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Why does no one consider that the government are lying to us? There have been some who've talked about it, yeah, but no one really seriously thinks about it. But we know they've got the ability to change memories, haven't they? They can make people forget their lives here, or at least SOMEONE can. So why do we all think they haven't just done that? There's never been a group of people in power who didn't love to see their populace docile and harmless and quiet. They've got every reason to alter our memories and our thoughts so that we're nice and obedient to them.

Why are we swallowing what they tell us? Why aren't we questioning them? Why aren't we challenging them? We've got the power to make them scared, so why aren't we? We're powerful, and we'll fight for what's right if we've got the chance, so why AREN'T we doing that? We've got to organize. We've got to make change.
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[It's Sai on the comm, but like many other imPorts, his age has been changed. Unlike most, though, he's aged up rather than down. Approximately a decade up, in fact--whereas Sai is usually 16, he currently looks about 25 or so. His hair is a bit longer, now with bangs covering his forehead, and the exposed midriff is a lot than usual. Not to mention, the pants look uncomfortably tight on him. But he's getting to that; there's a reason he's not sitting down, okay.]

Does anyone know the source of these physical alterations? Or are they another of the Porter's as-yet-undiscovered capabilities?

...And could I get suggestions on places to shop for clothes? I could deal with the shirt and jacket having gotten too short, but the pants are squeezing my--

[Wait, no, he's not supposed to do that.]

Anyway. There are so many different stores, I don't understand what the differences are. Are any in particular better than the others? Such as Wall-mart, or Jay-see Penny?
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Wow, alright, this is new.

[On the camera is a guy in his late twenties to early thirties who looks like he could be Miles Morales's dad. The name associated with the post, though, is Miles Morales.]

So...I don't think I'll be going to school for a while. Does this mean I need to get a serious adult job now?

Either way, I need some new clothes, because this isn't going to cut it. Do you think I could go to a clothing store wrapped in a bedsheet, or would that be a little too weird?
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[Tempo is in full robot form when she takes to the network today, though she's only keeping her head in frame.]

Hello, everyone! My name is Tempo, alias Quake Woman, if we haven't already met. Residents of Nonah have heard Mr. Gamagōri's announcement about the artificial crater that recently appeared near the city. As I was built for geological surveillance, I felt qualified to investigate the crater myself. Unfortunately, I was unable to find anything more substantive than what Mr. Gamagōri's preliminary investigation turned up. It was a man-made crater, and obviously the parties responsible are capable of a great deal of destructive force. I was unable to detect any blast residue, so I wouldn't worry about explosives specifically, but it is still troubling.

On what is I suppose a lighter note, despite being made of technology, I am disappointingly unfamiliar with video games. I've been told there are several genres, but I'm only aware of two—racing games and role-playing games. I am looking for other possible recommendations that you may think I'd enjoy, or that you enjoy personally. If there is a genre where cheating is impossible, I would be especially interested in that for personal reasons.

Thank you for your time.
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[The camera is half buried under some clothes but there's still a clear enough shot of a small blonde girl pulling stuff from the closet and holding it against herself before throwing it aside.]

Uuuuugh! Why is this a thing? Why did this have to happen again? [Anyone who knows Kenzi's wardrobe would recognize the clothes and if they listen closely enough the voice sounds like her but younger. She tosses another shirt aside before pulling out another and repeating the process before it joins the pile. After one more she gives up and reaches down to grab her comm. She flops down on the bed with a sigh.]

Nothing fits! It's all too big. Not as big as last time but big.


Mar. 25th, 2015 10:05 pm
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[Kang is not looking like his normal self. In fact, he looks positively ancient. The tarnished appearance at the ends of his scales has nearly taken over the usual dark bronze, his clothing hangs rather loosely due to the loss of nearly a third of his muscle mass, the leathery membrane of his wings looks dry and papery, and the tips of his horns are worn and rounded.

He is also having to noticeably squint to see anything, and his voice has that telltale tremulous quality to it.

...and he's clearly not happy.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that got aged up in this mess.
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So... I should probably mention that I'm back, huh? [Been back for a few days but. Details.]

It's been a while - [For her, anyway.] - but at least I didn't have as much to catch up on as I did last time. [Really, none of this was like the first time she went home. When she came back, a bunch of time had passed and she didn't even remember leaving. This is time she was home for a year, but barely any time had passed here. So... the opposite of last time. Kind of.]

Still, it's pretty weird coming back, especially with how it messes with your head and junk. I'm not talking about all of the stuff the Hornets did a while ago, but the Porter's own way of making things weird. [She's pretty sure the Porter is responsible for it, anyway.] Like forgetting everything when you're home and then having all the memories of this place come back at once when you return.

I know going and coming back is different for everybody and sometimes people don't remember stuff. But for the people that do, everything coming back at once is pretty normal, right? [It was more than a little overwhelming for her. Frustrating, too. She's happy she has her memories back, but she's still bothered by the fact that she forgot everything to begin with.]

Anyway, at least it won't be as hard to get used to everything again, since I actually remember my time here before. [But... she'll still need to get used to some things again. Like being in a place almost entirely populated by humans - after going back to Ooo and the Fire Kingdom, it's pretty weird.]

04 | voice

Mar. 23rd, 2015 11:52 pm
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I'm sorry to ruin all of the pleasant news that's been shared recently, but this is important.

[this is quite a departure in tone from what people on the network usually hear from Jonathan - it's steely and solemn, no trace of the sunny young man chatting amiably about dogs and lost items.]

A week ago two imPorts were kidnapped by a man named Robert Jennings for the sole purpose of hunting them down like animals. [the disgust in his voice is barely contained] They were rescued and Mr. Jennings himself was apprehended - but a group called the Go Fors whose services he utilized is still operating.

They provided technology which made it possible to spirit the pair of them away without causing suspicion, as well as keep them trapped long enough to be hunted. There were at least six individuals involved; I can provide names and some other information to whoever would like it.

This can't be allowed to happen again. I'll do whatever I can to help anyone interested in taking this up as well, whether through more details or physical assistance, the meantime, please be careful, everyone.

[there's no telling what else they might attempt before they're brought down.]

005 [Video]

Feb. 9th, 2015 07:04 pm
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[Oh hey, it's this guy again, wearing a little bit of concealer to hide the fact he hasn't slept well over the past week. People expect him to look fairly fresh and energetic, after all, especially since they've got one less killer roaming the streets.

Up until now he's made these types of videos while donning his powersuit, so he decides to keep up the tradition. Some people might think he looks like a pink Iron Man, but that's okay. His ego can take it just fine.

Naturally, his face plate is open, revealing a fair-skinned man wearing a polite smile.]

Hi, this is Barnaby. I've noticed some new faces lately, so now seemed like a good time to do this.

First of all, I'd like to once again thank everyone who helped apprehend the masked vigilante Lunatic, also known as Yuri Petrov. For privacy's sake, I won't mention anyone by name, although you are welcome to step forward and identify yourselves in response to this message so your fellow imPorts can properly thank you.

[Things are far from over back home, unfortunately, but...well, that isn't Barnaby's problem anymore, so he presses on without giving it another thought for the time being.]

Second, I want to remind people that we have an Emergency Notification System in place. Registered imPorts who sign up will receive a small device that lets you hear information from dispatchers. Unsettled imPorts who are interested can also sign up through any registered imPort who owns a device. In either case, people are welcome to sign up through either myself or Wild Tiger. Any other device-holding imPorts are also free to help people sign up.

Additionally, we have a communicator-based app that lets you send out a distress signal to any device-holding imPorts. Anyone who needs help learning how to use the Distress Signal Application, please let me know so we can arrange something.

Third thing: although Petrov is behind bars, I think most of us are well aware of the potential dangers both the imPort and native communities currently face. To anyone lacking concrete combat or rescue experience: please refrain from jumping onto the front lines. No one gets saved if you die, and you'll likely hinder other people's attempts to apprehend criminals or evacuate citizens.

There are other ways to help, though, which brings me to my next point: is anyone interested in receiving certifications for CPR and first aid? If enough people say yes, I could try to arrange something.

Anyway, I think that's everything. People who have questions or concerns about the Emergency Notification System, the Distress Signal Application, or possible first aid and CPR certification classes, feel free to ask in response to this message or in private.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[People who want their characters to sign up for the Emergency Notification System, check this link out!]
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[Feed's on an to many, there's Akihiko there, standing infront of a mirror in what looks like a- grungy as hell, dark public bathroom. The sort of bathroom that casts everything in yellow and it's hard to say if it's the lightning in the place or just- the walls having been caked with something you don't want to know anything about.

But otherwise, it looks like a boy. Late teens, shirtless, fit. Grey, short hair, grey eyes- but the most eye catching thing is the blood down his nose and the swollen skin under his right eye. Blood even more so trailing down the side of his face from what- looks like a long slit cut open in his face along his brow. Anyone that's been hit hard enough knows the cut was probably put there on purpose. Better to drain the blood.]

[He's leaning in, using his tattoo to activate video in the mirror. Audio would've worked two but it really didn't matter. He leans to clean up his face a bit, grabbing his own jaw, taking a look at his teeth.]

I was reminded of something. [Breath heavy, still dripping in sweat. There's bandages on his hands, red seeping through at the knuckles.] I'm not sure if anyone's said anything about it yet. I really haven't been looking.

But the lightning before. [A sigh, looking a little annoyed. With good reason, that whole- ordeal was really annoying.] It wasn't just some storm. It was artificial. I figured it was a good idea to say something but it only just struck me now. Not only wasn't it artificial, but when it was happening- I-

[Stands up again, a thoughtful look on his mostly blank and battered face. He holds a cloth under his nose before lowering it and looking down at it.] I knew when it'd happen next, when it'd strike, what days.

It was like it was all planned out. Does anyone else know anymore?

[A pause, staring for a moment. Oh right.]

I guess there's been new arrivals too. Welcome. [He guesses.] You can call me Sanada.
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[Clears his throat. This is going to be a difficult post to make]

Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth speaking.

[The young man’s voice is clear, but stiff, with a harsh edge to it that hints at the anger bubbling underneath his skin. He represses this rage, attempting to remain composed and professional]

Earlier I received a tip from a confidential source- [Sorry Kay, he's not going to drag you out in the open, it’s too risky] - regarding a potential lead in the Lunatic case.

[A deep breath as he steels himself. This is a damning accusation to make and he knows it, and there’s no going back if he’s wrong]

Yuri Petrov, imPort advertising manager, has two files, with two different sets of abilities… and two different aliases. According to one, he’s been graced with an immunity to alcohol, but according to other? Pyrokinesis, with the ability to control and manipulate blue-green flames, specifically. Sound familiar? [A note of bitterness seeps into his tone, but he moves on quickly] And, if that’s not enough to convince you, there’s his alias, printed right on the file. Lunatic.

[A short pause follows, just enough to let the information sink in for any potential listeners.]

Unfortunately, my source only caught a mere glimpse of the files, but when I tried to confirm the discrepancy with Petrov, he was nowhere to be found. And, as much as I wish we had time to gather more information, we cannot afford to wait any longer for a response! If anyone listening has further information regarding Petrov, Lunatic, or their current whereabouts, I implore you to share anything and everything you know. With Lunatic on the move, it could mean the difference between life... and death.

[With that, he ends his little speech, and waits for a response from his fellow imPorts]

[OOC: And here’s the grand IC reveal! This post isn't strictly for conversations with Edgeworth. Feel free to talk to other characters, threadjack, and make IC plans here. Edit: And to clarify, this post takes place in the evening!]
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[ instead of stuck behind her desk, rosie is apparently perched on a bench in a park in de chima. it's not storming so badly at the moment, but the video feed keeps getting a little static interference because of the woman holding it. she smiles serenely at the screen, instead of her usual bouncy cheer.

her voice seems more fluid, the words seeming to come easily. if anyone is using their communicators translation thingy they might notice that it's because she's speaking french. and if they're not, well, then they will realize she's speaking french because they can hear her...

speaking french. ]

Hello, my friends.

The weather here has been... violent as of late, but I wish to assure you that if you feel in danger, you need only come to see me. The lightning does not hurt me. [ to punctuate this point, lighting crackles in her palm, and the video feed has a little seizure like wow can you please not? ] In fact, it is singularly attracted to me. Surely, so I can protect you all.

Au revoir.

[ so that's weird. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. ]
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Who exactly is responsible for deciding jobs around here?

Because seriously, what about 'aspiring magician' says 'part time tailor'?

I've never sewed in my life.

[There's a slight pout in his voice.

Lies. But no one needs to know that.]
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So I guess now that I've sort of settled in [Again. Moving happens to her a lot] - are there any other X-Men here? Or, well - different timeline and all that junk, maybe a different name. Mutants.

[oh right - introductions. For once not everyone in the world knows who she is.]

I'm Hope Summers.
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i've seen several of these messages so i thought i should introduce myself also.

hi! i'm allison. i've arrived recently, been sworn in, haven't had a chance to even talk to my own roommates yet.

i've been assigned to be a paralegal assistant and also a student, but if you need the services of an archer and capable fighter, then let me know.

[ Leaving out the hunter bit for now. It's an extra precaution and she's feeling especially sensitive about the whole thing, given recent events. ]

or, if someone could fill me in on what exactly's going on, that would be great. or, if you're also new and you want to bond over that, i'm cool with it.
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[The transmission opens on a tall boy sitting on his bed. He's making eye contact with the communicator, so from a viewer's perspective it might look like he's looking right at you. But he's not really trying to be creepy or anything. It just kinda ends up that way, since the colour of his eyes is somewhat unnatural.]

Uh, hi. So... they gave me the welcome packet and all that when I got here, but could anyone fill me in a little better? I'm just kinda curious about this whole place. There aren't any Heartless that I can find, and I'm curious what kind of stuff we're supposed to be heroes about. You know? That kinda thing.

06 | Text

Jan. 13th, 2015 02:48 pm
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[Flame Princess has been debating whether or not to post something like this for most of today... and some of yesterday evening, too, honestly. It's embarrassing, but she's not getting any closer to figuring this out on her own. Mostly, that just lead to being frustrated and more than a little bit confused. Besides, it won't be that weird as long as she doesn't actually name anyone. ... Probably

At any rate, she makes sure to use text this time, rather than the usual video. She'd prefer to not have everyone see just how brightly she's been burning.]

does anybody know how you're supposed to know if you like someone????? But I mean LIKE like someone. Not just knowing if you like somebody as a friend that stuff is way easier to figure out.


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