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what the hell is a rumblr

[ oh boy ]


Time for a test run.
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Okay, who knows trees around here?

[Hi, Junpei.]

I've got a situation at my house. Like a monster-sized-rabbit-trying-to-kill-me situation. And I heard from completely reliable sources that they like certain types of wood.



Just...anyone know where I can find one of--

[Beep. That's a text of a list of trees, right there.]

Bamboo (I don't think we have bamboo)

I'd really appreciate it ★ [That star right there? That's actually a sound coming out of his mouth. Yes. He knows it's weird.] You know, for the sake of my own life.


Oct. 22nd, 2016 03:54 pm
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I just found out today that this place has more than one continent. [He's been here for a few months now, so this is kind of sad.] That's kind of weird, isn't it? I wonder what happened to make it break up like that.

Guess I'm curious to know, though, 'cause I've been kinda bored today: anyone else's world different like that? Or anyone else's look like mine? Here. It's like this...

[He takes a moment to scratch out something, yes, you get to watch him doodle in a notebook he found nearby (sorry, Genos), and holds up this masterpiece. He even drew waves on it to help you get the full picture.]


001 - video

Oct. 4th, 2016 05:54 pm
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[ The video feed goes live to a view of a blank wall that would look very much like every living room wall in the Heropa government housing block, if not for the fact that it has recently been painted an eye-searing shade of fuchsia. There's the sound of a computer mouse being double-clicked, then an ominous, suspenseful song begins to play. The sound of maniacal laughter overwhelms the music, and the video feed jostles and then is panned up in an awkward selfie angle to reveal a middle-aged man with truly impressive eyebrows… dressed in a butterfly costume. ]


[ He laughs maniacally again, then stops to clear his throat. ]

Seriously, you had all better be bowing right now. For you are now under the control of the Monarch! This world's feeble, useless government has clearly teleported me here to rule you. Even if they did stick me with the world's stupidest cover gig. Seriously, who thought a fucking day job was necessary? I'm not even going to dignify that with my presence.

No! The Monarch is above such petty nonsense as a 9-to-5! The only job I will devote myself to is arching DOCTORRRRR VENTURRRRE.

[ He breaks into cackling again. ]

...But, uh. First I'm gonna need some henchmen. I mean, obviously. How the hell am I supposed to arch without henchmen? So I'm having an EVIL EMPLOYMENT FAIR in the, uh— [ He glances at a piece of paper. ] The gymnasium at Heropa Middle School. Seriously? What the fuck, they could've at least put me in the high school! Do these people even know who I am? I'm the fucking Monarch, not some… Eagle Scout master!

Whatever. You're all expected to come pledge your allegiance to your new lord and master and pick up your uniform. And if not enough suitable applicants show up, I'll… I'll… I'LL KIDNAP SOME!!

[ There's more evil laughter before the feed cuts out. ]
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(the feed opens to wendy adjusting her comm on a table she's set up in a park not far from the lucky cat cafe in heropa. she's grinning when the feed opens, but there's a sense of mischief to it this time around, her chin propped up in her hand.) Sup, hero dudes. I'm Wendy, super strong teenager, normal stuff for around here. But lemme ask you guys something. Who's really using these powers for the right things? Such as...

(she rises from her seat at the table, pulling the comm back to show a sign on the table! one that reads in bright, vibrant marker:


the camera pans back to her, the grin a little brighter on her face as she gives a thumbs up to the camera.)
Yeah, I've never actually juggled people before. Or really tested out how strong I am. But no biggie, I'm sure it'll go fine.

(famous last words and she knows it, but she's a teenager, they're pro at bad ideas and she is no exception to this rule.) Oh, you guys probably want a demo or something, huh.

(so she very casually just picks up the table with one hand, raising it up and down like it weighs almost nothing at all.) If you wanna see more impressive feats of teenage strength, just drop by the park near the Lucky Cat Cafe in Heropa.
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[ The camera is pointed sky-ward, briefly. The tops of buildings could be seen, as could the vast blue skies with puffs of pure white clouds that dotted it. The chirping of birds, the sounds of a bustling town could be heard as the camera remains idle. Then there's a soft fall of footsteps, followed by the scraping of a chair being dragged against pavement briefly.

The camera shifts, as it's delicately picked up between two fingers. A girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes appears, and she looks no older than seventeen. The surroundings behind her shows that she was sitting at a local cafe in Heropa. It appears she's having nothing but a casual day, although she finds herself immensely lost in this place.

A small smile appears on her features, and she finally opens her mouth to speak; ]

Greetings, my name is Aigis.

[ There's a brief pause as she attempts to figure out what to say. ]

This is my first day here, so I am obviously new around these parts. I am making this video in attempts to find out more information than what was given to me... And to perhaps connect with others.
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asking things here is easier.

I do't realy like the job the government gave me anymore so I'm gonna quit. i've never quit a job before, isthere something special you need to do?

i feel likr i'll get in trouble if i just dont show up.

04 | Audio

Jul. 16th, 2016 01:02 am
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So who likes sports?

If you do, what kinds? Which teams are your favorites? Players?

I'm not really familiar with any of the teams or leagues around here, so I'll accept suggestions too!


Jul. 1st, 2016 09:55 am
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[ It's Mark again. Remember him? He used to go by "Peter"? Clone of Miles Vorkosigan? Facetwin of Hermann Gottlieb? Anyway, he is looking a bit less like Miles today, because Mark has put on a bit of weight. He's chubbier-cheeked and jowlier, heavier-featured. Plus his hair is slicked back in a way Miles never does his hair. Basically, he is working hard to look like himself and no one else. ]

It seems we're all in need of a bit of leisure time. That's why, on July 10th, I've rented out a corporate skybox at a Washington Senators baseball game, for use of imPorts and a few local businesspeople.

[ He leans forward, and types a bit, and the video is taken over briefly by an interactive, dynamic image of the skybox he's renting, highlighting its various features. ]

The box is located on the third base line, with an excellent view of the whole field. It'll have buffet-style catering - [ Very important, as far as Mark is concerned. ] An open bar with an in-box bartender, a private restroom, in-suite pool table, and cushioned reclining seats. Completely air conditioned, so you can watch the game in comfort as well as style. And there might even be a chance to meet some of the players themselves at an exclusive post-game autograph session.

[ And the graphic switches to a panning video of a super "trendy, cool" party bus. This kid has like no taste. At all. ]

As if that's not enough, I've also chartered a bus between De Chima and the stadium. This chartered bus is the height of luxury, with reclining seats, mood lighting, and an in-bus drink and snack service. It'll leave from the De Chima imPort housing a few hours before the game.

[ And then the video switches back to him. He offers the camera a rather oily businessman smile. ]

And here's the part you might like best - it's free to imPorts. The only cost to you will be the money you bring to tip the bartender and bus driver, and the cost of the souvenirs you might want to buy to commemorate this evening. Courtesy of my full-service investment firm, PKE. Remember that PKE is available for all your investment needs, both short-term and long-term. If you're looking for luxury and executive treatment, invest PKE.

[ What he is not mentioning, of course, is that this is not exactly a charity endeavor: those "local businesspeople" he mentioned are actually people who are paying $2500 a head for the privilege of schmoozing with imPorts. But, hey, who cares! Everybody wins, right...? ]
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[This past week sucked.

After being kidnapped, insulted on his clothes, and (worst of all) realizing the words "I love soccer" left his lips, Junpei's a little stressed out. Just a bit! JUST A BIT!

So he's got a quick question for the network. And true to Junpei fashion, it's exactly what's on his mind.]


Let me know. I'll stay the hell away. Sleep on a park bench or something.

[He may or may not have a sleeping bag on a park bench right the heckie now, a red cat curled up on top of it like she suddenly owns it.]
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[ Sitting before the screen is Kitty Jones...or, well. A girl who looks like Kitty. A girl who sort of looks like Kitty. Because whereas Kitty Jones tends to be cute, this girl is flawlessly, sleekly elegant - fiercely beautiful in a way that only very expensive haircuts and very expensive cosmetics can accomplish. Her bearing is different - unsmiling, haughty, eyeing the camera with contempt - and her accent, too, is altered - posh, educated, a little drawling. She speaks in a low and authoritative voice, beginning straightaway with no hesitation. ]

Since quite a few people are having a bit of trouble with this, I'd like to first introduce myself, so that no one calls me anything silly. My name is Medea LeFay. I'm a Junior Undersecretary with the Ministry for Internal Affairs. Some of you may think I have some other name, but I have reason to believe that the creature that resembles me was actually a demon taking my face in an attempt to slander and discredit me.

[ She...actually has reason to believe that the creature was in fact some other version of her, but, to try to spread a bit of misinformation, to reduce the possibility that anyone will try to use the name Kitty Jones to cast harmful magic on her. ]

Second - [ She tosses her head, flipping her perfect glossy hair over her shoulder. ] I have been made to understand through my research and investigations that events such as those which have befallen us, with memory-alterations or dimensional displacement, are often followed by an attack by some foreign power or dissident group. My home is adequately warded, and as a magician of the first order I am thoroughly prepared and able to defend it. If an attack comes, any who find themselves in need of sanctuary may find refuge with me.

[ And doesn't that seem like an attractive offer? Because this girl seems like someone who would be so fun to spend time with. So fun. ]

And third...I have heard speculation that these changes have been brought about by magical means. As I stated, I am a magician myself, and have no knowledge of any spells that can cause confusion of this sort. What evidence do we have that magic is at its root? Any who have knowledge of this, speak; I charge you.

[ Then a beat. ]

And fourth...My home seems to be infested with these - small creatures. Crab-like, but with colorful shells. They seem to be pets. What are they, and how does one care for them?

[ what a nice-seeming young lady this is. ]

001 | Video

Jun. 5th, 2016 12:37 am
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[ A Hispanic woman— olive-brown skin, glossy black hair pulled back into a pony tail—is visible, and looking very clearly unhappy; she's on the verge of anger, really. The area behind her is very clearly in Heropa.]

I would love to know what makes people think it's fine to go around kidnapping people and force them into helping with their own goals, especially when it involves giving them crazy powers and dragging them out of their normal lives. [Especially now that this seems to be a recurring thing for her family.]

I know they say they still have the Cold War going on here, but this? This is absurd. Throwing superpowers at people isn't going to do anything.

[She takes a moment to compose herself. She already got angry with a soldier when she arrived in the first place. Other people in the same position probably don't need it too.]

I'm Bianca Reyes, by the way. Normally, I'm just a nurse, but they can't leave that alone either.
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[With everything going on and the end of the month rolling by, a lot had slipped Junpei's mind. Jacob moving in, Fanport, his talk with Mitsuru really sort of knocked him out mentally for a few days....

His dates with Mina and Wendy... It was a whirlwind of activity. So it's no surprise that he'd almost forgotten about the application he'd sent in for a job opening. And thanks to Mitsuru's math, he was 18 biologically and fit all the qualifications.

Imagine his surprise when he got a phone call back, asking him to come in for an interview on Monday.

Wait, did he say surprise? More like PANIC. The feed opens to Junpei drumming a pocket sized notebook on his knee. He's sitting outside, on a dull and dreary fountain in Maurtia Falls. It's not until he sees the light recording that he focuses on the camera. How does he even start this? It's almost embarrassing to ask.]

Ah...Hey guys! Nice weather we're having, huh?

...Right, I had another question. Weather's not really important right now...

Anyone know how to prep a guy for a job interview?
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[Good old Jaime Reyes has been here for over a year and a half now, and what has he not done yet? That's right; an accidental post.

This one takes the form of a series of texts, each chunk of text being published as a new post as he blearily smashes at his phone's keyboard... complete with auto-correct and typos.]

Hey Wally wake up you wouldn't believe the dream I had
Okay so EVERYONE had a beard you had this giant ginger monstrosity
Ken had like this giant wizard beard and dick had those things what do you call them
giant sideburn thingies
minayos was freaky right blue and Kashmir wouldn't stop twirling hers and will's was beautiful
also milagro had one that touched the ground for some reason

if you know juicy nasty [yes, that's jyushimatsu] he was there too because I think he's haunting me

anyway EVERYONE was acting like it was totally normal and were like hey wheres your beard so I grew one but then all my teeth fell out which isnt fair because everyone else had their teeth AND beards

wally I answer literally every single one of your stupid texts
wake up or else I'm coming over there and dragging you out of bed

jk I'll ask dick to do it for me

[Expect mortified responses once his phone buzzes him awake, everyone... and if your character has CR with them, feel free to comment to find out what beautiful facial hair they would receive.]


Apr. 2nd, 2016 07:19 pm
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[There’s a lot of noise in the background of this video post. Like, way more noise than usual when Mabel’s face shows up on the network. One could say almost… exactly double the noise?]

Hi! Hey. Important question. I know everybody’s busy with stuff but this is a matter of life and death probably? Through forces beyond our control we have an animal that-- well look!

[The camera pans. Two twelve year old boys (who look suspiciously like tiny versions of the Stans) are riding a magnificent creature around a living room. Dipper watches anxiously, but seems resigned to the situation. He has the look of someone who has walked through the flames of hell and can now withstand anything. The camera stays on the chaos long enough for one of the Stan kids to fall off the… thing. The lower part of the thing. The part you can conceivably ride on.]

It’s a centaurtaur! And we’re not sure how it breathes? Or eats. We have some, um, theories but we can’t test it because we can't reach. So if anyone’s ever had any experience with an animal like this or you’re pretty tall and willing to help us do some research please let us know! Thanks.
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Okay, weird question. Completely important, guys. Like...Priority #1

Baseball★ or Cricket☆.

[Yes, he speaks in stars. What of it. You may hear the essence of a home run after 'Baseball', and a umpire in the background of 'Cricket'. Yeah. that happens.]

I'm not saying it's to prove a point but it's DEFINITELY to prove a point.

Baseball's totally better.
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[Shortly after midnight, there's an audio post to the network. Mitsuru sounds... unsure of herself in a way that's not all that usual.]

I have a question to any imPorts living in or around the designated imPort housing in Maurtia Falls.

Have any of you experienced anything odd at midnight over the past month?

[She'd like to say she's just wondering, but that'd be transparent and obviously so.] I'd like to figure out if there are similarities between my world and home, but I'd rather not go into detail if at all possible.
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[ The video clicks on to three people, one front and center a waifish girl with vibrant eyes that many of you probably recognize-- Kitty Jones. Gregor, or as you might know him, Greg Vorthys, stands a bit behind and to the side, a tall figure in dark clothes with a grave cast to his expression and bearing. The third, Nicolas, a shorter man with a beard and fairly wild hair, stands off and behind to Kitty’s other side, where he’s fulfilling the stereotype of filling the room around them with smoke from the cigarette he currently has lit. The latter two of the three have noticeable Russian accents they make no attempt to hide. ]

I’ve got a question for all of you. And I want you to think about it. Really think about it, long and hard. Why are you fighting against the Soviets? Why are you fighting for America?

[ Gregor waits an appropriate pause and then speaks quietly, inviting you to listen closer. ] I've heard from some of you that it's for practicality. Convenience. I did it for that myself. It's frightening and disorienting when we first arrive here, and we depend on their charity.

[ The mention of charity elicits a scoff from Nicolas and he lowers his cigarette to add: ]

Nothing about what they do is charity. Is it charity to flood our veins with machines? A charity to say registration is a choice, when they already plan to hassle those who do not? When they tag and track you like a common beast? [ His words carry an honest enough anger to them. Why shouldn’t they? He’s always had the rage to spare, under his typically quiet demeanor. ] America knows nothing of charity. There are no other options, they already own us.

[ And Kitty nods firmly, fiercely, in agreement with all of this. ]

None of it is for us. None of it helps us. A lot of you, you think because you woke up in America, because they were the first ones to greet you and jam nanites into your system, you owe them something. Or ‘cause you came from some other version of America back home.

But the United States is nothing more than a load of exploiters. They’re nothing more than a lot of abusers. They trapped us and forced us to serve them. They neglected their own citizens in favor of flattering and entrapping us. So why are you talking about fighting back against the Soviets? Fight for them. This is our chance to be free of America’s stifling chains. It’s our chance to make a better future for this country. You all know how hollow and empty and exploitative Capitalism is, how social justice comes from equal treatment of all citizens. You know how violent America is, how they’ve suppressed dissent. How they’ve lied.

This is a chance to lead a better life. Why are you all risking your lives to fight against that? Out of loyalty to a country that’s abused us and lied to us? That’s stupid. We’ve decided to join in with the Soviets, and you ought to, as well.

[ Belatedly, Gregor tries to offer a more moderate view point. ] … At the very least, we must all recognize that neutrality is a luxury we have never had. Any pretense to it will have deep cost. Many of us that went as diplomatic envoys earlier this month saw how little the rest of the world cares for us, and how unwilling they are to provide us any sanction.

You must choose. We all must choose. And clearly-- right now-- strength and protection can be found with the Soviet Union alone. So, please, cast aside denial and acknowledge this reality. Join us.

[ Kitty nods firmly, then glances off at her compatriots. She reaches out to turn off the camera, then says, wanting to get the last word in so that they aren’t ending on Gregor’s civilized, moderate route - and you can be sure she’s grinning as she says it - ]

Down with Capitalism. Up with the people.

[ Kitty is in red for max Communism.
Gregor in Vorbarra gray.
Nicolas is blue but isn’t he always. ]


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