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[It was only on her second day here that Laurel decided to address the network at large, figuring it was the best way to gain some vital insight. She had read the file that was given to her upon her arrival several times, taking a special interest in the abilities that had been supposedly given to her. Not only did Laurel have extra powers but she also had her weapons and vigilante outfit (neither of which she had put to use yet)

When the video feed comes on, Laurel flashes a smile before getting to her point. She's friendly, but on her guard at the same time.]

Hi. I just have a few questions.

[She was used to speaking in public, given her career path. But there was something different about this, reaching out to virtual strangers over a device.]

First question - Does Star City or Central City mean anything to anyone here?

Second question - Where is a good place for coffee? I need caffeine.

And finally - Anyone have any experience with flower arranging? I can't say that I'm an expert and they didn't teach that in law school. [A wince.] But I really don't want to get fired from my job so any tips would be great.



Jun. 12th, 2016 03:18 pm
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Hey, everyone!

[Cue Max! She's dressed in pretty casual clothes, with one difference - she's wearing a square academic cap and a huge grin on her face.]

Guess who's officially a high school graduate? This gal! [And here, she jerks her thumbs back towards herself.] I can't believe I actually did it. This feels awesome! It took a lot of pushing from Professor Callaghan to get me to stop slacking, but I'm glad he never gave up on me.

Anyway, I have some people I'd like to thank. Professor Callaghan, of course - I'm sure I would have graduated without your help, but I wouldn't have done such a good job. I'm gonna miss having you as a professor. Thanks for helping me. And Clara, who also pushed - really hard. [Yeah, she does that.] And the Doctor - you're the best! [You're just going to be Space Grandad forever, deal with it.] Also, last but not least, Chloe. You're amazing. I can't even put much more than that into words.

I've still got some time to think about college; I think I'm going to take the week off to relax and celebrate. Anyone with me?

[ooc: If you want to hand wave your character being there, go for it!]
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[Crane is wearing clean clothes, new shoes, a new tie and frames. There is a clean-shaven appearance to his face. His eyes show rationality and sanity; he isn't staring intently at his captive audience. He's well-mannered, calm and polite - and doesn't wear that blackness that's special in the eyes of some.

Unfortunately, the people he'd spoken to this morning, those he had begun to find fascination in, had come over in a panic. Or a bad mood, perhaps. The reason for their avoidant behavior - and uncomfortable body language - is another matter.

A puzzling one.]

Good morning. This is Doctor Jonathan Crane.

I am a doctor of psychiatry. Psychopharmacology, to be precise.

Back home, I evaluate some of those brought to me by Gotham's finest, so it will come as no surprise to me to hear that some people here are mentally unwell.

[Awkward. He hesitates for a moment; then he crosses his leg and steeples his fingers, before angling his thumbs at the camera.]

My apologies. That is to say, I'm willing to lend a reliable ear if you wish to talk. About intimacy or anything else that scares you, really.

[He doesn't seem interested in talking about fear at all. His pull point is all wrong. The idea that he's a terrorist and an asshole hasn't been put to him yet. Someone has to drop the truth bomb. Also did he really just apologise?]

Moreover, if you're from Gotham, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Peculiar things have happened since this world spat me out.

I suppose talking to you will help, if you're even here...

[About? Uh, well, it's Gotham.]
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[One recognizes the signs, when he’s been here for a while.

Waking up in a different house and room? Check. Getting a new job? Check. Having to go through the explanation of the basics? Also check. So while there’s only one question left to ask. Clark Kent looks kind of sheepish as he faces the network, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh.]

So, how long was I out? I hope it wasn’t that much. Sorry to anyone I worried- yes, I know it wasn’t up to me but I still don’t like it.

Also, let’s get it out so we can get it all at once: I am, apparently, a glasses model. Writing for the style section wasn’t enough.

So go ahead, let’s hear the jokes.

[Read: Please joke about it, please. Anyone who does means they are still around, and well enough to make cracks about it. Anyone who does hasn’t left back home while Clark was taking some sort of vacation he doesn’t even remember having.]
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[Bart Allen is standing on the border of Heropa, by the ubiquitous 'Welcome to (City)' sign that towns just love to put up on the umpteen different major roads that lead in and out of town.]

Yeah, welcome to sunny Heropa, where the small town folks are the salt of the earth. An Earth. One of many. Or maybe many of one, but it's been splintered over and over again by time travelers stepping on too many violets until people walk on their hands and marry dolphins.

You know. Man marries dolphin is a total Florida man story. Do they have Florida Man here? What am I gonna read on this thing without Florida man?

So. Um. Do I get to object about being in Florida? Look at this.

[Bart swerves the camera down to his free hand.]

The humidity pools in between your fingers standing still. Forget jogging. That's like a blind date with heatstroke with about 2 seconds notice.

I mean... the beach isn't far, so that's one up on Alabama and like 15 up on Kansas. I don't know what people do in Florida. You know. Gators in swimming pools, sweating, beach, tanning, drinking 10 gallons of water, peeing, nicknaming each other Pork Chop, pimping out their cars with cell phone jammers.

All of that's great, but I'm bored man. If they're gonna suck me into an alternate universe, they could at least hook me up with some video games.

Video [1]

May. 11th, 2016 02:46 pm
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[When the screen blinks on, the sender—lanky, black sweater, glasses being slipped off—is already centered and ready for it, clearly very familiar with the technology already, and he starts speaking immediately, quick and terse as if this is already taking up too much of his time.]

Good evening imPorts, my name is Dr. Harrison Wells. It is a...supreme...irony that I'm asking this, but to those of you who left your worlds as ordinary humans and arrived here with new abilities.

[There's a pause, Harrison's fingers tapping lightly against his lips, as he considers the reception he'd experienced on his arrival. Not cold, not remotely, but…knowing. Everyone he's seen in Heropa seems to know what he is, and that' New and unpleasant. And he's reluctantly beginning to understand what the metahumans in Central City had gone through, being watched and whispered about.

He catches sight of the tattoo on his wrist, a very faint glow under the skin, and abruptly twitches his sleeve back down to cover it.

How do you cope?]
I'm curious how you mastered them.

[It's a much more dismissive tone than the beginning of that sentence, very clearly not what he'd originally intended to say. The glasses go back on and he moves to switch off the transmission, then taps his finger against the edge of the screen, speculative.]

And as I will apparently be spending my time here making science fun and accessible for kids, I anticipate needing copious amounts of coffee. And I am...taking recommendations. On the best fast food in the area. Also anyone who understands a reference to STAR Labs and/or Central City.

[He looks like he’s going to add something else, then rethinks it. The screen blinks to black without another word.]


May. 9th, 2016 11:20 am
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[And cue Max! She's looking more cheerful, and her hair's grown a bit longer, but apart from that, she's still the same old dorky hipster people know and love. Well, mostly.]

Hey, guys! I've been M.I.A. for awhile - you know, work and stuff. But I got a lot done last month! I learned more Russian and ASL, went ghost hunting, snapped some pictures. The usual. [Blame the Doctor for her ghost-hunting shenanigans.] We just got done with a huge Mother's Day rush at work, so hopefully things will be less hectic over there.

Also, I think I'm slowly taking an interest in photojournalism. I'm already really passionate about photography, and this way, I can really help people. It's just a thought, though; I don't actually know if I could really do something like that. [Because she's a loser.] And I still haven't gotten my ears pierced. Major wimp alert.

Anyway, how have you all been? I missed you! [Well, some of you - LOOKING AT YOU, CRANE.]

001 video;

May. 7th, 2016 07:28 pm
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[ The video feed focuses in on an auburn haired woman, perched primly on the edge of her seat, clearly unable to relax. She reaches out to stop the video without speaking, hesitates, and withdraws with a sigh. ]

I'm certain I'm not the first to raise this complaint, or even the tenth, or the hundredth. And I know I'm not going to be the last. But -- [ There's a quirk of her lips, a dip of her head, as if to say I'm still going to say it. ] It's incredibly disturbing to wake up in a different world and find you've been given a tattoo. [ Of course, it's probably not any better than what had just happened to her, too. Kidnapped to a different world. But with shackles instead of a tattoo. ] Like a bad movie about an even worse road trip, except these aren't your friends and you aren't going back to your normal life in two hours.

[ That piece said, there's a ease in her shoulders. A little relaxation. Just a little. ]

Aside from college towns, I've never really lived anywhere but Central City. So, I'm all ears. Tell me about Heropa.


May. 3rd, 2016 12:12 pm
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Hello again friends. Today I come to you with a question: When you arrived in this world, did you leave anything behind in your home universe? Anything precious, or vital to your well being? Perhaps something that is hard to find, or simply does not exist in this world. ...Yet?

[As Revan speaks, he moves between a row of strange machines: devices with spindly, segmented, almost spider like legs that work tirelessly on assembling something in the background.]

ImPorts are a varied and diverse group of people who hail from a multitude of exotic locations, with cultures that might appear completely alien to some. While this world we reside now is wonderful and accommodating, and our hosts do everything in their power to satisfy out needs, I know from experience that sometimes what it can offer comes up short. And as such it often times lacks ideas or resources to provide all that ImPorts need to be happy.

Many of you know me as Ambassador of Maurtia Falls, but today I'm leaving the politics aside, and I wish to discuss with you my personal business: Malachor Industries. A project of mine that has the means to fabricate or replicate just about anything within reason.

All I need is the design, and if the core elements needed to create it exist on this plane, I can bring it back to you. Or perhaps you need something that not even your world could provide, but hope may yet live that it can be created here?

So tell me neighbors, what have you been left without for too long now?
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[There’s background noise for a few seconds before he speaks.]

I’ve been here before. I remember this place.

[He doesn’t sound happy, or mad. More resigned than anything. Kon takes a moment as he thinks. Last time he had been here, things were happening, they’d just saved the kidnapped imPorts from the Russians. Next thing he remembers are the memories of home are so much fresher in his mind, like he just watched a video on his life. There's a fumbling sound before the camera turns on and Kon had a slight frown on his face.]

So I need some major fillin' in on what's been happenin' here since I obviously vanished. Any volunteers? Last thing I remember from here was submarines and warships and happy reunions.

Also, uh, hey. I'm Kon for anyone that doesn't know me or remember.
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Funny thing is, I spent most of last year counting down to my 5th imPort anniversary, and in the end I missed it by a good month and a half. Guess that's what comes of having a significant life event close to the holidays.

[ Spider-Man red versus Goblin green… totally counts as festive, right? Of course it does. ]

You gotta love the human -- sorry, the sapient -- capacity for adaptation. Forgetting the day of my own kidnapping.

But for the sake of you patient souls who suffered through my existential moping last year -- how many of you are still here, anyway? roll call! -- let's skip it this time and go with an icebreaker for the newbies.

Two truths and a lie. For those of you who come from universes without awkward getting-to-know-you party games, (a) congratulations, (b) it's just what it sounds like. I'll start:

1. I once picked a fight with a swarm of communist bees.
2. I used to have six arms but a giant lizard helped me remove them.
3. My car once tried to murder me.

Take your guesses.


Jan. 21st, 2016 07:22 pm
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[And here's Max, sounding tired and scared, but determined nonetheless.]

Can everyone hear me? This is Max Caulfield. I'm not sure this is working, but I'm gonna try it.

[A pause that's punctuated by a deep, shaky breath, and Max continues.]

We've been kidnapped. I'm sure you've already noticed by now, but I figured I'd start with that anyway. [As it turns out, Max is every bit as awkward as she usually is, if not more so.] We're not hurt... at least, not as far as I can tell. We can't use our powers. They've told us we're "property of the USSR." [Her tone more than denotes how much she thinks of that little detail, but she moves on.] But we're okay... I think. We're not injured, as far as I can tell.

They've told us we're in space, but... I don't know. A lot of us don't think that's right, but hell if I know where we are. They could be telling the truth, but they could also just be trying to scare us.

Look... I know this is a lot to deal with, but please don't do anything crazy. We're fine.

[At least for now.]

Thanks, everyone. I'm gonna try and figure more stuff out, and I know a lot of us being held over here are trying, too.


Jan. 21st, 2016 02:35 pm
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[ Francis is at his chair in his 'traditional' office in his dark suit. Shit has gone down, people. It's time to remind people of steadiness and stability. Unlike Kitty, he is utterly calm, even possibly annoyed. ]

Ladies and Gentlemen and assorted others, why don't we all take a collective deep breath and remember that, like Ms. Jones said, that most of Russian is filled with yak herders and the poor unfortunates who managed to upset both the Russian mafia and the secret police and are currently trying not to freeze to death. And besides that Russia and Siberia are really rather large.

This is fear and as our resident expert [ Hey, Crane. ] will be sure to point out to us all, fear is our most natural instinct and our greatest weakness at a time like this.

As much as I enjoy rousing speeches about joining the army or treatises on the sweet sound of a bullet flying by you, all of this is premature.

We don't know where our people are yet and while you may not trust the government and have good reason to not do so, do remember that even if they intend to use us as cannon fodder, they certainly don't want the Russians to be able to.

We will find our people. And we will get them out. And if you want to try less than orthodox means to do so, I won't get in your way.

In the meantime, I'm posting a list that I will update as I get more information. With thanks to Kitty once again.

[ Added is this text file: ]

cut for length )
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I have to say, if any week got skipped for me due to a porter - I'm glad it was last week. [He smiles grimly, not amused by his statement, and sighs.] It's been some time since I've last addressed everyone, so I'll reintroduce myself: Dr. Harrison Wells, Heropa University professor in Kinematics. If anyone wishes to attend a science lecture for free, I open my lectures to the imPort public so long as you're respectful of the enrolled students and don't cause havoc.

[The last part in particular is especially pronounced in his voice, almost like a warning. He takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes, letting the same hand shake his hair a bit between his fingers, before continuing on.]

I understand we have a lot of new people coming in, as is usual around here. December was quiet, terrorist attacks aside, but things seem "back to normal." Large scale destruction by imPorts, people confused and scared...etcetera.

I've been here close to seven months and I have to be honest: things can be better here. We can all be better. Yet if we don't start to make changes, then people like Crane and Pan will continue to cause destruction and leave us picking up the rubble after. Oh and don't worry about them popping in to gloat about how oh so special they are, and how we can never best them, because I locked this communication away from their eyes.

[He rolls his eyes and takes a breath before continuing.]

I believe new measures need to be taken to protect ourselves and to prevent other imPorts from causing chaos. Something that can work within the confines of the government that we are, on some level - like it or not, an essential part of. Surely we hold more leverage than we even know because this country would be likely ravaged without us by this point, and surely the government isn't fond of Heropa being attacked twice in the span of a month's time.

I have my own ideas, but I would like to hear what others think of what I'm saying first. I know many people here may not be fans of preventative measures, acting instead of reacting, but if we do nothing...people like Crane and Pan won't be satisfied. They enjoy the deranged things they do and they know how to make it hurt. Don't think catching them will help when the government's idea of punishment is a slap on the wrist.

For starters - prison reformation should be key.

[And he knows something about holding dangerous superpowered criminals in spaces where they can't be a threat to anyone around them.]

001 | Text

Jan. 13th, 2016 11:10 pm
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[It looks like somebody's posting an album of images to the network straight from their communicator. All of them have the same geotag, coming from De Chima, and they show different landmarks around the city: hospitals, statues, shopping centers, parks. Like somebody's trying to compile a "best of the best" of urban life... or just acting like a tourist and snapping whatever they think is interesting. All in all, the album has about 30 such images.

Accompanying the impromptu travelogue is some text, with the user ID reading "Mina":]

Hello, America, hello, Virginia, and hello, De Chima!! (ノ^∇^)ノ I suppose you could say this is my helloWorld()! Walking around the city and getting to see what this new world has in store was super fun.

Oh yeah, since I'm new, I may as well do some kind of introduction, right? I'm Mina, and I'm a hero of Earth!

Well, my Earth, because of the whole... multi-universe thing. Still have to wrap my head around that...(・_・ヾ Basically, there was an alien invasion, and I helped kick the aliens out and save my world. I was in the middle of going to their planet for a rescue mission, buuuuuuut the whole Porter thing grabbed me from space! And now I'm here.

While I'm here, though I'm going to be working as a medical office assistant (which is good because that was my old job at home) and going to school! I've never been to school before! That's going to be really, really exciting.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting everybody! Getting stuck on a new world is better with friends, right?


[One last picture is attached to the end of the post: a selfie of the android in the middle of a park, flashing a peace sign at the camera and obviously smiling underneath her medical mask.]
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[The video shakes a little bit as Eddie sets the phone up on the table in front of him, trying to get it stable and recording evenly. Pulling his hands back, he lifts them both, takes a deep breath, then lets it go, sitting heavily in the seat so he can look directly at the camera.]

Okay, there we go.

[Eddie looks more than a little harried, stressed out - his top button is undone and his tie is a little loose. But he puts his hands down on the desk, flat, very carefully, worrying his lower lip with his teeth.]

It has been a rough few days, so I'm sorry if I'm a little...weird.

[He shifts his hands against the table, fingers twitching a little, and somehow the slight vibration knocks over a bottle of soda visible in the corner of the recording. The bottle lands on its side, and the cap pops off, soda spraying across the surface of the table. Eddie jumps back in his chair, knocks the table leg, and hisses a noise of pain as his knee collides with wood.

The phone topples over, face down in the soda.]

Dammit! How the hell did that even happen?

[A few moments of quiet, aside from Eddie cursing under his breath, and the phone is picked up - the video's blocked as he wipes off the phone with what appears to be a piece of paper towel. When the recording resumes, he's holding it in his hand and looking more irritated than harried, the whole feed streaked with sticky soda residue. He shakes his head and sighs heavily.]

There has to be someone out there with tips on how to get control of this stupid ability. Or preferably, to just turn it off.

[Glancing over his shoulder, he steps back a little and the feed skews as he stumbles over the soda bottle and topples over backward.]

Owww...what the-

[The feed flicks off.]

[OOC: Responses will come after he's sorted himself out and turned the feed back on.]


Jan. 12th, 2016 10:49 am
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[ The video clicks on and it's the Doctor, grinning like a madman. He's wearing a pair of sunglasses that...kind of make him look stupid, but if that's the case, he doesn't recognize it. Instead, he gives the camera a little wave. ]

Hello there! Doctor Disco here, back from a brief vacation, glad to see that everybody got the forest thing sorted out. [ he's keeping his tone light and cheerful, probably to hide the fact that his brief vacation back home was SLIGHTLY SOUL CRUSHING and that his getting brainwashed in Peter Pan's forest was ALSO KIND OF SOUL CRUSHING. ]

Anyway, two things! First! Remember that bit a month or so ago where a lot of people swapped powers? Well, during the storming of the castle, I managed to poke around in the computer files and picked up some lovely info on the people who made that mess in the first place. They're the Cain Cabal and, surprising no one, they want immortality. [ the Doctor can't help but roll his eyes. When he speaks next, it's with the authority of someone who kind of messed up a lot of things by making someone immortal. ] Rule of thumb, any one who wants immortality doesn't deserve it. Rule of thumb two, just don't give people immortality to begin with, it never ends up well. Anyway, there's a lot more boring stuff about nanotech and the Porter so I'll just attach that in a different link.

Second! Clairvoyant! Hello there, me again, you were right about birds by the way, top marks! I wish you could have added in a little bit about the Fisher King but well, nobody's perfect.

Third! [ didn't he just say there were two things ] Mabel! Mabel, Mabel, Mabel. Remember how we were talking about the sonic screwdriver? Well, popped back home for a little bit, don't have it anymore, but I have the next best thing. [ And here, he taps the edges of his sunglasses with both hands, giving the camera a big, toothy ridiculous grin. ] Wearable tech. It's cutting edge, new technology, goes great with every outfit. Just watch...

[ The sunglasses make a little sonicy noise and the video turns off. Attached to this post, is a more Doctory write-up of this information from the power swap plot in December, complete with editorial comments from the Doctor, mostly along the lines of being sarcastic at the soldiers. ]
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[ Pan is more than a little steamed that his curse was broken, but it wouldn't do any good to stay mad about i or to show it. It'd just get everyone all happy and cocky that they beat him.

He could still play with them all, especially on here. So he's made special care to put this on the mirror network, after all, can't go sharing this with the authorities unless you want to reveal your biggest secret, can we?

The video turns on and it's a forest a night with a fire and there's Peter. All smiles and relaxed and he's holding a certain someone's staff. He spins it around like some kind of play thing only to lean against it.]

Good evening all. After our little adventure I thought I should give you all my sincerest congratulations at breaking my spell. I suppose all good fun has to end sometime, but, the time has come and gone and we can move onto newer and much more fun games, wouldn't you say? [His smile seems pleasant, no trace of the wickedness he had shown much earlier this week.]

But, I feel like I had should give a few people their due because I could never have achieved such a thing without their help.

So, my thanks to you: Sabriel, Hawke, Mabel and Ford Pines, Billy Kaplan, to whomever brought that bird like monster to life, and to you, Tetsuo. Without all of you, we never would've had such a game to play.

[And he smirks a bit one last time.]

Here's to more future games everyone.

[Get in line folks, everybody wants a chance to punch his face in.]
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[ Bruce Wayne is...wearing a Santa hat. And a crisp black and white suit, obviously. He's well lit, but then he is at a publicity shoot, taking time off with a glass of water. There just might be make up dusted under his eyes to keep his skin from shining too much in the photographs. ]

This Christmas the Wayne Foundation, along with a significant donation of gifts from the new action figure line of Wayne Toys, is going to be visiting kids in the orphanages and hospitals in De Chima and Heropa, spreading holiday cheer. This time of year is difficult for children without a family, or those who can't come home to them, so we're going to do our part--or at the very least, I am. The Wayne Foundation is looking for volunteers, people who wouldn't mind dropping in on kids, maybe showing them their powers or their costumes, if they're child suitable. It shouldn't take much of your time.

Alternatively, if you don't have any time to give, donations are also welcome. The more help we get, the more work the Foundation can do to help, not only with the kids, but with its primary mission of assisting those families who have lost a loved one, or experienced collateral damage as a result of imPort actions.

So. That brings me back to the toys... [ How Bruce has managed to restrain himself to do the business talk for this long is probably down to his simple, ninja trained self control, because a moment later he turns his comm on the little figures in their plastic boxes: Superman, Robin, Major Kusanagi, d'Artagnan, Iron Man and Blue Beetle all feature. They're simple 6" figures, and they don't have light or sound, but they do have articulating joints! ]

They're not too bad, I think. Maybe not all your favorites, but it's a good start. By the by, if anyone wants one, they're..a bit niche, but they're in all decent toy retailers now. Merry Christmas.

[ One last dashing smile at the camera, and Bruce reaches out to switch off the comm device. Bruce is honestly bigging a lot of this up; for example action figures are presently the only thing Wayne Toys makes, there may be only one of each figure in each toy shop, and 'The Foundation' is basically just Bruce. But, business is all about first impressions, right? ]


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