebooks strewn about, and a map pinned to the wall with several marks made on it-- anyone who chose to scrutinize it closely enough may notice that they are the locations that are unique to this world. The room is well-lit, sunlight shining through the open window. ]

I hate to put a damper on this weekend's festivities. [ No he doesn't. ] But since my arrival, I have found myself with more questions than answers. That delightfully informative video that our hosts provided for us was of little help, I am afraid. You see, this is not the first time I have been branded against my will, and I have few reasons to believe that the intentions of this group are any more pure than the last.

So now I turn to you, my fellow imPorts, and I ask this: If you have chosen to register, why? I wish to believe that the majority of you are wise enough that you have not been drawn in by simple propaganda, so I am sure that you all have your reasons.
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[ For those who are keen, it isn't too hard to pick up that she's been around. Most of her calls on the network have been encrypted, but there was an earlier conversation that wasn't entirely locked. An amateur's mistake, but since then she's gotten better. Still, it means she has to accommodate for her mistake by making a public introduction. Several others are, so why not join in and hope it can get lost down the road?

Dressed in head to toe in the finest outfit her current income can get her (possibly a bit more) and with her hair darkened with highlights, she appears all dolled up for an introduction. More importantly, the source of this message isn't from her moniker, but from her "personal" name.


There are so many new faces the past few weeks yet the only shock that is portrayed is one of delight. Reunions between friends and foes, teammates and lovers. Remarkable how at first you're led to believe you're alone and then it turns out you just might not be. [ Something an Avenger should easily feel, but those kind of sentimental things are beyond her. ] Tell me please--are we alone? Have you made the journey unaccompanied or are you one of the fortunate few to have allies? You turn on this device, connect, and then you reconnect with those you thought you may never see again.

Perhaps I too am fortunate and you've heard of me? The name's Natasha Romanoff, make-up consultant. If you haven't, I could always use new clients.
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[ admittedly, being stuck in a strange alternate universe isn't exactly new to scott. it isn't common, but this isn't his first rodeo. that doesn't make the experience any less jarring, but it at least means he's immediately aware of what his priorities should be.

for a while, he grapples with the idea of transmitting a message, trying to weigh the pros and cons. he's not exactly a popular figure back home, and he's not sure how much of that might have carried over here. it may be an entirely different world, but the presence of other imports means his past mistakes may still haunt him. still, in the end he figures it's a calculated risk he needs to take.

at this point, even a hostile face would be welcome, as long as its familiar. ]

Hello, everyone. My name is Scott Summers... some of you may have heard of me, though most of you probably haven't. I think I understand the situation here well enough, and I'm willing to play ball.

[ ...to a degree. he's never been very comfortable with he idea of hero registration, and being abducted to another world doesn't exactly make him more amenable to the idea. still, no reason to rock the boat just yet. ]

I would appreciate some more information, though. Numbers, resources, assets... what kind of threat we're up against. Anything would be appreciated. If there's anything I hate, it's fighting blind.

And... "Youth Leadership Director"? That's got to be a joke, right?
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[ tap tap tap ] —Is this thing on? Hello? Ah, there we are! I've never seen a device quite like this before. I must say it is truly stunning—technology has come an incredible way. Oh! But I'm getting sidetracked—

[ He clears his throat, then speaks again. ]

My name is Charles Xavier. I hear this place is looking for... heroes. I shouldn't want to act with such hubris as to say I'm qualified for such a job, but the prospect is certainly intriguing. If you don't mind my asking, has anyone—well, here, I suppose, if this device is to be believed—participated in any such activities? Ah, "heroics", if you will. I assure you, my interest is merely academic.

[ He makes an awkward sound while he shifts the device in his hands. ] Thank you very much! I certainly hope this message goes somewhere... [ There's a soft click, and the transmission ends. ]


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