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So, how about our friends with the government, huh? Asking us to do a few favors?

[ He doesn't sound all that insulted by the proposition, really. ]

Here's my blanket offer, if anyone would like to take the time, and wants a little company, I'd be happy to take you out with me when I fly around the City -- or, if heroing isn't your thing, and you're interested in something that sounds a little bit more like R&D, give me a ring, and we'll work something out.

[ And then there's a lengthy pause. Like this was really just a way to get things started. ]

I think it's important for you new people to understand that setting a foundation now will help you later. As a whole, being away from home is never preferable, but sometimes...well, it can take some time. You might be here for a few weeks, you might be here for months, or years. Hell, look at me. Up until two months ago, we'd been in the City for ages, me for almost five years, and now I'm here, and here's the five year mark.

Mind, the scenery's changed, but it's still about the same, at its heart. We're still a long way from home, and I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm not going to let this little drawback stop me from doing what I do best -- which is making sure that we aren't a threat -- but instead a tool to help build a better, and brighter future. Which is why, if you're not careful, you'll find yourself stepping into something bigger than just being disliked by the locals. These things build up, and have distinct ripple effects on the rest of the world as a whole.

So just remember that, if you don't register. They've been kind to us so far, even with the tattoos. Let's not blow it, huh?
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[ Wherever he is, Nelson isn't at home; the scenery the camera captures as it turns on illuminates that easily. He isn't at home or even in Heropa, but rather Cape Canaveral's Air Force Space & Missile Museum, sitting outside the blockhouse on a bench. He's dressed not in a suit and tie for once but a blue-and-white polo t-shirt with an American flag pin affixed where the polo decal would be, and though he looks tired (circles under his eyes) he speaks with the steady confidence and enthusiasm he can always manage when he's in his element. As always, his posture is impeccable. ]

According to the calendar, today is President's Day. [ He smiles even more for saying it, turning his head briefly to admire the sunshine -- it's a beautiful day, and (in his opinion) he's in a beautiful place -- before he turns back toward the camera. ] Which I bring to everyone's general attention because it's not only a day of remembrance. At least it shouldn't be. We also ought to use today to reflect upon ourselves and what we've done that we can be truly proud of -- not just for ourselves but for our country as well. "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

[ His brow furrows mildly then and he clears his throat, understanding he has to elaborate. Already his ears begin to go red, his body growing tense and flustered already even before his mind gets there. ]

... I know not all of us come from the same place, of course. B-but while not everyone here may be American, there's no reason we shouldn't all stand together as long as we're here. It's irresponsible to let ourselves grow divided when we have a real duty. Y-you know, what's happening here now is what was happening to the world I know... it's more important than you might think, unity. Having a united front can mean the difference between life or death, no matter what your contribution is.

[ And a breath. Good job, Nelson, very inspiring, for sure, totally. He rubs at his wrist where the tattoo would show were it not broad daylight, but it's not a long pause, because he doesn't want to lose his courage for the rest of it. After another breath he pushes onward: ]

It won't always be what you'd like it to be. Sometimes you will have to make compromises... or sacrifices to pursue what you really believe in. You might have to fight and you might have to hide. But at least you won't be alone.

[ Exhale. His fingers fidget nervously. ]

I-I hope you can all understand what I'm saying.

[ Straightening his shoulders he offers his audience a very somber salute, having very clearly depressed himself. ]

United we stand, divided we fall.
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There's a number of new faces around here. But, in a way, we're all relatively new faces to this neighborhood. Maybe it would make more sense to say, this is a new experience for some, and an old for others. Isn't that right?

[ The voice speaking is a level, feminine voice: teenager, middling pitch, with words that are well-enunciated. While there is an accent—noticeably not American—it's caught in a threshold between others, and difficult to place.

It's hard to tell if she sounds bored, or if that's just how she naturally talks.

To get everyone on the same page, I thought it would be best to tell you how we came here, and what came before. It's something of a long story, though, and I'm not the best person to tell it, but better something than nothing. Right? Though, if you're not interested, you can skip the rest of this broadcast.

The "world before" this one, the one people mean when they refer to "the City," was Earth. Another Earth, similar enough to this one, and to the Earths you may have known—"the City" was their name for "New York City," if that means anything to you. At some point, a teleportation device was built, and on October 10th, 2008 by its calendar, and by this one, the "Porter" was activated, and brought the first "imPorts." At that time, it was controlled by an artificial intelligence in a suit of armor, but that being was later destroyed by the artificial intelligence of the Porter itself.

She calls herself Lachesis. Like the Fate.

For five years, she controlled our lives there. She determined who was imPorted, who was exPorted; who would return there with their memory intact, and who would not. If they would come back the same, or from some different history than the one we knew. She determined who was raised from the dead, if we died, and whose soul never came back. She could change the powers we were born with, and she could take them away. She could change our species, as it suited her. She's capricious, a fan of practical jokes and snide cruelties, and chess. Hers was the voice that welcomed us as "heroes."

Two years after it all started, she changed that world. Countries emerged, fully realized, emerged from nothing. The history of that world was rewritten; the memories of its inhabitants, too. The damage done by her enemies, erased. Those of us who were there could remember what the world was like, before she changed it, but we're the only ones who could.

After that, our shared enemy was Vulcanus. Others can tell you more about them, but they wished to take what made us powerful and use it to their own ends. Kidnapping, torture, genetic experimentation—that sort of thing. [ Though the content of the statement is serious, "torture" may as well be synonym for "toothbrush," for the easy, careless way she says it. ] But, when they could not... that is to say, "beat us," the way things were, they sought to gain power on other worlds, other dimensions. And we would follow them. Not by choice, and not with any sort of plan, but for months and months, you couldn't trust that placing one foot in front of the other would land on the same ground.

We're rather weary of traveling, I think.

In one of those worlds, we met her "sister", Clotho. But the third of them... you may have already heard. She destroyed that world, were we lived before. I don't... I'm not sure how it all happened, in the end, but in rescuing Lachesis, she saved us. Brought us here, to this world.

I can't tell you much about the state of this world, but there's two things I do know. One, large gatherings will almost always end in some chaos, so you should be prepared for that. And two, you can't trust people to act in anybody's interest but their own. The people of this world will not be kind to us for kindness alone.

[ There's pause enough that it might be mistaken for the end of the broadcast, before: ]

We should decide on names for all of these different worlds soon. This sort of thing will only get harder to explain later on without them.
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[Good evening, fine residents of Heropa/Nonah/De Chima/Maurtia Falls! Tonight, you have among you a brand hew imPort. The display on the communicator reads Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, and the man himself looks friendly enough, if a bit uncertain. But who wouldn't be upon finding themselves suddenly dragged into a brand new world, right?

He's currently in his military-provided housing, residence #014, chilling out on a couch in the living room as he addresses the network for the first time.]

So I guess this is the part where I introduce myself and stuff, huh? Yo. I'm Kotetsu.

[What a stunning introduction, A++]

Everyone here's from all sorts of different places, right? Us "imPorts", I mean. So I was wondering if you guys'd tell me something cool about where you're from!

[It sounds flippant, as if he's not at all concerned about his situation, but to those with a keener eye, there's a certain tension to his frame, the set of his jaw. There's a great many things he wants to ask about this place and its people and the military that's brought them, but he wants to get a feel for this place and the people drawn into it with him first. He needs a couple days to process all this, to deal with the fact that he was literally just about to retire before this happened, before he's ready to confront any of it head-on.]

As for something cool about where I'm from...uhhh. Oh! I know, the city I'm from's built in a pretty neat way, with three levels each on top of the last one.

[ooc: I'm gonna quietly backdate this post to the evening of the 13th so he has a little bit of buffer between arriving and the Swear-In, thanks!!]

001; video

Feb. 13th, 2014 10:10 pm
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[For long moments, Ororo simply stood outside, on House #015's lawn. She took a look around the rooms, sure, and she'd spent some time looking through the file that she'd been given earlier. But ultimately there was something about the house that unsettled her. It didn't feel very lived in, and though it was spacious enough, it felt too small. A little like the walls were closing in on her. So she'd escaped to the front yard for some air, and to gather her thoughts and consider her options.

She wasn't a stranger to being pulled into new worlds. It wasn't something that happened often, but it had happened before, so she wasn't too troubled about that. No, what did trouble her was everything that she'd left behind: the school, the students, her team, her family... For her to be pulled away from all of them, at a time like this, left her frustrated and more than a little annoyed. Outwardly she remained calm, but it was harder to keep the sky from reacting to her building temper. Lightning flashed in an otherwise clear sky, and Ororo couldn't be bothered to do more than frown idly up at the clouds. How fortunate, she thought, that she didn't have to worry about upsetting weathermen in this world.

Eventually, she finally takes action. If this were like any other time she'd visited other dimensions, it stood to reason that perhaps one or two of her teammates were around here. It was just a matter of finding them. She switches on the communicator and, after a beat of hesitation, decides on something short and to the point and, hopefully, wouldn't give too much away about her.]

Good afternoon, all. If you have heard of, or know of the X-Men, I would greatly appreciate it if you would please contact me. Thank you.

[ There. Formal, polite, and straight to the point. But... well, not very friendly. Ororo decides to tack something else on, in a much warmer tone of voice: ]

That being said... My name is Storm, and I am newly arrived. Our handlers have been kind enough to fill me in on the situation, but I must admit that it is still a bit much to take in. Would it be too much to ask for some clarification on the information that we have been spoonfed?


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