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[So everyone's been having a fun time as kids or younger versions of themselves, running around and enjoying childhood again, right?


Some people wound up aging up- a lot. Like almost fifty years worth of aging up. One of those individuals is Joseph Joestar, who for the first few days was originally very, very upset about this. Screams of "OH MY GOD" echoed throughout the festival, as well as various tugging at his own face in an attempt to rid himself of wrinkles.

But now he's finding the benefits. See: Joseph at an IHOP happily enjoying a stack of pancakes- and his senior discount.

Being old kind of sucks, but you get a discount on like everything! And I can buy alcohol now, no one even cards me! And everyone holds doors open for me, and give me their seat on the bus… Being old isn't half as bad as I thought it would be! And I still look pretty good for an old guy. I'm nowhere near as sexy as I was at nineteen, but I don't look half-bad!

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Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:52 pm
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I'm sorry to ruin all of the pleasant news that's been shared recently, but this is important.

[this is quite a departure in tone from what people on the network usually hear from Jonathan - it's steely and solemn, no trace of the sunny young man chatting amiably about dogs and lost items.]

A week ago two imPorts were kidnapped by a man named Robert Jennings for the sole purpose of hunting them down like animals. [the disgust in his voice is barely contained] They were rescued and Mr. Jennings himself was apprehended - but a group called the Go Fors whose services he utilized is still operating.

They provided technology which made it possible to spirit the pair of them away without causing suspicion, as well as keep them trapped long enough to be hunted. There were at least six individuals involved; I can provide names and some other information to whoever would like it.

This can't be allowed to happen again. I'll do whatever I can to help anyone interested in taking this up as well, whether through more details or physical assistance, the meantime, please be careful, everyone.

[there's no telling what else they might attempt before they're brought down.]
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[The broadcast begins from a well-known selfie position, held aloft in one hand by one Josuke Higashikata, a marvelously pompadour'd Heropa youth...with the sky-scraping buildings of Nonah at his back.]

Lighting's pretty shitty out here, huh?

[He flashes the camera a cheeky smile before waggling a flashlight beneath his chin, casting a bright glow over the angles of his face and blacking out the cityscape behind him.]

Anyway, it's the last few days of spring break! But work's been kinda slow, so I haven't been able to afford doing all the things I wanna! Which means I've been stuck looking for a second job.

[Mostly to support his upcoming and lofty summer plans, but he's definitely had to bail on an all-nighter at the local laser tag center, and that wasn't cool.]

Which brings me 'round to a question I wanted to ask! I gotta wonder, there any imPort businesses hiring right now? Just lookin' for something part-time that's willing to work around school hours. Uh, something that can hire a sixteen soon-to-be seventeen year old? [Because legally the casino can't. Talk about a bummer.] I'm good at a lot of stuff, and great at fixing broken things.

And that brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about.

[His brow furrows a little in concentration as he lowers the camera so that it's leveled out before him.]

I guess I've been hanging out in Nonah most of last night and today, checking out the shopping scene and chilling with a I couldn't help noticing that huge flash and all that shaking earlier! Thought maybe it was just some kinda freak storm, but after Mr. Gamagori's post about it and what he had to say, I had to go see for myself if it was all true.

[He twirls the flashlight around so it's pointing away from him now, followed by the camera itself. At first, all that can be seen is a lot of dirt. Slightly uneven ground, free of tracks, spotted by stones of different sizes all very pale in color under the assault of the flashlight. And then—

—a sudden

d r o p o f f

out of nowhere, sharp and steep, and blacker than black, the strength of the beam generated by the light Josuke's holding being nowhere near strong enough to penetrate that depth or diameter.]

...and sure enough, here's the pit he was talking about! It's hella big, even if it's hard to tell 'cause it's so dark out here. But it looks like it's close to...forty meters wide? Maybe fifty! Would hate to piss of the person who did this...

But I gotta say, it's gonna make for one hell of a place to board. Thanks for the free spring break hangout, whoever you are! Even if you kinda pissed off Mr. Gamagori in the process!

['Kinda' he says. But let's be real, here. Pretty sure Gamagori blew out some eardrums over this whole thing!]

[OOC: Branching off Lara's mini player plot for Uvo!]
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[The video opens to Minato in his room, a sedate, barely furnished place without an ounce of personality to it. His expression isn't too dissimilar.]

Hi. To anyone who hasn't met me, I'm Minato. I managed to save up enough to buy a violin, and I wanted to ask if anyone would like to play with me, or just listen.

[At this point he briefly holds up his violin as if to demonstrate.] I've only been playing for about a year, so I'm not great, but I don't mind learning.

And if there's anyone new who'd like someone to show them around... Let me know.

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[Most of the screen is dark. There is, however, just enough light that one can make out the outfit of the individual standing in front of the video feed with their hands on their hips. He's dressed in some stupidly bright neon yellow and green outfit, but the shadows definitely cover a majority of this individuals face. Nothing out of the norm for a guy like him.

But when he opens his mouth to talk, it doesn't… sound quite like Dio, to those who would know his voice well enough, but more like if Dio suddenly had a cold.

I bet you are all wondering… "why would Dio suddenly make a post like this?" But the truth is...

[And then the individual in the absolutely awful outfit steps into the light a little more- AND SURPRISE! IT'S NOT DIO.]

You thought it was Dio… but it was I, JoJo!!

[Joseph says, pointing a thumb towards himself and then proceeding to laugh like a moron. Of course, to anyone who bothered to look at the nametag of the person who posted would be able to tell right away this Joseph to begin with, but... who cares?]

Dio's gone! Completely! All that was left are his clothes- like Satan dragged him down to hell without them. I'm thinking about burning these after I end the video, anyone wanna join me?

002; video

Feb. 21st, 2015 12:50 pm
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Listen up, y’all!

[The ID reads Marceline the Vampire Queen. Marceline’s back, sitting just outside a supermarket in Heropa. She's leaning on her ax bass and wearing the green campaign hat that comes with her Troop Leader job. Just to her right? Mabel Pines, wearing a green vest covered in puffy stickers. Behind them? boxes and boxes of girl scout cookies, and a few local girls in vests setting up a table.]

I know there’s some big stuff going on lately, but whatevs. [She just shrugs. It's not her problem, she really doesn't care.] Here’s the deal. Girl Scout cookies go on sale in Heropa today. And sure, you could go to other troops...but we’re the ones with imPorts. [All of two. Not that...she needs to be up front about that. Right?? She gives a winning grin.] You’re gonna make some kids reaaaaally happy if you buy these... [Said very theatrically and sing-song.] Like my girl Mabel here! Some of you know her. Say hi, Mabel.

Hi guys! Do you know what the actual greatest part of cookie season is, besides eating tons of the best cookies ever made? It’s making dreams come true. And it would definitely make a whole bunch of dreams come true if you bought cookies from our troop when you see the tables outside of stores every afternoon this week! [Mabel makes her best doe-eyed hopeful face.] We’d really appreciate it!

You can always buy some from me or Mabel, too. Get in touch. I’m gonna have some for sale at that convention coming up, over at my booth... and if any girls want to pitch in or whatever to help us push this sugary biz, that’d be killer. The council says we’re doing this until the 14th, if we don’t run out first. [Is she eating red velvet oreos while she’s talking about selling other cookies? Yes. Yes she is. She looks contemplative for a second, before she glances to the girl next to her.]

Mabel, anything else?

Just remember, if you buy from our troop, you'll make dreams come true and some kids really happy. Way happier than any other troop, probably! At least two hundred and five percent happier. [Mabel nods, solemnly.]

You heard the lady. And... hey, another thing. Are any of you musicians? Like, seriously? I didn’t want to put out an open call or something, but I need bandmates. Drummer, guitarist and a keyboardist, at least. Bonus points if you can do guitar and bass. Just - hit me up if you’re not completely lame with an instrument, guys. We’ll talk. ‘Kay?

[And then, practically on-cue, the indistinct sound of young girls shouting off-screen. Marceline groans, getting to her feet and grabbing her communicator.] Zoey! Jen! Break it up, you bozos, save it for-- [She ends it there. What a professional.]

[ooc: cookie season in heropa! there's more details about this whole thing over here. marceline's in the default color, mabel's in blue. as you probably guessed. responses will come from either or both of them! if you've got any questions, hit me up or comment to the ooc post.]
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Shit, shit, SHIT...!!

[That is not playfully pretend panic, that is serious this is so not great panic.]

I can't find it—my wallet! I retraced my steps and everything like five times, and it's fucking gone!

[If you attend Heropa High and are in any of Josuke's classes, you may have noticed that he wasn't there today.]

Last place I remember seeing it was yesterday near the marsh. I don't know if anyone's familiar with the area and wants to help look, but...

[He half wants to say please, but feels like he sounds desperate enough.]

It's a green leather bi-fold! Not real big, but...there was some real important stuff in there!

[More important than his cash (although that's seriously important, too—he had about 1/3 of his paycheck in that thing) is all of his personal ID and the picture his mom.]

...just let me know if you find it, alright? I...I'm going to keep looking.

[OOC: Alas, recovery of the wallet will be impossible! An evil clown took it and gave it to a thieving spider! :( Life is hard for a JoJo.]
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[When the broadcast begins, the young man onscreen (sporting a perfect pompadour with not a single strand of hair out of place) tucks away a comb and reclines upon the front step of one of the government houses, presumably the one he's been assigned. He seems to consider for half a second more what he's going to say, one eyebrow cocking upwards, a strong indication that there's a question brewing, while his lips pucker in a vague showing of frustration.]


[Here we go.]

So, I'm digging all the free stuff that people seem to wanna hand out in exchange for photographs with us and whatever, and the hoverboards are really, really awesome. That said, I might actually like these new phones even better, though? They're pretty great! Slim, stylish, lightweight...pocket size. Anyway, all that's nice, but something's been bothering me and I've gotta ask...

What the actual fuck is up with these glow-in-the-dark tattoos?

[His jaw sets stubbornly, blue eyes fixating on something that lies out of view of the camera. Probably the tattoo in question.]

I mean I know what they're for, or what we're being told they're for, but like...

Shit, is this even legal?

[Actually, he's a hell of a lot more concerned with the fact that he wasn't even asked if something could be done to his body, especially as he can't fix it. Talk about invasive. Makes a guy wonder what else was done without his knowing.]

And on that note...I'm kind of curious about this whole registration deal! Anyone got a solid argument for it or against it? 'Cause right now I'm right in the middle and uh...from what I hear, that means my roommates can put me out?

What kind of asshole would do that, though?

Anyway, that's it. That's all I gotta say!

[He reaches forward as if to turn the device off but stops.]

Oh, and the name's Josuke! [Best to get it out now so he's not repeating it a hundred times later.] Josuke Higashikata!


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Jan. 6th, 2015 06:53 pm
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[There is a crash, like glass breaking. There's a sigh. There is an adorable small kitten curled up on a sweater and sleeping as if she's done nothing wrong.

But instead of scolding her, Haruka reaches out to give her a couple scritches behind the ear.]

Mewt won't listen.

[He only feeds stray cats- he's only ever had a dog as a pet before. A very obedient one! And now he's stuck with a rambunctious, diva, cute kitten. What do.]


Jan. 5th, 2015 10:46 pm
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[In costume, ID reads 'Kid Flash.']

Show of hands, show of hands! Who around here knows who Superman is?

...I don't mean like- knows who he is, who he is, I mean knows of the superhero dude. Six foot eight, weighs a freaking ton ♫ I'm kidding, he's not six eight. He's taller.

What about Batman? Wonder Woman? Everybody knows the big three, they're like the holy trinity of punchin' dudes who deserve it. Plus I mean, Wonder Woman, am I right? I'm right. Ultimate justice in a one piece.
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[It may be that he noticed someone has gone missing and is being morose about it. It could be a symptom of the odd way his holidays went this year.

Maybe he just misses his sister, whom he's spent so much of his life apart from, but ultimately loves as much as a big bro can.

So here's a stupid emotional offer from a super lame cool dude.]

I don't know most of you, but if anyone has a New Year's resolution they need help with, I'm willing to lend a hand. This is a good time for people to get motivated. If you haven't thought of something yet, make it swimming. I still need to put together a team.

[A light chuckle and a soft smile.]
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[Haruka swears to god he isn't really that into baking. But here he is again with another video about baked goods. This time, though, he isn't making a million cupcakes. Instead, the video is focused on a tiered purple cake.

He doesn't realize that he should probably lock this away from Rei. Whatever, it's not like he really cares if this is some secret or not. They do live together. Rei's gonna find out sooner or later.]

Something is missing. I don't know if it should have candles. Is it 'beautiful'? I don't understand what he means by that.

[A huff.]

There isn't room for 'happy birthday.'

[He sounds disappointed...]

[ooc | I am...supposed to be....studying... so tag speed will vary depending on how much procrastinating I'm doing LMAO.]


Dec. 14th, 2014 01:24 am
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[It's sometime during the silent date auction that Dio posts this, a video feed that at first only shows the inside of Dorian Gray's room, for those familiar with it.

The camera soon moves, showing a charred corpse that's slumped over on the ground rather ungracefully. It lingers for only a few seconds, simply because the egomaniac recording still thinks the focus here is him.

So he shifts the communicator in his grasp, moving it to one hand and turning it around to record himself instead. His current outfit's questionable as ever, by the by, but at least he's wearing pants with it.

Also still doing that weird shadowed out face thing. Only his mouth is really visible, despite it showing his whole face.

Assuming we don't have another pyromaniac roaming the streets, it seems our local lunatic struck again. A pity. If I'd heard this going on, I could have stopped it.

[Something he sounds assuredly confident about. He's also abnormally calm about this whole dead guy thing.]

I suppose for now, informing those of you of a more heroic persuasion about this is all I can do.

[About three of four seconds annnnd there, you all got your moment. The rest of this is now about him.]

In any case, I, Dio, will need a substitute for Dorian until he returns. I'd been using him to feed up until now, but with him out of the picture [yes he said that intentionally] I'm rather stuck for now.

It's blood, by the way, and I'll need someone who can provide enough blood that would kill the average person, so don't go volunteering yourself without considering that.

Ah, one more you specifically, Lunatic, if you're listening. I'm not sure if your self-righteous witch hunting requires repeat performances in the event of ImPorts coming back, but if they do...I wouldn't bother, if I were you.

If you step foot inside this house again, any of your efforts will be useless. Understand? Useless, useless, useless. My only warning.

[It's not as nice as it sounds, unfortunately. It's like being angry someone decided to sneak in and ruin your perfectly good steak that regenerates everytime you eat it, rather than some kind of need for vengeance against someone who killed a friend or something.]
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[For once, Joseph seems a little pensive. Sitting backwards on a chair with his arms crossed, he starts off with the most lack-luster greeting he's done.]

Hey, guys…

When someone doesn't answer their messages, it means they're not here anymore, doesn't it?

[He doesn't wait long enough for there to be an answer, and winds up just sighing.]

David Alleyne's gone, I guess.

…Alright. This just means I need to ask around instead. I need someone I can go to if I have questions on technology stuff. I'm doing pretty good on most things, but I had David if I had anything that was really stumping me, and now I don't, so! Who wants to be the lucky person to help me?
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[the video opens to the sound of the Thanksgiving dog show in the background and Jonathan settled contentedly on the couch, clad inexplicably in a turtleneck featuring the four Pac-Man ghosts. he smiles cheerfully.]

This isn't my holiday, but I hope that everyone who celebrates has been having a good time. I'm not entirely certain what purebred dogs have to do with being thankful, but I'm certainly grateful for the opportunity to watch them.

I never realized that dogs would be among the things that had changed in the future, but I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise. People are always looking to improve their breed however they can.

Perhaps it's a bit childish, but owning a dog again is one of the things I'm looking forward to most when I finally feel able to leave the government housing. It's been a while since I've had a pet.

[he scratches his cheek, the smile becoming a tad nostalgic for a moment of two. the television announces the start of judging for the hound group and he shakes himself out of it easily with a roll of the shoulders.]

Ah, but I hadn't meant to simply chatter away about inanities! I've been thinking about this for a bit, and I wanted to ask someone who was more experienced in the matter - how does finishing one's education work here?

There's no way I could prove my qualifications, after all, but I'd like to finally graduate if at all possible. It's the principle of the thing.

[finally completing his degree feels kind of like a symbolic closing of the worst chapter of his life, even if in Heropa that wasn't technically true. and it would give him a little more confidence in perhaps looking for a job actually related to his field of interest.]

Thank you for your time.

o2 | video

Nov. 17th, 2014 12:37 pm
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[Haru is wearing an apron. He looks like something crawled up his ass and died, like someone pissed in his cheerios- he's pissed off for no discernible reason, but it's clear he's not pleased.

But the video shows a table with a cake shaped like a cat and way too many green cupcakes.]

Heropa 34. Take some and eat it.

[Demanding. And then, a mutter:]

I made too much.


Nov. 16th, 2014 07:58 pm
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[Hey what's up, it's a young lady. She's sitting outside somewhere, evidently by one of the standard-issue residences (hers? someone else's? hopefully it's hers) and frowning, in that way that might be pissed off or might just be a thoughtful expression on someone prone to looking pissed off. Before she says anything, it's a bit hard to tell.]

I've gotta be honest, a fancy new phone and nice house are a pretty crappy compensation for mass kidnapping... even if they claim it's for a good reason.

They have to know that they're taking us away from things that are equally as important. Anyone who really cared this much about justice would get that.

[...and now she actually does sound kind of pissed. Frustrated. But not so much that she needs to lose her cool, so she just looks into the camera evenly, lifting her chin a little.]

I'd really like to know what happens to all the people we supposedly left behind... but first I need to know if I can contact someone. From the Speedwagon Foundation.

[If they exist here. Which she's seriously doubting, but if it helps to see the response...]

Oh yeah... name's Jolyne Kujo. If that helps.
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I know what you're thinking.

[ Maybe seeing a tiny blonde face on a video feed isn't the most threatening thing to see. She's not holding a weapon, and there's no glow of energy beams or anything, so it seems to be pretty far from supervillainy. But that frown? The set of her jaw? You don't see that too often on someone who's not determined to say a thing or two. ]

Who am I? Where did we come from? Who's the guy in the American flag and crazy waist to shoulder ratio? Why is there another announcement from yet another crazy new person who's complaining about liberty and personal freedom?

[ The brief moment of hey, let's talk about That Guy is replaced by a definitely not brief moment of angry blonde fury. ]

I don't know about you, but having questions like that kind of pisses me off. I did not take enough International Law or FutureTech 107: Teleporters and You.

[ A beat, then Veronica leans in, more or less until her face is the only thing that takes up the feed. ]

So if you know anything, or you know a Keith Mars, you better give it up pronto. I can think of some tasteful yet excruciating threats, if you'd like a little gas.

one stroke

Oct. 2nd, 2014 05:09 am
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((Action; Heropa, Florida | H Govt. Housing: #022))
((Whenever this one arrived, he's poking around a little, looking for flatmates, and hesitates a moment when he realizes that he has, in fact, found someone. But eventually he does come out.)) Excuse me?

Ah, I hope you're not busy, I just wanted to introduce myself quickly! My name's Aiichiro Nitori, I'll be rooming here as well. I hope we're able to get along while I'm here! ((He smiles.))

hello everyone! my names aiichiro nitori, i come from samezuka, japan. if anyone knows it or lives there i'd very much like to speak with you, if that's alright!
i'm not sure what good it is to have someone like me in a place like this. i dont think being a first year and swimmer very much qualifies me for hero material in any way. and it isn't as if i'm particularly good for that matter either. it's strange. do they do this a lot?
but besides that, i'm really concerned about leaving my home so suddenly, and was wondering if anyone knew of a way that i could at least get in contact with my friends and family back home to let them know that i'm alright. i know at least some would be worried about me!
moreso i would like to return home, but... (/ _ ; ) it's probably right to guess they're not very forgiving in that regard

i've already written too much, but please! let me know how i can get ahold of my friends and family, if possible. and i hope that im able to help with whatever it is they are hoping of me (๑>ᴗ<๑)

01 video.

Sep. 7th, 2014 07:02 pm
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Is this buggin' thing on? [Just a voice at first, but then a face accompanies it a minute later.] Better.

I'm guessin' there's shanks on the other end of this and I'm not just wasting my breath, but we'll find out soon, yeah? [He smiles, scratching at the back of his head.]

So, does this place make a point of ditching everybody on streets they don't recognize, or am I the only lucky one? You know, last time I got dropped in a new and inexplicable place, I at least had plenty of other shanks keeping me company. Speaking of, I'm looking for a couple of them. Names're Minho and Tommy. Ever met anyone by those names? They're ugly buggers too, you wouldn't forget 'em.

[A pause where he going to cut the feed, but he reconsiders.] Anybody know where a guy can get somethin' bloody edible? Gotta be substantial too, I don't wanna see another apple for as long as I live.


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