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Hey, is anyone awake for this?

[ A squint at the screen, and a deep frown, while Kaidan looks like he's contemplating something. ]

Actulaly, is anyone...not falling asleep a lot? I'm... I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few around here that hasn't fallen asleep much. At least -- no more than normal? [ This time, he looked to the side, off the screen, before looking back. ]

If you are, or if you're... waking up a lot, what's...going on? Anyone have any ideas? A culprit? Hell, I'd even take a place to start. [ Hell, he'll take some information about what's inside at this point. His fingers drum against the side of the comm, jostling it, before he stopped, realizing what he's doing. ]

Anyway, let me know. Uh -- especially if you're not asleep. We should probably start figuring out who's affected, and go from there. You can reply here, or comm me and let me know. We could divide things up, and start to resolve it. Normally these things work themselves out eventually, but... I'd prefer sooner, rather than later you know? I'm getting worried.

[ And then he moves to cut off the comm, a soft murmur as he does so, before it shuts off: ] Today, of all days?
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Happy 2017, imPorts!

As seen on national television and ZZZ-SPAN:
In this new year, as a fresh session of Congress begins, the honorable body of legislators wishes a positive and prosperous 2017 to all of America's imPorts. Soon after the pomp and circumstance, a new national security budget will be on the queue to pass -- or stall upon. Depending. Some junior members of the House are in favor of security cuts, citing the very fact that imPorts exist as ample security.

As seen in big city newspapers:
Recent and critical employment studies indicate that there are unprecedented shortages in medical staffing, especially regarding professional Nursing jobs.

"I won't lie," said Doctor Ana Collins of Maurtia Falls Mercy Hospital. "It's a very troubling trend that has been building over time. Emergency care sectors are usually understaffed, but we are upon a hiring crisis. Just imagine -- it only takes one national disaster for everyone to feel this impact."

As seen on national news and heavily Discoursed on Rumblr:
The Canadian city Toronto has instituted a temporary prohibition on any imPorts who might attempt to enter the city limits. Why? "Safety issues" were cited. Contextual note: it is not uncommonly believed, especially outside US borders, that imPorts skyrocket the risk of fatality. "Safety issues" as a reasoning, while vague, fundamentally aligns with this belief.

The US Ambassador to Canada is currently negotiating an end to this ban. The US Press Secretary issued this statement as follows: "ImPorts are members of this global community. They are kind, hardworking, and they are not perpetrators of aggression. We sincerely hope to reach an understanding with our Norther neighbors over what we believe to be a simple miscommunication."

As seen on social media, Guzzlefeed, and TIER 1 IMPORTS Magazine:
TIER 1 IMPORTS is looking to run a WHO'S WHO issue in February of imPorts, TOLD by imPorts! HOW DO YOU TAKE PART? It's easy! If you are an imPort, logged into your verified Bwitter account and leave a TESTIMONIAL about other imports in our PUBLIC SUBMISSIONS PAGE. You can be as wordy or succinct as you'd like: spill the whole pot of tea, or just throw in an accurate superlative!

But remember, it'll all be published!

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from CONSTANTINE LIME to MELLOW, notably an adjective and occasionally a verb, because the future is looking bright and illuminated.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[ The video opens on two young men sitting side by side on a couch, set up to address the camera together. One is younger, Japanese, with dark hair and glasses; he is way, way less enthused about this than the platinum blond Russian dude waving enthusiastically at the video feed. ]

Um … well … I’m … Katsuki Yuuri. [ He trails off, mumbling more about himself, but it doesn’t quite make it to the microphone. He seems wildly uncomfortable to be doing this. The last phrase sounds something like “nice to meet you” but it’s hard to tell. ]

[ The Russian chooses that moment to sling an arm around the shoulders of his embarrassed companion and lean on him a bit, his heart-shaped smile and handsome face gorgeous enough to be in a fashion magazine. He looks into the camera with no hesitation at all. ]

Hiii! [ he proclaims brightly, his Russian accent becoming more evident as he talks. ] I’m Viktor Nikiforov, and I’m Yuuri’s figure skating coach! We just finished our biggest competition of the year, the Grand Prix Final, and we just wanted to reach out to our fans to thank them all for their support!

[ Yuuri chokes at that, his next comment coming out as a squawk. ]

-- Eh!? VIktor, this is a different dimension! We don’t have fans here!

But we can get NEW fans! [ Viktor winks at the camera before he turns his head to look at Yuuri mischievously. ]

Wh - Viktor, no! We don’t know anyone! Not in public--!

[ And then the feed goes down as Yuuri manages to knock it over before Viktor throws himself at him. ]

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[ The feed opens on an unusual sight -- three of the Normandy's crew (former and current) squeezed together to fit in front of the camera. It's a tough fit since none of the space marines are small men, but they manage. Shepard, in the middle, speaks up first. ]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Shepard. [ He's unusually formal, posture straight and gaze evenly directed at the camera. ] Some of the Normandy’s crew have been Ported out over the last few months, and it's been long enough that we don't think they're coming back. Justicar Samara, Thane Krios, Garrus Vakarian, and Jeff Moreau.

[Jacob leans forward a bit as he puts in his contribution, short and direct.]

Some of you knew those names. Those of you who didn’t, you can trust me when I tell you this place is a hell of a lot worse off without them.

[ Kaidan is squished to the right, just barely in the screen -- Jacob and Shepard take most of the space up, and he isn’t exactly fighting for screen time, but when he pipes up, he leans a little closer toward Shepard to do it. ]

We’ve been pretty lucky so far, haven’t we? Every time someone’s left -- like Shepard -- they’ve come back, so we wanted to give people time, before we actually said something…

That’s nice, fellas, but--

cut for space nerds embarrassing themselves )
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[Hello, everyone, and welcome to what may well be the Blue Beetle's first - and possibly last - ever video post! He's clearly in uniform, and frankly looks a little inhuman; his red-yellow lenses glow faintly, even though he's posting from a rooftop out in the sunshine, he's conspicuously noseless, and he's covered from head to toe in a blue and black carapace armour. When he speaks, his voice is calm and measured; he's clearly been thinking about this for a long time, and it's something he wants to get out right, even if his speech is a little marred by the fact that he's speaking through a faintly robotic filter.]

Hi, everyone. Um, some of you might know me, even if I don't talk here a whole lot, but just in case -- I'm the Blue Beetle. Not my real name, for the record, but plenty of us superheroes still do the codename thing, even here. But that's not what I'm here to talk about! I wanna talk about powers.

See, as far as I can tell, we all get powers when we get here, unless we already had some back home, and now? Even the people who were born here have them. It's especially hard for people who got dangerous powers. Some people try and use them for good, and other people just try to ignore them, and others try to master them by themselves, but this kind of thing isn't something you should have to tackle by yourself.

Where I'm from, there are a lot of people with powers. We call them metahumans. And sometimes when they try to tackle these things by themselves, it works out just fine! A lot of the time, though? It doesn't. Especially when they go out and use them to try and do a lot of good, and I know that's what people here are doing too. Maybe it seems like it's not a big deal from the outside, but it is. That's how a lot of people wind up dead. [He pauses, just for a moment, and inhales quickly before continuing.] It's how a lot of people I know wound up dead. It's not something to take lightly. I know I didn't have a lot of help - I didn't ask for a lot of help - when I started out, and if I did? Things would have gone a lot smoother.

But I'm not trying to lecture anyone! I know a lot of people here have been doing this for a lot longer than me, [he admits, flashing a quick smile at the screen, teeth white and human behind his mask.] This is just me making an offer. If you're trying to break into what people like me do, or if you're trying to figure out your powers, don't do it alone. If you're not worried about yourself, at least think of other people -- if you've got some strong powers going on, without training, it's really, really easy to hurt other people accidentally. If you guys want help, I'll do that, the best I can. And if I can't, I have a feeling there's a lot of others who'd be willing to help too.

So, um... yeah. I guess that's it! Didn't... really think about how I was going to end this.

[He blinks at the communicator, suddenly awkward before clearing his throat and saying:] Bye!

001: voice

Oct. 5th, 2016 01:42 pm
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( It's taken Cassandra a great deal of trial-and-error to be able to use the communicator at all. It sits awkwardly in her hands, as if mocking her ineptitude. The thought of people being able to see her face, from a distance, is frankly unnerving, so she quickly discounts the video option. Writing is bad enough when it's ink on paper, so that leaves her with one option she understands, really: voice communication. There are items in Thedas that have a similar function, Cassandra knows, but usually they're not so... bright. And rectangular.

Now, she knows, she is just procrastinating, and she is not the type of woman who likes to waste time. She flicks the audio function, like she'd been taught, and scowls at the device as if she expects it to stare back. )

I do not like this.

( A moment later, it's as though she's just realised she's already turned pressed the button. )

Oh! It's...on?

( Of course it is. And everyone has heard her confusion. Why did anyone think this form of communication was a good idea again? She does her best to gather both her composure and her thoughts. She starts to talk in a clipped staccato: )

I shall be brief. I am not familiar with this technology. Obviously. I was merely wondering if anyone else here is from a world similar to my own. I would like to hear your experiences, if you would share them.

( And she ends the call there partly because she's not sure what else to say but mostly because she's still not convinced that this actually worked. )
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[ The feed turns on shakily and abruptly, showing at first a view of mostly sky, but then it catches more blurry glimpses of scenery -- what might be recognizable as downtown Nonah, if someone were to squint or was just very familiar with the area by now -- as it moves again, as if being wrestled from someone. Voices can be heard above the fainter sounds of traffic, although there's the steady pulse of a nearby car stereo playing loudly and, occasionally, an engine revving.

Then the communicator steadies, being held at its owner's side; the camera now gives an un-aimed view the street, though at a somewhat diagonal, catching about half of the car in question in the shot. A guy's voice, about a foot away, says: "--the sickest shit I ever seen, man! Orale, show the guy, Angie!" And then the communicator moves again, the man holding it taking a step back as Angie breathes fire about five feet into the air. Only the fire and not Angie herself is visible on the screen, although within moments the speaker is stepping close again.

"You see that? It's legit, right? Just one selfie, man! Just one, come on!"

Then what, you'll finally beat it? [ Diablo's not speaking into the communicator, obviously, so his voice is muted, though still audible. ] I got nothing to say about no heroes, kid. Whatever you want? It ain't got nothing to do with me.

[ "Yeah, yeah, whatever! Damn, why you got to be such a bummer, dude?" The communicator raises again, rotating around to show two people: #1, a heavily tattooed man in a letterman-style jacket, "Diablo" embroidered on it like a nametag, looking impatiently at #2, who appears to be a teenager with slicked back hair ("AA" shaved into the sides), a lightning bolt tattoo on his neck, and large mirrored sunglasses. ]

Okay, how--

[ But, smiling delightedly, the boy waves into the camera, declaring: "Heeeey, imPorts! Que onda, stay crazy, guys -- we still believe in you! We got your backs now, so take it easy! Ride or die, man!" before he laughs and runs out of frame to join his off-screen friends; the car motor revs again. Diablo, still holding the communicator, does nothing for a moment except flick his eyes irritably and skeptically in that direction, then turns the camera around to capture the kids driving away. The car's plate reads "DOUBLE A". ]

Man, the hell was that. [ And now the camera once again rotates, his skeptical gaze gracing the screen. ] If that's what you all got around here, then no wonder they be importing in heroes like furniture.

[ Well... "heroes," as the still-dubious expression on his face may go on to suggest. He shrugs, then shakes his head. ]

But hey, y'know-- it's whatever. Anyone know where's a good shoe place around here?
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[When the video to this particular post turns on, viewers can get a look at one Jaime Reyes and one Dick Grayson. Neither of them look as though they’re particularly devastated - no proud teenaged boy wants to address the crowd as a whole with red eyes - but both are notably somber.

Jaime’s the first to speak, posture held unusually still, though at the edge of the screen, it’s easy to see him fidgeting, picking at the skin at the side of his nails, an absent, insistent movement.]

Hey. Um, we’re here to talk about some port-outs today. If you’ve been here for as long as us - [he glances over at Dick, then back at the camera] - then you’re bound to get to know a few people who get ported out. And these days, it seems like people who’ve been here for a year, maybe two, are starting to get ported out. Maybe we don’t announce every single one of them, but we sure notice them. Over the past couple of months, Tadashi and Hiro got ported out, though Cass covered that one already, and so did Ellie, Minato, Shinji, Akihiko, Traci... I used to think that the longer you stayed here, the more likely it was that you’d stick around, but it looks like a lot of people who’ve been here for a while are gone now. The trends are -- well, that’s another topic. We’re here to say that that’s not all of ‘em, though.

[Dick’s posture is unusually perfect; his hands, folded in his lap, are completely still. He’s composed - too much so, for anyone who’s used to his constant movement.]

Wally went home the other day, too. Just a little over two years here. [He looks as if there’s something more he wants to say about it, but that’s all he manages, for the moment.] I don’t know about you guys, but for me? The worst part about this place is losing people. Knowing we might not see them again, and if we do, they might not remember.

But… even if they don’t, even if you both forget, it’s still important that it happened, right?
[He splays his hands a bit, still folded.] If it hurts that they’re gone, it’s only because what you had together was worth missing.

[It is a rare day that Dick Grayson is more comfortable with naked emotion than Jaime Reyes, but it seems that today’s one of those days. Jaime gives Dick a little smile, though it’s strained around the edges.]

Anyway. What we’re really getting at here, is remembering these people. Not, these people specifically, but the people who used to be here. Or people you used to have at home; we’re not exactly picky. If you got any stories you’d like other people to remember, in case you’re the one who leaves next, we’d like to hear ‘em. [He should probably say something about how important these people are, but -- no, he seems to decide against it. He clears his throat a little.] Thanks for listening.
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[ For those familiar with his face, Shepard seems ... younger, somehow. Not by much, but there are fewer lines creasing his forehead and the corners of his eyes. His posture's slightly different, too, shoulders squared and spine straight even as he almost hums with alertness. ]

I'm Commander Shepard. I've been told I've been here before, but apparently I'm missing a few things. I don't recognize most of the faces on this network.

[ His voice is scratchy, hoarse from use -- or lack of it? He's had the time to go through his communicator record -- lucky it wasn't locked -- and what he's seen has mostly added to his growing confusion. Although he conceals it well, the frustration with the inability to understand what's happening grates on him. ]

Am I the only one having issues with memory loss? Is this something that happens a lot here?

01; video

Jun. 6th, 2016 12:26 pm
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[First things first. Alberto Reyes is new here, and though he's gotten his happy reunion with his family and all that, he still has a lot of questions about the new world he's been unceremoniously dropped into. He's far from a stranger to all of this superhero stuff, seeing as he's from a world full of them himself, but alternate realities? All of this Cold War business? That's definitely news to him.

But he's got another pressing concern right now-- one that he should probably deal with sooner rather than later. So howdy, Heropa (and all other associated locales), howyadoin': have a very perplexed man in his late 30's, dark eyes squinting quizzically into the camera.

Hello, everyone. I wasn't sure of where to ask this, so I thought I'd try the network. I was told that I was assigned to become a 'blogger'.

[A beat. Berto blinks.]

...What, exactly, is a blog?

001 | Video

Jun. 5th, 2016 12:37 am
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[ A Hispanic woman— olive-brown skin, glossy black hair pulled back into a pony tail—is visible, and looking very clearly unhappy; she's on the verge of anger, really. The area behind her is very clearly in Heropa.]

I would love to know what makes people think it's fine to go around kidnapping people and force them into helping with their own goals, especially when it involves giving them crazy powers and dragging them out of their normal lives. [Especially now that this seems to be a recurring thing for her family.]

I know they say they still have the Cold War going on here, but this? This is absurd. Throwing superpowers at people isn't going to do anything.

[She takes a moment to compose herself. She already got angry with a soldier when she arrived in the first place. Other people in the same position probably don't need it too.]

I'm Bianca Reyes, by the way. Normally, I'm just a nurse, but they can't leave that alone either.
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[The feed clicks on to an extremely high view, focused partly on Tetsuo's face, the wind blowing his white hair erratically around. He's perched vulturelike on the support structures of one of the taller buildings in downtown Nonah, above the top floor, waiting for the wind to die down enough for him to talk.

And that's not even what he's here to talk about. Both hands are visible, and the camera is held very still; he's either got it perched on something or is holding it up with his powers.]

So, I've been thinking... We're all made out of elements and stuff, right? Carbon, nitrogen and water, things like that. All that boring shit they make you learn about in school.

[Apparently water's an element now. He pauses.]

But that's what I don't get. Ever since I really started to think about it... I keep coming back to it, you know? How we're all made out of a small list of ingredients...

[Sorry to anyone with a fear of heights - he reaches out to tap the comm and the camera moves dizzyingly downwards, providing a nice scene of lower building roofs, cars no larger than colorful beads, some trees... It pans out out to give a dramatic view of the rest of Nonah as he continues.]

But that same list makes all of this, too! What's the difference? How's something alive the same as stuff that can't be?
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As seen in local news and promoted on BlueTube:
There have been reports of a wild parrot in Heropa's central park who has been conversing with passers-by. The parrot engages people on a number of topics of social relevance, including the importance of paying workers a living wage, the necessity of disarmament, and the dangers of xenophobia. It also apparently speaks with an English accent, leaving some to wonder if the animal might have been planted there by some foreign spy.

As seen from the news blogs of major imPort-sympathetic media and news outlets:
You can visit a website,, which chronicles the Russian kidnapping of imports at the Russian invasion/brainwashing techniques. It includes news articles, personal accounts, interviews, video footage, which are all collected for display. Anything containing specific imPort information or stories has been edited to hide their faces as requested, and some things have been carefully edited to put imPorts in a better light. With the Russian invasion over, the website is mostly in standby mode until the next thing happens, but it's still there as a reference whenever news agencies need to make a 'point' about the invasion.

As seen from all national newspapers, channels, and news/entertainment websites, along with limited coverage overseas:
A White House victory ceremony was almost derailed by self-righteous antics on March 12th, as a a few protesting imPorts chose to display disrespect to President Freemason on a day of gratitude and celebration.

Freemason had invited heroic veterans of the imPort resistance against the Soviet occupation to Washington D.C., for the purpose of awarding them Medals of Esteem on behalf of a grateful nation that owes so much to those who fought for freedom during the coup crisis in February. However, while most attending imPorts conducted themselves with the dignity and discipline expected of heroes in wartime, a few chose to hijack this official occasion to advance their own unpatriotic political agenda. These malcontents included:

Heiji Hattori- the first to protest, who bowed as he declined the award and told President Freemason that he fought for people, not for glory or a country, and that America should be better than its enemies
Jacob Taylor- who declined the award and stated he couldn't accept it in good conscience from a government that killed thousands of civilians in Debrecen
Princess L'Arachel- who accepted the award, but could be seen attempting to lecture the President of the United States on ethics before being ushered away by White House staff
Revan- imPort Ambassador to Maurtia Falls, declined the award while still bearing visible signs of injury from leading the Defense of Helix Station. Revan could be seen whispering an apology to the President before being led away
Kitty Jones- who was noticeably absent from the ceremony without proper explanation, despite her heroic activities for the resistance
Skye- who was also absent without explanation

Fortunately, President Freemason valiantly maintained her poise and composure in the face of this shocking display, and most imPort attendees were well-behaved and showed proper respect to the President and to their hosts in this world: the United States of America. Major-General Olivier Armstrong, D'Artagnan, Francis Urquhart, Kanaya Maryam, Carl Grimes, and Sabriel all accepted their awards without incident, while Charles Xavier respectfully conveyed his regrets at being unable to attend due to exhaustion and health issues. Magicman courteously declined his medal on the grounds that he hadn't done enough to deserve it, while praising the President's recognition of AI rights- such a humble hero!

Sabriel and Armstrong in particular could be spotted conferring closely with government authority figures at the event, as befits loyal heroes. Francis Urquhart, imPort Ambassador to Nonah, accepted the award in good form despite having previously made statements of discontent in the media regarding the Debrecen airstrikes. Meanwhile, the memetic world is having a field day with the expression on Carl Grimes' face as he beheld the displays of disrespect by the protestors. GIFs and captions of his unimpressed reaction are spreading across the Internet.

Approached after the ceremony for comment on the protest, Kanaya Maryam only rolled her eyes.

As seen reported national and local newspapers, and run riot in social media platforms:
Bad luck beset the St. Patrick's Day Parade as disasters seemed to abound at an alarming rate. Onlookers reported sightings of green monsters spreading gold, though neither gold nor creature appeared to remain afterward. Among the confusion, imPort Julian Day took responsibility for the chaos and stole the prize parade float. While this costumed criminal was soon apprehended, there was no saving the parade.

As noted in art and lifestyle magazines and websites, and promoted on LulzFeed:
Heropa Trade School's lead mechanics expert, Professor Li, was given the final project of imPorts Jaime Reyes and Will Graham. The two local heroes had no idea what they were handing her was actually art. Fortunately, Professor Li has an eye for the artistic as well as the mechanical, and now the students' project is being inspected and passed around far more elite circles than any garage. The piece is described as "a tired car, nearly a clunker, transformed into something far better than a working has become more than that...a true statement, a true artistic force...the wake up call America needed...a look into the depths of imPort suffering..."
Only three pictures of the artwork (called "CAR OF SORROWS") have been revealed to the public so far. One is of the hood of the car, with the word "SORRY" spray painted across it. "It's so simple, yet so profound," says one curator at a Nonah art gallery.

"Are they sorry for the troubles caused by them being here? Are they sorry for being here in the first place? Something else? It could be a multitude of things, but it's very clear some of our imPorts carry the burden of guilt."

The second picture shows under the hood. The insides have been replaced with a cardboard box filled with coffee cups and cans of bug spray. "Incredible," commented another curator at a Nonah art gallery. "So often, in order to keep our bodies awake and push through the day, we purposefully consume that which is not good for us. A clearer message could not be present. We have to take care of ourselves better."

The third picture shows the front two air bags. One has been painted with a smiling face while its companion wears a frown. "It's remarkable," commented a curator at the third Nonah art gallery. "Simple faces on cloth speak so loudly. ImPorts are expected to smile for the public, but are they really smiling? Really really smiling? They smile to keep from crying rather than let us see them as human. Well, I'm not ashamed to admit I cried the first time I saw this work of art. It's been in my dreams ever since..."

Neither imPort has been very talkative on the work's true meaning. Some critics remain. Infamous graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity Cranksy commented that "This is not art...this is expression, but it isn't art...shame the capitalists will consider it art anyway..."

Cranksy reminded the reporter, and thus the world at large that, as a successful artist, he knew what he was talking about.

As discussed on Bwitter:
The last imPort Swearing-In had made quite an impact -- at least, over the Bwitterverse it did. When Heropeans who had caught word about an imPort carnival, it seeped into their imaginations. Citizens were speculating on the details over Bwitter, with the hashtag #imPortThemePark, and mega animation company/land owner Pixels took notice. A spokesperson for Pixels discussed the possibility for an imPort-themed theme park, lining out the logistics. "We're being realistic about it," she said in a brief news conference. "We know we need to get the likeness licensing rights from every individual imPort we would need first. But there is a consumer hunger for the imPort experience, and we are best equipped to deliver."

Pixels is said to be in talks with pastry and entertainment food company Creamworks for a partnered endeavor regarding this unnamed imPort theme park.

As seen in all major newspapers and all major networks with international correspondents:
Very little news to report. Hmm, that's odd, isn't it?

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from CAPITALISTIC GREEN to SPRING GREEN, to denote the official peaceful coming of Spring! Happy Spring! Please no one tell Calendar Man "Happy Spring", in case he gets any ideas.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[the video feed clicks on to Duncan setting up the camera. He pulls away, hands held up tentatively while he waits to make sure everything's working how it should and nothing's going to fall over. The setting behind him is obviously a science lab, and the camera is centered on a pair of double-sided portable whiteboards in front of the counter lining the wall, with a stool sitting somewhere off-center in between them.

Satisfied with the recording setup, Duncan turns around and walks up to the whiteboards, which are both covered in chicken scratch notes and hastily drawn science diagrams. If you can actually read his shitty handwriting, it's a lot of half-formed ideas about nanotech and genetics, and some of it is...concerning. like mad science concerning.

He pauses, staring at the board on the right, which is the one with all the potential mad science on it while the one on the left is mostly just note-taking and calculations. he scrutinizes it for a moment, absently biting his thumbnail, like he's looking for some kind of answer in what he's written there.

it's worth noting that he looks like hell. button-down collared shirt wrinkled in the manner of having been worn for a couple days straight, and he hasn't shaved since whenever he put that shirt on either. he looks exhausted but wired. manic, even, as he looks back toward the camera as if suddenly remembering that it's there. he turns to face it completely.]


So, nanomachines, right.

Fuckin'. Fuckin' nanomachines. Nanites. All that bullshit.

[he is definitely exhausted enough for his accent to be slipping. he's still trying to maintain the neutral American, but his Texas is showing through, and what he winds up with is an inconsistent mess of an amalgamation of the two.]

You know what I know 'bout fuckin' nanomachines? Fuckin'. NOTHIN'. [he smacks a hand against the whiteboard's frame and then is distracted for a second while he straightens it back out.] Nothing. But! I am also a goddamn grad student, so if there's one thing I know how to do, it's motherfucking research.

So. So nanomachines, alright, nanotech 101, tiny-ass fuckin' machines that can do all kinds of cool shit. They call 'em nanites here, but it's the same shit, it's all nanotech. And their nanotech progress would be fuckin' incredible if they used them for, you know, curin' cancer or what the fuck ever, but no! No, instead they just shove 'em into ImPorts for government surveillance bullshit. They can use that shit to bring us back from the dead but they can't be fucking bothered to--

[okay, no, deep breath. he holds his hands up like a signal to halt--to, uh, himself? inhale, exhale, lowers his hands, starts over.] Anyway. The government's use of nanomachines on us is irresponsible as fuck, and fuck you if you disagree.

And, uh, the government's hiring ImPorts right now to improve on their nanotech, so it can't get hacked by Russia again I guess.

But you know what'd work better?

Fucking not pumping us full of goddamn nanites in the first place.

So--so! With that in mind! [he snatches up a dry erase marker and flips the board over to its reverse side, which is...well, it's equally full of concerningly mad-sciency shit, but he swipes his sleeve across a big arc of it, clearing off a space. he decisively uncaps the pen and then...doesn't...write anything, instead standing poised with it as if he's going to start in a second here.] I say we put our collective science brains together and figure out how to fix this fuckin' nanite problem our own damn selves.

Like. Like would an EMP take them out? Not optimal for the robots, probably. Or we could, uhh, make our own nanites to combat the originals and take them out. Corrosive anti-nanite chemo mix? Find their resonance frequency? Lasers? Fucking. Science is all about lasers, we can probably solve this with lasers somehow.

Or. [facing the camera again, turning away from the whiteboard. no, he still hasn't written anything down yet.] Or we could engineer fake antibodies to bind to them. Or uhh genetically alter a virus--HIV, right? Perfect. Turn HIV onto the nanites instead of T-cells and let that dismantle 'em exponentially.

Or, um. I don't know, draining all your blood would probably work. I mean, you'd have to be willing to die a little, but I can resurrect people so don't worry about that. Honestly, that's probably the simplest answer.

[that sounds like maybe it should be a joke, but he definitely sounds and looks as serious about it as he did about every other suggestion he threw out. he hasn't slept in three days, his mad science meter is through the roof right now.]
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[[a. TEXT]]

where is florida
nearest bar herpa
nearest bar heropa
cheapest bar heropa
are there cat cafes in america
cat cafe heropa
internet not working

[Ichimatsu will eventually figure out this whole smartphone thing, but "Google" was always straightforward enough at home so why is it being such a pain in the ass right now? He eventually tabs out of this app to look for something else, like a GPS app or something to get him wherever he could go. That's what these things are supposed to be good for, right? Well it would be just freaking peachy if they would ACTUALLY WORK FOR HIM. It's stressful enough that he's stuck in whatever the hell Florida is, alone, but they had to go and give him a defective phone too. Great. Awesome. Fantastic. This is it. This is the way it ends. He is going to die in this pla-- oh wait nevermind, there's Google.]


[Despite his irritation, he appears to the average bystander like he's any other millennial engulfed in their phone, oblivious to their surroundings. It of course has nothing to do with the fact that he can't actually deal with his surroundings right now, not at all. And who knows maybe this phone can answer the rest of his questions. ...Once he figures out how to use it.

The guy is just kinda draped lazily over a bench on the sidewalk, only occasionally glancing up from his phone to take note of whatever strange character is walking by, but not at all interested in interacting with them. Socializing is pretty much the lowest thing on his list of priorities right now, tbh.

Anyone that stops to look at him for too long will get a steady and decidedly unsettling staring contest.]




((ooc: First things first, I am so sorry about him. Secondly, feel free to tag text or action, but know that in person he probably isn't going to be a great conversationalist... This is my vague warning...))


Mar. 8th, 2016 02:56 pm
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Last month was a rough month for a lot of people, Really does look like the United States and Russia just can't get along no matter the universe. Still even with all this shit this place is like a vacation compared to what my world became. Seems like I'm not the only one that comes from that position. Sometimes I wonder just how many of us there are that ended up here and no matter what crap gets thrown at us we still think it's better than our worlds. How many people are there here that would stay if they had the choice?

Guess it doesn't really matter, we don't have a choice. For anyone who knew him or had business with him, Isaac Clarke went back to our shitty world. Whatever's left of it.
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Superheroes, is it? I just hope they don't make us wear costumes. Not even I can pull off spandex. Although if anyone does feel they look good in it I'm open to being proven wrong.

[His tone sobers then, losing the sarcasm. Or at least the lightness of it.]

So this Porter... has it seriously been operating thirty years and they still don't know how it works? It seems awfully convenient they can't stop it taking people yet they know time's stopped for us and we'll all end up back home exactly when we left eventually. Does anyone know if it's true, or is it just something they're saying to try and make sure we're good boys and girls for them?


Jan. 9th, 2016 02:56 pm
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[ How long has it been? About eight days? Nine? Since Hawke had been minding her own business on an errand in Heropa. Eight whole days of total radio silence from her, save for the unfortunate few who ran afoul of her in Pan's jungle. Of which at least one or two was likely not expecting to hear from her again and yet... ]

Word of advice to those who don't realize this, but if you do kill another imPort, try not to bury them.

[ She sounds absolutely haggard, voice scratchy and dry and short on breath altogether. Since, hey, you try being dead and buried for a few days and come out sounding just fine, okay? ]

Because, surprise, we do come back! And clawing your way out of your own grave? You don't even want to know... how inconvenient that is. I could go on forever and ever, but...

[ How about she just doesn't, instead? It's only a weak attempt to make light of it, not a real offer to expand upon. ]
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[Jacob and Raina are standing together in the video, facing the camera side-by-side. They're out in public, in a park in De Chima. Jacob speaks first.]

Hey, everyone. I just got Ported back in a few days ago. I'm still catching up. I'm not just posting to ask for updates, though. Raina and I- [He nods to her.] - have some things to say.

[ She glances over at Jacob and then smiles brightly, returning her attention to the camera. ]

It's in regards to the Unsettled ImPorts. This has been an underlying issue for quite some time, and I believe a lot of people here don't even understand the full scope of it. It's easy to be unaware when you're Registered. But life isn't as simple for those who have chosen not to swear allegiance to our government. I haven't experienced it first hand, but Jacob lived it up close and personal.

[ Raina looks to him with a fond expression, admiration for his bravery. She falls silent to allow him the chance to relay his experiences as an Unsettled ImPort. ]

I was Unsettled for more than a year before I finally Registered. It wasn't Hell, but it wasn't exactly easy either. You risk losing whatever job the government gave you, and you can say goodbye to health insurance too. That was all before they started searching us at state lines. And if you take on the bad guys without swearing loyalty, they'll call you a Vigilante and chase you down. That's what happened to me.

Which isn't fair in the least. Especially since by not registering, you're not overtly saying you're going to cause trouble. In many cases, the ones with real criminal intent will register with the government to use them as a means of protection. And in the meantime, the ones who wish to do good will be punished for it simply because they chose not to register for reasons entirely their own.

I think the best chance we have at change is educating -- not just the imPorts but the natives alike. And that's why we'd like to hear your opinions and experiences with this matter -- concerns, questions, and ideas you may have. If we speak out in public about this, our voices will be heard.

The government can tattoo us and track us, but they can't stop us from at least talking about things. You heard Raina- let's share some stories. It's not like the issues are just going to go away if we stay quiet.
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[If there had ever been a reason to cut Joker off from alcohol forever, it is now.]

[When the feed clicks on, it's fairly obvious that he's in a bar-- there's a certain bar-like quality to the area behind him, which is what fills most of the screen. He's apparently not very good at aiming when he's at this stage of stupid drunk, and he's pointing the camera mostly at about half his hat.]

[Ladies and gentleman, this man helped save the galaxy.]

So, y'know what?

[No, but he's going to tell everyone, regardless of whether they want to know.]

The video equivalent of shitposting. )


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