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My...apologies. I realize it's quite late. Many of you may be in bed already, as I too should be...There's a serious matter I wished to ask about if you'd take a moment and offer me a little of your time.

[Compared to his usual cheerful self, he seems quite solemn as he sat listlessly in his room. Out of desperation, he was turning to the network.

But that was to be expected, all things considered. This wasn't an easy matter to accept. Of course he should be happy that there was a possibility of Ivan having gone home, but he isn't sure. He's rather worried since there's no way of knowing if something happened to him when there were no signs of a struggle. Based on what he's heard before about a rash of kidnappings in the recent past, he cannot say.]

You see, a friend of mine who was roomed with me in Heropa #26 has recently..disappeared. I called the authorities and called them again, to report him as a missing person but they've seen no sign of him thus far. I realize it's only been two nights but. I looked and I looked, but he never came home from work. He was a cashier at KAWAII!! Imported Japanese Goods.

His name is Ivan Karelin, he's a friend and colleague of mine from Sternbild City. He's blond, and has purple eyes, which I hear is a somewhat unusual trait. He loves Japanese culture, and wears a purple jacket with the word "Japan" inscribed on the back.

[Unfortunately he can't exactly give away any more details than that, especially not concerning his alterego as Origami Cyclone.]

I fear something may have happened. I'm afraid I don't know exactly what happened. If you've seen him, or anyone matching that description, would you let me know? Thank you and thank you again.
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[Today was May 4. Conan had spent all day with the nagging feeling that he had forgotten something rather important. But try as he might, he simply could not think of what it might be.

He forgot about that concern when he walked into his room in Maurtia Falls #5 and discovered that somebody had left a rather large and garishly decorated cake on his desk. A quick search of the room revealed no clue on who had brought the cake or how it had arrived in the room without notice.

And he didn't have the equipment at the moment to test it for poison or other traps. That left him with only one option.

He opens the video feed. To anyone watching he appears to be a brightly curious child wearing a pair of oversized glasses.]

Has anyone heard anything about someone leaving cakes in rooms? Because there's one in mine and I can't figure out where it came from.

[The boy adjusts his glasses and smiles.]

Don't worry!  I didn't eat any of it. Because something like this is really suspicious, right? 

[Conan wouldn't be nearly as suspicious if he had only remembered that today was his birthday.]


Apr. 1st, 2016 01:50 am
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[ Wow, a voice post from Magicman? Amazing. It must be something important.

(It is important.) His voice is a little shaky, as if he's trying to maintain a steady tone and not quite managing it.


I'd just like to say that if you see this imPort around, [ he's helpfully attached a picture to go along with this post for those who haven't seen him ] I'd advise you to steer clear of him. [ That's sure a lot of (shaky) emphasis on those last four words. ] For your own safety. Don't approach.

[ There's a soft but audible hiss of pain and the rustle of clothing. Apparently he's having trouble with something...? ]

...That's all. [ There's a loud clatter as he apparently tries to turn the communicator off and finds it not amenable to his wishes; he seems to have dropped it. One inaudible curse later, he manages to switch it off. ]
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[HELLO who's ready for some really shaky/jerky video??? This guy's last phone was of the flip variety so he's now trying to figure out this newfangled """"smart"""" phone and sucking at it royally.

Which means, instead of centering on his face like a normal post on the network, everyone's treated to a good (?) view of his embarrassing old suit from various angles until he loses his patience and just sort of talks in the direction of the camera.]

Heeeeeyyy, so uh, listen, I'm totally down for helping you guys out with the whole hero thing, really I am--Wild Tiger, at your service!

But uhm, no one's in trouble right now are they? 'Cause it'd be super great if I could like, be at your service tomorrow or something, instead. See, my wife's having our baby like right now, and I reaaaaaallyyy need to be there or my ass is gonna be in the hottest water ever. Well, actually, I needed to be there half an hour ago but there was this situation--

Anyway!! If someone could point me toward whoever I gotta talk to, that'd be amazing, I'll owe you one. Or ten. A lot, okay. Thanks in advance!

Now how do I shut this

[Pls excuse Screwy Feed v.2 Return of the Revenge while he just starts randomly poking at his comm, and eventually succeeds in shutting off the video but actually just has turned it to audio haha OOPS. SO there's gonna be some obnoxious ambient noise until the post times out.]
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 [Conan had spent the two months since his arrival in Maurtia Falls determined to avoid posting anything on the network. Without knowing everyone who might be seeing it, he had decided it was just too risky to have his face and name out there for anyone to see. Not without knowing whether one of them was here.

It had taken seven-year-old Shinichi Kudo less than ten minutes to figure out exactly how to operate the communicator. And more importantly, how to make the video function work.

The kid frowns into the video. Anyone who had ever met Conan would have no trouble recognizing him. Apart from the missing glasses, he looked exactly the same.]

Oi, I've had enough of this joke. Can I go home now?

[He taps at the camera suspiciously.]

Mom?  Dad? Is this another one of your pranks?

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[Posted sometime in the middle of the night, the video clicks on to a daytime view of blooming cherry blossom trees. The camera sweeps across the park, showing people sitting down for lunch to watch the trees, and finally moves around to face Heiji, holding his comm up to get a good look at the trees behind him while he talks.

For those that know the language, he's clearly speaking Japanese, though the translators still work for those that don't. He's dressed simply, taking the chance to have a vacation from his job and all the chaos that's been going on.]

I almost thought I was gonna miss em again this year. Luckily things settled enough for us t'get away for a few days.

Can ya see em alright? I know Washington has trees of their own t'see, but nothin' beats home for the proper experience.

[He walks a bit closer and turns the camera around again to show off the blossoms in closer detail.]

Nothin' beats Japan for beauty.
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As seen in local news and promoted on BlueTube:
There have been reports of a wild parrot in Heropa's central park who has been conversing with passers-by. The parrot engages people on a number of topics of social relevance, including the importance of paying workers a living wage, the necessity of disarmament, and the dangers of xenophobia. It also apparently speaks with an English accent, leaving some to wonder if the animal might have been planted there by some foreign spy.

As seen from the news blogs of major imPort-sympathetic media and news outlets:
You can visit a website,, which chronicles the Russian kidnapping of imports at the Russian invasion/brainwashing techniques. It includes news articles, personal accounts, interviews, video footage, which are all collected for display. Anything containing specific imPort information or stories has been edited to hide their faces as requested, and some things have been carefully edited to put imPorts in a better light. With the Russian invasion over, the website is mostly in standby mode until the next thing happens, but it's still there as a reference whenever news agencies need to make a 'point' about the invasion.

As seen from all national newspapers, channels, and news/entertainment websites, along with limited coverage overseas:
A White House victory ceremony was almost derailed by self-righteous antics on March 12th, as a a few protesting imPorts chose to display disrespect to President Freemason on a day of gratitude and celebration.

Freemason had invited heroic veterans of the imPort resistance against the Soviet occupation to Washington D.C., for the purpose of awarding them Medals of Esteem on behalf of a grateful nation that owes so much to those who fought for freedom during the coup crisis in February. However, while most attending imPorts conducted themselves with the dignity and discipline expected of heroes in wartime, a few chose to hijack this official occasion to advance their own unpatriotic political agenda. These malcontents included:

Heiji Hattori- the first to protest, who bowed as he declined the award and told President Freemason that he fought for people, not for glory or a country, and that America should be better than its enemies
Jacob Taylor- who declined the award and stated he couldn't accept it in good conscience from a government that killed thousands of civilians in Debrecen
Princess L'Arachel- who accepted the award, but could be seen attempting to lecture the President of the United States on ethics before being ushered away by White House staff
Revan- imPort Ambassador to Maurtia Falls, declined the award while still bearing visible signs of injury from leading the Defense of Helix Station. Revan could be seen whispering an apology to the President before being led away
Kitty Jones- who was noticeably absent from the ceremony without proper explanation, despite her heroic activities for the resistance
Skye- who was also absent without explanation

Fortunately, President Freemason valiantly maintained her poise and composure in the face of this shocking display, and most imPort attendees were well-behaved and showed proper respect to the President and to their hosts in this world: the United States of America. Major-General Olivier Armstrong, D'Artagnan, Francis Urquhart, Kanaya Maryam, Carl Grimes, and Sabriel all accepted their awards without incident, while Charles Xavier respectfully conveyed his regrets at being unable to attend due to exhaustion and health issues. Magicman courteously declined his medal on the grounds that he hadn't done enough to deserve it, while praising the President's recognition of AI rights- such a humble hero!

Sabriel and Armstrong in particular could be spotted conferring closely with government authority figures at the event, as befits loyal heroes. Francis Urquhart, imPort Ambassador to Nonah, accepted the award in good form despite having previously made statements of discontent in the media regarding the Debrecen airstrikes. Meanwhile, the memetic world is having a field day with the expression on Carl Grimes' face as he beheld the displays of disrespect by the protestors. GIFs and captions of his unimpressed reaction are spreading across the Internet.

Approached after the ceremony for comment on the protest, Kanaya Maryam only rolled her eyes.

As seen reported national and local newspapers, and run riot in social media platforms:
Bad luck beset the St. Patrick's Day Parade as disasters seemed to abound at an alarming rate. Onlookers reported sightings of green monsters spreading gold, though neither gold nor creature appeared to remain afterward. Among the confusion, imPort Julian Day took responsibility for the chaos and stole the prize parade float. While this costumed criminal was soon apprehended, there was no saving the parade.

As noted in art and lifestyle magazines and websites, and promoted on LulzFeed:
Heropa Trade School's lead mechanics expert, Professor Li, was given the final project of imPorts Jaime Reyes and Will Graham. The two local heroes had no idea what they were handing her was actually art. Fortunately, Professor Li has an eye for the artistic as well as the mechanical, and now the students' project is being inspected and passed around far more elite circles than any garage. The piece is described as "a tired car, nearly a clunker, transformed into something far better than a working has become more than that...a true statement, a true artistic force...the wake up call America needed...a look into the depths of imPort suffering..."
Only three pictures of the artwork (called "CAR OF SORROWS") have been revealed to the public so far. One is of the hood of the car, with the word "SORRY" spray painted across it. "It's so simple, yet so profound," says one curator at a Nonah art gallery.

"Are they sorry for the troubles caused by them being here? Are they sorry for being here in the first place? Something else? It could be a multitude of things, but it's very clear some of our imPorts carry the burden of guilt."

The second picture shows under the hood. The insides have been replaced with a cardboard box filled with coffee cups and cans of bug spray. "Incredible," commented another curator at a Nonah art gallery. "So often, in order to keep our bodies awake and push through the day, we purposefully consume that which is not good for us. A clearer message could not be present. We have to take care of ourselves better."

The third picture shows the front two air bags. One has been painted with a smiling face while its companion wears a frown. "It's remarkable," commented a curator at the third Nonah art gallery. "Simple faces on cloth speak so loudly. ImPorts are expected to smile for the public, but are they really smiling? Really really smiling? They smile to keep from crying rather than let us see them as human. Well, I'm not ashamed to admit I cried the first time I saw this work of art. It's been in my dreams ever since..."

Neither imPort has been very talkative on the work's true meaning. Some critics remain. Infamous graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity Cranksy commented that "This is not art...this is expression, but it isn't art...shame the capitalists will consider it art anyway..."

Cranksy reminded the reporter, and thus the world at large that, as a successful artist, he knew what he was talking about.

As discussed on Bwitter:
The last imPort Swearing-In had made quite an impact -- at least, over the Bwitterverse it did. When Heropeans who had caught word about an imPort carnival, it seeped into their imaginations. Citizens were speculating on the details over Bwitter, with the hashtag #imPortThemePark, and mega animation company/land owner Pixels took notice. A spokesperson for Pixels discussed the possibility for an imPort-themed theme park, lining out the logistics. "We're being realistic about it," she said in a brief news conference. "We know we need to get the likeness licensing rights from every individual imPort we would need first. But there is a consumer hunger for the imPort experience, and we are best equipped to deliver."

Pixels is said to be in talks with pastry and entertainment food company Creamworks for a partnered endeavor regarding this unnamed imPort theme park.

As seen in all major newspapers and all major networks with international correspondents:
Very little news to report. Hmm, that's odd, isn't it?

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from CAPITALISTIC GREEN to SPRING GREEN, to denote the official peaceful coming of Spring! Happy Spring! Please no one tell Calendar Man "Happy Spring", in case he gets any ideas.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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cw implied harm to (fantastical) animal, implied drug use, probably offensive language within ??

[the picture shakes, obviously handheld. when the picture focuses, there's a dragon rampaging down the street, wings flapping, eyes blazing orange, its body built of churning smoke and fire. it has teeth, in terrifying, serrated rows, but that seems somehow less important than the impossible cycling of gas and combustion that form its flesh. the whole situation is very cloverfield. in the background, the sound of human screams rises tinny, shallow.

lower definition than the communicator video.

but there's a reason for that. a discerning eye might notice immediately: the street the monster is running down is empty of people, and there's something wrong with the buildings. not enough detail in the brick, the windows, the pavement, and beyond it, the sky a fuzzy, paint-white blank. when the camera pulls out, reality becomes clear. the city is merely a cardboard model, stylized in a way that will be familiar to some, but this time a rendering of de chima's downtown area rather than sleepy henrietta. the monster, no matter how miraculous, could fit in the size of an ordinary man's palm.

or inside of a drinking glass, as it turns out. the next moment, one such cup plunks down over the creature, trapping it like a spider in the glass. the tiny dragon immediately begins to screech in rage-- or pain; it's hard to tell, but you only need a little imagination and familiarity with fire to consider the consequences.

and then kavinsky squares the camera lens on his face. skinny white boy— young, hollow-eyed and pale, his black hair clotted with too much gel. one earring, wifebeater, probably (definitely) trying too hard, probably (undoubtedly) overly impressed by himself. there is something oddly jittery about his hands, shoulders, the swollen bloat of his dilated pupils. he sprawled inside of a bedroom, generic, unlived-in. past his shoulder, there's a television playing stadium footage of a european football game, hence the poorly dubbed soundtrack. the dragon's outrage grows fainter.

he smiles.]

Made you look.

[he winks, and cuts the feed.]
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Have Sora, quite clearly at the swear-in from the looks of it, looking far too cheerful.

In fact, the teen is downright glowing with confidence. ]

Hey, guys! If you aren’t at the Swear-In, you should definitely come by! And if you are--

[ Sora flashes the video behind him, showing the food laid out for the imPorts. ] You should come over here, because Naruto and me are about to have the greatest contest ever!

Which I’m gonna win, of course.

[ Naruto’s sprawling orange-clad arm comes out of nowhere and pushes Sora’s face away in an overly familiar gesture as he wrangles himself into view, grinning just as manically as his companion. ]

Which I’m gonna win, y’know, ‘cos ya better believe I ain’t gonna lose out to this guy! [ A thumb is jerked in Sora’s direction. ] We’re gonna see who can eat the most, an’ even though I’m gonna win ya should make sure you’re all there so ya can watch this go down, ‘cos the only thing Sora’s gonna be eatin’ that I’m not is his wooooorrrrdddssss!!! [ Which would have been a pretty impressive play on words had Naruto not totally stolen it from something he saw on TV. ]

[ Sora spends a good few seconds just staring at Naruto for that one. And then he just turns back to the camera like it never happened. ]

So go ahead and come over! ‘Cause I bet Naruto’s the one who’s gonna be eating words!

[ And with that, the feed cuts. Anyone around feel free to wander over and watch. Or just yell at them over the network about eating the food meant for everyone. Oops.

blue is sora, orange is naruto!

#shounenherolife ]
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[Heiji's wearing his uniform, posting this officially as an officer of Maurtia Falls. His expression is serious. He's been gone for two months and a lot has seemed to change, but in light of the latest Majority Report he wants to take action now.]

Good afternoon.

It's been a rough few days for a lot've people, and a rougher week for others. According to th' news there are still people missin' from Heropa, and kids from Maurtia Falls. These people either need t'be found or at least discovered what happened to 'em so their families an' friends can have some closure.

It ain't gonna be easy, but I'd like volunteers to help identify the victims an' make a list of who never came home. If ye've got coworkers who're worried, or regular customers, or just that guy ya see at the bus stop every morning. Any way you can get information'd be a great help.

We should do our part t'make sure these people don't fall through the cracks as we recover from what Pan did.

Y'can reach me by comm at any time, or ask for Officer Hattori with the Maurtia Falls PD.
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[When the video feed clicks on, it reveals a blonde teenager with a lot of hair, holding it up selfie-style, perched in a chair at a coffee shop somewhere, her legs propped up on another chair across from her and a large coffee resting on the edge of the table. She has a large piece of paper crumpled up in her lap, but she's looking at the camera. She gives a big smile and a friendly wave.]

Well they said we can use this to talk to everybody else who got so...Hey! I'm Yang! I guess it's nice to meet all of you, I mean, we're all in this crazy thing together, right?

[She stops to take a sip of her drink.] Though I guess it's not that crazy. Except for the whole 'other world' part, that's pretty wild. But the powers thing, they acted like that was weird.

Maybe it's weird for everybody else. Was it weird for all of you? Do most people seriously not have a semblance here? Or an aura? Everybody has an aura.

I guess that part is kinda weird.

Anyway! Iiiii've got a couple questions. About something much stranger than all that. Well. One question. No, two. Okay, first off, if anybody's seen a girl in a bright red cape, goes by Ruby Rose, let me know? She's my little sister.

[She sets her coffee down and picks up the crumpled up paper, which upon closer inspect is a map! Of the area around Maurtia Falls, probably the kind you would buy in a gas station.]

Second! The big weird question. Once I get a bike somehow, and I just hop on it and drive, you know, past whatever barriers are around these cities. Go like fifteen, twenty miles out. Is it really, actually, completely safe out there?

[She says this like it should be stranger.]

No grimm? No wrecked cities or old ruins?

'Cause that sounds kind of amazing. Big safe world. [A beat and she grins.] But also really boring.
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New Years.

The time to leave behind the old and begin anew. If I was home, New Years would have passed by now. We would have done our visit to the shrine and listen to bell and then Aoko would have made food for me and her dad. Nakamori-keibu would have probably said something about how this was the year he was gonna catch that blasted thief or something, knowing him.

Instead, I get to watch a ball drop. Although, I must admit, it's a pretty ball. And very shiny. Although I'm glad to see that I'm not in that crowd. Because man that's a lot of people. I've never actually paid attention to an American New Year before. Is it always that crazy?
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[Fly is reclining on his side, grinning ear to ear. I wonder what about...]

So it's almost the New Year. And I'm sure most of you guys decided on your resolutions by now.

But it's not the New Year yet, is it?

I propose, before we all become better heroes, we play a game.

Truth or dare.

[Pause for effect.]

Once you play, there's no backing out. If you back out, you're disqualified.

And you gotta record it. Can't have cheaters that say they're playing but actually aren't.

Other than that, there are no rules. Simple, right?

The game ends at midnight tonight. The last man standing gets [He pulls up two blue and white long slips of paper that read "Disney Cruise Line Port Adventure Ticket", waving them.] to go on a cruise with a friend. All expenses paid.

And that's it!

So what'll it be? Truth? Or dare?

[OOC: You guys can absolutely challenge each other, you don't have wait for Fly to truth/dare you or if you feel like other characters would truth/dare your's better. This is a VERY open game. :) But know I will be watching.

Unwritten rule: Don't go too far, ok?]
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So I was thinking – every two weeks we get that report thing and they always list colors for the terror alert levels. So far, we've gotten the following: Plum, Violent Violet, Snowflake, Evergreen, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Vermilion, Magenta, Red, Orange and Yellow.

So, I'm proposing a contest: suggest the craziest color alert level you can and one of you will win some tickets to my magic show. Or something else if magic isn't your thing. But really, it should be, because it's awesome.

Also, Murderous Magenta is already taken. Apparently it's the crazy version of regular Magenta.

[This is what happens when Kaito is bored.]
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As seen on all major news networks:
An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.0 struck Heropa on Sunday evening, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The temblor hit at approximately 8:00 p.m. and could not be attributed to any fault line or tectonic activity, USGS reported. The cause is speculated to be linked to one or more imPorts, possibly related to the series of fires in the area. The earthquake was widely felt throughout the county, with many reporting moderate shaking near the epicenter downtown. About four minutes after the initial temblor, a quake with a magnitude of 2.4 struck the same area. It was followed at approximately 8:27 p.m. by a smaller one with a preliminary magnitude of 2.1. There were no reports of damages or injuries.

As seen on Lulzfeed, Bowling Stone Magazine, and Fitchfork:
Up and coming imPort band Dorian Gray and the Hedonists has been targeted by Five Dozen Dads because a bizarre amount of his songs feature the Devil in them. Clearly satanic verse! Think of the children!!!! He's corrupting the youth!!!!

Dorian is quoted to have said, "One: it's only three or so songs out of their entire oeuvre, two: 'Sympathy for the Devil' and 'You're The Devil in Disguise' are classics back home, this is cross-dimension culture at work and three: the band's name is Dorian Gray and the Hedonists, they are not role models to begin with!"

This is "totally not" a controversy manufactured by Dorian and designed to drum up sales for the band's upcoming EP, which is releasing in early January. Ask your local record store if they're going to stock it. Buy, buy, buy!

As seen on the gossip tabloid-turned-show TMI:
Tobias Matthews, rumored imPort playboy, turned himself in for assaulting natives and turning them into vampires. Vampires! Blood-suckling fiends! These newly branded fledglings are now under the care of Kanaya Maryam. Allegedly, this is the connection to an army of undead (cited during the July 2015 swear-in).

While at least one of these vampires (allegedly named Terry Hart) has actually attacked innocent natives, it is known that both Toby and Terry have been bound by Sabriel to prevent any further attacks on natives.

But despite lengths to secure the vampire binding, Kanaya's heroic vampire reintegration efforts, and Tobias Matthews submitting himself for lock-up, you cannot help but wonder -- how safe is the native population? How safe is it really?

As seen on the internet as well as all imPort city newspapers and national morning talk shows:
Moved by the patriotism and sacrifice of fallen imPorts, SOMEONE has started a campaign on the crowdfunding website ShareTheLove to help pay for victims' medical expenses. The recipients include imPorts, regardless of their registration status, as well as natives. Please donate! It's the American thing to do.

As seem from widespread coverage in almost all US-based online, print and TV news outlets:


Disaster! Terror! Fallen heroes! Arsonist FIRES erupted in downtown Heropa on the night of Sunday, December 6th, serving as a lure to draw America's heroes into a treacherous AMBUSH. Once imPort heroes were fully engaged with aiding civilians, they were suddenly thrown into disarray when their superpowers were altered through unknown means. Soon after, masked assailants appeared and took ruthless advantage of the confusion. Attacking without mercy, these heavily-armed TERRORISTS seemingly had no purpose but to kill imPorts: the same imPorts who moments ago were saving citizens from ravenous flames. Yet the heroes still inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy in fierce street fighting, and the attackers disappeared into the night, leaving destruction in their wake. In the aftermath, it appears that imPort powers remain afflicted by whatever SABOTAGE was inflicted on them.

A statement by military spokesperson Chandra Sweet condemned the "vile and despicable attack on innocent American civilians and the brave heroes who came to assist them," and promised the government's "full and unyielding support" to imPort heroes in restoring their powers and bringing those responsible to justice. The government's statement publicized the following heroes as known casualties of the ambush at this time, with TWO dead and FIVE injured:

Hal Jordan, overwhelmed by many attackers while on-scene to aid civilians!
Maya Fey, AKA the Pink Princess, a teenaged girl gunned down in the street while aiding a prosecutor in danger!

Barnaby Brooks Jr., scorched by enemy lasers while fighting the fires!
Kanaya Maryam, also struck by the enemy's laser weaponry while battling fiercely against many foes!
Manolo Sanchez, suffered a merciless assault which left him poisoned and with broken bones, despite being armed only with his guitar as he saved FURRY PETS from a store!
Nicolas Demidov, who fought nobly in defense of American lives despite his Russian heritage, blasted by laser fire and pierced by a poisoned syringe!
Dorian Gray, treacherously struck down by poison and felled by a broken leg while in the line of duty!

Sweet provided no information on how or when imPort powers might be restored to normal. She also refused to speculate on possible perpetrators of the attack, although suspicion is already focusing on the Soviet Union and anti-imPort extremists. Heropa has already been struck by anti-imPort terrorism this year, with many buildings targeted by the Hornets in February. Sources within the military have stated that whoever is responsible clearly has access to BIZARRE technology and ENORMOUS resources. The government has promised to provide further updates as the investigation develops.

Stay tuned.

The following statement made by media darling Barnaby Brooks Jr. (issued the same day as the injured and killed imPort names are leaked) will cycle the national news stations and newspapers:
"Thanks to help from a quick-thinking imPort who kept calm during the chaos, as well as the dedicated medics who gave me a thorough follow-up exam in the aftermath of the attack, I'm grateful to say that I have received a clean bill of health and am fit to resume hero work. Many others, however, were not so fortunate. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones, and my thoughts are with the first responders and fire victims, native residents and imPorts alike, who are currently recovering from their injuries. As we come together during this dark time, rest assured that many members of the imPort community are cooperating with local law enforcement in order to expose and apprehend the criminals responsible for this tragedy."

As promoted in PEEPLE MAGAZINE:
IMPORT AMBASSADOR Francis Urquart was (non-lethally) captured while Holiday Shopping! Witnessed being very cosy with one of Nonah's natives, highly suspect. Is love in the air for our Nonah Ambassador just in time for Christmas?

Or is this something else?

As briefly mentioned on national news outlets and national public radio:
It's been really very quiet.

As seen on BlueTube:
Native internet celebrity Jon Jonson went viral yesterday when his hysterical, tear-streaked plea to LEAVE THE IMPORTS ALOOOONE garnered much sympathy.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SNOWFLAKE to VIOLENT VIOLET in response to this domestic aggression against imPorts.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[The video opens to Kaito still on a chair in the middle of a stage, shuffling cards in his hands, his fingers flying as he absentmindedly moves the cards back and forth. He's dressed in a black suit and top hat, looking every part of the dashing gentleman magician.]

This is an open invitation to all imports. I'm Kaito Kuroba, the magician in residence at the casino in Maurtia Falls. I'm planning a special Christmas show for the season and you're all invited! I couldn't get the stadium so I can't do the trick with the elephant, which really stinks, because it was going to be awesome, but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything else special and outrageous planned.

[Because this is Kaito.]

So keep December 19th open, all right?

[Private to Winry]

Special preview if you're interested. I want an opinion as I fine tune some things. Just let me know when you're available.
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Hey! Does anyone know how to set off fireworks?

[ No context, no explanation, that's all you're getting unless you ask. It's early in the morning, but for once Naruto is wide awake; bright eyed and bushy tailed and full to bursting with animated ideas of what he's planning. Luckily for Naruto (unluckily for everyone else) Naruto isn't all that familiar with the community at large and therefore this request may appear quite a normal one.. There's just the small detail of Naruto's reckless personality that might ring alarm bells, and the fact that he hasn't an ounce of common sense. The way he's staring intently and excitedly into the camera might also be a little unsettling. ]

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[Good morning, everyone! Have a Winry with a bandanna wrapped around her head, standing in the kitchen. There's a soft 'chuff, chuff' sound coming from out of the view. Winry smiles off-screen then turns to the camera.]

Hi! I know this is short notice but I thought, since this is a big day in this world, I'd do something for it.

[She picks up the comm and turns it toward the kitchen. There are loaves of bread rising, a huge pot with steam coming out of it, and a lot of chopped up vegetables, as well as a few pie crusts, obviously ready to be filled.]

I'm making stew and bread and I'll have plenty for you if you want. If you want to come over, let me know and I'll send you the address!

[Another soft chuff off-screen, and the camera swings to show a pair of border collies, one black and white, one mottled merle.]

I do have a pair of dogs here but they're friendly if you have any pets you'd like to bring. So just give me a call and let me know!

[With that, she signs out.]
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I don't know who here knew Heiji Hattori, but he's gone. Ported out. Whatever it's called. He left some stuff behind, so there's that.

And I think I'm gonna have to look into finding a new place to live. The guy left me all his pets and I don't think there's enough room for all of them, me and my doves and my roommates. Does anyone know how to teach a cat to ignore the birds?

[Of course, this is text. Because Kaito is too damn tired to deal with Poker Face at the moment and he knows he'd have to use it if this was voice or video.

Dammit. Of course he was the only one left.]

( voice )

Oct. 31st, 2015 12:58 pm
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[In the background, the siren call of cats meowing heartily as Rose feeds them. ]

Three things, all of vague importance. I am stuck between two costumes and want them both as a surprise. So: pink or blue?

[Meow, meow - and a huff from Rose.] Secondly if I hear of a single black cat being harrassed I will be paying personal visits to any and all perpetrators to teach the value of feline care. And the third - thank you to whoever decorated my yard. This has been the best gift I have received all year. How does one get a skeleton to skateboard? With great skill, obviously.

[She is so blessed.] Anyway, happy Halloween and all that.


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