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Apr. 7th, 2015 11:03 pm
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By any chance does anyone need anything electronic repaired? I've been restoring old TVs and such for about a month now and I'd really love to work on something else for a change. So long as it's native to here or someplace comparable I could probably fix it. I'll do it for free.

Okay moving on to my main point. I've been told that I should get out of the house more, and while I agree, I can't say I really know what there is to do for fun around here. [His idea of fun right now involves holing himself up in his room and building things.] Anyone have any kind of recommendations? [There's a brief pause.] Like maybe a Rocky Horror Shadow Cast? ...Do they even have the Rocky Horror Picture Show here?

[While May really did tell him to get out more, his main reason for asking is that his 21st birthday is coming up, and he's looking for some small way to celebrate.

A rustling can be heard as he goes to turn the feed off, only for it to suddenly stop.

...Oh. Also. I just wanted to thank anyone who dealt with me when I was... smaller due to that incident in De Chima. I appreciated all of the help, and I owe you one.


Apr. 6th, 2015 04:10 pm
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[ Hawke's managed to master the video function!

Only she isn't featuring in said video herself, which, hopefully, will remain that way. Instead, she has the camera pointed at the cluster of dogs lounging around the random bus stop bench she's seated on somewhere in De Chima. The pack consists of dogs of many sizes, breeds, you name it, and not a single one even remotely belongs to her.

Therein lies the problem...

Now, the first month of having a very doggy entourage was undoubtedly fun and all, but I've found it actually does begin to wear on you when people start thinking you're stealing their pets on a regular basis.

[ At least the "piles of newspapers fetched and left at door" problem was solved by Dorian traumatizing half the dogs in the neighborhood, so, hey, there's that. ]

There is a way to shut off the random fun powers the porter hands out, isn't there? Just a little? You know, without shutting anything else more important off? If anyone knows, I'm all ears.
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[The video flips onto Will, situated at an older, well-worn desk in front of a window that seems to have come standard with the building itself. Right outside the window, right behind Will, is one of those ads featuring Chrollo. It all looks very cramped, though Will has managed to take the time to actually shave and get a haircut and put in the basic effort to look socially presentable. He's even wearing a plain white shirt and dark blue tie, nothing plaid in sight. Like it's normal! Tiny space, business dress, a totally shirtless dude in a cologne ad if he looks over his shoulder, everything is fine.]

Good afternoon, imPorts. Two things. [Will's eyes occasionally lift from the camera, as though there's someone giving him cues.] My name is Will Graham, and I've just taken on the position of working as a liaison between the police and our imPort population. Ideally, there would be a clearer line of communication between the two. If anything happens and you're uncomfortable going to the police yourself, for any reason, that's what I'm here for. [Eyes flick up. Well.] And to encourage you to go to the police when the need for it arises—they can't help if we keep them in the dark and doing everything on our own without giving them any notice serves to only add onto later headaches.

[So basically don't be Miles Edgeworth with the whole Yuri Petrov is Lunatic thing. Be him in the way that he was right, don't be him going to the Network for vigilante justice without doing anything else first. Okay? Okay. Good. Not that Will's incapable of just telling them about by looking at his own communicator, but he's not sure that's the best thing to share. Not immediately. The eyes shifting stops as Will takes a breath. Too much talking, goodness.]

For the second, since she was always quite good at stirring the pot, I'd like to add that Freddie Lounds, the journalist behind Tattlecrime: Heropa, seems to have been Ported out as of the end of February. [Casually leaving out what happened to her before that, delivery matter-of-fact, void of any and all emotion towards her.] I assume the site will be left as is, but there won't be any further updates. ["Updates" being a loose word for it; the way he emphasizes it is the first slip in the neutral mask, Will sounding irritated above all else. Got a bad taste in his mouth about it all.] If you have any questions, let me know.

[No "thank you for listening," no "goodbye," Will leaves it at that, flicks the camera off. That's all, folks.]
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Do you think that it's possible for people to be inherently bad? Not all the way, necessarily, but like maybe there's a bigger chance of messing up if you come from something bad, or like you've got some kind of latent seed planted deep that could burst someday.

I don't think that's true, if you look at it objectively. It still makes me really nervous sometimes, though, so I wonder if some part of me thinks it's a real possibility. I can't shake it off, so I get frustrated with myself sometimes.

I'm sure other people must feel like that. I'm sorry if you do.
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[ Those lurking the comm the afternoon of March 9th will spot Jolly Jonah himself staring near aimlessly into the camera. The man is sitting on a brown recliner, and he's tired. It not hard to tell, especially given the pile of paper that can be seen just out of the frame and the fact that there are at least 8 stogies in the ash tray next to him. He's got a new one in his mouth right now, actually!

But still, for as tired as he looks, you'd never guess that by the way he speaks. While most new imPorts have a reputation for being rather displeased with being so rudely yanked from their homes, JJ's overall demeanor is...surprisingly pleasing. So much so, that he begins speaking at a mile a minute as soon as the video turns on. ]

Well, it's about damn time somebody recognized my heroics! Looks like whoever's doing the import thing is finally makin' some steps in the right direction, eh? I mean, just reading about some of the weirdos you've brought in before me? Glad to see you're starting to pick out some upstanding citizens like myself!

[ He taps his cigar against the ashtray next to him, getting rid of the excess ash. Some gets on the arm of the chair, but J.J. doesn't flinch at that. ]

In fact, I recommend that whoever is running this damn thing pick out my son next! John Jameson, real American hero, that one! Don't bring in my wife, though. Lord knows that I could barely stand her back in New York, can't deal with all the friggin' nagging she'd do down here.

[ Suddenly, his entire demeanor changes. He now speaks to the camera head-on, dissuading any need for tangents. He's large and in charge and everybody has to know. ]

You can call me J. Jonah Jameson! Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Well, maybe if you stopped askin' so many damn questions in the first place and let someone with intelligence speak, I could tell you! Anyway, point is, that is a name you ingrates are gonna be hearing a lot from now on. See, back where I come from, I was a pretty big deal! Nobody wanted to mess with the likes of me!

So, for all of the so-called "vigilantes" out there? There's a new hero in town and the only superpower he needs is the power of the press!


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