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It has been an eventful couple of weeks hasn't it? I don't know about anyone else but I'm still getting 'thank you' cards in the post. From the people in Nonah mind you, not from Miami. Has anyone else noticed things seem to go to pot wherever we go?

It's given me plenty to write about, both on this network and off of it. To be honest though, I never thought I was going to spend my first wedding anniversary in a parallel universe listening to the news talking about monsters popping up everywhere. I hope that anyone who got caught up in all that is okay.

And that's about it. I've been thinking about organizing a little get together at one of the bars here but that can wait for another time.


May. 10th, 2014 06:10 pm
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[The video clicks on after a moment, and it's obvious that Jean is in his hotel room in Miami. While he debated coming along, it didn't seem right not to get the lay of the land. As a member of the Survey Corps, he knows that part of the challenges they face is in gaining information when facing unseen territories. He knows that's the first thing he has to do now: face the challenge of this. He doesn't understand what he's doing here, from the short flight, to the transit over in the flying ... carriage, but here he is.

Along the way, he asked one of the government officials to show him how to use the device they gave him. It's nothing like anything he's seen before, but if they're right, he can contact anyone. Well—that could be dangerous. But one thing he knows for certain is that this place is definitely not home.

It doesn't look a damn thing like it.]

Heh ... some thing they've given me here ... [That's the first thing he says, shaking his head.]

This is Jean Kirstein of the Survey Corps. I'm gonna bet none of you have ever heard of a thing like that. I asked a couple people about titans, and they asked if I meant some kind of "foot ball" team. I asked myself how the hell someone could be so lucky not to know what a damn titan is, but that's what it is. Luck.

[There's a bitter sound that escapes from the base of his throat.]

I'm not going to ask you what it means to be a hero now that I'm talking to you. Only idiots care about idealistic thoughts like that, and I'm not some dumbass.

But I'd like to know what dangers this land faces if we're all needed as heroes. I don't get their war or what a "Russia" is. And if this civilization is so large, where the hell does the king reside?

[Not that he's expecting face time or anything, but he's utterly baffled. He's just trying to keep calm about it. And he is, for the most part, but irritation is clearly marked all over his features.]
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[There's a bit of rustling at first as he adjusts the phone, but then once he is sure video works, Chad's voice actually comes through very clear and is accompanied by an easy-going smile on his face. He's sitting on the bed in his room in residence #033, balancing a basketball with one hand, because his priorities mean that he hasn't yet figured most things out or even bothered to read up on a lot of what's available, but he's gotten a basketball. What a great hero.]

I kinda grew up reading superhero comics and all, so actually getting to be one is pretty cool in theory. A heads up would have been nice, but at least I didn't have to have my own tragic origin story, that's cool.

But the real problem here is and there's no way to word this well... How do I keep my underwear from ripping, smoking or, y'know, actually bursting into flames? Not that it's done so just yet, but my girlfriend's good at physics. I know what friction can do.

[There really was no way to word this well. However, Chad has definitely found the worst way to word it. Especially since he forgets mentioning that he is asking because one of his power is superspeed. Oops.]

[ooc: If anyone living at #033 wants to be annoyed at the noise he makes throwing his ball around, feel free!]
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[The video starts up focused on the asphalt for a moment before a hand covers the camera and settles the comm down so it's kind of posed as some hipsterish angle to show a relatively thin guy with long and dark wavy hair. The way he's dressed could probably pass for hipster, complete with some stupid hat and dark sunglasses. He's seated on the curb, probably right outside the imPort residences. He lights up a cigarette before he starts talking.]

You ever have a really fucked up dream and then wake up to go “That was really fucked up”? Yeah? Well, that's what I thought was going on here but I'm not waking up. For a moment I thought I was losing my mind but nope, this is very much my new reality.

[He pauses, taking a drag from his cigarette before slowly letting it out.]

But, no, that's cool. Just drag some unknown from another world here and ask them to be a hero. [He lets out an amused scoff.] I'm no hero but the perks seem to be worth it, right?

Although, I gotta ask, was there not a better city to do this kinda shit out of? Who the hell enjoys this much sun and the heat, God, the fucking heat. I thought superheroes did their thing out of cities like New York and L.A. Guess the comics got it wrong. [He shrugs as he takes another drag.]

Anyway, I'm Cy and I gotta know if there's any actual heroes here. Or, at the least, some kinda ratio of heroes to random folk dragged across time and space.

Thanks in advance. [He flashes a little smile before reaching down to turn off his comm.

Anyone at residence #033 is welcome to come out and see what this guy is doing in the front lawn if he doesn't come in first.
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[If you've seen Sam's previous communicator message, then you might recognize the room in the recording. The walls are still sparse and the entire room feels empty, in a way that might seem pathetic to anyone else but Sam who has never understood the point of decorating a home, much less ever had one. What is different, however, are the books and texts of all different sizes and quality scattered around - at the foot of his bed, on desk, even his chair. Most of their spines are cracked and their covers weathered, and if you look closely enough, you'll notice that most of the titles aren't in English. Some might be in a recognizable language, and others might only be squiggles and markings to the eyes of most.

Obviously, Sam has taken to his new job as a Religion Professor's assistant quite vigorously. It's a topic that will probably show up in future recordings, but he leaves the subject untouched today. The towering man sits at his desk, hunched over somewhat, but with a firm expression on his face.]

Most of you probably heard of Gabriel and Lucifer. [Here's this gem if you don't remember.] Since I'm from their universe, I felt like I had a responsibility to clarify some things and hopefully help. For those who weren't sure - yeah, they're angels. [He makes a bit of a face.] Not the fluffy kind, either. They're archangels. In my world, they're pretty much invincible and unkillable. [Well - two out of four ain't bad. But Sam isn't about to bring that up, considering he hasn't uncovered a single angel's blade or holy weapon in this world.] I don't know the extent of their powers here, but frankly, I don't recommend testing them. It's probably best just to avoid them, to be honest, until we can figure out how strong they are.

And then... [Sam swallows, something that might be guilt in his eyes.] Well, for those who don't know, Lucifer has been killing a lot of people recently. [It's hard to notice the Devil murdering people, but in case you didn't. He shifts in his chair, opens his mouth to say something, then - seems to rethink himself. He purses his lips, shoulders stiffening, voice tight.] Listen. Don't go after this guy. Just - don't. It won't end well for you.

[He's quiet. Then - ] But if you want to discuss him further, please lock your response on your communicator.
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[It's the middle of the night. She's been here for a little while now. As the video feed flickers to life. A woman fumbles with her device for half a second - until she realizes that she's already recording herself.]


[Rochelle props up the video where it's revealed she's sitting cross-legged on a bed. The glow of the phone and the street lights outside her window provide little light, but it's easy enough to at least make out the basic details. For one, Rochelle was battered to hell. Neatly-wrapped gauze and bandages poked out of her loose top and littered the rest of her body. There were also deep-colored bruises on her face and arms, but you'd have to look hard to see them in the dim light.

Bonus points if you can make out the fire axe and AK-47 in the corner leaned against the wall.]

... I couldn't sleep. A-aaand I figured I oughta try this thing out. I guess there aren't a lot of people awake right now, but. [She holds a hand up and flashes a weak, tired smile.] Hi. I'm Rochelle.

So. Uh. [Cue a nervous laugh. She honestly has no idea what to do or think.] I'm from Cleveland. I work in TV news--WORKED in TV news--before... actually, I don't know if you guys would believe me. I... really don't know how to tell you - save MYSELF - this without sounding three-hundred-percent crazy. [There's a pause in between as she mutters "not like that's anything new".] Me - we, I mean. A group of guys I was with. We JUST got our asses out of New Orleans and with the military. We were on the chopper when...

... when.

[She glances sideways.]

This happened. And I have no idea how it happened. You'd think I wouldn't be complaining about getting out of the goddamn apocalypse, but... then--then there's all this shit about super powers, porting, and--[She catches herself. Yet another pause. Rochelle took a deep breath. Her head dipped down and she stared at the floor.] Honestly? I'm just waiting for myself to stop sounding so calm. I don't know how I'm doing it either. This is the first real bed I've had in what feels like forever. You'd think I could sleep.

[God, she was exhausted. And bewildered. And confused. Way, WAY too confused.]

Coach? Ellis? Nick? If you can hear this, say something. I hope you guys are here. [Her tone goes quiet, sad.] Just. Lemme know if you're okay.

[Let her know that she wasn't completely alone.]
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[So T'Challa's been here a day or so. He gets the gist. Time to address the public like all noobies do! People who know T’Challa may notice he has grown a beard in recent times, and is also wearing glasses. With how many people here that likely recognizes him, there’s little point in having another identity, so he won’t use the fake name he was given in Hell's Kitchen. But for now, he doesn’t see much of a point to change his civilian appearance.

If anything it will let others know what period of time he is from.]

Making network posts seem to be one of the more common ways to introduce ones self in this universe, so I have decided to not stray far from the normal routine. My name is T’Challa and I have been in this world for about a day. And despite a lack of... subtlety--[Such as HEROpa.]-- there doesn't appear to be many large differences between my universe and this one.

But even so, I do have a few questions. Questions mainly for those who have likely been here for a couple of years. Over the network I have seen talk about a world that took place before this one. “City” is the name I keep hearing. I am curious as to what this other “City” was like. How similar is this world to that one? Were these same laws still in place as well as the tattoos?

As for everyone else... [...] Tell me. How has your day been?

[THAT'S what's missing from the network! Polite behavior gawd. Everyone's so busy arguing and stuff they never ask the small things!]

★☭ one

Apr. 1st, 2014 07:45 pm
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[It’s twilight, and the figure that comes into shot is mostly an outline, blue-black against the sky. The white star on his chest still catches a little light, though, and the matching one centred in the circular shield held at his side. For certain people it might be kind of an iconic sight.

(For others, it's just a guy in bullet proofed spandex. Same thing, different day.)]

Okay, so speeches aren’t exactly my thing, but this is the first chance I’ve had to talk back since I woke up in your labs. Here’s the problem: I've heard the line about how random all this is, about how the folks in charge have as much idea as the rest've us about how to send anybody back. Not sure I buy it, but I've heard it. I listened to the speech on arrival. And then I opened my file.

You're pulling in kids, civilians, and maybe they've got some new superpower, but they've no chance in hell of figuring out how to live with that properly before you're suggesting they use it. Sending them off on missions. Fighting your war. You're calling yourselves America and sending refugees out as cannon fodder, with no support if they don't sign up for the cause. And I thought the America I came from had policy problems.

You know what soldiers fight for - the good ones, the ones worth having? Love. For a country, for a girl, the boys fighting at their side - whatever. It’s for love. So if you’re gonna take a guy away from the few things left he gives a damn about, you maybe need to watch that he doesn’t wind up fighting you.

[He pulls off one glove and shows the glowing tattoo to the camera.]

Look, all I’m saying is this may not be a serial number, but back where I come from, branding someone doesn’t say much about welcome.
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[ the feed first comes on audio at first, and all you are treated to, lovely heroes, is the sound of two people arguing. one of them sounds decidedly younger than the other, and he’s the first to properly speak up, halfway through a sentence. ] Dude, I’m telling you for the last friggin time, there is no amount of grunting that you can do in my direction that’s going to get me to tell you how we ended up here! --Stop looking at me like that, I’m going to start the network post, just because you want to go all Batman on everyone doesn’t mean that I do.

I don’t want to go Batman on anyone. [ The second, older voice sounds decidedly disgruntled, but then pauses for a moment. ] I think you started it already--

Stop changing the subject! I’m so serious, I am not letting you ruin the fact that I just woke up with freakin’ superpowers, okay, and they’re calling me a superhero. Me! In case you don’t remember, I don’t do superhero. I just read about them. And, don’t even say you’re not, anyway, because you didn’t even sign up for the--oh, hey, it is on. [ lo and behold, the first original voice seems to cut himself off in his tangent, and the feed flickers to show video as well. stiles’ head is fisheye close, enough that all you really get is a close up of a pair of brown eyes before he offers kind of an awkward, three fingered wave and hopes that none of that actually got caught on camera. ] Uh, hey. So is this Suddenly A Superhero anonymous? Hi, I’m Stiles, and apparently Stan Lee finally realized my true potential in life.

[ there’s nothing egotistical about that--aside from the glare he shot in the other dude’s direction a few minutes before, the teenager grins at the feed. ]

I told you-- [ Nevermind. Behind him, there’s a man pinching the bridge of his nose after the end of that particular tangent. He doesn’t have enough patience for this right now, but he just shakes his head and drops his hand. ] I doubt anyone really signed up for being kidnapped and turned into superheroes, but you’re probably not the only one not complaining about the superpowers aspect. [ Then, he adds: ] I’m Derek, and I’m going to leave you to the questioning.

[ Yep, that would be Derek shooting him A Look back before stepping just off-screen to go back to looking at the books he’s grabbed since they were brought to Heropa. ]

[ stiles waits until derek turns around before he jerks his head and neck in what some might call an eyeroll, then mouths “seriously, this guy, am I right?” at the camera. his hand drops from where he was covering it, and he adds-- ] I guess I just wanted to ask a question. Well, okay, like fifty questions, but for real though: do a lot of you guys come in, uh, superabilified, or is that a new thing?

Also: I might still have to go to school? Seriously? It better be Professor X’s or we’re going to have some serious issues.[ that one was less serious, but with that aside out of the way, stiles claps his hands against his thighs one, two, three times, a little awkwardly. ] That’s all I got, so just let me know if you’ve always been on the superhero train. And, also, if you wanna trade roommates.

[ Just off-screen, Derek snorts at his complaints about school and his attempt at a jab towards him. ] Just sign off, Stiles. And thanks for your time. [ As far from thrilled and camera shy as he seems to be, at least he’s polite about it. stiles scoffs again, and mutters something about "freakin' wolves thinking they're better than everyone else" but leans in and turns the video off--and there's no arguing to end it like it began. ]
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[A man with longish, light brown hair appears on the screen. He obviously needs a haircut. There are probably a few grey streaks and his eyes say that he's seen a lot of not so nice things. Other than that, he appears to be in his 30s and, for the most part, he seems pretty calm about all of this. At least he's not yelling at the camera phone. Then again that's not really how he does things. Not much can be seen behind him except sky.]

On the off chance Barry shows up sometime in the future and looks back on this I feel like I should make some sort of joke about not being in Kansas anymore.

[He pauses as if he expects someone to laugh or reply. Forgive him, his attempts at humor might be lost. He hasn't had people out side of his circle of Mount survivors in a LOOONG time. He shakes his head, already giving up on that. It sort of confirms that Barry isn't here.]

Except of course for the fact I wasn't in Kansas prior to being here. I still have mixed feelings about whether or not to be grateful to be in Oz actually. There was a lot still to do in L.A. anyway. Though I can't figure out why you would need this many heroes for anything. We didn't have this many when the world wasn't being overrun by the undead back home...let alone afterwards. So unless your crisis or whatever reason we were brought here was like that...well...there were probably smarter people you could have picked up.

[None of this bodes well in his opinion. The man sighs. The Mount needs him and he just got out of ONE illusion-based dream world that, for awhile, he had pegged for an alternate dimension. Honestly, he would really like to stop having to world jump, even if this one is supposedly more real. He has responsibilities.]

I suppose complaining over this thing isn't going to change that though. Ranting didn't work back home and I don't think it's going to do much good here either.

[So, he moves on. It's probably about time he said something anyway.]

Hello, my name is George Bailey and yes, that is my real name. I've heard all the jokes, I can assure you. I'm from Los Angeles, California or at least what's left of it. It's been awhile since I've actually met new people so my skills at introducing myself probably leave a lot to be desired.

[George looks into the camera awkwardly for a moment. It's been awhile since he's used something like this too. The fanciest thing they had back at the Mount was probably the radios and walkies. He looks back up and sighs. He'd never been much of a Facebook, video chat, whatever kind of guy. Not his thing.]

Should probably head to this house they set me up with and meet my new house mates. I'll talk more later.

[George closes the camera function and ends the post, for now.]


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