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Nov. 7th, 2016 08:48 pm
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[ it's been a rough month for jessica — thanks to her arrival and reliving her traumatic memories with the devil himself. in between all of her alcohol consumption, she's had time to think because sadly, even hard liquor can't always numb the pain.

it's almost midnight, and she finds herself posting on the network. there's no username attached; she prefers anonymity for this topic. well, here goes nothing. ]

if someone's dead back home, is there any chance they can show up here?

and what if they're the goddamn devil? will the cops do something about it?

serious answers only. not in the mood for bullshit.
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Hello. I have some questions.

[Jonathan Crane turns on the video, dressed in a fine suit, and smiles a little.]

Do we shape the world or does the world shape us? Is there a ghost in the machine or do we never think at all? And if we do not think, can we afford to permit people to be free?

[He leans back in the chair and gestures open-handedly.]

Difficult question, right?

Let's break it down: is free will an illusion? And are individual actions dependent on the consequences of those actions? I would appreciate the opportunity to hear your thoughts.
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[It's quiet for a moment as the person making the request isn't completely sure how to say what he wants; he's used to staying to the shadows and working from there, so reaching out so publicly goes against most of his training. Still, he has questions, and it's not like his enemies from home can find him here. ...Probably. So he concentrates, stilling himself and throwing a casual tone into his voice that he's not actually feeling considering he just wound up on a world he's never heard of. His day had already been going weird, but this is the icing on the cake of crazy.]

So I'm looking for some people, and I was wondering if any of them are here or if anyone's seen them. Steve, Sam, uh- Scott. And Wanda. We were kind of all together back home and if I'm here, maybe they are, too, so if they are I want to track them down again. See if we can figure out what's going on, that kind of thing. If you know them, can you tell them I'm looking for them?

[The choice to leave out their last names is deliberate, but except for Scott they are his friends, some of the people closest to him in his life. And a group like that, first names are really all that's important, other details can wait.]

[But whoops, he forgot something. And this time he will use a surname.]

Oh yeah - I'm Clint, Clint Barton. Thanks, and see-

[He's interrupted in signing off by a bark off to the side. There's another brief pause, and then Clint speaks up again with a bit more confusion in his voice.]

Did anyone in, uh, Heropa lose a dog? I've had this guy following me around for at least half an hour now, looks like some kind of chocolate lab mix and he seems like he's been trained but he isn't wearing a collar. Do you think I have hamburgers or something?
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[Matt’s had a lot to think about, since he got here. A lot of decisions to make. But he never intended to be in hiding; he’s not going to stay out of the conflict, this time, if conflict comes. So it feels like it might be important to go on record, for this, and say some things.]

My name is Matt Murdock. Over the past two months, I’ve spoken to many of you about a lot of things. Law, super powered trials, registration, the quality of the sandwiches down 14th street…and some of you I knew before, from my life as a defense attorney in New York City. And I’ve noticed there’s at topic that keeps resurfacing, over and over, about what’s the right thing to do, and whether or not you have or should take what you’ve been given. I’m sure some of you have answers by now, but if you don’t, let me shed some light on the subject for you.

[He sounds perfectly at ease with this, matter-of-fact, an indisputable list of evidence laid out piece by piece, with full conviction that what he's saying is absolutely 100% honest and his decisions are the right ones:]

These are the facts as I know them: you do not have to register. You do not have to stay in the job you were given. I can and will personally testify to that; I’ve left my position as a probationary defense attorney with a firm in town to go out on my own. You will lose whatever grandfathered certifications you received from the government to continue working in your old field, or the field they assigned you. But you can re-obtain those under your own steam, if you're willing to put in the effort. I retook the bar a few weeks ago. I couldn’t stop them from pulling strings so I could take it ahead of their regularly scheduled sessions, and I don’t feel comfortable about that. But I decided it was more important to be answerable to my own principles than to have a secure job somewhere under someone else’s direction. I’m not interested in taking something I didn’t earn for myself, and I am not going to have that sort of leverage hanging over my head- that my career was something they granted me rather than something I did on my own.

[His voice picks up volume now, getting stronger, more definite, more sure:]

I will also testify that I have been here for well over two months, and I have still declined to register. I don’t believe in it. I will never believe in it. I can’t agree to forced oversight unanswerable to any process of law, and that’s the way it is. Nobody has come to twist my arm yet. [He pauses, for a second.] At least, nobody from the government here. So you have that option. Recognize, however, that there are consequences to being a vigilante, if that’s what you choose to do. There always have been consequences, and there always will be. Whether or not you feel that’s a risk worth taking is a personal decision you have to make for yourself. Whether or not you even feel there’s a cause worth standing for and taking that risk.

[You can practically hear him rounding the finish line, heading for the conclusion with full confidence:]

I hope that at least gives some of you some peace of mind. If there’s any questions you want to ask me about it, I can only speak to my personal experiences, but please feel free. You’re welcome to stop by my new office any time if you’d like to talk in person as well. I can’t say it’s comparably fancy to the old one, but at least it’s my office.


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