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[ kanaya knows she has to make this confession, not that she's particularly looking forward to it. but now that they've put her in solitary, nothing about this punishment has been satisfying. she needs something better.

everyone needs to know, but she doesn't want their pity, and doesn't deserve their sympathy. so. she kind of goes a little too far in the other direction, there.

I've been quiet the past few days. I say this not as an apology, because I don't particularly give a shit, but as an explanation. For those who don't know me, my name is Kanaya Maryam, an for the past few months I've been moonlighting as a costumed thug. One might even go so far as to say I was a supervillain.

Shocking, isn't it? I was a bit surprised, myself. [ not that she's going to explain that one. ]

As Hobgoblin, I committed numerous crimes, whether disrupting traffic, harassing the costumed set, playing ghost in a haunted house, other, more serious infractions. Kidnapping. Stalking. And...worse than that. [ her flippant tone cracks, her voice falling low and shaky. ] I've-- I've hurt people. People who didn't deserve it. Innocents.

[ there's a fury brimming in that last word, a self-loathing and shame. she can feel her hands shaking, her knuckles going white as she balls her fists. but they won't see that, it's important that they don't. if they recognize any remorse, it will defeat the whole purpose.

she takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she collects herself again.

For all of these things, the most the local authorities have seen fit to do is stick me in a room alone without my powers. Which is really great, I must say. Wonderful to know that we feed and house our criminals when law-abiding residents have no such amenities, especially when they aren't registered! I must say this world's punitive measures are deeply impressive, it truly overwhelms me with compunction, how much softer-handed it is than I expected when I turned myself in. I suppose I shouldn't be really surprised, when the approach to everything is such a joke, such a limp attitude toward justice is at least consistent.

But it isn't real justice. It's a mockery. [ she thinks of terezi, and wonders if she'd be more embarrassed by the meagerness of it, or that kanaya submitted herself willingly. terezi would know what to do here. ]

I'm sure many of you could do better, someone who really believes in the subject, unless you're too stuck in all the nonsense moralizing humans too often preoccupy themselves with. You're heroes. I'm a villain. That seems simple enough to me.

If you want to see real justice done, I'm not going anywhere.

[ video ]

Jan. 16th, 2015 10:18 am
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[ The video shows a man with brown hair, blue eyes, and a light blue button-up shirt sitting at a table. ]

Hello again. [ A Scottish accent, tempered by living in London. ] It's really been a while since I've been around, or on the network or anything. I think I've been a little pre-occupied by, um, some things. Yeah.

Anyway. [ He clears his throat and sits up taller in his seat, three fingers on each hand wrapped in white bandages. ] I've been thinking about looking into some supplementary work. Or then again, I might just need a new job proper, a fresh start. If anyone has suggestions or knows someone who's hiring—or, if you are hiring, for that matter—I'm quite interested in scoping out other potential employment opportunities and things.

[ Then it seems he's just had an idea or remembered something. ]

Oh, and. I remember having a little problem with... an old habit. I'd asked for help, gotten a little bit, and I guess I'd forgotten to really follow up on it, you know? So I'm just a little unsure of where to really go from here.

[ Feigning relief with marginal success, he exhales audibly. ]

I suppose that's all for now. Cheers.
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[ Hello, imPorts. Have one still-settling-in newbie. The comm tag reads Lana Baumgartner. She seems a little put off. ]

Look, the state-funded housing is nbd, but do they seriously expect me to be a superhero AND a high school student AND a part-time "pharmacist assistant?" Like, is that a joke? [ Both the heavy work load and the crack at her being a literal science experiment. ] Uncool.

But yeah, whatever. If you live in House 20, then hi, I'm your new roommate or whatever. If you don't then, uh, mind your own business?

Lana out.


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:27 am
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[This is a fun little thing. Melkor had been amusing himself with turning the phone on and off, turning it every which way and pressing buttons. He was told its function and maybe he can figure out what is going on beside the whole hero speech he had been given.

After being imprisoned for three ages, Melkor has been taken from his moment of victory and just a moment before obtaining what he wanted the most. It's a little frustrating.]

I have been informed that this...device is the means by which to seek out others. I seek one by the name of Manwë, if he is indeed present in this world-

[Melkor pauses as he looks out the window at the setting sun, eyes widening. He's not from a time when night and day are a thing so this is new for him.]

So the Trees have been devoured then and darkness will cover the world once more.

[At least it's not on fire this time, though not through lack of trying.]

o1 | video

Jan. 13th, 2015 07:53 pm
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[Seems like the form of the day is a young, tired looking girl. Her hair is matted, shadows under her eyes, and smears of dirt on her face. She's wearing tattered clothes and, most alarmingly, there are what appear to be shackles on each wrist, broken chains swinging from them.

The comm tag reads Bartimaeus, no more no less.]

I have some disturbing news about one of the worlds you've heard about, here. [The girl's voice is young, though the tone doesn't... exactly match up with her appearance.] Though it shouldn't come as much of a surprise if you've been listening.

Right- I am Bartimaeus of Uruk, the Serpent of Silver Plumes, one who watched the rise and fall of eight World Empires and fought in the battles of Troy and Prague, who walked the streets of Rome in its glory!

And I- er. [The girl, quite frankly, looks embarrassed.] I'm also a slave. [Her arms raise, and she wiggles them enough to have the shackles and chains clanging together. Ta-da...]

So. Kitty Jones, if you know her, was telling the truth. Just terrible, what's happening in London. Erm- attacks! Deadly, violent attacks. [Uh] And those cursed magicians, forcing us to fight and attack and torturing us if we don't do a good enough job. Been going on for an age, really. Between you and me, I think they get too much of a kick out of watching the Shriveling Fire at work.

[There's a long, awkward pause after that before the girl raises her wrists again, wiggling them to get that clanking going again- has he shown off the chains yet? Because he thought they were a good touch.

Ahhh, you know what. That's good enough. Looking pleased with her work, the girl reaches out and turns off the feed. Look Kitty he helped!]
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[ steve's first — and so far only — open post had been political in nature, he'd worn the uniform and introduced himself as captain america.

this time around, he's not using the video function, and the comm id reads steve rogers / captain america since either identity is hardly a secret. this time around, he isn't pursuing a lofty ideological goal or seeking information, exactly.

well, no, he is, but the mission is somewhat more selfish:

Does anyone have a recommendation on where to get a bike without endorsing the company behind it? Or having to pose on the hood of a car? It doesn't have to hover.

And a mechanic?

[ he could just look around himself, but what's the network for if pooling resources and information?

besides, asking offers him an excuse to add,
] If you're new here, welcome. There's a helpful information post written up by Kate Bishop.

And if the name Captain America means something to you, let me know.
[ he's not sure whether he should hope that someone he knows has recently arrived and he just doesn't know it yet, or if he should hope for the exact opposite — that they're still in their own world where they belong — but either way, if someone he knows (or who knows him, or a version of him) is here, he wants to be aware of it. ]


Jan. 9th, 2015 10:35 pm
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[ So hey, this is Annie. She's been a little hazy around the edges for almost a week now, having trouble even grasping certain items, cups slipping through her grasp- it's getting really out of hand. ]

Alright, this is getting ridiculous.

Has anyone else got powers sort of like ... Not invisibility-- Intangibility? Or something sort of like it? Because it's just being a right pain for me not being able to get a handle on it.

I can offer tea and lunch in exchange for any help, and I promise, I'm excellent, proper company.

-- Oh, my name's Annie, and really, I won't bite. I'd just really love to get the hang of this ... whatever it is.


Jan. 9th, 2015 09:09 pm
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ok listen up hero city, i need to know all the ways u guys figured out how to do the powers thing. how do u activate them or whatever?? i need a list and i need it PRONTO. inquiring minds need to know ASAP.

also hey sup room 14, i got a proposition: dont touch my stuff and i wont touch urs

[ Just kidding, she's probably gone through everything that isn't locked away, and is scheming about how to get to the things that ARE locked away. But it's important to look like a considerate roommate. ]
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[ Well, here he is. A scrawny fourteen-year-old boy hanging around outside of De Chima residence #001, seriously considering whether or not it would be a good idea to go in. Hiro trusts authority about as far as he can throw 'em - so, not much with his current stick arms. So there he is, wavering back from the threshold of the house ... and opting to check out this network instead. Maybe he can dig up enough info to set his mind at ease.

He's hacked into the security settings on his comm to make him show up as anonymous on the network. Not hard to crack or trace, but also not immediately broadcasting his full name to the world at large. ]

so, what. everyone just uses their full names on here? doesn't that strike anyone else as being weird?

[ He settles himself on a small bench near #001, still tapping furiously. ]

because that sounds weird to me. no offense, but wow who taught all of you guys about internet privacy, facebook? after getting pulled here we really oughta be a little more paranoid.

speaking of which: Cluster. tech company. on a scale of one to Cyberdyne, how evil is this place?

[ He hunkers down after that, splitting his attention between the screen and #001 behind him. If anyone looks like they're living there, he sure does want to get a good look at 'em. Maybe even start a conversation if they're prospective roommates ... ]


Dec. 21st, 2014 08:28 am
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[ This? This is, for the very first time, an actual honest-to-god face. It’s the face of a very pretty girl, eighteenish, with dark hair and heavy eyebrows and a very intense expression. Here she is, Kitty Jones, at long last, in all of her fierce revolutionary glory. ]

Don’t get excited when you see the network ID. I’m not new. The Porter hasn’t started bringing in new people yet.

[ Her accent is South London. Her voice is confident, bordering on bossy. Passionate, but not crossing the line into angry. Definitely not the terrified squeak that would be more representative of how nervous she is right now. (This has been rehearsed many times, and sounds better right now than it did the first few.) ]

I’ve been around about a month now, but I’ve going on the network by Lizzie Temple. It was a fake name. My name’s actually Kitty Jones. I had reasons for lying, but those reasons are gone now, so this is really me. A pleasure meeting you all.

[ That last part is said with a hint of irony. But that irony drops away immediately, because who has time for it! Not Kitty Jones, scared but pretending to be ferocious. ]

So why was I hiding?

My world, my London, is dominated by magicians. Which, yeah, sounds like it ought to be a joke, except magic where I’m from isn’t card tricks and taking rabbits from tophats. It’s enslaving spirits to your will. It’s using those spirits to keep a particular sort of order, where commoners - non-magicians - aren’t allowed to vote, to speak up in dissent. It’s hurting those spirits, and hurting commoners too, if any of us step out of line.

I’m part of the commoners’ resistance against magician rule, and have been for years. The trouble is that we’re making no progress. Commoners haven’t got any power against magicians ourselves; all we’re able to do is lob a few bombs, then suffer when the magicians crack down, get angrier, get more violent, suffer more - go around and around like that as more and more people die. The way we're fighting right now - people are dying, but we're making no progress. For that to change...We need help.

[ Her smile is quick, tight, determined, and mirthless. ]

In my month here, I've learned two things about all of you. First: you love freedom, and you hate oppression. You believe strongly in the rights of the people, that the voiceless should be given voices, that the weak should be sheltered. Second: you all have power that’s far, far beyond what the magicians can muster. That's a combination that's led me to think that there are some of you who might be willing and able to help us back home.

So who will? If I lead you to my home world, who will help fight tyranny?

[ She sits forward in her seat, hoping that call to arms was sufficiently dramatic. Really, really hoping. Inspiring speeches, leadership, all that - she hasn't really had to lead anyone since she was a kid, and that was just a couple of other kids. And she very much doubts that she’s ever inspired a single person in her whole life.

But people’s lives are on the line. Self-doubt is a luxury for times of peace. ]

This won't be bloody. I know magicians; they're cowards who will back down soon as it's clear they won't win. And it won't be forever; I'm working on a way that'll get you to my world and that'll let you leave again. It will take bravery, and strength, and goodness. And success isn't guaranteed. But if any of you are willing to take this chance, if any of you are willing to help to free my people - if any of you think that there might be something that will lead you to be willing - speak up.

[ And then she sits back again. She lifts her chin, all poise and confidence. ]

I'll answer questions now. Don't ask me about the travel between worlds; I know everyone will be curious, but you'll have to wait for details - but I will give them, I promise. Ask about anything that sounds wrong, or anything you're not sure of. I'll answer anything. No lies this time.
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You know, when I was first ported in -- the first time I remember being ported in, that is -- I thought this was all just one of those bizarre things you can't help but get into when you throw on a wrestling outfit and fight crime. We'd been kidnapped by a mysterious cosmic entity? Fine, so we'd kick the mysterious cosmic entity's butt. Then we'd go home, have a party, feed our loved ones implausible excuses, do our laundry, end of story. Normal life resumed.

But that was four years ago. Almost every other imPort who was here when I came is long gone. I've switched universes, I've even been ported forward in time once or twice, but I've never been home -- and now this is what normal feels like.

It makes a guy wonder. We're all the sum of our experiences, right? Every little change accumulates, every decision leads to us making a different set of decisions. So at what point do my experiences as an imPort here add up to a different person than the one back there? If I finally get sent home and lose all my memories of being here, is that really a homecoming, or is it turning into someone else?

On an entirely unrelated note, Val Richards tells me that my future/alternate self was temporarily possessed by one Dr. Otto Octavius. That's Doctor Octopus to the SHIELD files and Doc Ock to his -- well, he doesn't have any friends, go figure. So, FYI for those of you who've had run-ins with future evil me: not really future evil me, yay! Actually Otto wearing me as a meat-suit, yeuch! There's your dose of body horror for all of 2015.

Seriously, though, everyone who got dragged into that meshugaas, I'm so sorry -- I don't know how to apologize enough. Thanks for not unfriending present me even when you thought I was predestined to turn into a sesquipedalian megalomaniac.

(Though, seriously... no one noticed? Guy talks like he swallowed a thesaurus, it's not exactly subtle.)
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[ ID reads Karen Starr.

Long time no see, network. This time Karen's post is not coming from the small comfort of her government housing, but from a brightly lit office. Situated against one of the walls is a dark red couch, a pillow propped up against the edge. The windows, though not quite large but neither small, reveal De Chima in the background for anyone who might recognize it immediately.

Though she's been living in her office for a couple of months now, the room doesn't look as lived in as one would expect it to. That's because Karen made sure to tidy up and make the office look as professional and presentable as she could before she dared to turn on the feed. However, her cat can be seen sitting in her office chair, peering over the edge of the desk and reaching for an elastic that's been left on the surface.

Karen, with her hair tied away from her face, smiles into the camera. ]

Hi there. It's been ages, I know.

Since there are many of you who don't know me: I'm Karen Starr. I'm co-CEO of Starrware Industries, located in De Chima, Virgina. We're an R&D company primarily focused in coming up with solutions to the planet's environmental issues. We've been trying to get approval on studying even a small sample of nanotech, but we haven't heard back aside from a "request pending" notif. So, at the moment my team is mainly working with artificial technology and semi-organics.

Anyway, we've been up and running since about September now. We're a pretty small firm, but recently business has picked up so we can afford a few new employees. I won't lie: the wages aren't really high, though if you're interested in doing some good for the planet and working alongside people with a similar passion and vision then you're more than welcome to drop off a resume at my office or contact me privately. There's a lot of bright and talented imPorts here, so I'd love to work with you if you're interested.

[ There's suddenly a light crash as pens and some papers are pulled off the table courtesy the cat. Karen gives a hapless shrug and then adds: ]

Annnd that brings me to a random question: anyone know any good real estate agents around here?

[ Seriously, it's time to stop living in an office. ]

05 | Video

Nov. 23rd, 2014 11:20 pm
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[Desmond turns on the camera and sits back, the calico kitten he found earlier in the month taking up residence on the back of his chair.]

Hey, uh. So I know I've been scarce this month. Sorry about that. Been mostly working and sleeping. And Gidget here has no concept of letting people sleep. [Yeah, that's right, cat. Talking about you.] Not to mention thinking about...stuff.

With the leaks and everything, and people freaking out, I kind of had to see where the people here are coming from. They hardly know anything about us. We just showed up on their doorstep without any warning, with these superpowers. So of course they wouldn't trust us. I mean, they're going to believe their government before anything we have to say. That's just normal.

So instead of sitting around and bitching that people don't trust those of us who aren't Registered, why don't we get together and give them a reason to trust us? There's got to be something we can do besides actively going out and fighting crime. Right?
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Good news: ugly Christmas sweaters are a go this year. If you were in doubt that I would be without knitting implements upon arrival into Heropa ... you would be correct, but I bought new ones. Better ones. Knitting needles with a bright future ahead of them.

There will be no baubles this year, sadly. Instead there will be an assortment of odd looking cats and perhaps a jolly Santa. People who will receive an ugly sweater regardless of showing interest: Kanaya, Karkat, probably Derek Hale. Actually, if I know you, you are likely getting one. :)

Anyway, if anyone else would like one please register interest here. If you would like to vehemently show how opposed you are to sweaters (I am looking at you, Doctor F. Chilton), also reply here. (Read: you will still get a sweater, maybe even two).

Reasons you might not get a sweater: the apocalypse (again), I break an arm (or two), death or other extreme circumstances. I'm not really planning for any of the above, so it looks like we are all in luck.

03 | Video

Nov. 22nd, 2014 08:30 pm
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Hey, so, I got a question. Which is basically half of what this thing's used for, so I guess everyone's used to it by now.

[Jaime's sitting down in a chair in his room as he addresses the network, feet out of the frame and propped up on his desk. He raises his hand up to the screen, and it becomes clear that he's holding out a row of brochures like a fan, each and every one boasting the various virtues of various college campuses.]

I know a bunch of you guys are either in college or you're at least thinking about it, and I'm just wondering why. Not the usual reasons - of course I know everyone back home wants an education to get a job and all that, but why do it here? It'll be at least four years before most normal - [read: non-genius] - people get any payoff, and I know most people get Ported out by then.

[He puts the college brochures back down, sucking absently on the inside of his cheek as if trying to think of anything else to say and coming up empty, so he cuts the feed.]
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[The video feed comes on, revealing Flame Princess looking more than a little bit confused ]

So.. is forgetting junk normal around here? I don't mean forgetting where you put your scented candles or whatever, but forgetting everything that happened over a few months.

Because that's kind of what happened to me. A bunch of stuff happened, and then I'm back to where I was when I was first brought here and I'm getting told the same stuff, too - but it looks like a lot of time had passed this time!

I try to remember stuff, but all I can think of is a bunch of nothing. [She pauses and takes a moment to think.] I guess I might have gone home, but I don't remember returning to Ooo, either.

[Whatever it was, it's still weird and super annoying. But at least she's back now.]


Oct. 14th, 2014 02:16 pm
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A question, which is only going to get philosophical if you insist on taking it there.

What are the methods by which someone returns from the dead in your home universe? (Neglecting trivial cases like reappearance after presumed death, resuscitation prior to brain death, etc.)

These are the ways I know it's happened in my universe. I've neglected to enumerate the examples of each or the list would be much longer:
  1. Inadequately understood alien technology/biology
  2. Inadequately understood future technology
  3. Inadequately understood cosmic forces/natural laws
  4. Consciousness/brain pattern transfer (technological, psychic, sorcerous)
  5. Other sorcery
  6. Demonic intervention
  7. Divine intervention
  8. Reality manipulation
  9. Vampirism
  10. "Zombie" infection leading to arrested post-mortem cell degradation and continued consciousness
  11. Techno-organic infection
  12. Resuscitation after cryonic or other stasis (intentional or accidental)*
  13. Mutant or other superhuman ability (used on self or others)
  14. Retrieval/voluntary return from alternate state of post-mortal existence
  15. Alternate timeline collapse/intervention
*I strongly suspect the process used here falls under this category.

I'm interested in whether I've missed something, and in finding out which universes have which methods. For example, do some have purely mystical means vs. some purely technological?

[note that it hasn't occurred to Val that "people don't come back" is an option]


Oct. 11th, 2014 10:16 am
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[ for one of the few times in his life, Connors is actually using the video function. And, he's sitting in a nice little lab with a small smile on his face. ]

Pretty nice, huh? I finally got up the courage to ask about a promotion. You're looking at an actual research biologist now--no 'assistant' attached.

[ yaaaay still smiling. And then...that smile falters for just a moment as Connors pauses, regains his strength, and then starts talking again. ]

That's not the only reason I'm making this post, though. There's something that I need to tell people. It's...been a long time coming and honestly, I should have done this earlier. But, I'm telling everybody this now, while- [ while he's still got the courage ] while it's relatively quiet.

I know I've been a bit cagey about what my power is, and here's the reason why. Many years back, I tried to regrow my arm by injecting myself with a reptile DNA based experimental formula, designed to help stimulate cellular regrowth. Obviously, it didn't work. In fact, I'd say it made things worse. [ pause, take a small breath, continue on. ]

My power is that occasionally, in times of stress or high anxiety or simply even surprise, I change into this...this monstrous lizard thing. And I'm not myself. The way I understand it is my mind lies dormant--but it can be reached. Spider-Man's managed to save me by reminding me of my wife and son before. Anyway, it's dangerous. If I transform into that, I'm dangerous. The's killed people. And if you're a human, or what it thinks of as a "mammal," there's a high probability that it would try to kill you. So if I transform again, you've got to take me down before anybody gets hurt.

[ There's a pause where Curt scratches at the back of his neck for a moment. ] So that's...that. Not exactly a fun topic of conversation. [ said with a small chuckle, look at him trying to lighten the mood a bit. ] But it's something that needs to be done.
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[ The video clicks on to show a teenage boy sporting a black eye and a letterman jacket with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a big letter 'R' on it, as well as a mildly derisive expression on his face. It's a well-crafted guarded look, closing his face off from giving much away about what he might be thinking in the disdainful nonchalance it conveys. ]

So, I think one of my favorite things about this place so far is how I managed to show up just in time to start up school. Again. Some sense of humor someone's got -- but hey, I'm not complaining.

[ There's good reason for why he's not, but that of course he doesn't mention; better to play it like he's too mature for that kind of nonsense. He flourishes with his hand in a theatrical sort of gesture before he goes on, and briefly his tattoo is visible -- although instead of REGISTERED it just reads REG, the rest covered up with an adhesive bandage.

He continues in a tone of mustered confidence, approximating the appropriate smug punch his follow-up really calls for:

I'm Reggie Mantle, and I'm not gonna ask about superpowers or trans-dimensional whatcha-call-it because I figure, real or unreal doesn't matter much if we're livin' it anyway. I got a better survey question from a homework assignment:

What do you hate? With a passion?


Sep. 10th, 2014 07:09 pm
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[Hey look, it's everyone's favourite alcoholic valkyrie. She hasn't been around much lately, but she's here now, eying the screen as she idly flicks ash from her cigarette.]

Anyone else who met Salvatore Quisma the other night, let's talk.

[That's it, that's all she has to say.

She just cuts the feed and waits for answers.]


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