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May. 5th, 2017 09:33 pm
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[ all you see on the screen is a turtle in this walking on a leash, waddling along the streets of heropa at her own pace. if you're in heropa you can probably watch in person, but hey there's a video feed for it too so everyone gets to watch ]

Turtles are way too feisty if you don't walk them daily.

[ is the voice behind the turtle waddling forward. it's a man's voice, low and deep. and you can see glimpses of his classy shoes as he walks alongside the turtle who, at times, waddles back to his shoes and bumps her head against the tips of them as if to tell her owner to hurry the hell up ]

And they're bossy as fuck.

[ after that's said, the video finally pans to kaito. he has a disgruntled look on his face but not towards the turtle, moreso at the fact that he's being bossed around by her ]

Take my advice, never get a female turtle for a pet.
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[ Anyone who's been to Re: Cafe already will recognize the interior as soon as the feed starts going. There's a pretty good amount of people sitting and enjoying their food and drink visible, including a flash of a group of high school girls giggling in the corner. The video settles on them for a second as they watch something off camera, huddled together and whispering to each other. ]

Ah...the Kennibals finally came...

[ Hinami's voice is quiet, and finally the camera settles on its true focus and what the girls were apparently staring at: Kaneki. It's nothing out of the ordinary, just him going about his job while wearing the café's uniform.

Except Hinami apparently has no plans to let him remain on task and oblivious to the camera on him, because finally she's moving closer to him and calling out: ]

Onii-chan! Say something to announce the cafe, please!

[ Kaneki is a bit startled at first, turning to Hinami and looking absolutely awkward. ] Wait- ah- [ this was too sudden, Hinami! Kaneki clears his throat for a moment and decides to give this a go ]

Re: Café has just opened. I'm the owner, Ken Kaneki and we'd welcome your patronage. We are located in Nonah and the Café works like an urban museum of sorts. [ if anyone pays close attention, they'll notice the place is covered in many different types of acessories, decorations and other trinkets ] We accept many different items, so feel free to drop anything you'd like. [ he will point to the book shelves now ] We also work as a book café; we have all sort of books, which you can read or trade for yours. Or just leave some here, if you'd like.

[ and that's it. Kaneki has no idea what else to say, besides whispering back at Hinami ] I think that will be all, Hinami-chan.

Right! [ Hinami flips the camera to give a cheerful wave and show off her own uniform. ]

Please come by soon!

[ ooc; Re: Café is officially open! It's a café for everyone, however, it has a special section just for imPorts that have "special" needs (cannibals, vampires, and similars). It's not publicly advertised, but there are many rumors involving it since the owner is a known cannibal (feel free to come up with your own rumors, if you'd like). Kaneki is currently hiring. ]


Mar. 10th, 2017 08:38 pm
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[ Things have been kind of weird lately, and after having been followed around for a bit by a spectral version of the old woman that used to live next door to him, Junseo's mostly been sticking to work and home. He's back in his room, unwinding after a tiring day of work. All is normal--

Except... except as the video cuts on, and Junseo squints at the camera before pushing his sliding chair back across the floor so the space behind him is visible, it's clear he's got something else following him around now.

Uhm... I found a lost dog?

[ That is not a dog... ]

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Feb. 25th, 2017 10:05 pm
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[the feed is set to video, but Lapis seems only nominally interested in achieving a steady recording of her face. she's turned it on for another purpose, and the quality of everything else up until that point is really unimportant to her. at least gems don't have naturally shaky hands, even if the camera keeps trailing off into nothing now and then before she rights it, almost absent-mindedly.]

How long are you supposed to wait to be sure that someone's been ported out? I've seen people say stuff like 'a while', but humans and gems don't really seem to have the same idea of what a long time actually is.

I haven't seem someone who lives in this house with me for - [shit, fuck. Lapis' expression stutters into hesitance as she realizes that she has no idea how long she's been not seeing him, nor does she remember any useful earth calendar terms beyond month and year.] - I haven't really seen him lately. But he's kind of stupid and scared of me, so I don't know if that's on purpose or not.

[she gives a lopsided shrug, as if to say 'what can you do?' humans were a crazy weird little species, and she's given up trying to fix their misconceptions on a lot of things. if Hyunsoo wanted to think she was out to kill him, let him. he was the one looking dumb, not her.]

...I've got something else to ask, too.

[this is the reason that she'd switched the video on. Lapis' nose scrunches in a cross between disgust and bafflement before she swings the camera around to zero in on - the fridge?

without further ado, a little blue hand sneaks back into frame to swing the refrigerator door open. have you ever seen food left to its own devices for a little over a month, imPorts? if not, here's your prime chance to some front row seats because that is exactly what this fridge is full of.

clearly it's been a while since Hyunsoo was last here.]

Is food supposed to look like that?
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[The video opens up to...a floor. You can tell it's a floor because while it's originally just a black screen, it's picked up a moment later and-]


Is it working?

[The camera shifts, showing Callaghan and Kotetsu - the latter fumbling with it. They are also upside down.]

I think so, but-

Pretty sure you've got it backwards, there.

Oh crap, right. Sorry. [Cue Kotetsu flipping it up as Callaghan hides a faint smile, glancing at him as Kotetsu gets them both in-frame. They look to be in an office of some sort, some papers set up on a desk behind them along with books and the like.] This right?


Cool. Okay! I'm Kotetsu Kaburagi-

-and I'm Robert Callaghan. [He looks back at the camera.] It's my pleasure to inform you all that we've finally completed a few changes for the campus. Many of you know the place as 'Xavier's School for imPorts', set outside of Heropa. [He tilts his head] We'll now be known as the Heropa Organization for imPort Education, shorthand HOPE. [And that gets a proud quirk of lips.] We'll also now be offering some college-level classes for our more advanced students, in addition to our powers training [A brief pause while he tilts his head towards Kotetsu, who grins] and general education curriculum. As always, you're welcome to stay in the dorms or commute as you'd like.

With that said, we're looking to make use of the dorms.
[He grows a little more serious] Some of you are unRegistered, like me, for whatever reasons. Regardless of those reasons, if you're finding it difficult to get by without the aid that's offered for those who do Register, we'd like to offer you a place to stay while you get your feet under you. This offer's open to anyone, regardless of age, so long as you behave yourselves and at least make an effort to make your way. If you need some advisement with where to go or what to do, we're willing to support you however we can and you can help around the school if you're having issues finding employment.

And on that subject, we're always looking for more faculty, or even staff for the non-teaching positions. If you're interested in any of this - attendance, employment, or lodging - we'd be happy to speak with you.

[[OOC; tl;dr Xavier's School for imPorts > Heropa Organization for imPort Education. Some college level classes offered. Unregistered can hang out there if you help around the place and/or just need a place to stay for a bit. Nothing really stopping Registered from doing it but you already get free shit why you need]
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[The feed cuts on to a shot of a woman with a very impassive expression sitting at a table... in a park maybe? She's somewhere outside at least, drawing in some sort of sketchpad, and by all appearances might not even know the camera is actually recording her. That is, until she speaks up after several long seconds of silence, eyes still locked on the page in front of her.]

Sorry for the interruption, everyone, but I'm curious about something, and I hope you have a second to answer.

In your time here, have you made many friendships or alliances, even knowing that they'll all be ending soon and forgotten? If so, why? And why do you think it's so common to do this? What motivates people to keep trying?

[She finally stops her sketching and looks over to the camera, holding up her pencil in front of her.]

Also, do you know where I can find better supplies for things like this? I usually just take what I can get, but if quality is an option...


Feb. 13th, 2017 10:17 pm
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[Komasan can be seen sprawled out on his couch, a good deal of empty candy boxes resting alongside him. The few that haven't been opened yet look like they don't have much time left, Komasan lazily begins to paw one in a poor attempt to drag it closer to himself.]

I really like this chocolate season, zura...

[Someone's been hoarding the Valentine's Day chocolates. Again.]

I-Is anyone else buying lots of chocolate? You guys should hurry before it's all gone, zura... Or you can come over and share with me, I think I might've eaten too much, zura...

[He says as he slips another piece into his mouth.]

It might not be soft cream, but I just can't seem to stop myself, z-zura...

[He acts more like he's asking for help than looking for a friendly get together...]
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The first person I'd ask for help about problems among friends is gone now...so I'd like to ask for help here instead.

What should I do about a friend who keeps pushing me away because he thinks I don't care about him anymore? Every time I talked with him it seemed like he misunderstood more and more of my feelings...to the point that he left home in anger. I don't know what to do or say anymore. I'm afraid I'll make things worse.

Kagami, if you're reading this, just come home. Please. We should talk this over.

And...does anyone know of some self-defense trainers? I meant to ask last month, but the black out happened before I could. I'd like to learn more. I need the distraction.


Feb. 5th, 2017 09:38 pm
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[Oh hey, it's Aerith. No one's seen her for a few months, huh?

Though she just turned on the video, she already looks for a moment like she forgot about it. She's staring off at something in the distance that the viewfinder can't see, if there's anything there, anyway.

A moment passes and she glances back at her phone.]

Kel isn't here anymore. But Tetsuo is. It hasn't been that long, right?

[Someone would be right if they noticed she's acting even weirder than normal.]

Can someone tell me what happened while I was gone?

[After one inappropriately long pause--]

I made it back in time for my birthday.
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Hey, guys! I know some of you are still in recovery mode right now after all that craziness, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet, but I have a very serious poll for everybody who has a second.

[Ruby gives a pretty good impression of someone who's in the mood to smile brightly for the internet!]

So! If you had a few days off--from work, from hero stuff, from your criminal enterprise, whatever--and you were looking for a place outside the big city to just relax and forget it all for a bit, which Porter town would you rather do that nearest to? Like, which one has the nicest views and atmospheres and "quaint little villages" and stuff you'd love to spend a quiet weekend taking in, in its surrounding area?
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Friday the 13th. The most feared day and date in human history. Staying at home is recommended.

[His voice is a merry tone.]

Quite a date, isn't it? Triskaidekaphobia. Paraskevidekatriaphobia. Thirteen guests at a table. The 13th Baktun. The thirteenth floor being omitted in hotels where the number is considered unlucky.

But is today truly bad for your health? Let us examine the relationship between health, behaviour, and superstition.

[He pauses, purposefully. There's a gentle drop in the lightness of his tone.]

Tell me what you are doing today. Are you outside? Commuting to work? Shopping? Visiting friends? The risk of hospital admission may be increased by as much as 52%, you know.

[Said with a twist of sarcasm; but it ends with him speaking calmly.]

Now. Our time's up, but I'll leave you with advice. Think logically. Act rationally. And don't let the date control you.
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[ Newt had done his level best to avoid this eventuality since the moment he'd been given the infernal device. At best, he'd responded to these odd, electronic owl deliveries when he'd seen someone mention something that caught his attention, but honestly that had been few and far between.

Well to be honest, he'd only responded to Grind ... err Mr. Graves network communication. Beyond that, he'd kept the shiny device tucked away in the pocket of his coat and had kept his coat out of Niffler range. The problem with this would be obvious to anyone who knew Nifflers; nothing shiny was ever out of their range.

It had been a carefully played chess match between wizard and creature, but eventually Newt had been distracted and the Niffler had made the most of the opportunity as it was presented.

At first, the network would be treated to a flash of video image that briefly showed what looked to be something of a rain forest. Weird, were there rain forests in this part of the world? Then the images began to flash by more quickly, perhaps too hard to really get a good view because they certainly made little sense. A wide open plain, the rocky out cropping of a dessert, more thick forest trees.


The flashes of video feed suddenly went dark and quiet for a minute. Then it appeared again, reflecting some sort of weird, shiny cave. Another breath and a flesh colored bill loomed into the screen, tapping on the glass of the device. Soft, curious chittering and chirping noises, along with adorable snuffles came from the beak and the bright, dark eyes beyond the beak peered curiously at the screen.

This went on for about a minute, before a man's voice could be heard. ]

There you went! [ Quickly the bill and it's fuzzy owner were pulled out of range of the screen and the video jumped up into a hand, it's feed blacked out by a human palm and the microphone muffled, so whatever scolding was happened was muted. For a brief moment the video feed went from nothing, to giving a feed of a space so large that the lights within didn't seem strong enough to fill it. This image seeming to levitate and then gracefully spun around. There was a brief view of a lean figure in a white linen shirt, brown vest and matching trousers. A long fingered hand waved a ... stick perhaps. and the video feed swooped down along the figure, disappearing into the darkness of what could be assumed was a pocket.

In that moment, the device stopped sending video entirely and a voice with a British accent and a whole lot of exasperation, could be heard via audio only. ]

Uhm, yes. Sorry about that. Just dropped this device, you call it, near a duck. A very inquisitive duck.

(ooc: All replies will be audio only!)
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[ The communicator is already properly situated when the video starts, a young woman framed from biceps up, silvery aviators pushed back onto the top of her head holding dark bangs out of her face. She lifts a hand and gives a wave, at ease with this technology, at least. ]

Hi, [ she begins, with a smile that's on the friendly side of polite. ] My name is Kate, I just got here in the last...batch or whatever, and I'm looking for a couple of my friends. If any of you guys are watching this, call me! For the rest of you, I put together a quick list that's attached to this message. I know it's probably annoying all of us showing up looking for people but if you have a minute to take a look, I'd really appreciate it.

They're-- [ here her smile briefly warms, and widens lopsidedly, ] --sort of distinctive? Or they usually are, anyway. I guess with the whole superhero craze here, maybe you have more than one guy running around in space pajamas, who knows!

Anyway, if you can point me to anybody on the list, I'll owe you one. Which! [ she raises a finger here and grins, excitement creeping into her voice ] I can repay in pancakes, because apparently I can do this now: [ this being the sudden appearance of a heaping stack of steaming, golden-brown pancakes, which materialize on the table in front of her, the plate they came on rattling as it lands. She frames them with her hands, Vanna White-style. ] Cool, right? I can do blueberry, too.

att: list.doc
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[Slight buzz as the social network video thing turns on and you see a smiling face.]

Is it on now? Letseee…...Alright! That should do it!

[Clearing his throat now]The name’s Gentarou Kisaragi. I’m going to be friends with every hero! Starting with every one in Heropa! Give me a shout if you wanna be buds!

Ok! Mai! Talk to the video to get help! I’ll talk to people here!

[The image very obviously jolts as the girl is fumbling with the device for a few moments and she has a rather panicked expression for just a few seconds as she turns to watch him run off in the background trying to talk to everyone that passes by with a ‘HEEEYYY! CAN YOU HELP A GUY OUT?!’ Being heard even from this distance. Then she turns back and smiles brightly.]

Hi! I’m Mai! Gentarou and I are new here and we’re trying to find our place. We’re in a place called…

[There’s a little more fumbling as she’s looking at a little piece of paper she scribbled on.]

Heropa and we’re number 28. That would be great!

[And now she leans in a little closer to the screen with a laugh and whispers the next line..]

And if you could tell me the directions quickly before he grabs too many strangers, that would be even more amazing!

((OOC: Intro post for both Gentarou and Mai. If you want to reply with Action, you will get Gentarou accosting you in the streets asking for help. If you reply with Video, then you will get a response from Mai or Gentarou or both.))


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