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[ ID: Dominique Destine

There is a soft female voice. If she didn’t sound so amused, it’d be easy to tell she is incredibly pissed due to the current circumstances ]

Do tell me, are you actually helping this world and its war? I am sure all of you are dying [ she loves to use this word when addressing to humans ] to show everyone and yourself how heroic you can be, but let's be practical, shall we? You owe this place nothing. To fight for them, without even listening to the opponent's side, seems awful narrow-minded, doesn't it? [ no surprise, humans love an excuse for war ]

Regardless, we are here and there isn't much we can do, according to the military. I'm afraid I'm not so inclined to trust them blindly though, neither willing to offer my skills to them.

I much more interested in helping fellow imPorts, as long they are not directly related to the military. Said this, I'm a scientist and my focus is bioengineering. [ sort... of ] And few other things. [ like weaponry. Using it, at least. ANYWAY. ] If anyone would be interested, I'm very willing to give you a hand.

001; video

Apr. 11th, 2015 09:02 pm
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Hello? Come in, come in! Aah, here we go. [ this is not the face you want to see this early in the morning. no, it's not. ]

Good morning, friends and coworkers and beautiful women! My name is Sakamoto Tatsuma, I am twenty- [ the exact number is fudged, concealed behind a thick spat of "coughing" and lies. ] years old but still young at heart.

I enjoy long walks on the ship-deck, long days on the beach, and longer nights at Snack Smile Cabaret. I can, of course, offer you an even longer night elsewhere. [ he wiggles his brow in a way that's meant to be salacious. it isn't. ] For a price.

My favourite colour is mon- [ money? was he about to say money? that's another suspicious "cough". ] you. My fav-our-ite food can be you too! Just call for Sakamossan, and keep your credit cards on hand!

[ winkwonk. he even makes a bizarre shape with his hands, something meant, at the core, to be a heart. ]

I can't wait to talk to you, and remember. Don't tell Mutsu. [ he says it with such casual desperation. how could you let that down? ]
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[ Having fun with that age plot, everyone? Hiro admittedly hasn't been working quite as crazy hard on a cure this time around, but gosh darnit this is still mostly his fault and he's still got to do something. So here's another video post of him in his lab/garage (with the usual assortment of tech junk everywhere), moving back and forth between his computer and something juuuuust out of frame to the left. He keeps adjusting his new nerd glasses too, not quite used to the feeling of having them on his face just yet.

After a moment, he takes a deep breath and faces the camera. Hoo boy, how to phrase this. ]

So - uh - I know a lot of people kind of got their ages messed up? Like on Wednesday or so? About 6 PM?

[ Ughhh, he runs a hand through his hair. ]

The good news is, I know what happened. Because that was my experiment, and I'm really, really sorry to everyone who got messed up. The other good news is that it was supposed to wear off. Nanites and resilience and blah blah, you probably don't want details.

... It was also supposed to wear off in a couple hours. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that it should wear off, I just don't know when.

But if it doesn't, I'm working on something. Just - everyone hold tight? Don't play in traffic? What other responsible things are adults supposed to say at a time like this?

[ Video ]

Mar. 17th, 2015 07:22 pm
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[ ID reads: KEN KANEKI

There is a familiar face on video, for those who know him, but Kaneki is a bit changed. He has pure white hair, tired eyes, and though he is smiling, it's hard to tell he means it. While he would usually smile awkwardly when addressing others, this time he just looks... calm. Per usual, Kaneki is wearing an eyepatch, this one black with centipede prints on it.

Kaneki bows his head towards the camera and the smile vanishes then ]

My name is Ken Kaneki. Recent events are forcing me to address this matter that I have always kept supposedly a secret. But between me attacking others, my personal files being leaked and me being killed in front of you all, I don't think I have the right to keep quiet about it.

Mentions of cannibalism and character death )

For my actions, I'm currently on probation and I am considered a criminal. My parole officer is Will Graham, if you wish to know who is following my case. I also need to apologize for everything I have done, but in truth I don't want forgiveness for it. I know a lot of it can't be forgiven so simply like that.

If you have any questions, you can ask. I will answer.


Mar. 11th, 2015 04:46 pm
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[The video starts rolling before anyone’s actually in the picture. Instead, it’ll show a room that’s still somewhat empty – the most notable feature is a chair directly in the middle of the screen with a white lab coat and goggles draped over the back. The chair’s swiveling back and forth, like someone just got out of it in a hurry. In the distance, a bit of scowling and cursing can be heard.

Eventually though, someone does show up in the image. It’s a young girl with long dark hair – carrying a small cup of freshly brewed coffee with steam still rising from it. She looks a little flustered…probably because she’s not really used to taking videos of herself.

Settling into the chair, she lets out a small sigh and turns to address the camera.]

Hey. [She raises her free hand in greeting.] I…ah…guess I’m new around here. [In case that wasn’t obvious already.]

I’m still settling in and figuring everything out. Kinda sucks being the new kid on the block…There’s lot of catching up to do. Guess it happens to everyone at some point though.

[Touka pauses to set the cup down onto the desk she’s sitting at, and a little rabbit design made of cream becomes visible in the dark liquid. She definitely knows her way around making coffee.]

But I figured since there’re a bunch of other new people, it couldn’t hurt to try and reach out. Maybe see if any of my friends got stuck here too.

[And speaking of which.]

Oh, and Hide-san? [She brightens up a little after saying that.]

I met up with that idiot best friend of yours, and he told me you were around. I thought it’d be nice if we got to talk again, so…Let me know if you see this.
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[The video opens with a young man in an average sort of collared shirt and a big straw hat. The sun is shining, the particularly observant may notice he's at a beach somewhere.]

I've noticed some new faces around here, so, hello to all of you - my name is Armin. If you've found yourself displaced from a time period and location different from this one, and need help with the basics of settling in, I have some items that could help you. Clothes, toiletries and the like, and even some instructions how to use them. I also work at the library if you'd like assistance there, I've compiled a list of books I thought were useful to begin getting myself acclimated to this place.

[Armin pauses here, glancing away nervously. He takes a breath and refocuses his efforts.]

I thought I'd put that out there, but that's not the real reason for this recording. As you may know by now, I was among those affected by the Hornet's... are we calling it a virus? Mind control? Emotional manipulation? In any case, I'm showing my face because I'm aware I attacked a few people who were unknown to me, and I'd like to personally apologize and give them a chance to identify me. I won't ask for instant forgiveness for what I've done, but I want you to know I understand and am horrified at the thought of hurting anyone that way. [A frown.] I've learned some things about one of the Hornets in custody, Allen Hill. Mostly, they're emotional memories - recovering from some sort of serious injury due to imPorts, his subsequent recruitment by a young woman while he was still under the influence of painkillers and various treatment, and stealing an identification badge from his FBI father. Aside from the mayhem this last attack caused, I wonder if some of the motivation was to make us understand their point of view. Sometimes, when you've been wronged, it's difficult to move past that, especially when you have reminders of what's been taken from you every day. An enemy can seem just like a force of nature, a creature you've grown to despise. Hatred of that manner can be easily manipulated, and I believe that may have been what happened to Allen.

[Armin seems more sympathetic than angry about it. A small wind tugs at his hat and musses his hair.]

I have extensive notes on the memories as well as my own experience if anyone would like to read them. I would also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

[The wind gusts and knocks his hat off and away.] Oh no...!

[ Text ]

Mar. 1st, 2015 08:05 am
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And it'll be the first time ever this ID will be posting to the network. Fresh meat. ]

How are things now? Are imPorts still acting violent towards each other? And does anyone know why it happened (or is happening)? [ okay, maybe not "fresh meat" since he knows what is happening/happened ]

I know some people have public information files and notes, regarding the porter, this world, and the other before this one. Is it possible for you to share those with me, please? It'd be appreciated.

Thank you.

PRIVATE : Joichiro Nishi
I would like to speak with you.

PRIVATE : Juuzou Suzuya
Suzuya-san, I'm sure you already know who this is. I now understand much of what you have told me when we first met in Heropa.

I also would like to thank you for stopping me. You may not believe it, but I mean it. Both times.
[ in Heropa and back in Kanou's lab ] I hope the government didn't try to arrest you after my death.


Feb. 25th, 2015 01:18 pm
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[ The feed opens upside down, slightly off kilter and looking a lot like whoever is broadcasting has no idea what they're doing. Which is pretty true! But he catches on fast, turning the shot dizzyingly on its head, and revealing a pretty grotesque picture in the process.

cut for gore )

Gooood evening! I got a kakuhou from a ghoul! Someone smart make me a quinque please! 

[ video ]

Feb. 7th, 2015 10:54 pm
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[ When the camera turns on, there's already a smear of red across the lens, and the scene is a whole lot of jostling motion. Then Ramir comes into sight with wide eyes and a panicked expression, until she sees it's running. She forces composure after that. ]

Heeeeeeyyyy, guys. How's it going?

[ There's some crying and screaming going on in the background, which Ramir seems happy to ignore. Except for the quick sideways glance she darts over at it, anyway. ]

Haha, rhetorical question. I don't really care. Listen, I've got kind of a thing going on—

[ An interruption from offscreen: ] Oh my god it’s bigger than I thought! I'm still bleeding!

Shut up Drift, I'm working on it! [ Aaannddd back to the camera: ] So anyway, does anyone know how to, say, sew a guy back together? Or maybe just put a sword back in him. I'd take either one. [ A quick smile, as she moves to end it. ] So, yeah, lemme know. Thanks.
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Okay, I probably should have done this a while ago but...

Anybody who can take a hit- or even better, take one and give back just as good- I guess gimme a ring?
I need to get a little bit of practice in.
Might help if you're a little bit fireproof too.
Still working on that one.
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[The video feed clicks on and shows a man with tidy hair, a clean face, a neat black suit and a pair of leather shoes. He doesn't speak immediately, but his gaze never strays - there's nothing behind it, no gleam in his eyes that betrays his fascination. He needs to understand the predicament he's in, and wants to hear what everyone has to say. Or perhaps he's just curious. He's a doctor and scientist, clinical and precise. He's not used to being away from his work. The people who'd brought him here had stripped him of his belongings, causing him to utilize other means - and he had to do it without drawing suspicion for as long as possible.

He offers a small smile. Witnessing facial expressions raises the level of group trust, he knows. He would rather have used audio, but this would give a better impression. Meanwhile, his blood bubbles under his surface; he wants to find those scared of being here. He has nothing else to keep him but work. His fingers were itching to insert themselves into everyone's dark places. He wants to understand them. He wants to see what makes them tick. He calmly hides his hands in his legs. His cold disappointment at being separated from witnessing the results of his fear gas flooding Gotham is nearly overwhelming.

He stares into the camera with sharp blue eyes. His tone has a slight lilt.

Anyway. Hello, you crazies in spandex. This is your unfriendly neighborhood psychiatrist. Perhaps you've met him before?]

I won't claim arriving here was my choice, but I'm aware that's not a unique situation.


I'm looking for participants in a clinical research study. My name is Jonathan Crane, and I need willing persons to discuss their experiences in this new... life... if you will. You will not be required to pay any bills, and will be adequately compensated for your time. I want to make this city safer. Whether or not you decide to volunteer is completely up to you.

[He's completely honest. Honestly.]

And it should go without saying that I wouldn't be so unkind as to ignore those in crisis. I'm a psychiatrist. In fact, I was a professor as well. Mental distress is something I am trained to deal with. Whenever you or somebody you know needs support, please let me know. I'm here to help.

[ Video ]

Feb. 3rd, 2015 01:44 pm
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[ Feed comes on, and Ryoki is still wearing a shirt covered in blood - at least he cleaned himself up, but the shirt is still there for everyone to see. He doesn't seem to care. Ryoki is a teenager around his 16, a bit too thin and messy hair; he has yellow bright eyes, exactly like a cat's with a stilted pupil; his ears are pointed like an elf's, and his teeth are sharp fangs which are easily seen as he speaks. he is sitting outside Residence 006 for those who care. ]

Holy shit, I'm the junkie here, but ya'll fucking higher than a kite.

You all savin' people and shit? Aww, congrats on that, you deserve a medal. [ He laughs, but he isn't happy at all ] Tell ya what, you can stick the hero crap up your asses: fuck yourselves with it nice and slow. [ he clicks his tongue, groaning after. He throws his head back and mutters, but those with a good ear can listen to it: ] Heroes? You all fuck everything up, don't go tellin' me you are heroes now, you bastards.

ANYWAY! [ back to a normal position, looking at the communicator ] One thing you don't fuck up are drugs. What can a guy get around here? Any candy? I'm fine with the legal stuff, since that's probably the only thing I'm gonna get from you Heroes .

[ he is about to turn off the feed, but he looks to the side and then grabs the file they gave him ] Also, regarding the job: ahahahahahaha! [ look at that beautiful sarcastic laugher ] I'm a fucking milkman! Well, SHIT. At least you assholes are funny. And still racist as fuck. Congrats on that, too, I was missing that.

At least I'm not a butcher, right?
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my hands keep turning into paws.

this would be adorajdfg';k if typing didn't suck

plz help

i'm stuck in cat vine hell

in my head

((Kamala got struck by lightning and now partially think she's a cat. Yes.))


Feb. 1st, 2015 11:09 am
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[ For the first time since coming here, Hiro's making a video post to the network. Normally he'd do this via text but - dammit, he hasn't slept and he's barely eaten since the disastrous charity fair started yesterday morning. And he looks like it too. Dark bags under his eyes, empty coffee cups strewn around his workstation, and tech junk spread out everywhere. Not just "on his desk" everywhere either; there's a halo of junk floating in the air all around him, forming a 3-D workspace that might be impressive if not for the fact that it is also a chaotic mess.

It's been a long night. A very, very long night.

The kid groans a bit and sits up. He's a young teenager, scrawny and small if the scale of the desk around him is anything to go by. He proooobably looks like he's a little too young to be in the heart of StarkTech running approximately five million tests in the background, but that's how it is. Skye can be seen in the background too, busily trying to attack the problem from a programming angle. ]

Okay - look, anyone who got the vaccine against the lightning memories? There's an issue. We're working on it, but it's major and you need to listen up right now. Most people who got it are accidentally transmitting memories to each other. It won't override anyone's mind, and the person getting it knows it's not theirs, but trust me, there is some unpleasant stuff going around right now.

[ He pauses, massaging his temples. A small gaggle of bitty little white robots wander into frame and cluster around Hiro's arm. A compact comforting committee. ]

Thanks, I think. The good news is, every test I've run is indicating that it should wear off within the next twenty-four hours. The bad news is, we have no idea how to fix it any sooner than that. I've been trying and I'm going to keep trying but every solution I've come up with requires turning the vaccine off completely. Which - if that's what you want, I'll do that too, but -

Look, nobody touch anybody for like twenty-four hours, okay? We can handle that much, right?
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[Rikki's maybe kinda been having some trouble sleeping at night lately and tried going on a nighttime jaunts to keep herself occupied. Not officially> patroling - she doesn't have her costume or her usual toys or anything. But going for walks and keeping her eyes open.

Wanna know what you don't want to be in her town late at night? A teenage girl doing literally anything.

So yeah. Logging into the mirror network for this one. ID reads Nomad.]

So Maurtia Falls is basically a cesspool. Are we doing anything about that?
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[Keeping a low profile is necessary in hostile territory, and though there has been no outright attack on her person being kidnapped and deposited in an unknown area certainly qualifies as being placed in hostile territory.

Watching alone, however, hasn’t done enough. It’s time for her to ask questions; calmly. While many likely panic, the woman on the video feed appears calm and collected. Though her expression is calm, she appears somewhat disheveled. Her long hair is just untidy enough to signal to those familiar to her that she's a bit out of sorts, and though her focus is clearly on the phone she's unconsciously pressing a hand to her neck.]

Seeing as I’ve just arrived, I can’t quite figure out what I’ve done to have so many people so interested in me. As soon as I walked outside, there were people interested in taking photographs and getting autographs. Frankly, I think they’ve got the wrong person.

Unless there’s something that you all know that I don’t, anyway.

[The woman looked away from the camera.]

I suppose if I’m going to ask for information, it would be wise to introduce myself. Good afternoon; my name is Riza.

001; video

Jan. 11th, 2015 10:03 am
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[Another new wave, another bunch of new faces on the network! Have another one for the pile, Heroes. And she's...grey. She frowns once at the communicator, before her face splits into a razor-sharp Cheshire cat grin for just a second. Looks like she's satisfied it's going. The girl appears to glide away from where she's propped up her comm, settling lazily onto the nearby couch.]

What's up, you guys? Glad to finally get this thing working. Not too different from my phone back home, but y'know, you always gotta play with a new toy to try everything out. Anyway. [She sounds about as adolescent as she looks, at least. She reaches over beside her, picking up a bass that looks...distinctly like a double-axe. Huh. She starts tuning it, looking back to the camera.]

I'm Marceline - the Vampire Queen, but I got a feeling that second part won't matter here. Eh. [A shrug. And sure enough, the tag on the ID backs up that title claim.]

Whatevs. Point is, what's some good music around here? Scene in this place is pretty different from Ooo's, but I recognize a lot of the sound at least. I've looked around the internet a little, but some recs'd be cool. [She grins, moving some stray locks of hair back into place. Well, more or less - her hair's way out of control. And there's a lot of it.] Just don't give me something that blows. [Marceline makes a hrrrrming sound, rubbing at her face. Looks like there's still something else.]

Oh, yeah - is there a point to the whole registration thing? 'Cuz I'm not really into it.

[Hard to take being told what to do by anyone, never mind a country that's way younger than she is. A beat.]

One more thing! What the heck's a Girl Scout? Anybody know? [Yeah, she could just look it up, but she's already talking to people who've been here for a while. What she does know is that it sounds suspiciously like the government decided to put her in charge of kids...]


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