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[ This has been a wild week. Miles ... isn't quite sure how to deal with that whole coma thing, given he was stuck in it too, so he settles for more practical concerns.

He sure looks tired, though. Exhausted really. Sore down to his very bones. And while his expression is as cheerful as it always is, he can't quite muster up his usual level of energy. ]

Well, it's official. I've moved to Nonah completely. I'm an apartment above my ambassadorial office, so please feel free to stop by for business or socialization, whichever. And for those of you who haven't met me - I'm Ambassador Miles Vorkosigan, and I'd be delighted to hear out just about any problems you'd like for me to wrestle.

[ He really would be; the thought of doing so brightens his expression. He also helpfully posts his address onscreen. ]

I know some of the businesses in the area, but I'd like recommendations since I'm living here full time now. Especially imPort-run, given my position. And if you are looking to start one, I can help you out. I've been working on a program specifically to assist new imPorts with funding businesses.

[ A pause. Some of the cheer drains out of him, leaving him just ... exhausted instead. ]

And if anyone is looking for a place to stay in De Chima, I'd be happy to help you out there as well. It's a lovely place. Used to have ten people living in it. Custom-built. Extensive grounds and a guesthouse as well, though you may need to look after it.

[ It was easier to look after when Miles was surrounded by his family and friends from home. Now no one's left, save Mark.

God, he's lonely. ]
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[ The kid on the video is, like, a parody of capitalism - short, rotund, jowly, with slicked-back hair and a mercenary gleam in his eye. He shoots everyone a smile that's clearly trying for confident and reassuring but which just comes out as scuzzy. ]

Good day.

[ He steeples his fingers, revealing the gleam of his silver cufflinks with their brown mahogany inlays. ]

My name is Mark Vorkosigan, CEO of PKE, LLC, a full-service investment firm. Some of you received financial compensation for your heroic actions during the black-out - congratulations. And thank you for your service. You may well be wondering, now, what to do with that money. Well. I have an easy solution for you.

Invest with PKE. As all of my investors can tell you, I guarantee a return on your investment that far exceeds what any other investment firm can offer. I can assure you that with my assistance, you'll become rich. Which, I am assured, is in its own way a blow against our Soviet enemies, because they despise material wealth.

[ Or something. Anyway. He flashes another oily smile, and then Mark out. ]


Jan. 24th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Well, now that all the technomancy's up and running again, I don't suppose anyone ever got that riddle solved, did they? The actual one, mind. Not the one about why we lost lights and things in the first place.

[Rincewind taps a pencil with one hand against the open pages of a book thoughtfully, the other waving his lunch (an egg and cress sandwich) as he intones:]

"We did warn you. All of you have so much power. That comes at a cost. If you can't see in the darkness, then look to the stars.”

...I certainly don't remember any warning, and I've usually a keen memory for those.

Anyway, "power" seems a rather obvious double meaning, but it's the "looking to the stars" bit which has me curious. [a phrase which here means, "debating whether there's still sufficient enough impending threat to flee the country".]

ImPorts could be the stars - we certainly are in their TV and such, that's meaning enough. But if "power" has a double meaning, it stands to reason "stars" would as well. Were we actually supposed to be looking up at the night sky during all of that, do you think?

...I don't suppose anyone did any gazing while they were running about saving people?

[or just running, in Rincewind's case.]
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[ The imagery when the camera clicks to life would be familiar to anyone who's ever witnessed a certain Miami church, monochrome and pristine as the day it was left without a patron. But the girl centered in front of the stained glass window cuts an ethereal enough figure in her white suit and short-clipped platinum hair with a shock of black, as if she's a fixture of the place herself. ]

Peace and consumer joy be with you, America. Whether it's despite or because of being torn across dimensions, I trust some of you are having a most blessed holiday. As for those inconveniences among us who prefer less heavenly hosts? This year, I'd like to offer open doors.

[ It's all an appropriately solemn atmosphere until her lips quirk into a smile, and a clean snap of her fingers casts a warm glow as every candle lights up. ]

For formality's sake: yes, it's that Lucifer. Give or take a few mythological liberties. No, you aren't the first to be skeptical. I suppose that's as good a content warning as any?

That said, The Church of the Morningstar is under renewed management, and invites you to a wholesome Christmas Eve night of festive song and blasphemy. Any creator seeking inspiration, any persecuted looking to spark rebellion, or old-fashioned fans of excess are welcome to find a little sanctuary here by the fire. And as history will show, you can always do far worse than the Devil's music.

[The camera pans to the left, up towards the church's pulpit and what looks like a charming nativity scene beside it. There's a set of simple mannequins inside to represent the traditional figures; the three wise men, Joseph, a bundle of scrunched up cloth in the manger, and—well. That last one certainly isn't a mannequin.

Inanna straightens up from beside the manger with an impish grin, draped in the cloth robes of the Virgin Mary. In spite of the simple garb they still manage to look as radiant as always. ]

May we all have an unholy night to remember. We could certainly use it, couldn't we?
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[ agito is both surprised and annoyed that nobody else seems to have brought this up yet because it seems like the sort of thing people would complain about. then again, since agito always runs on 'annoyed' that really isn't saying much. ]

Was anyone able to get past the fucking infinite proxy loop the asshole messing with the network was using?

I can't be the only one who tried to track the fucker down. Assuming it was just one asshole and not a whole group of them.

video; 001

Dec. 1st, 2016 11:36 pm
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[ The video begins with a deep sigh as a somewhat disheveled Theon Greyjoy. He's gotten himself all angry and frustrated just by struggling with the device. He's responded to others, but never had to record his own message. Now that he's gotten it figured all out, he's angrier than he normally would be and his voice comes out in a hiss. ]

Would someone care to tell me what I'm supposed to do with this?

[ He slams an open hand against the wall behind him, perhaps with a little too much vigor. When he lifts his hand, the image of a fearsome golden kraken is emblazoned onto the wall. He looks annoyed. Clearly, he has not yet seen its full potential. Merchandising, Theon. Merchandising. ]

It's the sigil my House, House Greyjoy. The rulers of the Iron Islands. Great seafarers and archers, and once great kings. [ The typical spiel, but definitely the cliff's notes version. ] Every time I touch something with too much force, the same thing happens.

[ He slaps another kraken onto the wall, just to prove his point. As proud as he is and as willing as he is to fluff up his House's reputation a bit, this is ridiculous. ]

What point is there to this? What use is it to me?
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[The below posts to the mirror network around 3am on the morning of November 26th, the election of the Heropa ambassador.]

Greetings, fellow imPorts.

As you turn out to vote today for our ambassador of Heropa, our single sole voice of representation in this great nation, we urge you to ask yourselves: who is your neighbor?

Your vote is a empty gesture. A gesture designed to help keep us complacent, to make us feel that we have a part in a body, in a nation, that has nothing to do with us. These elections are coordinated by a government who does not care about you. These elections put into place the newest figurehead, in a series of figureheads, whose power is rendered meaningless by the very fact that we who live here have no rights. No control. We are brought here and we are taken out again.

So trust your neighbor, imPorts. They are the closest you have to a constant.

But we suggest that you trust your neighbor only if you know your neighbor.

Your candidates show one face. We show you now, LIVE, FROM HEROPA, some OTHER faces of 3 of the finest, to teach you, imPOrts, to be wary, and beware. Be wary of the rich who give from guilt, the men of means who claim to care. Beware the criminals who got off easy and now ask YOU to behave. Be wary of the cronies, the vote-buyers, the campaigners who seek not to enrich your lives but to profit, to increase their means and their research, to increase their bottom line off your backs. Beware the institutions, Big Med and Big Industry and Big Brother. Beware those who would see us as tools. Beware the socialists who would join the democratic machine. To enter into that game is to succumb to it.

To the candidates: we urge you to LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. Heed your own words and take your own advice. If you must participate in this dog and pony show that the government has constructed as a distracton, then participate by our rules, the rules of the imPorts. You should tear this fabric. You should not worry about playing the corrupt game. You should worry for your fellow imPOrts, and worry about us. We have the power.

And remember: it is in our hands to decide. Not just today, fellow imPorts, but every day. IT IS IN ALL OF OUR HANDS. You must pay attention. Don't make us pay attention for you.

[Following the text is a series of links and soundbytes, reposting the above for emphasis.]

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[The feed clicks on, and the voice that follows is astoundingly cheery in comparison to the subject matter.]

So. How would you go about celebrating a birthday and a deathday at the same time, without involving cake or alcohol?

[A beat.]

Asking for a friend.


Nov. 11th, 2016 02:44 pm
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Those of you from an alternate Earth, what similarities or differences have you noticed between this world and yours? Specifically, I'm looking to pinpoint where a great deal of our common ground lies, and if there's a trend where most timelines appear to diverge. Discussion encouraged.

As well, if there are any research institutions with room for a theoretical physicist and biologist interested in solving the mysteries of this world, please do get in touch.
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[It is hard to tell if the person who appears on the network this afternoon is a particularly handsome woman or a strikingly beautiful man. Or what age they are. Or any nice, easy assumption, actually. They lean towards the screen, having watched the network for a few days, picked up what they could. A planetary war, tensions between imPorts, tenuous situations all around. For most people, it would be the time for serious discussions, strategic planning and getting the strongest intel they can.

Bel Thorne puts their chin on their palm, regards the camera a moment before cutting a sharp, curious smile.]

So, what does one do on Earth for fun? I'm taking suggestions.


Nov. 6th, 2016 01:04 pm
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[The video opens to a shot of Inanna and Persephone only just managing to maintain their modesty in a pair of matching monogrammed silk robes- hers a soft maroon, his a dazzling violet, of course. They're lounged comfortably over a pile of pillows and each other in what looks like an exceptionally posh hotel room.

Inanna flashes a charming grin at the camera. When he speaks, it's in a low and sultry voice that's almost too smooth to even sound real. What would it be like to hear it in person instead of over the cheap speakers of an imPort phone?]

Hello there. I suppose some of you might remember me from my last visit to this world. For those of you who don't my name is Inanna, and I'm sure more of you are familiar with my dear friend, Persephone. [He tilts the camera to get a better angle on her. Uncharacteristically, there’s no challenging stare from her. In fact, she doesn’t bother to look at the camera at all. The normally taunt features of her round face are relaxed into something wistful and almost sleepy, her fingers moving lazily along his neck.]

While I'm quite eager to meet everyone I haven't yet and to catch up with those I have; we have an announcement to make first, and you're all lucky enough to be the first to hear it. We're going to be putting on a show together at the end of this month. A double feature starring The Queens of Heaven and Hell! Come to vent all your fury—stay to find peace with it.

[ She finally does glance up and into the camera then, just the briefest look of her impossibly green eyes, then she sighs and closes them. ]

A katabasis. Intimate.

[OOC: Exact concert date TBD, but powers that will be in play for it are here and here]


Oct. 27th, 2016 09:25 pm
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Hey. [it's going to be hard to keep the grin from his face tonight, so Sam doesn't put in too much effort, boyish and excited.]

So I'm not gonna bury the lede here - I'll be officially openin' Merlotte's on November 11th. It's a bar and grill in beautiful De Chima, and I'm hopin' I can recruit some talent to help me get it up and runnin'. Those of you who know me should know I've been workin' on this one for a while, and with a little help it's finally come together. I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet, but the buildin' looks beautiful and I had some help puttin' the menu together by a very talented chef and friend of mine, Six, who's since Ported back home.

Nothin' too fancy, just good food and well-mixed drinks, with occasional specials featurin' foods and shots meant to sort of... bridge the gap between us and the natives. But no gimmicks, I promise - just a place people can feel comfortable to enjoy themselves, wind down after some of the shit this world can put us through. Bring us together.

[seriously, his eyes are practically sparkling with joy here. Finally - everything's coming together. Finally it's going to feel like he's got a foothold here.]

I hope I'll see a lot of you openin' night, I'll have specials and live music. And feel free to talk to me here or call me if you're interested in work; I'm hirin' across the board.

...And it's a little off-topic, but while I've got you here - I also wanted to hear from some of you on what you think an Ambassador ought to be. What you want to see out of the people you elect, what you feel needs to be brought to the table. Seein' as how they're meant to be representatives, I figured it'd be a good idea to get a handle on just what the community feels they should represent.


Oct. 5th, 2016 06:35 pm
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...Dear gods, have I understood the news right? [is today's stricken query from Heropa's resident, weary wizzard.]

We've only just gotten over that business with people fighting suits and new idiots getting powers, I don't think it's asking too much for a small break. I mean, honestly, can't we go a single month without suffering a new damned disaster?

Are we really about to have to go through those bloody 'imPort elections' all over again?
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[ On the screen is a portly, jowly little guy with slicked-back hair and a smarmy manner. Mark is here to offer a really good business opportunity, yeah - but people could be excused for not being all that interested in that business opportunity on the basis of this kid looking and acting like a junior supervillain. ]

Hello. My name is Mark Vorkosigan, and I'm the founder and CEO of PKE, a full-service investment firm catering both to the imPort and native communities. I'm announcing today that PKE is expanding its business interests.

ImPorts are creative thinkers and capable entrepreneurs who still have trouble getting an initial loan to start their businesses. Local banks don't trust imPorts, because we disappear, or because we get attacked by the Soviets, or because bad things happen to us. So banks deny us loans, or charge us high interest rates. And this hurts our community.

So I am making it PKE's explicit mission to provide investments to fund your business ideas. Do you want to start a business? Then you should start here, with PKE. You can respond here and run your business idea past me, and if it seems viable, we can set up an appointment at my offices to discuss particulars.

[ And, with his smile growing broader and also quite savage, he goes on - ]

Oh, and just for those of you who weren't aware, Lucifer got Ported out. I'm hosting a party in celebration. Open bar, free food, live band. Everyone's invited. Next Saturday night, De Chima. RSVP here.


Aug. 14th, 2016 01:04 pm
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[ Miles' usual cheerful face is extra bright today; if he was manic before, he's practically vibrating with energy now. The very image of smooth confidence, starting with the friendly expression on his face and extending to his open, relaxed body language. Couple that with his crisp gray uniform and he's the very picture of a young mercenary admiral.

A little older now. Three years older, to be exact. Perhaps hard to see unless you know him well, and then only by how faded the pink scar on his face is. Hardly noticeable any more. ]

Well this brings back memories. Good ones, mostly.

For those of you who don't know me - I'm Admiral Miles Naismith, of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. Or perhap you know us a security company.

How are all of you? Anything important change while I was out?

001 ; text

Aug. 10th, 2016 06:00 pm
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Two hot scientists seeking hot (?) lab for hotter (???) experiments. Absolutely must have:

> Soundproofing (unless you like 80s music)
> Explosion-proofing (unless you like explosions)
> Dedicated server room
> Mini-fridge
> TWO mini-fridges
> Zero questions asked

Willing to pay in monthly rent and/or incendiary devices and/or robotic helpers. No selling out to anyone (or anything) else except by contract.

Leave offers and bribes below.
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This - !

[is an angry wizard, actually, in a lovely little hotel room. A wizard who is only on his second glass of wine. But he seems to be referencing the movie he's waving angrily at his communicator.

It's "The Wizard of Oz".

- This is terrible! An absolute mockery, is what it is! I've had so many people bringing this up, and I think to watch it for myself, and I find - I find - right, so, the wizard is a fake. Let's address that first of all, shall we? They all go on this big quest to get to the wizard, and he's fake, but how did the people not realize that in the first place, that's what I want to know.

He doesn't even have a pointy hat.

[Rincewind waves a hand.]

It's all a bad message, is what it is! Making wizards look bad! And look, the whole thing about witches being green - I mean honestly, witches are scary enough on their own without all that. That's obviously added. And the flying monkeys -

[he shudders. Never mind, not addressing those. Those were terrifying.]

But I've certainly never heard anything about them melting with a bit of water. Even trained hydrophobes don't do that. Bloody ridiculous.

The whole thing is ridiculous, is what I'm really getting at. We're supposed to believe a scarecrow which can talk and walk about is brainless? Or what about it trying to get everyone to buy that the strange man with ribbons in his hair is "a lion"? And ignoring that whole bit about how this Dorothy person could have just clicked her heels the whole time, enchanted shoes aren't what they're cracked up to be in the first place, the University can tell you. Half of her would have probably been teleported back to Kansas faster than the other half, and that would have certainly been a bloody mess. Very gruesome.

Anyway, it was hideous and I don't understand why so many of you reference it in the first place.

[two thumbs down, says newly self-appointed movie critic Rincewind; only one and a half poorly-sequined stars.]


Jul. 31st, 2016 05:54 pm
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[The video feeds starts with a dark room, followed by a flurry of movement as Cosima rushes round turning on every light in the seemingly empty lab. When Cosima comes into the frame, she looks pale and exhausted, no amount of eye makeup can hide the dark circles under her eyes. Despite the fact that she looks less than healthy, she's moving around the lab frantically, barely stopping long enough to be seen on the feed.]

Two questions. First of all, if anyone can tell me how long I was gone for, that'd be awesome. It feels like months? Weeks? Days? I get why people seemed to be so unsure when they return from those porter glitches or whatever we're calling them.

[She stops to cough, clear her throat, and cough again.]

Second, anyone want to help me completely revamp this lab? I have some serious research that needs to get done and the quicker I get this place up to the standard of my setup back home, the better.
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[ Insomnia leads to some dumb shitposting. So: ]

Anonymous post, 2:49 a.m.:
What's it like to have a brother? You can also say what it's like to have a sister. Especially if you were adopted. And especially if your brother is really accomplished.

[ And especially if he isn't really your brother, but actually the person you were cloned from, and especially if you were raised to murder and replace that brother, and so you've memorized every fact of his life and yet somehow nevertheless been completely surprised by the person he actually is...

After this post, Mark wanders away to spend time on other parts of the network, which leads to this urgent message: ]

Anonymous post, 4:32 a.m.
If you're looking for porn don't go to

[ All he wanted was an artistic representation of some boobs he'd tried to imagine himself and suddenly, shit he never wanted to see. Ever. ]

( video )

Jul. 25th, 2016 03:13 pm
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[ when the video begins, mahanon is curled neatly in a chair, picking away with a small knife at what looks like a piece of wood that's a couple of inches long. his eyes lift and he offers the camera a brief smile, then turns his attention back to whatever it is he's slowly carving. ]

So that was exciting, huh? Anyway, speaking of gods and stories, after talking with Bull, I've been thinking a little about my own. --That is, those of my people and our gods. It's a mostly oral tradition among the Dalish, because we're nomadic by nature. Our clan Keepers are charged with remembering them and passing them on.

[ he finishes the little carving with a flourish, setting the knife down and unfolding himself. he leans toward the camera, planting a small, stylized, seated wolf in front of it.

he leans back, grinning a little sheepishly. ]
--I was thinking about making a halla, but I'm not that great an artist. [ he brushes the few flecks of wood off his pants, sitting back in his chair again. ] Anyway, I suppose a wolf is just as good, so to speak. They have a.. peculiar place in the elvhen pantheon. I used to keep a small totem on me, but.. I lost it in the Fade. Go figure. .. I try not to consider that some kind of sign. [ a breath. ] This fellow is representative of Fen'Harel, the Dread Wolf. He's.. rather a complicated figure. One part trickster, one part representation of evil, one part.. dispenser of hard-won wisdom, I suppose.

[ he hesitates, then reaches for the wolf again, rubbing his thumb over its snout with a thoughtful look. ]

.. I'm.. interested in other religions, a little? [ a beat, glancing back up and gesturing to his vallaslin. ] Not to convert. After all, I wear my faith on my face. But.. stories, like I mentioned. I was training to be a Keeper, myself, before I was caught up in the Inquisition, and I guess it's been a habit to collect them where I go. I know that we supposedly have a few gods-- [ and here's an unsure look, because he's not sure how much he really believes it, text post claiming it or not. after all, corypheus thinks he's a god, too. ] --here walking among us, at least. And even if you aren't a person with religious faith, surely you've heard a myth or two from your world.

[ he hesitates, brushing his braid back over his shoulder, then offering a small shrug. ]

That's it, really. Thank you.


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