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Hullo. Kitty here.

[ A little wave, and a slightly melancholy smile. ]

So...Knock Out has gone home. For those who knew him. For those who didn't...He was someone clever, nearly genius. An unparalleled inventor and tinkerer. Handsome, too - you'd know him if you saw him by his very handsome face. He was quick-witted and funny and more than a little devious. And I'll miss him.

[ A breath. ]

He left a garage behind. I know enough about my own car to fix it when there are problems, but I wouldn't even be able to begin to continue his projects. His cars are beyond clever, beyond anything that exists in this world - And I don't want them to rust away half-built. I want to finish them, and give them to people who need them. They go absurdly fast, and they're good for the environment, and they don't hover. I know a lot of you hate the hovering.

So here's a request. Are there people out there who can help me? I haven't got much to pay you all with, but I know lots of people do need cars. So if you help me build two, you can keep one. Or - if you can't put in that many hours, that's fine; you can just learn a bit about new technology from what he put together. It'd help develop your skills, promise.

[ And, with a little wry smile: ]

And I'll absolutely buy pizza and root beer for people helping out. Or real beer, why not. What's the point of having a fake I.D. if it isn't getting used?

[ Her smile broadens into something a little teasing after that last bit. ]

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Hello! [This voice and accent.] Some of you might know me already.

But for anyone who doesn't know me—and I'm sure there are lots of you who I don't know—I'm Tobias Matthews. Thought I'd introduce myself and perhaps ask for help, or tips and tricks to using these devices and the internet and things like that.

While I'm at it, mind telling me your favourite methods of posting or responding? Voice-audio, text, or video? Just asking out of curiosity. Also, before you answer, Dorian, I know your answer is video because you love plastering your face everywhere so everyone can see it. As if people can't get enough of it.

Obviously, my favourite is voice-audio. Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Good-bye.


Aug. 16th, 2015 07:25 pm
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Story time, boys and girls. [ said in a sarcastic tone of voice, as Dorian leans back in a chair. He's filming this from his apartment in Maurtia Falls—the wall behind him is completely blank, no pictures and no mirrors. Physically, he looks fine (doesn't he always?), though his hair's a bit of a mess and there's just something in Dorian's eyes that screams "I am so fucking done with this." ]

Since arriving here over a year ago, I've been attacked, immolated, had my hand bitten off, coerced to jump off a building, beaten up, manipulated into hallucinating people from home, immolated again, and beaten up again—all of this from different people. A few days ago, I was gassed and then someone attempted to blind me by slicing my eyes open with a knife. [ said all too casually, as if he's talking about the weather. ] The funny thing is? All these incidents were caused by different people.

Add in me, who killed someone while hallucinating, and what's our common thread? We're all ticking time bombs, just waiting for somebody to flip the switch and watch us go off. I'm starting to think that the Porter picks people less for who would make a good hero and more of who would make a good weapon. [ He makes a finger gun and points it at the screen. Thankfully, Dorian's a bit too dignified to make a 'pew' noise as he mimics firing said finger gun. ] Just point and click, while the potentially psychotic people with potentially lethal superpowers get rid of your problems.

And before you point out that some people were possessed by the Hornets when they beat me up or made me jump of a roof, I know... [ and there's a pause, while he counts on his hands, ] four people who definitely killed someone back home, myself not included, and at least five people who it really wouldn't surprise me if they did. Probably more—I really need to make some less trigger-happy friends. Considering there's about two hundred of us tops, that's still a worrying amount.

[ He fixes the camera with a lovely little tense smile. ] Food for thought. [ there's a pause, as Dorian thinks things over. Is he missing anything? ] Oh! New people, hullo there, my name's Dorian Gray and yes, the swear-ins are usually this terrible, though this one was particularly nasty. Anybody know who caused it?

[ video ]

Jul. 23rd, 2015 11:15 pm
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[This post goes up very shortly after Jesse comes out of his catatonic state, on the evening of the 23rd. He's a little frenzied, a little wild-eyed and panicked, but he has to know he didn't imagine all of it. There has to be someone else who saw it, too.]

Did anybody - Did anybody else just get back? I mean, like... Were any of you guys ported out, too? To the future, or whatever it was. I can't be the only one. I mean, I saw some of you there. It was De Chima, right? We were just in De Chima? But our bodies got left behind here, I guess. I dunno. What was it? Was it a dream, or... Like, did we seriously just see the future? Because I think that's what it was. I think that was the future. I wasn't alone. I mean, I know I wasn't alone there.


001. video

Jul. 9th, 2015 01:38 am
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[A bright and positive face pops up on the device, smiling cheerfully as he figures out if he's doing this thing right. He pokes the device a couple of times, mostly because his own cell phone was a piece of crap back home so smart phones weren't exactly his thing. When he's pretty convinced its broadcasting he waves at the screen.] Uh... hey? [He chuckles slightly nervously.] No idea who I'm talkin' to... I guess everyone? [The nervousness is gone in a flash and he grins widely.] Anyway, name's Drew, I'm kinda new here. Kinda new, fuck I'm really new.

[The background behind him changes as he moves to throw himself on the sofa.] I'm startin' out with this whole hero gig and I just wanted everyone to sorta see my face. [He flashes another grin full of teeth before shaking his head.] Didn't mean to sound so damn conceited, I meant if any of y'all see me around, go on ahead and holler... I don't bite. [He quirks one eyebrow.] Not unless you ask nicely and everythin'.

[He moves to put the phone down before its up again in a flash.] Wait a sec, just remembered I kinda had a question. [His expression goes attentive as he focuses.] Could someone tell me how I go about askin' some questions about some personal stuff... maybe like a doctor or somethin', not a big deal just figurin' that life here ain't like life back home and I'm gonna need to figure some shit out.

[He shrugs.] Anyway, I'm out. Like I said, names Drew, catch y'all later. [And there's a couple minutes of silence and furrowed brows as he figured out how to turn the device off again, not quite realizing people could just as easily just video or text him back.]

[03] Video

Jul. 4th, 2015 08:33 am
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[ The video feed starts with Walt in a room in his Heropa home, an open box on the bed filled with Kaylee's things -- coveralls neatly folded and tucked inside, wrenches and other tools laid delicately on top...the whole process seems exceedingly painful for him as with each item he pulls out of the closet, the efforts become slow and labored. ]

I don't know who knew Kaylee Frye. If you didn't, you should have. I've never met anyone so genuinely cheerful and kind. She was the sunshine in this dark, cloudy world.

[ There's a very sad, forlorn smile. This feels more like a funeral, like saying goodbye to someone who passed away. And in some cases it's worse -- them vanishing to another universe, never to remember their time here, never to be seen again. ]

She helped me when she didn't have to. She cared when she shouldn't have. She took care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. And what did she expect in return? Nothing.

[ With a long pause, it's very clear Walt is trying to maintain his composure. A breath in and a breath out. ]

I hoped I was wrong. I hoped to god I was wrong. That her disappearance was only temporary. But it's been a few weeks, and there's been no sign of her returning. I will miss her. Every day I will miss her. I already do.

This world -- it's done nothing but take things away. From me. From everyone else. Can you honestly say you've gained anything from being here?

[ Walt goes to reach into the closet for one of the final items and his hand twitches back. The sadness in the lines of his face increases as he pulls out a wrapped present -- a card reading: To Mr. White.

That's when Walt can't hold it back anymore. He sits on the edge of the bed, pulls the square-shaped present to his chest and cries. ]
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[ The video is of Raina. At work. On a Sunday evening. Lit by the glow of her computer screen, and even as the feed begins -- she's finishing off her typing. Workaholic, much?

But she does give her attention to the communicator then, offering a sweet, charming smile. ]

Hello, fellow imPorts. I just have a few questions for the community as a whole -- a curiosity, if you will.

[ Her fingers lace in front of herself on her desk. ]

How many of you are satisfied with the power set you received upon arrival? For some of us, powers are new and strange, things we have never encountered in our own world. But for others, we're used to having far more. Abilities that were lost in translation either because they were far too strong or far too destructive. Some abilities may seem relatively useless. Some may be uncontrollable. Some require more thought, practice, and skill than others. While some seem like almost something of a joke on the porter's behalf.

All of this to say, these abilities of ours don't really share a common pattern. But they have become part of our identity as a whole and something that has branded us all as imPorts. And like our identity, there may be things about them we dislike -- things we wish we could make different. So if you had the opportunity to change your powers or alter them in some way, would you? If you could enhance them and make them stronger, would you do that as well?

Please consider my questions something of a survey to measure who may or may not be interested in my next leg of research. Thank you for your time.

[ With a friendly wave, she cuts the feed. ]
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[Crane notices the willingness to discuss Father's Day amongst the community - sons have lost their fathers, and fathers have been torn from their daughters and sons. To say certain imPorts were angry about the separation; that didn't even begin to describe it.

So today, there's the opportunity to research. Father's Day offers everything he's looking for. The ritual tradition has transformed the collective human subconscious and is an annual display of feelings. Denial. Aggression. Love. All emotions that originate from one source, one word.

And that word is fear.

His tone is soft and hypnotic, with a slight lilt. It's the gentle tone he uses on his patients when he wants them to talk.]

A proverb says, "When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry."

[Crane taps his comm against his knee, and then he rests it on his desk and folds his hands in his lap. He licks his lips, once - and clicks his tongue in his cheek. He crosses his right leg and sinks into his chair. These are the those parts of his body language that nobody can see or hear, but are thoroughly expected to those revealed to the man he is. He's prepared to weather any open confrontation.]

Humans cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow. But for each person who begins to weep, another one stops.

I suppose it is the warmth of the relationship that makes fathers and sons cry.

[A pause. His voice remains soft and calming.]

If any of you find today difficult, I am willing to lend a confidential ear.

[Happy Father's Day.]
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Can someone-

[Edgeworth's voice sounds tense, almost distressed, and there's a loud THUMP in the background, followed by another, softer one]

Can someone please retrieve Dorian Gray?! This bloody-

[Muffled shouting can be heard in the background, followed by another thud of a body slamming against a door]

-this bloody madman invaded my home, and the last thing I want is to foist him on the native law enforcement. I have him contained for now- oh will you knock that off?! - but this is a short term situation, at best. Just- [Breathes out. HIs voice is calmer now, more irritated than frightened, but he still speaks quickly and with a sense of urgency.] Come quickly. Somebody. Please.
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[Chilton wears an unusually grim expression, when he tunes into the Network. He closes his office door behind him, which angled the communicator down to his door-closing hand -- one of his fingers sports a particularly ancient looking ring. There's a sharp glint in that glimpse, before the camera angle soon directs back to the doctor's face.]

Desirable difficulty. Are you familiar with the concept? [Rhetorical, of course.] The theory that the presence of an inconvenience or obstacle, and the act of overcoming that roadblock, will better synthesize cerebral information. The concept could be expanded upon how the brain identifies and encodes patterns, themes, what have you, in the midst of a crisis.

[Chilton flips the communicator camera back around to showcase his environment. The bright ceiling luminescence and mint green hallways of Heropa Downtown Hospital provide a sterilized, if normalized, depiction of a stereotypical medical center.

It's the collapsed, unconscious doctors with their noose-like stethoscopes and limp, unmoving patients lining the walls, floor, the rooms that juxtapose something unsettling.

Would you consider this difficulty desirable?

[This is all in reference to the Pestilence of the Horseman Plot. If you need an excuse for a point of infection, you can consider this to be it!]
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[He's back. Ah, and not much time has passed here, has it? Might as well prod at the network a little, though why not make it a bit of a game? He did have that endearing persona he used once before against... who was that again?]

[Oh well.]

when u show up here with rly cool powers u probably would feel pretty bad not using them 2 b a hero huh? (っ◞‸◟c)

ahhh but isnt that scary?? how strong do u have 2 b 2 jump a building?? all u heroes must b rly strong. wats the most heroy thing uve done here?? how can i get good at it! ᕙ(⇀‸↼!!)ᕗ

[Guess who.]

[Or don't. You can also just tell him about cool stuff you've done to make yourself a potential target and be fawned over and complimented because you're so cool.]


May. 17th, 2015 09:41 am
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So - all right.

[ Young Miss Kathleen Jones has the good grace to look embarrassed as she's making this post, because it is very embarrassing. And yet this is sort of a question that needs to be asked, because she hasn't really seen anyone asking it. Even though it's sort of... ]

We've never really managed to figure out why we were the ones who ended up here, have we. I mean - it's pretty clear that the Porter, or Lachesis, or whatever it was that brought us here, didn't just pick at random. So obviously there's got to be some reason why it's us. And I've sort of noticed -

[ She makes an awkward little gesture of her hand. ]

I mean - No one really talks about it, but you can just look around and see...

[ Another embarrassed little wave of her hand, and that embarrassed little wave finally gives her courage enough to just go for it: ]

Has anyone else noticed that we're all ridiculously good-looking? This isn't a joke post, I'm not trying to be funny - It's completely improbable, just how attractive we all are. I'm not just talking about humans, either. I'm not being human-centric, I don't think. Because I know that there are a lot of non-humans here who are uncommonly gorgeous by their species' standards. And so it's just...

[ She falters. Her face is decidedly pink with embarrassment. ]

Anyway. I don't know. I just wanted to know if anyone's looked into it at all. This is really a serious question, I swear.
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[ the camera clicks on to kanaya sitting behind the bar in the devil's nest, the only light in the room emanating from her skin, illuminating the bar and casting long shadows around her. hard to say whether she's having a late night or a very early morning, as she tends to do both.

there's something a bit off about her manner, a little lazy and limp, slouching a bit much for her generally prim posture. it's probably related to the glass of too red wine in front of her, the half-empty bottle of cabernet sauvignon next to the metal flask she seems to carry everywhere. her tone is quiet and pensive, putting a lot of effort into keeping her words coherent. it's an important topic she's discussing today.

So I think we can all recognize at this point that Earth is very fond of its holidays, but of the lot I think it's Mother's Day I find the most...challenging. On my worst days, I'd regard it with hostility, as if the very idea that motherhood is something to be celebrated is in itself obscene. But, that. That isn't right. My problem has always been that I've grown too bitter, it clouds the perspective. And even I have had the good fortune to know many lovely mothers, even if I wasn't able to become one myself.

[ her eyes have been lingering on her drink this whole time, swishing it around in a circle, but now she finally looks at the camera. ]

What I mean to say is isn't unlikely, or even uncommon, for others to have more pleasant associations with motherhood. Happier stories to share, enough to fill an entire day. So, I'd like to hear them, if you're willing. However big or small it may be, I'd just like something to paint the occasion in a more positive light.

[ operation archangel participants: feel free to action at her, if you're staying at the nest! ]
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[ Hello, citizens. There is a frowning dark-haired Frenchman from the seventeenth century looking back at you. He’s entirely dressed in brown leather, and what can be seen of his shoulders shows there’s a pauldron attached to one of them. Behind him, just about in the frame, is another man, also dressed in leather, who is reading something laid out in front of him and seems to be making every effort to pretend the video isn’t being made.

Speaking of that, you'll all be treated to a good few moments of silence, while d’Artagnan tries to decipher the workings of a smartphone. Realisation that it's already recording strikes all of a sudden, and he quickly clears his throat, holds the device at a distance, and tries to look like he knows what he's doing.

All right. Presuming anyone can actually hear me...

I'm d'Artagnan, of the King's Musketeers. This - [ He gestures to the man behind him, who gives him an irritated look in return. ] is Athos. The guards who took our names claimed that there was no way home, no way to leave this place.

But we cannot stay here. We’re supposed to be making for Spain. Send us back to the garrison or to battle directly, I don't care which, but we need to leave. I know there are those of you who feel the same. There must be. I cannot imagine that an entire community of kidnapped people would be content to simply stay in their bonds.

They’re mad. [Athos interjects suddenly, caring very little that d’Artagnan is in the middle of speaking. Neither of them seem very surprised by it, clearly he often ignores social niceties. With an incredulous look he holds up the file in one hand and shakes it a little, as if commanding d’Artagnan’s immediate attention.] They seem to believe you have the power of a Saint. Obviously they were mistaken.

[ D’Artagnan cranes back over his shoulder to read the line Athos is talking about. The device wobbles in his hand and the picture skews while he forgets he’s holding it. Then, rolling his eyes, he snatches his file back. ]

Stop reading those. I’m not the one who can turn water into wine.

[ Then he glances at the file, and around this time remembers about the camera. He straightens the picture and quickly looks up at it again. He still wants answers. Athos, on the other hand, has had enough. He stands with no word and walks swiftly out of view. D’Artagnan continues. ]

And about these files. Where did they get them? How do they know us and what we can do? It says I work at a Renaissance Fair. I don’t even know what that is. Renaissance of what?

[Still off screen, Athos’ voice calls out sharply.] Ask them where the well is.

[ D’Artagnan glances behind him again, before breathing a sigh. ] And if you could tell us where the well is, we’d be grateful.

[ Its contents may or may not have turned alcoholic by morning. You’ve all been warned. ]

(( ooc: D’Artagnan is black, and Athos is blue. ))
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[This is Kenzi outside her apartment building in the early hours of the morning, walking and talking while occasionally looking down at the camera on her phone. Even in the dim lighting one would notice her hair is significantly lighter, not quite her natural blonde but almost.]

Who wants to play a game of good news, bad news? No one? Too bad.

Bad news, I went home. Good news, I'm back.

Bad news, I'm definitely dead back home and in Hel. Good news, I saved the world and Hel happens to be a giant hotel that provides anything and everything one could ever want. Bad news, I can never leave, aside from coming back here, or see anyone I care about ever again. Good news, I get as much Nutella and Belgian waffles I could ever want. Bad news, some creepy person calls me at the same time very day and just breaths a little on the other end before hanging up. Like, seriously what is up with that? [Wait, that doesn't sound much like a hell of any sort.]

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the closet full of one-of-a-kind couture dresses that are all tailored specifically for me. [She grins and stops to pan down and show off one such dress. That skirt is looking a little short there, Kenzi.] How gorgeous is this dress? Ugh, I love it!

[She releases the comm to look for her key, expecting the comm to just float there for a moment. Instead it falls to the ground with a clatter, landing face down so everything goes dark for anyone watching but it's clearly still one because Kenzi mutters a few choice words before picking it up and turning it off.]


May. 7th, 2015 01:14 pm
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Everyone, anyone. [ Said like it's a commonly used greeting. ]

[ The man sounds cheerful, energetic, and mildly perplexed. ] Some help would be appreciated--nothing major, I'm just trying to find a condiment. I've been to multiple stores in Maurtia Falls and asked the employees, but I cannot find any garum. This is unacceptable, because humanish food tastes strange enough as it is. I know there's some out there, somewhere--there has to be! It's the one thing humans and goblins could always agree on: rotting fish tastes amazing.

I really don't know where else to ask. You're from all sorts of places, I'm sure someone can help me out here. In case the problem is just that I'm using the wrong name for it: what I'm talking about is fermented fish juice.

((OOC: aaaand just in case your character might know but you don't, or if you're just curious: garum.))
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[Pristine is how Crane appears when he flicks on the video feed; it's a lovely display of smoke and mirrors that he's pulling off, after the events of the last three days. He has a clean, elegant, ascetic appearance - and enough calm professionalism to mask his excitement.]

You're all handling this outbreak remarkably well. It seems you're all keeping to the boundaries of the law, as the Major-General expects you to. That's a good thing, mind. It would be terrible news to hear people have been shot for breaking quarantine.

Anyway, I am here to help if this event has caused you psychological distress. I am a doctor, after all.

[A pause, and he tucks in his chin and folds his hands in his lap. He half-closes his eyes.]

Fears and phobias are my specialty, and there is much to fear in this situation.

[His head comes back up. He's staring at the lens.]

Be that as it may, fear is something everybody needs. It keeps you safe and keeps you on your toes. It will do you all well to remember that. That it's good to know we must always feel a little scared. It's good to see that most of you haven't submitted to bravado and dagger-tongued bragging.

[The corners of his lips lift in a boyish smile. He tilts his head slightly. His voice is disarmingly gentle. His soft inflection on 'most of you' is meant for one person in particular.]

And I wouldn't like to think that those with guts would put everyone in danger. I trust everyone to make the best decisions for each other in combating this disease.

It would be terrifying to think we couldn't trust each other. Wouldn't it?

[He crosses his right leg and rests his hands over his knee. His graceful fingers smooth his trousers, and he waits for his audience to speak.]
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[The comm tag says Matthew Lin. The young man on-screen is well-dressed in all-black formal clothing to match his black hair. Those with magical perceptive abilities might be able to see the ram horns sprouting from his forehead, but for most people, they are invisible.]

Well, apparently I'm sick and dying of Zombie Apocalpyse Syndrome. I'm not actually infected, just terribly peckish from sitting in my apartment with minimal groceries, you know how it goes. I would kill for some delivery, but apparently the local venues have no personnel up to snuff.

Finally, today, I have resorted to cannibalism. This afternoon, I fried up some Dorian Gray with a side of Elsa... uh... whatever her last name is. Was. It was delicious and I highly recommend giving it a try. Maybe I'll open a restaurant. I was wondering if you could all help me brainstorm some names.

[He looks perfectly fine, and is in fact full of shit, as Elsa and Dorian are both alive and Abduxel is not a cannibal, although he has resorted to stealing microwave dinners from his roommates covertly, sorry Mike Parker & Elizabeth. The whole spiel is said very dryly, so it could be taken as serious (in an uncomfortably casual, devil-may-care kind of way) or understood rightly to be him joking around.]

001; video

Apr. 19th, 2015 09:59 pm
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[Dorian's making this post from some corner of the library he's claimed for himself. Piles and piles of books can be seen in the background and he also holds one in his hand although he chucks it to one side as the video starts.]

That had to be the quietest party I've ever attended. Not a single death and no one's reputation torn to shreds. Formal events such as this swearing in should have more of high society tearing into each other because how else do you get over the tedium of smiling politely all night?

I suppose the identity game was meant to be the entertainment, but that's a little too Orlesian for my tastes.

[There's a pause as he stares at something out of view, someone walking past who can't believe that he isn't trying to keep his voice down to a whisper. But they don't say anything so Dorian continues on.]

Now where was I? Ah, yes. Change is inevitable and I thought the level of technology would be the only thing I needed to get used to, but if the parties are going to be a lot less bloody then I'd like to know what else I should expect. Keep in mind personal hygiene is still optional to a large number of people back in my world. [He wrinkles his nose in distaste at the thought of people like Blackwall.]


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