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[I really sincerely hope no one was expecting to see Cole’s face because you’re not going to.

Enjoy the view of his fabulous hat! And his chin!

And the remains of a Trademark Friendly Starbucks super mocha in his hand as he messes with this contraption.

Who gave him coffee?]

I don’t understand. They say it can let me talk to people across the country, far-flung friends and foes I haven’t met yet, but I don’t see how. It isn’t magic. I could tell if it was. It’s not a raven and it can’t fly. Then how does it work? If I press this button [he suddenly gets really loud because he upped mic volume] will people hear me? Will this button--

[The feed ends as Cole hits the power button. Whoops.

Someone get this kid an adult]
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[ Those lurking the comm the afternoon of March 9th will spot Jolly Jonah himself staring near aimlessly into the camera. The man is sitting on a brown recliner, and he's tired. It not hard to tell, especially given the pile of paper that can be seen just out of the frame and the fact that there are at least 8 stogies in the ash tray next to him. He's got a new one in his mouth right now, actually!

But still, for as tired as he looks, you'd never guess that by the way he speaks. While most new imPorts have a reputation for being rather displeased with being so rudely yanked from their homes, JJ's overall demeanor is...surprisingly pleasing. So much so, that he begins speaking at a mile a minute as soon as the video turns on. ]

Well, it's about damn time somebody recognized my heroics! Looks like whoever's doing the import thing is finally makin' some steps in the right direction, eh? I mean, just reading about some of the weirdos you've brought in before me? Glad to see you're starting to pick out some upstanding citizens like myself!

[ He taps his cigar against the ashtray next to him, getting rid of the excess ash. Some gets on the arm of the chair, but J.J. doesn't flinch at that. ]

In fact, I recommend that whoever is running this damn thing pick out my son next! John Jameson, real American hero, that one! Don't bring in my wife, though. Lord knows that I could barely stand her back in New York, can't deal with all the friggin' nagging she'd do down here.

[ Suddenly, his entire demeanor changes. He now speaks to the camera head-on, dissuading any need for tangents. He's large and in charge and everybody has to know. ]

You can call me J. Jonah Jameson! Why am I telling you this, you might ask? Well, maybe if you stopped askin' so many damn questions in the first place and let someone with intelligence speak, I could tell you! Anyway, point is, that is a name you ingrates are gonna be hearing a lot from now on. See, back where I come from, I was a pretty big deal! Nobody wanted to mess with the likes of me!

So, for all of the so-called "vigilantes" out there? There's a new hero in town and the only superpower he needs is the power of the press!
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[Teddy's taken Hulkling form for this one; if his team are here, and they're using their identities for some reason, it's probably for the best he does the same. He smiles at the camera, perfectly cheerfully, although it might look a little incongruous with his massive frame and green skin.]

Hey, just wondering if anyone's got any news on some friends of mine. I don't even know if they're here, but it's worth asking, right? So if you hear of anyone calling themselves the Young Avengers, could you let me know, please?

[He clears his throat, and his face falls a little, looking slightly awkward and much more anxious. He's obviously worried, and trying not to show it. Then again, who wouldn't be worried if they didn't know where their boyfriend was?]

Or if you've seen anyone called Wiccan- he's about five foot eight, black hair, red cape, really cute, uses magic- could you tell him Hulkling's looking for him? Thank you.


Mar. 6th, 2015 12:43 pm
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[The comm video turns on. It's her first time post on the network and she ain't pleased, a good face to say howdy to a network of strangers. She's still dressed as a high plains drifter, hat and all, but one thing off about the get up is she has a name tag pinned to her duster coat with a name so long it's almost hard to read, but it says "TheRedPlainsRider". It was a real fight to get all of that on there. The name tag has the roomba logo on it.]

So. Can y'all tell me what sorts'a jobs ya got? Do they fit what ya got the life skills fer or . . . did the government just throw everything you ever learned out the window and give ya a job the two bit drunk from the saloon could do? 'Cause I really need ta know how offended I should be right now.

Any of ya brain surgeons or bridge engineers that'd like to trade with me and be a robot vaccuum cleaner "quality" inspector? Seein' as trainin' and skills ain't a thing folks 'round here seem to be worried 'bout, might as well grab any ol' job I can.


My job is stupid and I'm a bit sour, is what I'm sayin'.
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I’m not going to start by asking twenty questions, I assume those that've been here longer must be sick of them. [So there’s bound to be a few people here that might recognise his voice, though he doesn't know who and if there actually is anyone from home. Some of the standard questions that come to mind he has the answers to already from looking back. Others, well he doesn't want to unleash a bombardment of questions when he’s first introducing himself to people. After all, that can come later and when they wish they just ignored him.]

So I’ll just ask if there’s anything worth knowing that people feel like sharing. Maybe someone could even tell me where a good place to get some decent coffee is.

[He might sound cheery, but those good enough to pick things up might realise that his tone isn't quiet ringing true. He doesn't want to inconvenience people he doesn't know with his own problems, so best not to make anyone think there’s something wrong.]

Oh, I’m Kurt by the way.


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