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[ Newt had done his level best to avoid this eventuality since the moment he'd been given the infernal device. At best, he'd responded to these odd, electronic owl deliveries when he'd seen someone mention something that caught his attention, but honestly that had been few and far between.

Well to be honest, he'd only responded to Grind ... err Mr. Graves network communication. Beyond that, he'd kept the shiny device tucked away in the pocket of his coat and had kept his coat out of Niffler range. The problem with this would be obvious to anyone who knew Nifflers; nothing shiny was ever out of their range.

It had been a carefully played chess match between wizard and creature, but eventually Newt had been distracted and the Niffler had made the most of the opportunity as it was presented.

At first, the network would be treated to a flash of video image that briefly showed what looked to be something of a rain forest. Weird, were there rain forests in this part of the world? Then the images began to flash by more quickly, perhaps too hard to really get a good view because they certainly made little sense. A wide open plain, the rocky out cropping of a dessert, more thick forest trees.


The flashes of video feed suddenly went dark and quiet for a minute. Then it appeared again, reflecting some sort of weird, shiny cave. Another breath and a flesh colored bill loomed into the screen, tapping on the glass of the device. Soft, curious chittering and chirping noises, along with adorable snuffles came from the beak and the bright, dark eyes beyond the beak peered curiously at the screen.

This went on for about a minute, before a man's voice could be heard. ]

There you went! [ Quickly the bill and it's fuzzy owner were pulled out of range of the screen and the video jumped up into a hand, it's feed blacked out by a human palm and the microphone muffled, so whatever scolding was happened was muted. For a brief moment the video feed went from nothing, to giving a feed of a space so large that the lights within didn't seem strong enough to fill it. This image seeming to levitate and then gracefully spun around. There was a brief view of a lean figure in a white linen shirt, brown vest and matching trousers. A long fingered hand waved a ... stick perhaps. and the video feed swooped down along the figure, disappearing into the darkness of what could be assumed was a pocket.

In that moment, the device stopped sending video entirely and a voice with a British accent and a whole lot of exasperation, could be heard via audio only. ]

Uhm, yes. Sorry about that. Just dropped this device, you call it, near a duck. A very inquisitive duck.

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( video )

Jan. 4th, 2017 04:49 pm
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[The new year is usually a time where everyone can relax from their hard work over the holidays. It should be a time where friends hang out and have fun. It definitely should be Nike’s favorite way of beginning the new year, but… it wasn’t. A new network post will begin with a close up of her face that has a very forced smile, one that almost yelled ‘she was going to eat someone alive in less than a minute’. It becomes even more clear the moment she begins to speak in an exasperated voice.]

Happy new year, everyone. I know I should’ve asked this before, but I never thought I’d need to do this. [And what could it be? It won’t be long until she answers.] A new year’s resolution. I heard about them. I made a few. Like for one, I will try to be more patient and not do anything too drastic, but…

What is a new year's resolution in not tying people up? )


Dec. 31st, 2016 11:45 am
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[ The Doctor flips on the camera. Anyone who knows him really well can tell that he seems older, though he doesn't look it. He's older in that way that someone who's experienced some sadness is older despite the fact that they still look exactly the same. Of course, he's not going to talk about that, instead talking about something completely different because hahaha, acknowledging your problems is stupid! ]

I think this universe is contagious.

[ just said 100% seriously before continuing. ] I pop back home, accidentally mind you, and what do I deal with? Superheroes! Actual superheroes, just like you lot! Well, a actual superhero and probably not entirely like you lot, you're the ones who've got stupid universes where you get weird powers in weird ways and not by sensible methods like swallowing a space rock. [ because that is entirely sensible. ]

He had a mask and a secret identity and everything. And a baby, but I don't think babies are essential to the job. So, network, question! Who else has had weird contagious cross-universe bleed-over because I'd hate to be an outlier. I'm always the outlier.

Also! Who do I talk to in order to get the names changed? You can call me Doctor Mysterio now. [ said with the right inflection of ham and finger wiggles. Then there's a pause, before, ] Maybe not, let's just stick with the Doctor. Doctor Mysterio's good but it's a bit too long, how're you going to get all that out in time? By the time you've finished saying 'oh no, it's the Daleks, help us out Doctor Mysterio' then they've gone and vaporized you.
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Hullo, all.

So...The days are short, the air is cold (except in Heropa), and all of us are struggling with lingering embarrassment from all those mis-sent texts. So, to give us all a bit of cheer, and in recognition of all the holidays we've constructed to help us deal with winter, I thought we all could give one another a bit of love.

So! How does this work, then? Well -

1. Go ahead and post your name in this post.
2. People respond to you with things they like about you, lovely moments you've shared, et cetera.
3. You go out and respond to others with things you like about them.
4. NO BEING AWFUL. Do NOT give backhanded compliments or secretly troll people or things like that. The point of this is to be good to one another. Go be good to one another!
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[The feed clicks on to show a girl who basically looks on the edge of a panic attack. She's sitting outside on a bench, a big ol' fluffy cat clutched desperately in her arms. Almost like a security blanket.]

Um. Hello...

[For a moment, it seems like the girl on screen is just going to leave that there. To shrink back and end the feed and maybe even go as far as to throw the device as far away as possible, just to make sure it doesn't, you know, bite her. Or something.

Eventually, though, the cat in Fluttershy's arms gives a little encouraging mew, and she's able to take a breath and shakily - quietly - continue speaking.]

I'm, um, my name's Fluttershy. And I-- [Her voice breaks off in a squeak, but she only pauses for a second this time before bravely pushing forward.] I'm-- I'm working as an auctioneer. And, um, I was just wondering...

Since it's... oh, since the holidays are coming up, I was hoping to, um, h-have a charity auction. You see... [Here, she glances down at the cat in her arms, and a gentle smile spreads across her face.] there are just so, so many sweet animals that need homes for the holidays. O-Or even beyond that, if you and your animal friends end up getting along. So I was hoping it might be possible to have a charity auction for some of the rescue groups.

A, um, silent auction. [Her voice trails off in a whisper, almost drowned out by the delighted purr from the cat in her arms.] T-Thank you.

[And the feed cuts out with her voice.]


Dec. 7th, 2016 11:09 am
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[Is this the first time Rita has used the network? It seems so. After emerging from her two month long research binge, she had gotten a bit bored and well...

She wouldn't normally ask for help from a bunch of strangers but...this was actually getting a bit out of hand.]

Anyone know how to stop a refrigerator from running without blowing it up?

[ And by running, she means it quite literally. MEANWHILE in Maurtia Falls, someone might notice a rogue fridge has taken to rampaging up and down the streets in the residential area, while a girl flies behind it. sorry housemates, you're going to have to be fridgeless for a few hours]
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I didn't use that much glitter in the end. I still have most of the bag! What else do you think I should do with it?

001: TEXT

Nov. 20th, 2016 02:05 am
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hi everyone! i'm karina and i'm pretty new here

won't take up too much of your time, sooo... quick question!

if you could design your own superhero costume, what would it like? function over form or a combination of both? what matters most to you when you're out and about and helping people out?

or what DOES your costume look like, if you've already made one and you're in a position to tell

thanks in advance everyone ♥


Nov. 3rd, 2016 06:13 pm
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[The video opens with not only one Reyes, but two, in the kitchen of Heropa 16. Both Bianca and Jaime are visible, and it's initially coming from Bianca's communicator.

Bianca begins to speak first. She at least looks more rested than the last time she had made a post to the network.]

Hi, everyone. I'm Bianca Reyes, and this is my son, Jaime. [In the background, Jaime waves dutifully at the camera, though he remains silent. Hi, imPorts!]

Thanksgiving is coming up, and we know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends from back home here.

[Something that certainly hit home for Bianca, last month when Alberto disappeared. She looks over at her son.

Now it's Jaime's turn to pipe up, though he's certainly not as skilled a public speaker as his mother is. He doesn't even bother stepping forward.]

So, I know not everyone knows what Thanksgiving is. It's got a long history with, um, pilgrims, and how America was founded, but that isn't really what it's about anymore. Mostly, it's about spending time with people you love, talking about what you're thankful for, and most importantly, eating a lot of food. A lot of food. [He has to grin at that.

Bianca turns a bit to glance at Jaime, with a smile, before returning her attention back to the camera.]

Because of that, we want to invite anyone who doesn't have anyone here or has never celebrated Thanksgiving before to come and celebrate it with us. We might all be stuck here for the holidays, but we don't have to be alone for them.

[Jaime glances over at Bianca a little uneasily because this is a big get-together she's talking about - come on, supervillains, give this one a rest - but instead of voicing those concerns, leaves everyone with a parting request:] Oh, and, uh, since we don't know how big this will get… please bring something if you're coming! We can potluck it up. How big is this grocery list going to get?

[Bianca looks back over, knowingly. They'll have this under control!] It might take a few trips, it'll be fine. [That's not fine at all!]

We'll make sure there's enough space for everyone. If nothing else, the weather will be nice here.

( video )

Nov. 3rd, 2016 12:39 pm
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[After contemplating it for the last few weeks, Nike decides it was a good time to ask about it. The question that has been in her mind for some time. A pretty important question all things considered, but was a little too shy to specifically ask anyone in her social circle about it. Maybe it would be easier if she makes it a community thing. With talk of the upcoming holidays -- that she has no idea of -- she decides it could be a good way to begin more positive conversation, so there's going to an energetic Nike popping up at the network today.]

Okay! I think it is about time we have an important discussion. [...wait.] Well, it isn't an overly important one. Like about the Porter or the alleyway mystery, but it's kinda important all the same. I mean, holidays are a big thing in this world and all, so I just thought this may be important too.

asking all the semi-important questions here! )

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003; video

Oct. 17th, 2016 12:31 am
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(the feed opens to a rather familiar cafe in heropa, one many of the local imports might find themselves familiar with. that's right, it's the lucky cat cafe, slowly amassing more and more autumn decorations. cute miniature jack-o-lanterns on the window sills, strings of brightly colored leaves hung above windows and the doorway. she's making sure to get as much of the cafe in her shot as possible, without disturbing the patrons in her cafe. she props her elbow up on the table chin in her hand with nothing short of a welcoming grin. she's wearing a rather unique black shirt, covered by her usual green flannel shirt and her hair tied back in an all too messy ponytail.) Sup dudes! So, a lot of you probably noticed a while ago that Miss Cass left. She was a great person, a legitimately cool adult, and I hardly say that about anyone above the age of twenty-five.

(she chuckles a bit, trying to give off the impression that it was a joke, that she doesn't consider all adults to be lame. anyone who knows her, of course, knows that she means that as a compliment.) Anyway, I basically inherited the cafe, I guess? Meet Wendy Corduroy, new boss of the Lucky Cat Cafe! Who says you need school to run a business?

(she gives off a confident "yeah!" along with a fist pump to the air. she's definitely confident enough in herself to be able to run a business like this, that much is sure. it's not arrogance, just assurance in herself to handle what's been set before her.) So down to business, I'm still just a teenager, so I'm not the best at what I'm doing. The cafe could definitely use a few extra hands around while I figure out what the heck I'm doing until I get the hang of this business owner gig. You got any questions, ask 'em here, or drop by to see what's up. Whatever's cool, guys.

(she's about to hang up, before remembering one important little tidbit that... actually makes the smile on her face waver. in fact, she grumbles to herself for a few seconds before letting out an annoyed huff. her expression is nothing short of an annoyed scowl.) And, okay, in honor of the season, and keeping with Miss Cass' wishes, yes, we have pumpkin spice drinks and other "autumn specials" (said with rather sarcastic air quotes.) being served. So all you screaming girls in tacky sweaters and Ugg boots can come over and get your corporate holiday fake vegetables in a cup. Because why get decent pumpkin pie when you can get cheap liquid form that tastes absolutely nothing like pumpkin. That's basically it from me, guys, hit me up. Wendy is out, peace.

(wendy, that is not how you run a business... oh well. regardless, wendy signs off cheerfully, with a peace sign and all. she'll get better at this boss thing. someday.)

((ooc: hey guys! so seeing as wendy is in charge of the cafe now, i'll be handling the ooc aspect of it from now on. if your character is interested in joining the team, pm me or hit me up at [ profile] autumnpastries))
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[Hello, everyone, and welcome to what may well be the Blue Beetle's first - and possibly last - ever video post! He's clearly in uniform, and frankly looks a little inhuman; his red-yellow lenses glow faintly, even though he's posting from a rooftop out in the sunshine, he's conspicuously noseless, and he's covered from head to toe in a blue and black carapace armour. When he speaks, his voice is calm and measured; he's clearly been thinking about this for a long time, and it's something he wants to get out right, even if his speech is a little marred by the fact that he's speaking through a faintly robotic filter.]

Hi, everyone. Um, some of you might know me, even if I don't talk here a whole lot, but just in case -- I'm the Blue Beetle. Not my real name, for the record, but plenty of us superheroes still do the codename thing, even here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I wanna talk about powers.

See, as far as I can tell, we all get powers when we get here, unless we already had some back home, and now? Even the people who were born here have them. It's especially hard for people who got dangerous powers. Some people try and use them for good, and other people just try to ignore them, and others try to master them by themselves, but this kind of thing isn't something you should have to tackle by yourself.

Where I'm from, there are a lot of people with powers. We call them metahumans. And sometimes when they try to tackle these things by themselves, it works out just fine! A lot of the time, though? It doesn't. Especially when they go out and use them to try and do a lot of good, and I know that's what people here are doing too. Maybe it seems like it's not a big deal from the outside, but it is. That's how a lot of people wind up dead. [He pauses, just for a moment, and inhales quickly before continuing.] It's how a lot of people I know wound up dead. It's not something to take lightly. I know I didn't have a lot of help - I didn't ask for a lot of help - when I started out, and if I did? Things would have gone a lot smoother.

But I'm not trying to lecture anyone! I know a lot of people here have been doing this for a lot longer than me, [he admits, flashing a quick smile at the screen, teeth white and human behind his mask.] This is just me making an offer. If you're trying to break into what people like me do, or if you're trying to figure out your powers, don't do it alone. If you're not worried about yourself, at least think of other people -- if you've got some strong powers going on, without training, it's really, really easy to hurt other people accidentally. If you guys want help, I'll do that, the best I can. And if I can't, I have a feeling there's a lot of others who'd be willing to help too.

So, um... yeah. I guess that's it! Didn't... really think about how I was going to end this.

[He blinks at the communicator, suddenly awkward before clearing his throat and saying:] Bye!
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[Cue one blue-eyed, blond kid on the network - there are no smiles here but he also doesn't look terribly confused. Ven is used to traveling to different worlds even though he's only been to a few that he can remember. Still, this one was a little strange as to how he arrived but he does believe he can leave under his own power at this point.]

Wow, this is cool! You can talk to just about everyone with these things, right? [Finding out if his friends are here has never been easier upon arrival to a world. Typically he has to talk to everyone he comes across.] Hi, I'm Ventus but you call me Ven!

I'm looking for a couple of people. First is Terra, he's taller than me with dark hair and clothes like mine. [Have a good shot of his clothes, people. The piece of armor sitting on his upper left arm, the strap across his chest that forms an 'x' shape, the little emblem smack dab in the middle.] And Aqua. She has blue hair and is really pretty. If you see either one of them, or if you guys see this - call me back, okay? I need to talk to them.

[It's important.]

It's okay if you haven't, though! I might've just gotten here first. Even if you haven't seen them maybe you can tell me what you like to do here. I've never been anywhere so big before which means there's a whole lotta stuff to do and I don't know where to start exploring or what to check out first. Suggestions would be great!


Oct. 3rd, 2016 06:28 pm
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[Today's video showcases Ed sprawling haphazardly across an armchair. Judging from the books and notepads strewn about, he was probably trying to get some work done. Guess he gave up on that idea.

His tone is clipped and frustrated when he speaks up.]

What the hell is with the porter? It brings people here and then just send them home again a week or two later! How does that make any sense? For anything! There's no goddamn point to it!

[He slouches further down in his seat and kicks at a notebook balanced precariously on the arm of the chair, sending it tumbling to the floor.] Can't even… [His mouth twists in a sullen scowl, and he drags a hand roughly across his face.]


There's no way I can get any work done today. It's…kind of an anniversary, and with that asshole leaving on top of it— Ugh.

...Look. Just tell me about something from your home. Something you're looking forward to. Someone you miss. Just…anything you've had to leave behind that you don't want to forget about.

It's a good day to remember.
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[Greetings, MoM. Fresh meat here. Here is one (1) Terry McGinnis, dressed in his usual black t-shirt and brown jacket with the large grey stripes on the arms. He seems... panicked.]

Look, I have lots of questions and things to say about being kidnapped and brought to some kind of parallel universe or something, and I'll get to all of them in a moment, but more important right now--

[Terry quickly pans the camera to the other side of the room, where a large, black Great Dane has backed himself into a corner...on the ceiling. The dog seems uncertain about his unusual situation, but isn't distressed.]

How do I get my boss' dog off the ceiling?!
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[The moment the post begins, there's a tired sounding boy on the other end. He's making this audio only because he doesn't want anyone to see him right now. He's not only really worn out, but he's a complete mess physically at least and to some extent emotionally as well. Nevertheless, he only feels it's the right thing to do and let people know what's going on.]

So um hi... I don't know how many of you know me, but I'm Riku's little brother Kagami. [He then lets out a small sigh before continuing.] I'm pretty much posting here to let people know that my brother isn't here anymore. He's gone home. I've been searching all afternoon since I got home from school, but he's nowhere to be found. I've tried contacting him over his phone too and got no response back. So in light of Riku going home, I've decided to continue running his delivery service on the side as much as possible and well, if anyone he knows needs a hand or help, I'm offering that too. It feels like the right thing to do in both regards and what I feel Riku would have wanted. So yeah, that's really all I needed to say.

[And he cuts off the connection.]
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Testing, testing, one, two, three... perfect!

[There's a brief pause as Utena tries to start a new post, but instead, her message just follows after her brief test]

Hey everyone. There's a lot of new people here, huh? Anyway, I'm Utena Tenjou, and I just got here last month. I remember that it can be pretty hard getting used to this place, especially if you don't know that many other imPorts. I mean, I don't have anything against the natives here, but... well, there's just some things they don't really understand, you know?

So, I had an idea. Why don't we have a meetup this weekend? You know, for everyone who's still going to school. That way, we can all get to know people who understand what it's like to be an imPort. I hear that there's an aquarium at Nonah that's supposed to be pretty nice, so we can all meet up there Saturday afternoon.

[OOC: This meetup will be the start of the Attack of the Chaos Coven plot! Despite what she says, it's open to non-students as well; Utena's just so used to going to school for so long that she forgot about kids who aren't going to school. Your characters are free to sign up ICly here, but it's not required.]
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As seen on BlueTube, general social media, before being picked up by imPort hungry tabloids:
There was a shocking turn of events in Nonah last week when imPort Gabriel Gray, the bachelor of upcoming survival-dating reality TV Show ZomBae, was captured on video apparently delirious and emitting a chaotic explosion of lightning. The video circulated on social media before tabloids reached out for comment. Eye witnesses, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that two assailants in bird masks had fired a weapon at Gray from their car before driving away.

"He threw lightning at them, and then just started losing it," said one witness. "He said something about someone named-- Ellen? Elle? I guess dating shows are really stressful when you put zombies in them." More witnesses confirmed the car's license plate as DICKLE.

Gray could not be reached for comment.

As seen on imPort gossip sites and magazines:
Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena [REDACTED], Rachel Duncan, Sarah Manning, Sarissa Theron—six identical imPorts, all of whom have been spotted multiple times on the Network and in person across the east coast during the past year. These imPorts have been telling the public that they're part of a set of quintuplets who were separated at birth, but anyone who can count to six has discovered a flaw in what seems to be some sort of cover story! Word on the street has suggested everything from superpowers gone haywire to a self-replicating virus to Russian-designed robot spies, but none of the quints—or did we mean sextuplets?—have made an official statement regarding their suspicious behavior.

As seen on TMI:
Cameras were flashing when we saw everyone's favorite power(ed)couple going off somewhere quiet at the monthly Swear-In. However, it seems as though Daisy Johnson and Jesse Pinkman did not come to the Swear-In together. Instead, Daisy Johnson came with a new imPort, Lincoln Campbell. That didn't stop all three of them from talking. Pinkman seemed at ease during the whole conversation while photographs show just how tense Daisy Johnson was. Johnson and Campbell were seen dancing together and were caught holding hands. Later in the evening they left together as well.

With very little information available on Mr. Campbell we are led to believe that there is the possibility he is from Ms. Johnson's home planet.

As seen on the most prominent ad page of every affordable newspaper:
Time After Time
New watches! Under new management!
Now featuring compass watches: it's a watch AND a compass!
Direction watches coming soon.
Buy watches!
One location in Heropa, go to the website for more information.
18'14 19220922 1821 021206 04261307 0712 07261516.

As seen on MeTube, Rumblr, BlueTube:
Bianca Reyes verbally GRINDING down a grocery store jerk and embarrassing her son! See her in action! Momtastic action!

As seen on all major national news outlets and major tech and automotive magazines and blogs:
After months of R&D, Starrware's Ted Kord has announced the launch of the company's newest and most innovative tech, Solar Technology Overlay Paneling. The technology combines Starrware's goal for environmentally-friendly technology with the popular hover engine technology, and uses a camouflage honeycomb solar paneling that allows engines to to draw energy from the sun, storing up to 250 hours of driving time per charge. The solar paneling can cover as much or as little of the vehicle as desired, blends in nicely with any color your vehicle comes in, and works on any size hover engine, from motorized bicycles to buses used for public transportation.

At Starrware's press conference this week, Mr. Kord announced that they have already begun production through General Motors and Ford, and expect to launch with Chrysler later in the month, with the first STOP cars expected to feature heavily in the 2017 lines for all three manufacturers. He has assured the press that Starrware will keep the production and distribution American, a move which has already driven Starrware's stock prices up as customer interest has spiked.

When asked for comment, Karen Starr, Starrware founder and CEO, and Ben Goldberg, co-CEO, replied "We at Starrware are exceptionally proud of Mr. Kord's talents and work with us, and are excited to see where this breakthrough will lead as we have no doubts this what will help further our goals and encourage others to look to greener solutions as well."

As seen in circulating ads:
Volunteer actors needed for the Renaissance Faire at the Maria-Francis foundation/September swear-in. No experience is necessary, training and costumes will be provided. All applicants considered, minors will need a guardian's signature!

A highlight in September will be a Renaissance festival being held to celebrate the opening of the Marie-Francis Foundation!

This will be an opportunity for the Foundation to express its gratitude to the imPorts and natives who helped construct its new headquarters, as well as an opportunity to welcome new imPorts at their Swearing-in.

The festival organizers are currently looking for any local imPort businesses that would be interested in having a booth at the festival, as well as participants for costume and character contests! There will be food, games, costumes and more at the festival and anyone with questions is welcome to contact the Foundation directly.

Whether people have a booth or choose to participate with a costume, the Foundation hopes everybody will come and enjoy a finally celebration of summer and welcome to fall!

As seen on local Heropa news sites and papers, as well as pictures and videos from the event itself popping up on all major social media:
Local Heropan charitable organization, Helping Hands, Open Hearts, reports that their recent fundraiser spearheaded by imPorts Hartley Rathaway and M, "imPie an imPort", was a huge success. Over the course of the afternoon, imPorts and native citizens alike raised a shocking $4,254 in pie sales, standalone donations, and pie-in-the-face donations. HHOH founders Franklin and Susanne MacDonald say that the funds raised will do a lot to help with the construction of the new homeless shelter and resource center, but they will continue to accept donations. Their website has more information on how and where to donate, as well as photos and video clips from the event.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from CAUTIOUS PATRIOTISM to PUMPKIN SPICE ORANGE because Moonbux is a proud partner of the NSA and the DHS. Make sure to sign up for a Moonbux card, your tenth coffee is free!

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.


Sep. 8th, 2016 08:12 pm
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[The video flicks on to a boy wearing this. How he got them? Don't bother asking but he does look fairly confused. He's just poking at the screen for a couple of seconds, the camera completely shaky and always moving. He doesn't even realize that the comm is on as he says:]

How does this thing even work? Is it even on? Helloooo? Oh- [finally noticing that, yes, he's live.]

Hey, can other people see this? Those big guys said that's how this was supposed to work. Anyways, can someone tell me how I got here? My name's Sora and I'm looking for my friends! One of them is Riku, he's like this tall [gesturing with his hand] silver hair. He's hard to miss. Then there's also Donald Duck and Goofy. [And insert description here because who doesn't know what they look like?]

If you could tell me where to find them that'd be great! Or if you guys are already here, call me, okay?

(ooc: note, that spoilers for kh3d will likely pop up the comments below if you haven't played yet.)


Sep. 3rd, 2016 05:22 pm
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Tell me about when you realized you were in love.
And then tell me about when you realized you weren't.

Both of those have an either-or element, too, of course. Don't think you have to have both to join in.

Alternatively, if you don't have either of those... Tell me about your siblings. Or your best friend. Or your worst enemy.

Everybody has these little pieces of personal history, but nobody new you meet will ever know those parts unless you choose to share them. It's like editing your own narrative. A lot of them probably seem innocuous once you have some distance, but I love hearing about things like that. I always wished that I could see the whole of people in an instant, or that I could read them as easily as I could read books.

I can't, though, so I have to ask and hope that people are willing to share bits of themselves with me.


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