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[It's been awhile since Harry has addressed the Network as a whole, but after last week's excitement, for lack of a better term, now seemed to be a good time. Busy sounds of sewing machines and idle chatter about fabrics can be heard in the background.]

I'm not usually one for bombastic declarations-- [Because only in some overly polite world might this be considered bombastic.] -- but I thought I should announce that Hart's of Heropa is open for business again.

Though, more importantly, I don't think we'll be networking at the swear in ceremonies in the future, for obvious reasons.

[A small sigh. Weary, but more annoyed than anything.]

I apologize to anyone who may have witnessed my behavior that night. Though it's my understanding that the gas used makes us act unnaturally, that's no excuse to not express my regrets.

[Harry's polite language probably wouldn't have seemed as sincere via text, which is why he sticks to voice-- he does mean it, and not just because more people now have hints about his training.]

On that note. Let's all stick to those with background checks for professional help in the future, shall we?

Locked to Eggsy )

Locked to Steve )

Locked to Peej )

Locked to Mary )


[Several hours later, an anonymous video feed appears on the Network, the location currently scrambled. A rather battered looking man sits tied to a chair under blinking fluorescent lights, glaring at the camera. Typing can be heard slightly off screen, and text appears beneath the feed.

I'd like to introduce the Network to Mr. Leskoff. He and his KGB friends have been very busy following us up until recently, and now he's come forward to explain himself. If any of you have questions for one of the people that's been spying on imPorts for the last few months, now's the time.

Don't have the balls to ask any more yourself--

[Obviously, the spy can read what's being typed as well. The dull snap of a silenced pistol firing cuts the man off, however, and he freezes as the bullet punches a hole in the wall immediately behind him.]

Try to stay on topic, Mr. Leskoff. You don't want me to get bored.
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Yesterday was not the first time that a swear-in has been attacked.

It is, however, the first time that it's been taken to the point that people have been hurt so gravely; physically, emotionally, or even psychologically. People were hurt. Not just natives, or imports, but both camps. I trusted that something will be done, and I trust that something will still be done, soon. But, as imports, we should be able to take a stand, and do something to catch the people who won't play along as they should.

I can't speak for any other city than De Chima, but I will do what I can for my city -- [ He calls it his, with that sort of fierce determination, pride, and possessiveness that could only be shown by not just an ambassador, but an executive level. He might not hold the position, but he still holds that sound in his voice. ] -- And what we can do is prevent future attacks. Any means necessary.

This is an open invitation. Anyone with the technological know how, please contact me. I'd like to talk about a contract -- something to be done as quickly, and as efficiently as possible. I'd also like to talk to someone from RISE, if I could.

[ A pause, then. ]

If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people like our attacker yesterday -- who thrive on chaos -- who can't act like a decent human being for one moment of the day, and who've gone out of their way to hurt not just one person, dozens. If not more. Where I come from -- and I'm sure it's the same here -- we call those terrorists. And I hope that like any terrorrist, he is found swiftly, and brought to trial properly. And whoever's out there who's going to hunt him down, police, or otherwise, please offer them your full support. Nobody can catch people like this alone -- I'd know, we dealt with this in New York, too -- but if we all collaborate, we'll come out of this okay.

And please, in the future, if you ever see something that gives you pause, anything, please report it. In my experiences, there's always evidence, if we look. I know I'm going to commit to never turning a blind-eye, when something seems off. I'd like to hope everyone else will too.


Aug. 9th, 2015 02:43 pm
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[A man in a comfortable suit settles himself back into his chair. He's clearly at home in front of a camera, directly meeting the 'eyes of the camera' with a polite smile and a good posture.]

Good afternoon. I do hope I'm doing this right.

[A brief appearance of a bashful smile. He's not usually in charge of his own productions with a single camera.]

My name is Francis Urquhart and as a new ImPort, I have been assigned as your Undersecretary of imPort Public Relations. Given what I've seen already, I feel that it would be in all our best interests if I took the role. 

In it, I shall do my very best to address any concerns you might have and work to improve our image and in so doing, I hope, our position here, for as long as we have it.

For now, I'd like to get to know the people I'm to represent. You. 

We... didn't have this sort of technology back at home, so I'll have to ask you to bear with me in your response. Think I'm doing rather well, so far, don't you? [A genuinely bashful smile.] 
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[When the video comes on it doesn't show a person, nope, just a shoulder and a cityscape that might be recognizable to its residents as Nonah. The video is shaky and unfocused when Lavellan starts walking and talking.]

Neat little contraptions those porters are, aren’t they? They remind me of something we've got back home, but with less eerie inter-dimensional pit stops and, somehow, more baffled people when you pop out the other side. [He stops walking for a moment to center the video and shrug. The background now clearly places him in a public park.

For another moment the recording goes shaky as Lavellan takes a seat on the grass, and then quickly he rights it again. The image is still blurry though, and it stays that way the rest of the video.]

And these… these things-- [He taps on the screen of the device rather than looking for a word his vocabulary doesn't have.] I’ve never seen an enchantment like it, I can’t even find the rune! They must have some talented dwarf or tranquil working on these.

[A pause.]

Anyhow, that’s enough admiring the fancy shem technology. Nice to meet you all, I’m Talyn Lavellan. The Inquisitor, if you’re the sort that cares for titles. I’m your man for all your damsels-in-distress and lost sheep related needs. Been told I’m good at that sort of thing. [A fact he is strangely proud of, if his smile is anything to go by.]

I’m not sure how quickly that business is going to get off the ground here though, so in the meantime, can anyone tell me where the good parties are around here? Preferably ones with copious amounts of alcohol and dancing that only barely qualifies as such. This elf’s got plans.
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[ life is hard. let's all deal with that fact together. ]

What exactly is a personal motivator meant to do?

Are people truly confused enough by their own pitiful, lackluster intentions that they're willing to seek others supposed professional help simply so they can carry on with routine tasks?

Is this motivation meant to include every act of waking life (dare say I need not list what these are) or simply those that might be perceived as more strenuous. Because, as I have always found, personal motivation can truly only come from one source. You. It is called personal after all, the definition of the word implying that it has to do with one person and one person alone. And that person would not be the person you hired to tell you what you so obviously would rather not be doing in the first place.

If you require the motivation, perhaps you need look elsewhere. Forsake things all together. Or even, if you'd like the inspiration so very much, you might try finding it for yourself. I've heard there are some rather plentiful benefits to taking that sort of thing under your own wing, compared to allowing others to push you into behaviors you don't truly have interest in to begin with.

It's amazing our ancestors made it anywhere, really.

Now, perhaps if you'd like to get hypothetical and claim there are a number of other 'personal motivators' then perhaps you might be on a far better track.


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