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( in front of a large sofa, mathilda laid her small and scrawny body across it. with a cigarette in her hand, she held her head forward, avoiding the screen she was talking to. )

So, this place lets me go back home, only to be kidnapped and to be held in a game of Russian Roulette. Now, when I'm needed the most, when he needs me the most, I'm brought back here again. Is this some sort of joke? Because I'm not laughing.

( mathilda toyed around with the cigarette before she crushed it up in her right hand. she had promised léon that she wouldn't smoke anymore, but right now, she felt like blazing one up right now. so to avoid the temptation, she tossed it aside. )

I want to go home, now. I don't care if I don't ever see any of you guys again, even you Yuri, I need to get to Léon. Now.

( at her words, she finally faced the camera, revealing her face. it was covered in bruises, scratches, and dirt. against the darkness that enveloped her face, there were hints of dry blood all over her face. she had been like this the entire time she had been here despite having the chance to clean up. she was still raw with fear and anger. moments before arriving here, she had almost lost her life. )

Well at least I still have that stupid milk power. What a comfort....
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( since the day mathilda died at the summer event, she had kept to herself and tried her best to remain private. she did her work every single day, but the cheerful and playful expressions she held were only shown in certain moments.

in the four or so months she had been here, she had changed in appearance just a bit. her hair was longer, she had grown a bit, and her arms were now more muscular than before. that day, where she had been weak and small was a day she wanted to forget and never go through again. so she decided to do something to get her mind off it.

the feed today opens up to mathilda sitting on a cloudbuster, in a seemingly abandoned area. her hair was pulled back by pins, and her clothing was greasy and dirty along with her face and arms. there were heavy bags under her eyes, and scars that had not healed just yet could be seen on her thin body.

before acknowledging the feed, she pulled back a few levers, and a loud busting noise could be heard. she looked up and then finally spoke. )

Do you think it's possible to make it rain here and in New York?

( she gently leaned forward and looked up. she longed to be near the man she cared deeply about and perhaps this was the only way she could feel connected to him. )

If anyone has any scrap metals or tools they don't need mind sending them my way?
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[Oh god, what on earth just happened to him.

Well, technically, he knows. He's heard of the phenomenon where people are temporarily "ported out", but he hadn't given much weight to the idea that it could happen to him. And Kotetsu, too, apparently, if his latest network post is anything to go by. (Because of course he would immediately go searching for any recent records of Kotetsu.)

That doesn't make the jarring transition any easier to swallow, though, especially when foisted with all of those raw emotions from home. He'd learned to compartmentalize many of his issues while in Heropa, of course, but it had been born out of necessity while building a new life for himself here. This, go home for a very brief brief it's almost not even worth mentioning to anyone, and yet it was long enough to make his mouth dry and his stomach hurt.

For that reason, he resorts to text.]


This is Barnaby Brooks Jr. Apparently, I left for a short time. It was most likely some sort of Porter glitch, or so I've been told.

At any rate, I offer my sincerest apologies for any business I may have left unfinished before my disappearance. Over the next few weeks, I intend to get caught up on my work and bring myself up to speed on anything I may have missed while gone.
[Unlike a certain partner who asked other people to tell him everything...]

Thank you for your time.

[A practical message that gets the job done without revealing too much about himself, just as he intended.]

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Jul. 29th, 2014 09:27 pm
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so does anyone have a list of casualties from the summer camp kidnappings? its been like a week and the news isn't saying shit.

or how about who was in charge of this sick bullshit to begin with? all i heard was something about a volcano erupting in alaska??? and somehow this is all the soviets fault

because of course

it's always the soviets


Jul. 2nd, 2014 03:18 pm
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Oh my God!

I love Netflix!

I don't care what else gets invented, time travel, interstellar space stations that can hop galaxies at FTL speeds, unlimited food supplies- all of it pales in comparison to this!

I wasn't gonna go to school anyway [wow maybe don't announce that on an open network genius] but now I can't go, because there's so much I gotta catch up on! Is anyone else watching that one show about the people who got stranded inside a Walmart for days, and then the food started to rot and one of the guys became a cannibal? I love that show!

I'm so happy.


Jun. 12th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Alright, alright! I give up. I've changed forms once here, so I know it's possible, but I — [ hhhrrrgh he hates to admit this ] —can't do it on my own. Voluntarily, if you will.

This human body has lost any novelty it might have had [ which was none ] and I'm looking for anyone with tips. What is it some of you fleshies do... meditation? Would that help? I'm getting desperate. And, Danger, you need not apply. As well-meant as an answer of "I can do it but I have no idea how I do it" may be, it's not quite helpful.

It looks like we're getting a few more Cybertronians around here, is that right? Well, if any of you can figure out the change, feel free to let me know. I can make it worthwhile to share the wealth. If you're about as lost as I am, though... well. Good luck.

And, finally, if you're not going to be of any help at all, then at least tell me your favorite food. You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to keep trying new foods, with no idea which one will be unexpectedly awful.
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[ For those who are keen, it isn't too hard to pick up that she's been around. Most of her calls on the network have been encrypted, but there was an earlier conversation that wasn't entirely locked. An amateur's mistake, but since then she's gotten better. Still, it means she has to accommodate for her mistake by making a public introduction. Several others are, so why not join in and hope it can get lost down the road?

Dressed in head to toe in the finest outfit her current income can get her (possibly a bit more) and with her hair darkened with highlights, she appears all dolled up for an introduction. More importantly, the source of this message isn't from her moniker, but from her "personal" name.


There are so many new faces the past few weeks yet the only shock that is portrayed is one of delight. Reunions between friends and foes, teammates and lovers. Remarkable how at first you're led to believe you're alone and then it turns out you just might not be. [ Something an Avenger should easily feel, but those kind of sentimental things are beyond her. ] Tell me please--are we alone? Have you made the journey unaccompanied or are you one of the fortunate few to have allies? You turn on this device, connect, and then you reconnect with those you thought you may never see again.

Perhaps I too am fortunate and you've heard of me? The name's Natasha Romanoff, make-up consultant. If you haven't, I could always use new clients.
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hey there,
my name's mathilda lando and I'm a cat groomer/dog walker.
want your pet to be treated with love and like a royal?
bring 'em to me.

cash only

also I'm looking for anyone who doesn't want their old clothing anymore
size 0 pants are a go here
size x-small shirt too please
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incredibly important announcement pertinent to all existing imports *citation needed )

001 | Video

Jun. 2nd, 2014 11:18 pm
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[Muffled voices from an opened window greet all listeners when the broadcast begins; the screen comes to life a moment later and depicts a middle-aged man with pale hair, eyes, and complexion seated comfortably upon a chair in a dimly lit room. A cup of steaming tea rests before him upon an oak-stained desk. With care, honey is stirred into the drink.]

[Seconds pass.]

[Setting aside his spoon, he turns sharp eyes upon the device, but not unkindly. While more accustomed to addressing a singular person in this fashion and not a widespread audience, the man does a masterful job at hiding this unfamiliarity. A smile forms upon glossy lips, cordial enough for strangers.]

Good evening.

[A sip is drawn from his tea cup, the flavor savored as he mulls over what to say next. Ultimately, he decides to introduce himself in order to prevent having to repeat his name half a dozen times or more to everyone who takes the time to respond.]

I am Yuri Petrov, one of the new arrivals. ImPorts, I believe we're called.

[In fact, some of you might even recognize him...but it's far more likely that you will not. In either case, Yuri demonstrates no favor and forges ahead. Setting down his cup, he flicks a lock of hair out of his line of sight and continues with an air of confidence.]

I have a few questions pertaining to the justice system here that I would like to ask. If one of you has a moment? Perhaps someone who occupies such a field, or one of related interest.

[A slight bearing of his teeth and his smile widens.]

I will do my best not to take up too much of your time, of course. Thank you.

one | TEXT

May. 13th, 2014 09:46 am
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Completely normal, average native to your planet, Earth [ That's nonthreatening, right? ] asking for recommendations on television shows. I like medical dramas. Anything with classic 'handsome human male meets beautiful human female and proceed to deny romantic feelings over nine seasons' will receive priority.

I also need someone to pick up the three television screens I ordered online. They won't deliver to an 'unknown address'. Money's not a problem, I can pay.

[ So what if everyone else is concerned with other things? Thundercracker certainly doesn't care. ]
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[Say hi, Cole. Guess what day it was yesterday.]

My mom's stuck back home. [She's the one who's stuck, in his perception. Not him. He likes it here, despite all these recent disasters.] She's the only family I have.

[First there was the death of his grandmother, then his father left. The rest of the family never gave much of a damn, and neither did he.

There's silence in his lack of an expression. If anything, it's only possible to tell that he's deep in some thought. Maybe he's already had more than enough chances to cry about his mother being far away, for having been unable to see her for almost six months now. He's growing up and the only thing keeping him from calling this place home is the fact that she's not here.

After the pause is over, he continues in the very same emotionless tone.]

Lucifer hasn't stopped. People are still dying because of him.

[He should know - they keep showing up at his doorstep.

The feed clicks off.]

001 [Video]

May. 9th, 2014 03:43 pm
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[What initially looks like a pink version of Iron Man is addressing the network, although he has enough sense to lift his face plate when introducing himself to strangers.

The confidence with which he carries himself, along with the polite/neutral mask he wears, both suggest that the man is at ease with broadcasting his image for anyone tuning in. However, someone more observant might detect an oddly brittle look in his green eyes.]

Hi. My name is Barnaby Brooks Jr. I'm currently trying to confirm the status of a man who goes by the name of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi. He's middle-aged, wears a distinct beard, and is of Japanese descent.

[This is where he might have made some vaguely smart-ass comment disguised as legitimate concern about property damage, but the anxiety gnawing at him keeps him laser-focused on the task at hand.]

If you've seen a gentleman who fits this description, I would appreciate any information you might have. [He almost mentions the fact Kotetsu was injured the last time he saw him, but for the sake of being cautious, he decides not to expose a potential vulnerability just yet.

The most important question asked, he nearly ends the feed, but stops himself. A beat of silence, and then he dryly adds:]

Also, since my current outfit doesn't do much for letting me blend in, I'd be grateful if anyone can recommend a skilled tailor or a good place to purchase a new wardrobe.

[It's not the sort of thing he'd typically ask right off the bat, but he's so taxed emotionally and mentally that he's decided to free up as much brain space as possible by deferring smaller matters like clothes to people who know the area better than him.]

Thank you for your time.


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