Jun. 12th, 2016 06:19 pm
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[ The feed starts with the shot of a stand, mostly done. It's easy to tell where the lights and the rest of the equipment will be. Then it widens, showing the space around it and the tables. ]

Not too shabby, huh?

[ Jessica somehow manages to sound both smug and slightly bothered as she turns the camera on herself, eyebrow raised. ]

So for everyone that expressed interest on playing here, the date is Saturday the 17th, starting at seven. Just tell me at what hour you'd prefer to go or else I'll be making the list. Also, and because I know some people just can't make up their minds until the last moment there will be slots for Open Mic, so if anyone wants to, I don't know, do stand-up comedy or torture us with whatever people call poetry these days, go ahead, do your thing.

[ That's good, right? It's concise and clear. ]

Oh and everyone that gets up there gets a drink on the house. That's as much encouragement you're all going to get.


Jun. 6th, 2016 03:24 pm
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[ The feed comes to life, and the voice talking is of a young girl. It sounds firm enough to cover her nerves, but she still has to marshal it to remain strong. ]

My name is Sophie Foster, I'm thirteen years old. I'm only saying that so people don't ask me all the time. [ She sighs; yes, she's young, no, she's not a lost little girl... even if she kind of is. ]

Obviously, I'm new. Right now I really don't have the strength to panic about being here or realizing that somehow an unsustainable situation has been sustained for roughly twenty years more than it should, disregarding the sociopolitical implications that should be evident but nooo... so I'm just going to ask... does anyone know where can I buy cheap clothes? Mine stand out too much.

[ A moment of silence, in which she debates whether to end the message there or take a risk. A risk it is. ]

What do you guys think about elves? Is the name Eternalia familiar to anyone? Or maybe Black Swan?

[ Here goes nothing. ]


Jun. 5th, 2016 10:37 pm
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[ Babs isn't quite beaming at the camera when it turns on, but there's an obvious excitement in her expression, even as she tries to play it oh-so cool. she doesn't love being away from home without notice, but there's a lot to be done here, so she's feeling pretty good about it. good enough that she's feeling up to posting to this big wide network of people, despite knowing perfectly well it'll put her out there in a much bigger way than just, y'know, showing up here in the first place.

she knows she's not the only Batgirl here, but she's prepared to handle that too. yeah. this is all going to be perfectly fine. and no, this optimism doesn't come easily to her, it really doesn't. but it's not like she's about to talk about that here, so. who cares, right? it's all good. mostly she's just hoping to see a familiar face.

Hello, --network! [ amazing start ] Does the network here have a name? That is definitely something I should know by now. But, not important. Hi. My name is Barbara Gordon, I'm still very much new here, but I am officially moved into my new place, and I'm feeling properly acquainted with the city itself, so-

Now? Now I'm in the mood for a giant cup of coffee and some small talk, if anybody would like to hang out. [ she holds up a finger ] Only a little small talk, please. Basic introductions, then we can skip all the awkward weather slash local sports team or celebrity gossip for something a little more interesting. [ i'd like to make new friends now, please and thanks. and she'll of course be doing as much network snooping as possible before meeting anyone, but hey. only way to get her social life back in order is to get.. one. so. ] That's it for me, I think. I'll- hopefully talk to you all soon.

[ she gives a short wave goodbye, then disconnects the feed.

... the only problem with that is that the transmission only lasted a couple of seconds, and she somehow kind of sounded like she was talking in fast-forward. her words babbled out way too fast, kind of like this, yeah. woo! guess who has superspeed and has no idea how to control it yet? this girl! somebody help her. please. or just watch her transmission in slow-motion, maybe. that'll work too.
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how long have you been here? do you feel that you've changed at all, during your extended stay?

how do you handle it?

[ Klarion usually avoids text if he can help it, but this has been bugging him for a while now. Text lets him ask the question anonymously, without any vocal inflections, emotions, or facial expressions to get in the way.

... his speech patterns and painfully slow texting speed might give him away eventually, but for now, he's totally anonymous! ]


Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:56 pm
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[This video looks like it's filmed on an actual camera instead of the communicator. Right now it's focused on part of a vest and a t-shirt which then resolves into Dipper Pines as he steps away from the camera. In the background, there are homemade backdrops and what looks like a bunch of maps and discarded flashlights. The angle of the ceiling implies that Dipper's possibly in an attic.

Carefully pulling off the cat that had been draped over his shoulders, Dipper straightens up and clears his throat, before giving a nervous wave. His voice only wobbles a little when he greets the camera.

So uh, hey! I'm Dipper Pines and you might have heard about me or my sister, Mabel, since stuff just... kind of happens to us. But this isn't about that! No one's getting arrested or doing survival training in a swamp or setting off fireworks or anything like that. This is a cool thing! Totally safe. Mostly safe.

Anyways! I actually wanted to tell everyone that I have my own MeTube channel. It's all about exploring supposedly haunted places, researching cryptids and local myths... Spooky junk, as Mabel would put it. If you wanna take a look, I'd really appreciate it! And if you have any like, questions or comments, just let me know.

[Dipper holds up a sign that has, "DIPPER'S GUIDE TO THE UNEXPLAINED," written on it with marker, and the MeTube channel address underneath. The cat from before begins to bat at the corner of the sign as Dipper tries his best to do a charming grin, faltering after a couple seconds.]

Okay thanks, bye!

[The camera clicks off. Should you visit Dipper's MeTube channel, it has a couple of carefully edited videos of Dipper apparently marching off into random bits of Heropa wilderness in search of urban legends. Surprisingly, there's some footage of what seems like it might be actual evidence of cryptids. Most of it's just unfortunate video evidence of what is probably breaking and entering and Dipper getting excited over strangely shaped rocks.]


Jun. 2nd, 2016 01:40 pm
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[The feed opens up with a nice shot of Komasan sitting comfortably on the N5 couch for those who recognize it. It's all cleaned up and everything for the video, not a single feather in sight. But if you think the sofa is spiffed up, then get a load of Komasan. He's wearing a surprisingly nice suit despite the fact that it's tailored for a small dog, as well as a pair of sunglasses that somehow manage to stay on his stupid round face.

In one of his paws is a champagne glass, filled with what's probably grape juice. He swirls it a bit before taking a sip from the silly straw that awkwardly pokes out from it.]

Ah. So you're finally here, Komasan girls, zura.

[For whatever reason, he speaks in a lower, more leveled tone. The kind of tone where you know someone's trying really hard to pretend they're much cooler than they really are.

...Incidentally, it's at this point that it becomes apparent someone is recording him, a soft hitch in the audio not a moment after that, as if a little bit of static came through--wait, no, that’s someone’s voice, isn’t it? It’s soft, and clearly sounding like it’s trying to hold in what sounds like laughter.]

That’s so painful…

Well, I've got good news for you, zura. I want you and everyone else to know that I've started running for imPort... [He pauses, looks at his palm, then back into the feed.] ...hambassador, zura.

If you've ever wanted someone monge~ to represent you, you've come to the right youkai, zura. All I want is for everyone to be happy, the kind of happy you get after your first lick of soft cream, zura. We could do this, we could do it together, zura. Let’s make everyone’s soft cream dreams come true, zura!

”Soft cream dream?” [The accent’s almost a dead giveaway for anyone who knows Nonah 05 by now. Kaneda can hardly believe what he’s hearing, mostly from how ridiculous it sounds. But hell if he’s going to stop Komasan from his ‘soft cream dream’ himself, continuing to hold the camera as level as he possibly can.]

But if you don't want to vote for me, that's okay too, zura. You will always be my Komasan girls, zura.

[There's another pause, but he doesn't appear to be doing ...anything. In actuality, he's winking, but...he's also wearing sunglasses. So it's just...the most awkward few seconds before he throws the shades off and starts to act normally again, his voice back to being its usual baby-like tone.]

How was that—

[[ooc: Although he was super stealthy, it's quite possible to get tagged by Komasan and/or Kaneda as well. They clearly make a great, supportive team.]]


May. 31st, 2016 07:13 pm
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[The video feed cuts in to Inanna sitting on a rooftop retreat somewhere in the city, the evening sky laid out behind him for a backdrop. He flashes the camera a winning smile—it almost looks like he sparkled for a moment.

Maybe he did.]

Hi there! I thought it was about time to make a proper introduction for myself. I'm Inanna, The Morning and Evening Star, etcetera. But please, just call me Inanna.

I've met a few imPorts already, but I'm curious—what's it been like for those of you who've never had powers before? I wonder if it's anything like my experience was.
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Hi, everyone.

I've forced anonymous for this post. You can't log in. I thought we could all try to get some honest, no-strings-attached opinions out of each other, but feel free to use this for whatever you want.

I'll post a couple headers, but you can make your own, too.

Have fun. If anything gets out of hand, let me know.


[ooc: Obviously we can't actually post anon here, but please pretend everyone is, in fact, anon. :) There is also no privating and you might consider responding to Cadel's opt-in hacking permissions for me, too! ]
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[There's a boy staring at the camera.

Light hair, unassuming, face needing a bit of a wash. A little too close to the lens for comfort. He's eating from a bag of M&M's, slowly and reverentially. Really, you wouldn't be glancing twice at the broadcast if it weren't for the fact that he's just looking at you, well past the broadcast's minute mark. Looking at you, at your room, at whatever's behind you - either he's having some neurological symptom, or your surroundings are very interesting.

Then, as if a switch has been flipped, he seems to notice that you're actually looking back. His eyes brighten, and his fingers go fidgety.]

Oh. Oh. [A beat, as he tilts his head. He's close enough to the lens to count his freckles.] Can you see me?
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[ Instead of the video starting with someone's face, or voice, there's the tinny sound of inspiring instrumental music set to a background of large cue cards. After a few seconds, a quick hand switches to the next card, and the next. ]






[ Finally, the last cue card, liberally decorated with red glitter and drawings of various machetes, knives, and guns: ]

*The Breeze is 13 years old and her advice shouldn't be taken as legal help or anything like that


May. 8th, 2016 09:14 pm
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[It's a little odd to see an audio post coming from this ID; the Pines are usually all about the video evidence. What's even more strange is that Dipper's voice sounds a little... squished?]

Hey uh, we're back! I mean, me and Mabel and the grunkles and Pacifica. Lots of stuff happened and there was a giant robot and some demons, but we're all fine. Me and Mabel got to celebrate our 13th birthday again, so now we're double 13. Or something. Sorry if we worried anyone!

Kind of off topic, but does anyone know how to turn your powers off? Pretty urgent, would really like an answer soon, okay bye.

[The Pines family and Pacifica have returned!]


May. 7th, 2016 11:56 pm
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[welcome to late night shitposting with duncan, mother's day edition]

Okay so, hypothetically speaking

If you were born in 2024, and you wanted to try and see if your mom existed in a parallel universe in 2016

Would that be creepy?

07 | voice

May. 4th, 2016 08:16 pm
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[there's sadness in Jonathan's voice, but he makes no attempts to obscure it. why should he feel any sort of shame? a dear friend of his is gone, and while she's far from dead it's still a loss. it would be more of an affront to her memory if he didn't express the weight he felt in his chest.]

I think waiting any longer is simply false hope, so...Mi- Ramir is gone, for those who were friends with her and worried about her disappearance. Her number has been invalid for some time now.

[he exhales lowly, pausing again. even though he'd expressly used the voice function to give himself a little space, it's a bit more difficult than he'd expected to have to detail all this. Jonathan has never had to announce someone's dePortation; any sadness he'd felt had always been private and dealt with on his own time.

but this is more important than his own feelings, and so after the stop he forges on with newfound vigor. the sooner he continued the sooner he could finish, for better or for worse.]

She left her businesses in the care of Miss Kitty Jones and I, so if you've never been to either Krakatoa or the Iceberg Lounge I really do encourage you to drop by sometime. They're first rate places and I'd be more than happy to pay for your drink or meal. Ah, which reminds me - we are still hiring, if you're looking for work.

[that ought to do it, shouldn't it? Ramir had already taken care of her personal belongings, after all. there's the sound of indistinct shuffling and then a soft laugh from Jonathan.] know, I'd been meaning to ask about some frivolous little things before this all happened. I suppose I'll save that for another time.

[it's more appropriate, he thinks, not to clutter this up with his own hobbies and interests.]


Apr. 23rd, 2016 10:40 am
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[ On the screen is a magnificent tiger with golden eyes, regarding the camera with quite a bit of what looks to be amusement, if you're prone to anthropomorphizing animals. After a moment, that tiger speaks - and speaks with a very human voice, a light and girlish voice with a South London accent. And who else speaks like that? This is, of course, one Kitty Jones, living up to her name. ]

Hullo, all. Happy - slightly belated - Earth Day. I hadn't known about that holiday last year, so I didn't do a thing for it, but it's really a lovely thing, isn't it? So, a day, late, I'm doing a little charity drive, and I need all of you to participate. Proceeds going to the protection of the leaf-scaled sea snake, because no one ever bloody donates money to help species that aren't cute.

[ The leaf-scaled sea snake is also quite venomous. Y'know. Whatever. ]

So what this consists of is this. I want you to volunteer here, in this post, to answer questions from fans on rumblr. Give me a list of topics you're not willing to talk about, as well as how many questions you're willing to answer. Then your rumblr fans - or enemies, I suppose, maybe some of them will want to trap you in a lie or something - will bid on the opportunity to ask you questions. Whichever fan puts in the highest bid gets the right to ask the first question, then the second-highest bid gets second question, all down until you don't want to answer any more stupid questions. And then all the proceeds go to the sea snakes.

So who's in? Talk about yourself, help the environment. What's not to like?

[ That's all said very, very cheerfully. Then, in a flippant post-script, she adds: ]

Oh, yeah, I'm not dead, by the way.

[ Which is so nice! so kind! such a good way to announce that! a month and a half after she already came back from the dead! nice. ]

[ ooc: this post is just like what it says! You can comment here to have your character get asked dumb questions by rumblr fans. Please tell me the questions you want asked in notes in your comments!! Or I will be making up terrible questions. Fair warning.

edited to add: also if your character would bid to ask other characters shitty questions, feel free to threadjump their thread ]
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[Pffft. These idiots just decided to give her a device that can transfer sound to anywhere in the world. Sounds like her voice. Y'know, the one in her music. The music that just so happens to hypnotize people into do her bidding. What a bunch of dipsticks these guys were.

...Ember doesn't yet realize that her music can't hypnotize anyone over the network. So we're going to have an attempt, if nothing else.

So, as a result, the voice post that gets sent across the network is of a girl singing. There's no instrumentals at all outside of a totally radical electric guitar. But the result still comes out pretty good - and the vocals are an absolute highlight. After the song is over, there's a brief pause, and the same voice speaks with a certain sense of cockiness.]

Well, whatcha think, babypops? C'mon, tell me who you love.
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[The ID attached is Marceline Abadeer, which isn't that unusual for Marceline these days. It's the rest of it that is. Her hair's a ragged mess, vaguely tamed by two loose pigtails on each side, instead of her recent choice of a bob. More glaring is the absence of the puncture scars on her neck. She's looking... confused, and more than a little agitated, dressed basically in rags.

Judging from a disassembled chair and some finished products beside her, she's been carving wooden stakes. The work keeps her steady. She's had enough time to take an appraisal of her apartment, and realize she had vampire weaknesses now on top of their powers. Which was...worrying, but didn't mean anything, probably. She'd never been bitten!! She wasn't one of them. So she decided to sort that mess out later.

Whatever, there's a dog here who already loves her and he's adorable and that's helping. Marceline scritches behind Ozzy's ears while she talks.

Yeah, whoever's pulling this? Real nice, hilarious. I've got things to do, man, the humans-- [Deep breath.] I mean, this is fake, right? Come on, the world's gone. And it was never like this! God, how stupid do you think I am?

[She mutters the next part.]

Might be Empress? But - no, I staked her already... just the big guy now.

[She doesn't remember much of anything; there's no benefit of post-imPort explanations for this girl. Marceline shakes her head, ending the video almost as an afterthought. She doesn't even know who she's expecting to reach with this thing, it's a shout into the wind.]


Mar. 23rd, 2016 10:24 am
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[ The sound of glasses being passed around and chat in the background offers an uniform, muffled hum. It's not a busy night. ]

Okay, help a girl out here. I've been reading but yeah... it hasn't helped much. Also, it's confusing as fuck.

[ Jessica doesn't do small talk. She's less salty about the whole being kidnapped thing, but she's far from fine. ]

The Cold War... is still happening? Didn't happen? It's what, the fucking Hot War now?

[ It's like someone only read the titles of a history book while drunk and high. ]

And why do they need us exactly? They seem to be waging wars just fine without us. Because I'm sure as hell not buying the whole story about them not being able to control their little interdimensional kidnap robot.

...and did the Russians seriously invaded us?

[ You can hear her shake her head. So much. ]

Anyway, I'm Jessica. Jessica Jones. I do detective work, if someone needs that. Spread the word, I don't know. Also, I own a bar. Kinda. First drink on me if you're stuck here, whatever.

[ Heavy sigh, barely audible curse. That's all, folks. ]


Mar. 14th, 2016 09:02 pm
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[It would seem this post’s been crossposted to other social media outlets, so if your character’s obsessed with the various brothers and sisters of Twine and MeTube, they might get this on multiple channels.

the camera opens to a wondrous view of a handsome young golden retriever wagging his tail as he sits on the sidewalk next to a bench, and of said handsome young golden’s master beautifully shoving hand-sized pies in his mouth with… multiple fast food bags beside him. They’re probably all full of hand pies. Gorgeous. Stellar. Truly a world-moving portrait.

Behind the camera is one Maya Fey, who along with Ken has been dragged on this pi-day pie collecting plan.]

Goood afternoon, Nonah. We’re here today with your follow up to operation: Kaneda pre-orders a pie. Kaneda, the public would like to know-- how many pies did you pre-order?

[Maya shoots her hand out in front of the camera as though gesturing at Kaneda with an imaginary microphone. This microphone is a paper-packaged straw, mind you.]

[Give Kaneda a moment, he didn’t expect an interview while he was still eating. His eyes cast to that ‘microphone’, his chewing slowing down to a snail’s pace as he finishes up that bite, swallowing hard and looking at the pie (still in box) that he’s holding.] ….One.

And how many pies were you able to buy, in the end?

[Another bite of pie follows, as he sizes up the bags sitting next to him on the bench. Clearly he’s in food-mode right now, and actually using his brain is taking a backseat to munching. Without even swallowing this time, he starts to count inside the first bag, holding it open with one hand while the other still firmly holds the pie.]… thirty.


...It’s really damn good.

[This entire video has ‘dog shaming meme’ written all over it, apparently.]

It’s strawberry. [Kaneda seems to have stopped paying attention to the broadcast, focusing more on the pie and talking to...well...Maya, I guess.]

Mmmmmhm. So, yeah. Pre-ordering pies— worth it, or not? You decide.

I want another. [As he goes diving into the first bag, spelunking for another one, practically sticking his whole head inside in the process.]

[The camera swaps over to the view of Capsule nosing at the bare patty of a hamburger, a special treat for pie day, since dog pie is certainly not a fast food staple.]

And now for the real hero of the day, Capsule. You go, pal.


Mar. 13th, 2016 08:52 pm
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[ The Doctor looks at the camera, gives it a little wave before launching right into ] People who were at the swear-in! Watch this! It's amusing!

[ It is not amusing in the slightest and as it turns out, is just the Doctor trying to get people's attention, as the Doctor quickly takes off his sonic sunglasses and sets them in front of the camera. They're only there for a second or two but people can see that, though you can't tell it from the outside, the inside of the sonic sunglasses is more of a green tint, with various displays, graphs, and text written in multiple languages, not one of them English. The sonic sunglasses briefly whirr before the Doctor takes them away from the camera, folds them up, and puts them into the lining of his coat. ]

Right, that should do it. I sent out a pulse through the sonic sunglasses through the video feed that should cancel out any form of amnesia accidentally obtained at the swear-in. I've done something like this before, but that time involved ghosts and the Fisher King, and that time was also erasing memories, but restoring memories is easy if you know what erased them in the first place. It also involved earworms and Clara and I saving the day with bootstrap paradoxes, but that's neither here nor there. So a little bit of that, a little bit of the frequency that the Chameleonish Arch was working with, jiggery pokery, reverse the polarity of both, and presto! Instant memory renewal, transmitted through the sonic sunglasses through the visual cortex to anyone watching this post. If anyone who has amnesia hasn't seen this post, of course, then I'll find them and fix the problem myself.

[ The Doctor can't help but look a little bit too smug for his own good for a moment before oh yeah, he caused that problem, he should probably own up to it. ]

Of course, sometimes there are averse side-effects such as remembering previously suppressed memories so hopefully none of you get to relive your tragic backstory you didn't know about. Also, you might see purple. Tell me if things are suddenly purple. And... [ the Doctor can't help but pause for a moment, frowning as he turned his back to the camera. There's a pause, a small shuffling, and when he turns back to look at the camera, he's obviously reading off a set of cue cards. ] I'm sorry that my attempt at advanced technology exploded-slash-did not work-slash-teleported us halfway across the galaxy-slash-insert relevant problem here. I take responsibility for any inconvenience caused and will properly think through the consequences next time this happens.

[ Nailed it. The cue cards go back in his pocket as the Doctor gives the camera a sheepish smile. He's...not sorry about testing said amnesia causing device in a public place, he's just sorry it exploded. ]

( ooc: any characters who got amnesia at the swear-in now have their memories back! If they didn't see the post, assume the Doctor physically hunted them down/they just got their memories back naturally. Feel free to keep tagging the swear-in log until eternity though/backdate stuff if you wanna backdate it, this is just up for game timeline's sake )
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[ One tap, and then another on the communicator. A couple more to assure it is on and working. After confirmation of his, a dry gulp can almost be heard, which would be weird, considering that, on the other side of the video transmission is a ghost, one whose image makes itself seen on the screen of anyone watching the submission. His pale blue skin would easily make anyone mistake him for some sort of walking corpse, and surprisingly, the answer wasn’t far from that. Tilting his head, making it clear there would be a drop of sweat trickling down his face were he able to produce any, he addresses anyone who may be watching. Behind him, to those spiritually attuned, or for those who are often in touch with the supernatural, they may spot a couple of floating, purple blobs. ]

Um, hello?

[ A third, pointless tap on the device, almost like when you're 100% sure you've saved your game but save it again for good measure. Whim had seen many folks introduce themselves over the network when he went down the existing broadcasts, some very straightforward, some a bit questionable, and some just downright frightening. None of these apply to him, in the slightest, and the way his eyes dart from left to right as he tries to put together his next sentence outright reveals that immediately. So far, this doesn't seem like the safest place to be, so in the end, as hard as it is, it may prove better to introduce himself to the locals he'll be living with rather than just sneak by and keep a low profile. ]

Uh, um. Hi. [ The thought of all the people that will be watching this broadcast hits him once more, and there's a slight pause as a result. ]

M-my name's Whim. [ An awkward pause. ] I'm... going to try and skip along what I know everyone else is asking, to not be so much of a bother, and... and...

[ God, what is he going on about? He needs to wrap this up before he goes and makes more of an idiot of himself. ]

I, um, I was wondering, since there seems to be a big variety of things in this city, if anyone could give me a helping hand in traversing it, if it's not too much of a bother?

[ He was about to mutter a "thank you" to end his broadcast, but with his fidgety hands being the way they are, he drops his communicator, which, before landing, records a rather distressed yell from him, and it hits the ground, conveniently ending the broadcast. ]

--- TEXT -----

Also, I will be staying at Heropa#019
And working at Ghoulish Goods, so please do visit!


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