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[On the network is what appears to be a young boy, about 12 or 13 years old. For a moment, he stares quite soulfully at the video output impossibly deep, black eyes, and then pokes at the screen with one fingernail.]

Not even a proper imp in there, how's that for you...?

[He pulls back and mimes clearing his throat. A voice far, far more booming than is fit for the child's face resounds across the feed.]

Right, broadcast. AHEM. This is just a friendly, non-suspicious question, inquiring on when the next coup or violent overthrow of this government is going to be. Not that I'm actually advocating it, I just know you humans really can't resist.

I'm pretty handy with a popcorn machine if anyone can provide good seats.
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[Slight buzz as the social network video thing turns on and you see a smiling face.]

Is it on now? Letseee…...Alright! That should do it!

[Clearing his throat now]The name’s Gentarou Kisaragi. I’m going to be friends with every hero! Starting with every one in Heropa! Give me a shout if you wanna be buds!

Ok! Mai! Talk to the video to get help! I’ll talk to people here!

[The image very obviously jolts as the girl is fumbling with the device for a few moments and she has a rather panicked expression for just a few seconds as she turns to watch him run off in the background trying to talk to everyone that passes by with a ‘HEEEYYY! CAN YOU HELP A GUY OUT?!’ Being heard even from this distance. Then she turns back and smiles brightly.]

Hi! I’m Mai! Gentarou and I are new here and we’re trying to find our place. We’re in a place called…

[There’s a little more fumbling as she’s looking at a little piece of paper she scribbled on.]

Heropa and we’re number 28. That would be great!

[And now she leans in a little closer to the screen with a laugh and whispers the next line..]

And if you could tell me the directions quickly before he grabs too many strangers, that would be even more amazing!

((OOC: Intro post for both Gentarou and Mai. If you want to reply with Action, you will get Gentarou accosting you in the streets asking for help. If you reply with Video, then you will get a response from Mai or Gentarou or both.))
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[ There is a picture attached to this message. It's of this cat, wearing a Santa hat, a wreath around its neck, and an ugly red sweater with a big green Christmas tree on it. The cat does not look thrilled by the fashion statement it's making. Below is the following message: ]

Bet you thought I was kidding when I said I was getting Christmas decorations, didn't you?


Nov. 28th, 2016 05:52 pm
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[ Well. That happened. Miles' expectations of the election had gone south as soon as he'd seen how many other people he'd been competing with - how many damn good candidates he'd been competing with - and yet here he is. He should probably feel proud of himself. He mostly just feels terrified.

He looks a bit terrified too when he turns on his comm, the terror mingling with a very humbled (if still bright) smile. Okay, he's managed to get the thing he wanted. Now what on earth does he do with it? ]

First of all, I'm deeply honored and humbled to have been chosen as Nonah's ambassador. I shall endeavor to consider the concerns of all the imPorts in my city, not just the ones who chose me specifically. There is a lot of work to do - [ oh god, there's too much work to do ] - and I look forward to tackling it.

[ A pause. Now for more practical concerns. ]

Secondly, can anyone recommend a good place to set up in Nonah? I'm interested in renting an office and an apartment. Preferably close to each other.

And ... er, I would very much appreciate the guidance of our current ambassadors as well. Difficulties you've had, pitfalls I could avoid, that sort of thing.

[ Because really, he's fucking terrified. ]

( audio )

Nov. 22nd, 2016 06:18 pm
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[ Felix gets right to the point, sounding a bit exasperated. ]

Does anybody here know anything about pets?

[ Pets is a very broad category with vastly different answers depending on the animal involved. But those are nitpicky details that happen to other people. People who have had pets before and know how to take care of living things. Not a killer like Felix who can barely take care of himself properly. ]

Like, what keeps them happy and healthy and whatever? Maybe how to make them stop destroying your shit? Or—

[ His attention shifts rather abruptly away from what he's doing. ]

Hey! No! Don't you dare, that's mine!

[ The sounds of a brief scuffle can be heard: some rustling cloth, a bit of cursing, and a low rumbling, almost rusty growl. A moment later, Felix adds, disgruntled; ]

Mostly that last one. Also how to teach these assholes boundaries.
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Hey, so...

I'm still not completely sure how holidays work around here, but back home, this time of year is pretty much baking season galore. Everyone's rushing around to get cooking supplies and prepare for the holidays. It gets pretty wild. Seems like it might head that direction here, too. Dunno if any of you guys celebrate Thanksgiving, but even if you don't--

[Alright, Osborn. Stop babbling and get to the point.]

Well, I was just thinking. I'm pretty good with food, and I make a mean homemade pie. [A beat.] From scratch, not from a box. Just for the record. [Because he already knows the impression he must have left when he whined a little about not having a driver. Look, he's not completely hopeless!] Anyway, I'd kinda like to make some extra cash for the holidays, so...

Anyone wanna order a pie? It'd be about eight bucks per pie, a little more if you want pecan. I can make just about any kind, and you can freeze 'em if you wanna save 'em for later. Just lemme know what kind you want, when you want it, I'll write your name down, and... bam! Homemade pie for Thanksgiving! Or... whatever you want it for. [And maybe if he does well, he'll open up shop for Christmas and whatever else, too. He's trying not to get too ahead of himself on that front, though.]

If you're not convinced, stop by the studio in De Chima. I just finished making a batch of pies for my-- [He laughs a little, because he still can't believe this is his job.] --show. You can sample some and see if you like 'em first.

[Harry then gives out the address and studio number for his baking show, because... yes. He's totally serious. Drop by!]


Nov. 5th, 2016 07:12 pm
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[ The video shows an incredibly gangly young man in a black aviator's jacket and dark clothing. Black and skulls are all the rage for this kid, and he tops off the aesthetic by having a long, black sword in view of the camera, albeit set off to one side. He could be intimidating, perhaps ... if not for the array of miniatures also set in front of the camera. Nico is just a big ol' nerd.

He's slightly red when he addresses the camera; the color looks odd on his pallid cheeks. ]

My name's Nico di Angelo. [ A beat. His eyes track offscreen; he's clearly reading off a notecard of some kind. ] I'm a half-blood - or a demigod, whatever you want to call it. Son of Hades. [ Better to get that out of the way now before making this kind of request. ] I was here a while back, so if you met me before I'm the same guy. And ... um ...

[ Gods, just get on with it. Why is it so hard to ask such a simple question? ]

Does anyone want to get a roleplaying campaign together? I - er - I'm mostly familiar with Myths and Mazes, but I can build stuff for any kind of d20 based system. I like making up that kind of stuff. I've got three people so far but I can take up to three more.
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[ Sei is...confused. He's been confused since his arrival, under a deluge of new information when he's reeling from still existing, nonetheless supposedly being in another world.

Is this even truly another world at all? He'd never been outside Oval Tower in Platinum Jail. This could simply be what the world outside of Midorijima was.

But he's seen no COILs, no ALLMATEs...and he hadn't been able to pick up on any fragmented pieces of himself like he normally would.

He sits outside of De Chima's assigned housing, seated against a wall and looking exhausted. He's remarkably frail-looking and pale, like just getting out of the car he was brought in took all of the energy he had.

It was remarkably close to the truth, and he's definitely regretting turning down the concerned driver's offer of assistance in getting to #008. He'd been so entranced at the idea of seeing the world around him that he'd blatantly ignored how little energy he knew he had.

So unless someone deigns to help him, Sei's going to be seated against that wall for quite a while.

Nonetheless, some time later he's managed his way into #008, collapsed onto the couch in the living room with no intentions (or ability) to move (sorry housemates!). This means it's time to look over the network. It might be easier to do it using pieces of himself sent into the communicator, but... How can he be sure of where he is, and that if he was able to return, Toue was not? How could he be sure he could not be traced by him here, using that? He may not resent Toue, no, but it does not mean he wishes to return.

The ID reads Captive Princess.]

they say this is a world other than our own. however, i have never seen the world outside of the limits of midorijima in any form, nor the world outside of oval tower personally. so i have to wonder if the lack of technology i am familiar with means this is true, or if i am more tired and confused than i believed at first, and lost in a world i never knew to start.

either way, it should be impossible for me to be here. when one's consciousness is destroyed, it should not be possible for it to return. when one's body is now the container for another's consciousness, one should not have that body any longer.

i suppose all i can do in that case is ask if those words are familiar to anyone. midorijima, platinum jail, oval tower. toue inc.

...i suppose, also, that if i am truly here to stay, i should inquire about what one would do if they wanted to improve their health and stamina. with the caveat that said health is extremely poor, and normal methods are likely too strenuous to be considered.

[ He's not going to be able to explore this world like he wants if he can't make it from a car to a house, after all. ]

thank you.
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[When the broadcast begins, the center of attention is a young man's gloved hands and the toy figure they hold, approximately thirteen centimeters tall and brushed with shining metallic white paint. Protruding from large armored shoulders embedded with green gems is a leathery-looking vinyl cape that hangs low enough to reach adjustable feet. When pressed, a switch resting behind a horned helmet triggers movement of the arms: a rigid up-and-down chopping motion.]

I was alright with building these things when I first got here, but now that they've started to model them after Escaflowne...

[To say Van sounds exasperated is an understatement, but even so, he doesn't appear to be in any hurry to dispose of the figure. Rather than treat it with any sort of disrespect, the toy is set aside in favor of collecting the phone, the camera positioned in his hands to capture his disapproving frown, no doubt expected by those who have come to know him.]

What I'm trying to say is that I'm looking for new work. I'm good with a bow and arrow, better with a sword, and if there are people who want to learn or need protecting...

[He doesn't feel good about suggesting they pay him for any of that, but he can't very well live off the generosity of others, now can he? And he's not happy at present doing something he feels serves no greater purpose. This is really the only option he has.]

I'm also looking for an armorer. And someone who knows their way around large... [He pauses, clearly searching for the right word, his face screwing up with concentration before, albeit with obvious dissatisfaction, he settles upon the only commonly accepted descriptor he knows.] ...large robots.

Mine needs some repairs. Potentially some improvements.

[That's it. As abruptly as his broadcast began, it ends.]
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[Cue one blue-eyed, blond kid on the network - there are no smiles here but he also doesn't look terribly confused. Ven is used to traveling to different worlds even though he's only been to a few that he can remember. Still, this one was a little strange as to how he arrived but he does believe he can leave under his own power at this point.]

Wow, this is cool! You can talk to just about everyone with these things, right? [Finding out if his friends are here has never been easier upon arrival to a world. Typically he has to talk to everyone he comes across.] Hi, I'm Ventus but you call me Ven!

I'm looking for a couple of people. First is Terra, he's taller than me with dark hair and clothes like mine. [Have a good shot of his clothes, people. The piece of armor sitting on his upper left arm, the strap across his chest that forms an 'x' shape, the little emblem smack dab in the middle.] And Aqua. She has blue hair and is really pretty. If you see either one of them, or if you guys see this - call me back, okay? I need to talk to them.

[It's important.]

It's okay if you haven't, though! I might've just gotten here first. Even if you haven't seen them maybe you can tell me what you like to do here. I've never been anywhere so big before which means there's a whole lotta stuff to do and I don't know where to start exploring or what to check out first. Suggestions would be great!
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does anyone know how to deregister?

I don't mean I want to turn vigilante, or go the other way. And I don't want to go AWOL. I know about those. I just made a mistake, I know that now. I made a mistake and I want to undo it.

there has to be a form to fill out. something.

Please. Anything could help.


Oct. 3rd, 2016 01:19 pm
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[Hello masks and/or menaces. Today on the network is a suspiciously hooded figure, with most of their face obscured under the shade of the hood. When the figure speaks, the voice that comes out is that of a young girl; her formal affectation sounds forced.]

Hello. I am looking for a few people. Their names are Roxas, Axel, and Riku. If you know any of these people, please get back to be as quickly as possible.

[Her voice momentarily falters, and she looks down and away]

I... shouldn't be here...

[She straightens up again, collects herself.]

... I need to find Riku specifically.

[She doesn't have time to find her friends. She needs to get back to Riku - and then Sora - as quickly as possible before her existence does any damage.]

002. video

Oct. 2nd, 2016 01:23 pm
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[ One benefit of Hunk's moving to a mostly-empty house had been the mostly-empty garage. That's where he is now, sitting cross-legged in front of a still Yellow Lion with a rag and a can of compressed air in his hands. He's just doing some cleaning, mostly because it's something to do, and he works while the feed runs, propped up on a nearby tool box.

Well, wait. He gives a little wave, first, then it's back to work. ]
You know, I... I should've figured out what I was going to say before I came on here to say it. What I want to ask about is hard to put into words.

I, uh-- I've only been here, like, two months, and I've already had a couple of people I know up and disappear. So that's kinda a bummer, especially 'cause one of 'em's somebody from my world. [ No. Wait a second. ] Well. Somebody from my universe. Or from my dimension? Anyway! You get what I mean. She's kind of important, and a main driving force behind what we're supposed to be doing, and--

I don't know. I feel bad. Well, obviously, I'd feel kinda cruddy about that, but it's more than that. I'm torn, I guess? I wanted to enjoy all of the time of Earth I could get, but I also can't quite get my mind off of the fact that we're supposed to be halting an alien empire. Then there's the fact that this Earth isn't quite right, that the locale isn't exactly mine, and-- I dunno'. Pointless discontent, right? What can you do?

Okay. Sorry. I'm rambling. Uuuh... So. What am I looking for, here? Like... Pick-me-ups? Advice? Suggestions?

What's the best thing on Earth? To you. To do, to eat, to see... All that stuff.

And does anybody need a spare mechanic? The Elvis thing is starting to get taxing.
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[Riku's face, when he appears on the network today, is a little exasperated, and a little apologetic. Behind him, something tiny and black moves, and he picks his hair up and away from it, pulling it over his shoulder for lack of anything else to do with it. A sharp-eyed observer will note that the black thing is a wing. It's small, but it's clearly a pointy, leathery bat wing. Presumably, there's a matching one.]

So... I guess I was ported out.

[His very first port-out after a year and a half. What a strange experience. Riku pauses. He's pretty sure he... owes some people an apology.]

Uh -- sorry. From what I can tell it hasn't been very long, though...? A day or so tops, I think. I saw Kagami made a post, so I thought I should clear things up.

[He's surprised you all panicked, honestly...]

I guess I should thank you all for worrying, though.
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[The moment the post begins, there's a tired sounding boy on the other end. He's making this audio only because he doesn't want anyone to see him right now. He's not only really worn out, but he's a complete mess physically at least and to some extent emotionally as well. Nevertheless, he only feels it's the right thing to do and let people know what's going on.]

So um hi... I don't know how many of you know me, but I'm Riku's little brother Kagami. [He then lets out a small sigh before continuing.] I'm pretty much posting here to let people know that my brother isn't here anymore. He's gone home. I've been searching all afternoon since I got home from school, but he's nowhere to be found. I've tried contacting him over his phone too and got no response back. So in light of Riku going home, I've decided to continue running his delivery service on the side as much as possible and well, if anyone he knows needs a hand or help, I'm offering that too. It feels like the right thing to do in both regards and what I feel Riku would have wanted. So yeah, that's really all I needed to say.

[And he cuts off the connection.]


Sep. 9th, 2016 09:40 am
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[It started off innocently enough, Komasan went to get his usual morning cup of coffee only for the barista to decide he became a regular enough to try something...different. The coffee was slightly orange and smelled sweet, something Komasan wasn't used to compared to his normal cup of liquid bitterness. One sip, and his life changed. They said it was pumpkin...something. Komasan never had a pumpkin that tasted anything like this before, but the experience was magical.

And that was only the beginning.

It wasn't long before he noticed that the local bakery was also selling pumpkin-something foods, and then the next place...and some other places. It was all too overwhelming, but eventually he gets to where he is now:

Sitting in front of his desk, said desk covered in an array of different pumpkin spice-flavored goods. absurd amount.]

T-T-The pumpkin, zura... Monge...

[Komasan looks like he's stuck between being totally confused and wanting to cry tears of joy.]

The tasted so good— Coffee can taste good, zura!! A-And the muffins... I have...I have candle now, zura...

[He holds up one of those large jar candles, the ones that tend to cost a pretty penny...]

They sprayed me with...something— I smell so good— S-Someone sniff me, zura! And then...they had it...they had pumpkin soft cream, zura!!

[But he of course ate that one before he got home.]

Is this how US pumpkins taste, zura?! W-Why are they so sweet, zura?!
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[It's been several months since Lan activated a particular power of his in a more public area, but now he's decided to try it again. This afternoon, he's posting a video once again, but this time the ID displays his actual name, though nothing about the device he's posting from.

Curiously, the camera shows him, but both his hands are visible, so he's not holding up the communication device.]

I've finally figured out one of my powers. How to use it, I mean. And that the space inside the phones is a lot smaller than I thought it was.

[He steps out of frame to show what looks like a large room, the walls and floor grey where they're not covered in faint circuitry patterns.]

...I think it's getting smaller. I don't think it should be doing that...?

[Excuse him while he messes with something off-camera.]


Sep. 8th, 2016 08:53 pm
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[On screen is Lance and he is is practically sliding off his desk in the same way a 14 year old does when stuck in class with 15 minutes left before he can be free for the weekend. He doesn't perk up once he realizes the video feed is active, instead he just complains. How rude. He does seem tired though so maybe it's forgivable.]

I'm so bored. Someone tell me how to not be bored while not moving at all. I tried to make Blue recreate all my favorite cat videos but it turns out metal lions making cat noises is Noisy and Sound Pollution and Disturbing to Neighbors even though I bet they can barely hear her at all.

[There is in fact a loud roar in the background that seems like it's trying to confirm HEY I'M NOT LOUD and it is in fact quite Loud. Lance slides on his desk slightly to the left so he can reach his lion to give her a good pat while still moving as little as possible]

Blue, I know. I'm disappointed too. Pffft, we needed more cats to do proper cat videos anyway.

So, can any of you suggest. I dunno. Good movies on netflix or something? Good book? What do you guys like?
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[ The video turns on to reveal a large man, who is providing it with a close-up shot of about half of his face, and one strong, muscular shoulder. Most of his skin is bare, aside from a white tunic-like garment pinned at that shoulder. It's evident that someone is in the room with him, since he's focused on them and not on what he's doing. ]

Is it working? I cannot tell if --

[ Another voice interrupts, directing his attention back to the camera, and then Damen adjusts it so that his whole face is on screen. He is dark-haired and dark-eyed, and his olive-toned skin is well bronzed by sunlight.

He could not look less comfortable with a camera in his hand. His smile is a somewhat awkward attempt at friendliness, but it's obvious this is new to him.

Hello. My name is Damen. [ His eyes flick away from the camera at that, looking again at his companion. 'Damen', and not 'Damianos'. A pet name given to a network of strangers. He sees no reason to hide their true names - but he’ll do it, even so.

While he is introducing himself, the person who had his attention earlier decides to make an appearance. Or better yet, he decides to slide into the space by ending half on Damen’s lap, one hand lazily lifting to sweep a little of his hair back from his forehead. Where the original man is large and olive skinned, Laurent looks fair and slight in comparison. He isn’t actually in miniature, a fact he will press upon people at some point, when perspective is brought up. And where there is bare skin on show behind him, his is all covered up by the kind of clothing that looks restricting even by modern standards.

And mine is Laurent. [ He somehow manages to look like he’s smiling without following through, which is a power he possessed before the Porter ever decided to bless him with new ones. ] As you might have guessed, we’ve only recently arrived to this wonderful place.

[ Damen has rearranged himself to give Laurent space, and slide an accommodating arm around his waist. At that comment, though, he rolls his eyes up at his lover. Be nice, Laurent.

Laurent catches that look out of the corner of his eye, mouth twitching slightly like that smile he’s been curbing is threatening to break free.

We would like any advice you can give about acclimatising while here. This world is unlike our own, your buildings, modes of transport, ways of communication - [ Lifting his brows upward as if to indicate the device . ] - they’re all unfamiliar. We would not like to remain ignorant.

[ Then Damen leans in, tagging onto the end: ]

And I have need of a place to train. I prefer the sword. If any of you would test your skill against mine, I’d welcome it.

[ The glance they share then seems to be one of mutual agreement. Laurent shifts slightly, reaches out to turn off the feed. His sleeve obscures the view, but to those with extremely good hearing they might catch the as if anyone could best you before Damen interrupts his own smile to reach forward.]

Wait - there was something else. [ There’s a brief scramble for something beside him, and then Damen lifts his file into view. With his eyebrows lifting and expression dubious, he reads from the page. ] Can someone tell me what-- ‘Sunday School’ is? I am supposed to teach it.

[ He glances up at Laurent, nodding. ] That’s it.

[ It’s settled then, Laurent angles the camera once, so that his sincere ( no, really! ) expression can be caught. ] We appreciate the aid.

[ ooc: Damen is red and Laurent is blue. ]


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