Aug. 9th, 2016 03:56 pm
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[Oh good, it’s Mabel Pines. This bodes well! What doesn’t bode well is that she’s outside the mess that is Heropa 18, wearing a sweet helmet and with two piles of junk sitting on the front lawn visible in the frame. Piles of junk that might, in a galaxy long ago and far away, be a “pod racer.” Except these definitely have more rockets attached to the sides. Like, an excessive amount of rockets.]

Hey guys! Mabel Pines here-- oh and Dipper! [Who waves distractedly at the camera as he puts the finishing touches on his racer.] We just wanted to remind everybody to save the date. The date being August 31st! ‘Cause it’s our birthday and it’s gonna be a celebonanzapalooza to be remembered. We’ll be celebrating being fourteen-- totally seasoned teenagers!-- in major style. And all of you are invited!

[In the background, the pod racers gently lift off the ground. There's a faint humming noise and a weird glow. This actually looks like it might work?? Dipper gives Mabel a thumbs up and adjusts his helmet, only for one of the racers to make an alarming pinging sound and suddenly list to one side. He smacks something and everything straightens out.]

We really do mean all, even you new people! Every imPort’s a friend of the Pines family, except for that one guy and he knows who he is. Come by, say hi, get cake! Bring presents.

[Dipper nods at Mabel, and the twins snap on some sweet goggles in synch. Several pigs with fire extinguishers in their mouths stand at attention. Mabel makes to turn off the camera before she remembers--]

--and if you’re in Heropa we’re sorry about the noise!

[Mabel gives a jaunty wave and the camera turns off as they hop in their racers. The people of Heropa will get treated to some alarming drag racing noises and some minor explosions in the next few minutes. Everyone else-- hey, you’re invited to a party! If the kids are still alive to host it!]
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[Up until now, Frisk has been a surprisingly low-key presence around Import spaces. Poking their nose in a few bits of business, learning their way around...pretty innocuous.]

[Until today, that is.]

[The feed opens to a brown snout and a very distressed sort of noise--somewhere between a child's groan and an animal's whine. It jostles for a few moments before the view pulls back, revealing...well, it is Frisk, just. Different.]

I-I-I dunno what I did! I was just sittin' an' thinkin' an' then I started t' hurt an'--

[They wave one clawed hand at the screen (complete with cute little pink paw beans!), distress written clear on their face.]

An' now I'm a monster! I-I dunno what t' do!

[A few flames flicker to life on the end of one long ear.]

How do I go back, I can't--

[Suddenly Frisk stops, sniffs twice, then looks down at their ear...and lets out a startled bleat and drops the comm, which cuts the feed once it hits the ground.]


Jul. 30th, 2016 02:43 pm
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[the way in which the communicator is being held seems a bit...bizarre. almost disembodied, actually, as though it's levitating. and the reason why is evident, because the central figure of the video is a small unicorn (a pony, to be specific), and the tip of her horn is glowing a sparkling teal.

said unicorn looks a bit sheepish, smiling awkwardly, and she seems a bit...overwhelmed.

So...I figured out how to turn back. But, I'm not exactly back to my old self. In fact, things are a bit...different? I guess?

[she stretches one of the wings that had been laid hidden on her back, trying really hard not to freak out about these extra limbs because honestly, this is a big deal where she's from.]

Does, uh, anyone here know how to fly?
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[ Tonight, the video feed shows Gaby tossing a roughly palm-sized object up into the air and catching it repetitively; for those who venture to look more closely it's a door knob. For those who venture to look even more closely, there is a nearly-unhinged door somewhere in the background. Sorry, Heropa 006. ]

I'm curious. Now, I'm sure this question has been posed many times before, but I'd still like to know. How many of you already had powers before you were brought to this place? And how many of you were--for lack of a better term--completely ordinary beforehand? And how did you adjust to your newfound powers, if at all?

You see, I've been here for quite some time now, but still find it a little difficult to compensate for this--hm, unnatural strength? [ she doesn't want to call it super strength ] That I've been given. I assumed I would get used to it over time, but perhaps there's something more to it than just that.

[ She sighs, and stops tossing the thing up and down, now holding the broken-off doorknob up to be seen. ]

In other news, there doesn't happen to be anyone here with the power to fix doors very quickly, does there? I can certainly fix it myself, but I'm afraid I might make things worse instead.


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