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[ will had told abigail to stay away from some people (one people) in particular and she's pretty good at it when it comes to person to person stuff, but she knows the network opens her up to the possibility of running into them so to speak.

but she's doing it anyway, it's not like abigail is known for good life choices.

so here she is, chin propped in her hand as she sits at what looks like a dining room table. her long brown hair is down around her shoulders, as always, neatly covering her scars. things abigail will never get: a hair cut. ]

So, considering the recent events, I'm curious. Who here believes in god? Capital G, maybe lowercase, whatever one you like. It's probably been asked before, but-- [ she shrugs. she wasn't here, so she doesn't care. gonna ask it again. ] Devil and Heaven and all that jazz applies, too.

I'm just curious.


Jun. 9th, 2015 07:09 pm
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[His ID currently reads Hulkling, and there's not much point being in audio to talk about something that's in a video clip, but he can't really deal with being visible right now. He hates drawing attention to himself, he's always preferred to be part of the group whenever possible. And yes, he knows this is going to draw possibly more attention. But he can't help wanting to apologise, even if intellectually he can understand it wasn't entirely his fault.

He also doesn't want people getting a look at the room he shares with his boyfriend. The room he hasn't left much for a couple of days.

When he talks, he sounds a little tired. Sleep hasn't been the easiest thing for him, the last couple of days.]

You know, one of the last things I said to anyone before the whole... random anger thing was that I wasn't usually subject to uncontrollable rage despite the name. Irony, huh?

[Although he isn't sounding very amused by it. Not the funny kind of irony, clearly.]

How do you get over knowing someone- something else got in your head and messed with your thoughts? Because if anyone has a suggestion, I'd like to hear it.

[He hesitates, and then adds-]

Sorry. Just give me another couple of days, I'll be fine.
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[there are two posts to the network, one after another. she's been struggling with navigating the communicator for a while now, but she thinks she's managed to bruteforce the basics of the interface. a young woman speaks up, apparently the camera's only got the top of her head in frame.]

Um... hello? Is this thing... wait... [she stops the broadcast, playing it back for herself before she starts another post. this time it's aimed properly, and she's definitely sure it's going. Cassandra's sitting outside a beachside cafe in Heropa on a bright and sunny afternoon. wearing a tacky pair of cheap sunglasses with the Flash's symbol on them - imPort tourist crap at its finest - and drinking a cold bubble tea.

best to play the naive newcomer swept up by all this hero stuff.

Hi. I'm Cassandra. I've been... lurking? [is that the word she wants...] For a few days now. Settling in. I have to say, this is... different, next to Gotham and Blüdhaven.

Hi, roommates, if you're... watching this. I haven't been around. Sorry. Between work, and... rehearsal, it's-- [she shrugs. surely they know how it is. or at least, they might think they do, which is good enough for her. looong sip from her straw.]

Anyway. I know some of the... names I've heard, but I've also heard we have... alternate universes? Even among us. What can you tell me?
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so i just got here

and yeah i got the whole welcoming spiel so can it

i got separated from my friend somehow but hes gotta be here somewhere. if u see a kid named gon that wears all green and is way to cheerful lemme know.

oh and what happens if u just skip school? theyre telling me i have to go to school when the new semester starts. ive never went to school before though and it sounds like a waste of time.

[Something about the tight-knit government around here, how he arrived, and everything they knew about him just rubbed Killua the wrong way. Normally he wouldn't even care to ask, but he has to wonder if there's some ridiculously disproportionate punishment for playing hooky. He's been here all of a day and he already doesn't trust the place.

The last thing he remembers from home was using Accompany On with Gon. By all means they shouldn't have been separated, and yet they were, which is why he's convinced his friend has to be here somewhere. Not that anyone at the base would tell him.]

001- video

May. 8th, 2015 07:18 pm
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[The camera focuses on a 12 year old boy nervously looking into the lens. He clears his throat a couple times and braces himself.]

Uh hey, guys! Dipper Pines here. I've got a couple questions about some... stuff I've been reading about. What's the Illuminati? There are lots of references to it and triangles and... secret societies?

So... yeah! Any info would be great!

[He gives a dorky little wave and a pig crawls over his lap.]
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[This is Kenzi outside her apartment building in the early hours of the morning, walking and talking while occasionally looking down at the camera on her phone. Even in the dim lighting one would notice her hair is significantly lighter, not quite her natural blonde but almost.]

Who wants to play a game of good news, bad news? No one? Too bad.

Bad news, I went home. Good news, I'm back.

Bad news, I'm definitely dead back home and in Hel. Good news, I saved the world and Hel happens to be a giant hotel that provides anything and everything one could ever want. Bad news, I can never leave, aside from coming back here, or see anyone I care about ever again. Good news, I get as much Nutella and Belgian waffles I could ever want. Bad news, some creepy person calls me at the same time very day and just breaths a little on the other end before hanging up. Like, seriously what is up with that? [Wait, that doesn't sound much like a hell of any sort.]

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the closet full of one-of-a-kind couture dresses that are all tailored specifically for me. [She grins and stops to pan down and show off one such dress. That skirt is looking a little short there, Kenzi.] How gorgeous is this dress? Ugh, I love it!

[She releases the comm to look for her key, expecting the comm to just float there for a moment. Instead it falls to the ground with a clatter, landing face down so everything goes dark for anyone watching but it's clearly still one because Kenzi mutters a few choice words before picking it up and turning it off.]

01 | video

May. 5th, 2015 12:47 am
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[the communicator turns on, but all it shows is the bright blue sky overhead. there's the sound of lapping waves somewhere in the distance, and then a man's voice saying and that's all there is to it. it's difficult to tell, but there might also be a small sound of someone acknowledging whatever tutorial just took place. there isn't much time to dwell on it; the view shifts, as if the communicator is being handed over to someone else, and then the feed cuts.

several hours later the same communicator makes another post, nearly identical to the first. this time the view is of somewhere in Heropa, and there is definitely a young girl's voice going oh. um, thank you before the feed is switched off once again.

twenty minutes after that post, it makes a third. this time there is an honest to god face on the video, rather than some upwards view of various locations. it's a young girl, one who is very obviously inhuman judging from the vivid blues of her skin and hair. she regards the communicator stoically, expression unreadable beyond some sort of subtle expectation in her eyes.

she stares. and stares. aaaaaand stares some more.

when it becomes clear that whatever it is she was waiting for isn't going to happen, Lapis' expression imperceptibly relaxes. she still gazes flatly into the camera, but there's the feeling that she isn't prepared to throw the comm at the wall and flee now.

and, finally, she speaks.]

I'm not going to defend this earth any more than the last one. Why is that so hard to understand?

[she's emoting now, face screwed up into something uncomfortably straddling anger and desperation. this was barely any better than the bottom of the ocean had been.]

So just leave me alone. You can't make me change my mind.

[she reaches up to turn the video off, then hesitates. her gaze drifts away from the camera as she contemplates, then decides to just go for it. her voice is softer now, less sure of herself.]

...but if you're here too, Steven, I'd like to see you.
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Is hurting someone the only way of getting the job done? Wolverine said pain goes around -- it's a circle. If you protect others, you have to take on their pain to protect them . . .

but is that the only way? I admit I am . . . scared. Of getting hurt. I fought a dragon and I was scared because . . . well for a lot of reasons.

But then the dragon died and people lived and that's a happy ending.

. . . Isn't it?

text »

Apr. 21st, 2015 05:25 pm
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[This is - not particularly a post that Max wants to make, but it's the quickest way to get her offer across, and the quicker they get to work, the better.]

I will keep this brief, as we are all rather busy right now, however I hope I may be of some use to anyone amongst us with scientific expertise.

My body has been infected with the virus that was brought into this world, but I am able to keep it from effecting my behavior, and from spreading to others. I believe this may allow a more compliant test subject than has been available until now, for those attempting to create a treatment or vaccination.

I've quarantined myself in my own apartment to avoid putting an extra body in the hospital, but if anyone requires my assistance for studying the virus, contact me here.

Everyone else, please listen to the authorities and stay safe.

[She hopes people don't ask too many questions about how she can keep the virus under control, because she hates talking about her powers.]
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ok whos the asshole that stole my housemates
seriously all 3, just gone. these are grown ass men who should at least be hard to fit out the window, so what gives
was it one of u, new kids???? show up and start thieving dudes?? fork em over i wasnt done with those losers yet

missing: 1 kotetsu 1 hal 1 oliver, if seen return to ramir
no reward

ps this is ramir not joseph, some asshat ALSO stole my phone, WHAT GIVES THIS PLACE IS FULL OF CRIME. WE NEED A HERO TO GET ON TOP OF THAT.
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[ The audio starts before video's established. Two voices are already talking in the background. One neutral and subdued and the other thick with a Jersey accent. ]

So you've got a call running--

Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

--But you've only got audio. There's video capability if you--

I know! I might be old to you but I'm--

[ The transmission is suddenly dropped. But it comes back in a few seconds. ]

--was the "End Call" button.

.......... Yeah, I see that. I mean I know! Maybe I just didn't like the connection.

[ Silence stretches for a moment before the more authoritative voice picks back up. ]

So, instead, hit this button--

I got it! I've got this! At ease, soldier! It's not that hard to figure out! Criminy...

[ Finally, video is activated and the viewer is given a wonderful view of a young man in the most unflattering uniform the Army could and has ever handed out. He's scowling at someone off camera, allegedly walking to the door now that his job as a handler is over with. ]

Yes, thank you! You do your country proud as an armored baby sitter.

[ There's one last screwed up look before he returns his attention back to his portable device. It's like something right out of a Flash Gordon movie. His face brightens for his new audience. ]

So. This again. [ He literally just got back from the future, guys. Can't these trips be staggered a little better, please? ] My own government plucks me from one war and into another. Doesn't seem like a very effective tactic, now does it? Not that that's any a'my business. Never is, but I gotta ask... Can't you fellas wipe your own asses? It's been, what, seventy years! Figured by now you'd have invented something to clean out all the nooks and crannies...


Feb. 12th, 2015 07:49 pm
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[There were plenty of adults teaching students at his school about the dangers of the world wide web and giving your identity away to people you don't know. Honestly he doesn't know if this network is the same as the Internet in that way, but since he was told that superheroes were involved in this, this can only mean one thing: secret identities.

Which is how he comes to the conclusion that it is the best choice to keep his face off the network and use audio for this, even if the topic itself is pretty harmless.]

Uh, hello. [The voice on the network is really young-sounding. A boy that's maybe ten or eleven years old, twelve at most.] My name is Ken. I got here the other day, and I... guess I'll be working with everyone here, as a 'hero.' [The last part comes out as an embarrassed mumble, trailing, off followed by a couple seconds of silence.]

Um, I actually arrived here with my friend. He's a dog, and I was wondering if there were any parks to take him on walks, or anywhere to meet other dogs. He doesn't get to play with a lot of other dogs back where we're from, so I want to do something for him.


Feb. 11th, 2015 05:08 pm
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Hey. I'm not really sure who oughtta know, so, uh... general PSA: Gon and Killua got ported out. I don't know for how long, but for now, they're back in their own world.

[Illumi too, but Jaime's not going to even hint at the fact that he knows who the hell Illumi is, let alone the fact that Killua grabbed some of his DNA for him. Exercising a little caution won't kill him. He pauses before adding on,] Brenda got ported out a while ago, but I'm pretty sure I managed to contact all her friends about that already.

[He blinks awkwardly at the camera for a second, lets out an almost imperceptible sigh, and straightens his posture.]

I know we got a lot of new people coming in now, so hey everyone, I'm Jaime. [He gives the screen a little wave.] You've been told that you can't go home, so I'm betting talk about people going home might be kinda confusing. The deal is that sometimes, people get Ported out. As far as we can tell, it's totally random; it can happen to any of us at any time, but there's no way of controlling it. It's been circulated a little already, but there's a FAQ out there if you guys got any other questions. I'll put a link here.

[He cuts the feed. And, true to his word, he links to Kate's FAQ. There you go, newbies.]

001 | Voice

Feb. 9th, 2015 09:57 pm
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[Hey there, everyone, got another new imPort hitting the network for the first time. Another child imPort too, if the voice is anything to go by.

The commuicator ID reads "Megaman.EXE." It also reads"Hub Hikari," a fact that he is blissfully unaware of. Feel free to enlighten him.]


[There's a relieved sigh and a quiet thunk on the other end of the line. Getting the communicator to do what he wanted took him a lot longer than he would have liked. Being on this side of a GUI is so awkward, how do humans even manage it? It's part of why he went for voice instead of video or text - not having to stare at the screen the whole time hurts his eyes less.

His voice is a bit muffled when he continues, and he sounds very, very tired.]

So, um. This is probably a silly question, it normal to have headaches all the time?

I mean, I know it's not normal-normal. It's just...they said the thing that brought me here didn't know how to handle me, that there were "leftovers" from my real body. But I don't really know what that means, or what being human is supposed to feel like, so I don't know if what I've been feeling is normal or if I should be concerned or what. I don't think they'd just let me go if there was something wrong with me, but...I don't know. I'm kind of new to this.

[It's not really a lie. He was only human for about a year, and he's been a Netnavi for over a decade now. This is so far off his concept of "normal" that it's not even funny. Especially since he has a very good reason to be paranoid about his health.]

--oh, almost forgot. My name's Megaman. Nice to meet everyone.
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We're the good guys.

( for her first address to the network, irene mimicks what she was told upon first arriving, no matter how hazy the circumstances surrounding her arrival might be. she certainly doesn't waste time; her address to the group at large is barely fifteen minutes after she is dropped off at her new home. as much as she hates to add to the general confusion that seems to be going around, she wants answers. immediately.

her appearance is as it always is: calm. put together. her tone is nonchalant, mocking even, and less than distressed. lipstick immaculate, hair pinned neatly. she doesn't look inconvenienced in the least. )

Good is so subjective, isn't it? I'm quite certain anyone would say they were 'good' if given the chance, regardless of what their actions prove. All this talk of justice, heroics, saving people....

( the way her sentence trails off is very intentional. )

Well, you can forgive a girl for being a bit skeptical.

( her gaze on the camera is pointed, and her smirk dares, prove me wrong. she's information gathering. surely there has to be at least one person out there who likes to overshare. after all, there always is. )

( ooc: i have an opt out and a permission post for anyone who is interested. )
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[ The person on the screen is not what you'd expect out of a typical imPort. He's a middle aged, balding, chubby white man. He's definitely not a superhero if looks are anything to go by. He looks familiar enough with the use of a smartphone, however, so he at least has that going for him. ]

Uh, hello, "imPorts?" I take it that's what they're calling those of us who were brought here, anyway, although it sounds strange to say it out loud...

[ He shakes his head. Back on track. He's only making this recording to gather information. That is what he's good at, after all. ]

In any case, what I want to ask is, what year is it? I mean, one second I'm in my living room in Cleveland, Ohio in the present day-- 2012-- and then the next thing I know, they're "debriefing" me and letting me out into this city where it's sort of the fifties but futuristic at the same time? I... don't get it. I mean, I've never really been into science fiction, myself.

[ He looks around, as though trying to come up with something else to ask. He's read his file, so he knows that whatever "Hyperthymesia" is, it's probably to blame for the fact that he can't stop remembering that time in fifth grade when Jenny Wheeler lent him her peanut butter and fluff sandwich at lunch. ]

I guess that's it. So... yep. Anybody who can clear up this year issue, call me back. Thanks.
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[The communicator ID reads: KURAPIKA.

No more, no less.

In fact, the screen itself remains blank and static. There is no awkward lens zoom, no topsy-turvey camera juggling, only a soft and velvety blackness and the clean glow of that digital tag.

For whatever reason, the person addressing the network has chosen not to show his face. He hasn't chosen not to speak, however. Perhaps because the written word often draws more attention?]

I understand this line of communication is only minimally secure at best?

[He is leery as he begins: disappointed, but not deterred.]

In that case, I'll keep this brief. [As if he'd speak at length unnecessarily.] I have two requests.

[Evidently someone of the no guff variety.]

The first is a secure channel for which to discuss the war state and all it entails, should such a thing exist, as well as the names of any imPort authorities concerning the matter.

And the second is...for someone to confirm for me whether there are any imPorts here by the names of Gon, Killua, or Leorio.

That's all.

[A sharp click signifies the end of the transmission.]

( video )

Feb. 3rd, 2015 11:27 pm
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[ Originally, this post was going to be audio, but it occurred to Isaac that was a lot like hiding. He looks sheepish, but also a little unnerved, and his eyes are a little shifty when he speaks. ]

I...had something planned to say here, but...

[ He shakes his head. ]

A few days ago...a week maybe? I don't know...I've...I've lost time...There was a freak lightning storm and...I think I was hit. For a while after that I thought...that I was someone else. If you've ever had your memories messed with, or...anything like that, you know what that does to you...

...anyway, I know I talked to some of you, and I wanted to apologize for...if I freaked you out. I'm...I think I'm better, now.

[ He clears his throat. ]

I'll, uh, go.

[ And he does. ]

03 | video

Jan. 23rd, 2015 09:38 am
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[Jonathan looks uncharacteristically...troubled? harried, at the very least, as he turns on the communicator. maybe it's because he was slumming it up in Maurtia Falls in the middle of the night with a recently crazy grandson before dealing with whatever this problem is. who knows.]

I'm sorry to trouble the entire network with such a petty question, but I'm afraid I really don't know a better place to ask. I'm trying to locate a...Doctor Hannibal Lecter? Or someone who knows him, at the very least.

[this is said with a small measure of uncertainty, both at the impropriety of the whole thing and...well, he'd done a little poking around the guy's communicator to try and find his address, and he's not entirely sure he wants to meet him. also there were apparently several versions of him that have been in the city? awkward.]

I suppose there must have been some sort of mistake at the post office, or he perhaps once lived here at some point, because I received his communicator in the mail today. It's not the sort of thing that people should be without for long, so I'd like to return it as soon as possible.

[another pause, this one out of chagrin that he doesn't have anything less obnoxious to add to this whole thing.]

Thank you for indulging me.

[close enough.]


Jan. 20th, 2015 11:25 pm
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hey so can everyone do me a favor? look at this poster and let me know if you've seen this girl. her name is Abigail Hobbs.

Missing Person Poster )

if u have any info, call me or the police. If you wanna share or print the poster and put it up anywhere, that's cool too. i put some up in heropa but i haven't had a chance to use the porter, so i could use some help.



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