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Oct. 7th, 2016 05:53 pm
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— Thank you.

[ The video catches the tail end of a conversation, with two men shaking hands and parting ways after. The older one is familiar to some, probably — one of the escorts for the new arrivals, just doing his job to help. The younger, the owner of the device it seems, is definitely not native, his clothes the biggest indicator, like he stepped out of some wild tv fantasy drama.

But then the device is turned to Edmund's face, and he waves shortly, just a flick of his wrist, awkward in that he definitely has no idea what he's doing. He doesn't quite smile, but he makes an effort not to look unfriendly.

My apologies, to my... audience? [ By the Lion, that is so weird to say to some weird box that apparently helps to communicate with others. ] I asked for help in figuring out how to use this contraption — he was certainly kind about it. He mentioned that plenty of other individuals would have difficulty using the first time around. I suppose he didn't tell me that just to make me feel better.

[ Which he isn't, but that's a differently story. ]

In any case, I am looking for certain people. Three, really. Peter, Susan, or Lucy Pevensie. If any one of them is here, I would deeply appreciate being pointed to them.

[ He'd thought about asking about the others, Mr Tumnus, the Beavers, or even Aslan. But he has had time to watch his surroundings, and there are more humans here than animals, and somehow, he can't fathom that there would be Animals. Besides, in a troubling situation such as this, at least one of his siblings would be in the midst of the chaos. ]

If not, then — my name is Edmund. A ple— [ a thoughtful pause, then finally, a small amused smile. ] I suppose it's not quite a pleasure to meet your acquaintances, since I've yet to meet any of you at all.
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[Noah turns on the video feed, looking sort of like he has a joke he can't wait to tell.]

Hey, what day is it?

[It's simple data collection. He wants to know how many people here have seen the seminal film of his generation.

But behind the smile on his face, there's a slighter edge of hesitance, and after a few moments he leans in a little closer to the camera.]

Um, and for anyone who knew her, Blue Sargent went home over the weekend. I don't know if she'll come back or whatever, but... yeah.

[Daily wisdom: when you're trying not to cry on the network, start with a meme.]
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[ The voice clicks on to a bit of almost inaudible talking before the first voice starts up: it’s

Well, I’m sure that some of you think this is hilariously overdue. Toby and I are officially married!

[Someone (who at this point is almost obviously Toby) can be heard gasping, slightly panting for breath as Dorian speaks before chiming in himself.]

Yeah, got the whole legal aspect out of the way, and so we’re finally going to have the actual wedding and reception! [He is so damn proud! Which means it’s time to make out with Dorian some more.

There’s just the sound of so much kissing before Dorian pulls away, taking a few short breaths, before he continues.

Said reception, by the way, is at the Hotel Castille, this Saturday afternoon. Feel free to drop off all your wedding gifts then, I personally prefer—mmph!

[ Yeah, kissing to shut him up has started again. But only because Toby can’t help it, and because that’s all everyone else needs to know, right? Marriage, place, time… What is it Dorian’s saying about wedding gifts? Breaking away, Toby whispers,]

—Sorry dear, what was that?

[ It’s obvious that Dorian’s counting off on his fingers as he talks. ] Well let’s see, wedding, place, time, gifts—oh, don’t buy patterns, I don’t like patterns. What else...dress code? Don’t show up either of us, that’s the dress code. I think that’s it?

You think people would actually show us up? Don't be ridiculous...

[Again, sounds of passionate kissing, some fumbling, and then it all clicks off.]
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[Leon hasn't posted to the network in quite a while, mostly because he's had no reason to. But he does, today, sort of...]

Uh, I just got a "Party Pack" from my work, and I'm not really sure what to do with it... the label on it says it has balloons, a table clothe, place settings, a coupon for cake... and some other stuff too, I think.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone wanted it? I don't really get why they sent it to me–

[He pauses, just for a moment, as if remembering something.]

I think it's my birthday?
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[ Insomnia leads to some dumb shitposting. So: ]

Anonymous post, 2:49 a.m.:
What's it like to have a brother? You can also say what it's like to have a sister. Especially if you were adopted. And especially if your brother is really accomplished.

[ And especially if he isn't really your brother, but actually the person you were cloned from, and especially if you were raised to murder and replace that brother, and so you've memorized every fact of his life and yet somehow nevertheless been completely surprised by the person he actually is...

After this post, Mark wanders away to spend time on other parts of the network, which leads to this urgent message: ]

Anonymous post, 4:32 a.m.
If you're looking for porn don't go to

[ All he wanted was an artistic representation of some boobs he'd tried to imagine himself and suddenly, shit he never wanted to see. Ever. ]
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As seen on all the best tabloids and celebrity gossip sites:
Sparks Fly on Ambassador's Hot Date: Who is Lu's Beau???
Who cares about some guy trying to steal the Declaration of Independence, right? Real news is what you find in gossip magazines, a few of which are running content like the above headline, splashed across a picture of a blond, curly-headed teen shielding De Chima's new ambassador from a large bald eagle-shaped firework.

An excerpt from one such article:

"They were sooo cute together," says one woman, a self-described "imPort fanatic". "I waited outside the museum for six hours just so I could see what all the imPorts were wearing, and I saw them go in together. It was like they couldn't stop smiling at each other. He's got dimples, you know."

The dimpled boyfriend is Matthew Lynch, a dreamy imPort who shared a few classes with Lucy before she graduated earlier this year. What did he have to say about the relationship?

"We're just friends," he reportedly insisted throughout the evening, but we all know what that means. Some sources say the two have been an item since April's Fanport convention, where a number of fans claim to have spotted the pair holding hands and even kissing.

(Don't forget to check out our online gallery for even more photos of Lu's STUNNING evening gown! We'll tell you all about how YOU can get her look!)

As seen on Bwitter, ImPortanment Tonight!, and all the best celebrity magazines:

Keep on the lookout! A new imPort power couple's in town, and it's tearing it apart— literally! In the early hours of the past month's 18th, De Chima received the unsavory visit of a massive red-skinned beast lady, who went on a rampage through a small portion of the city. Before much damage was done, she was joined by her larger and greener companion, though it was unclear whether his intention was to stop her from doing any more damage or taking part in it himself.

Thanks to the efforts of a number of imPorts, as well as the distraction that the massive green Hulk proved to be, the damage was limited mostly to a building that was torn down, and despite minor to mild injuries on innocent bystanders, there were no casualties, and soon after the pair vanished into the forest. As of yet, the identities of both the Hulk and his companion the illustrious Hulkette remain unknown, although the case remains open, and the authorities continue to search for them.

As seen on all major news networks and
Sixteen suspected drug dealers and small business burglars in Maurtia Falls have been laid up in the city's hospitals across the last eight days due to injuries resulting from being shot in the backside with arrows. Taking credit for these acts of vigilante justice are several members of the Maurtia Falls Daryl Dixon Fan Club the 'Crossbow Queens'. When asked for comment, the president of the club said, "Something had to be done about them. Besides, no one got killed. DARYL DIXON RULES!" The other Queens and fans gathered cheered too loudly for further questions to be asked as their president and several other members were arrested and taken into police custody.

The president of the De Chima Daryl Dixon Fan Club, 'Dixon's Demons', had this to say about the actions of her fellow fans: "Serves them right. The Crossbow Queen's ain't [censored]. Daryl's a De Chima boy. Anyone who's a real fan would be part of the Demons, not the Queens."

When asked for his opinion on what was being done by his fans, Daryl Dixon replied: "Get that [censored] camera out of my face!"

In related news, crossbow sales across the country have seen a 200% rise over their total sales in the first quarter during the last week alone. This spike of interest is expected to continue at least through the end of the summer hunting season.

As seen in THOT TOPIC ads:
Brand new coming in August! Life sized DARYL DIXON action figures, with opposable thumbs! Pre-order now!

As seen on all major national and international news networks:
Catastrophe at the "240 Years of America!" yesterday, on July 4th as the gala was interrupted by fireworks inside the museum, followed shortly by the notorious Julian Day, alias "Calendar Man".

The newly-released from parole Day attacked the gala with an Uncle Sam monster that took quite a number of fellow imPorts to take down. Day had attempted to steal several artifacts from the exhibit, including the Declaration of Independence, though all have been returned. Unfortunately, the costume stolen by Day from the popular musical Franklin! was not in recoverable condition.

Julian Day was quickly arrested and following a short hospital stay due to an injury sustained to his gluteus maximus, was then sentenced to four weeks in prison with two months of parole. While Day plead guilty to the charges related to the monster, he denied involvement in the fireworks.

The De Chima Civil War Museum suffered extensive damages and the exhibit has been cancelled. While many blame imPorts for the attack, witnesses claim it would have been much worse without all the heroes on scene and that lives were saved that day.

As seen on the website made to order, BloodOrangeBubble:
Have you ever wanted a punching bag OR a pillow with Julian Day's, AKA Calendar Man, face on it? Pre-order now! Supplies are unlimited.

As seen on all forms of viral marketing:
Have you been using a computer lately? Watching TV? Did you accidentally type "Lucifer" into your Woohoo! search bar? Or maybe search for something unrelated like "The best place to buy a sandwich in De Chima"? You did? Awesome. Because you have now found yourself accosted by one of the most irritating adverts known to man. On the computer it's one of those ads that play music and remind you that you forgot to turn on your adblock, or turn off your speakers. On TV, it's catchy, and repeated often. It's the clip that interrupts your daily play of Two Tones albums on BlueTube. It gets under your skin, until you're utterly sick of hearing about it. And so is everyone else, if the angry comments are anything to go by.

So what is this advert?

An enormous white wing cuts across the screen, there's a swooping noise. You'll probably hear that swooping noise in your dreams. And then an instrumental, not quite perfect version of AC-DC's Back in Black cuts in; the same version used during Lucifer's ImPortant! season debut, just this past week.

The voice over begins to tells you about the contents of the CD: "Finally, Hell's only angel has released the album that everyone has been waiting for. "Lucifer's Best Of" collects both live and studio recordings of songs you'll be familiar with from the crooning archangel."

As he speaks, the music changes, and viewers are afforded different clips of Lucifer in full song. "Bringing together classic live show hits like Sweet Transvestite and Big Balls as well as hits from Season 2's great upcoming soundtrack. Download the full album now, and be the first to see the music video to Karma Chameleon. Or buy the 8" vinyl, and enjoy the secret track." Like, for example, Lucifer crooning to Witchcraft. Are you sick of this advert yet? It's okay, it's almost over.

"Don't forget to pick up Season 1 of "ImPortant!" at a retailer near you, or find clips from every episode so far at ChurchOfTheMorningstar.Org".

"And he's buying a stairway to Hea--hahaha. Heaven~"

Now it's over.

You know who's to blame.

As seen on local Maurtia Falls television channels:
A rash of bloody, brutal murders have been happening, mostly targeting young men. Authorities are not revealing much, but it is believed to be imPort-related.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from SOLSTICE YELLOW to FIREWORK RED because #ThanksJulian is trending.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[This is a view from the bottom of a very tall hill - a small mountain, if you will - that is also very steep and has a small cart at the top. Standing next to the cart is Adam Parrish. He looks doubtful.]

This is for posterity, Parrish. In case we die.

[Running a hand over his face, Adam’s faint voice can be heard in all it’s horrifically accented glory.]

I should never have let you watch those Jackass reruns. It’s not the nineties anymore.

[Ronan makes a noise.]

Don’t pussy out on me now-

[Ronan sets the camera down and gets in the shot; the angle such as it can catch the entire length of the hill. He heads up, and there is a moment of bickering at the top that the camera doesn’t catch because that’s how far up they are. The bickering is good natured for all that - they’re not really fighting. They’re just arguing for the joy of arguing. Chainsaw is sitting at the front of the cart and she occasionally contributes her opinions in the form of cawing.

And then Adam scowls, gets in the cart, and Ronan gets in behind him. Apparently, Lynches celebrate birthdays with spectacular feats of stupidly racing down things, because Ronan pushes them. They’re both screaming after a moment, and Chainsaw opens her wings and flies away before they crash at the bottom.

Now they’re right in distance for the camera to catch them, a pile of boys at the bottom of the hill, with Ronan making a noise that’s laughing and Adam-

Adam Parrish, resident misanthropist, who has never been seen really smiling on the network (or anywhere the public can see) is smiling too, and pushing at Ronan.]

That was really fuckin’ stupid. [He’s still grinning though, far too fond as he untangles himself and moves to check out the pretty wicked scrape now on his arm. It’s then that he catches sight of their recording, moving to pick it up and hand it back to its owner when he gets a look at it properly.] Did you press something different?.

What? [He looks up. Ronan Lynch, who has never posted to the Network, didn’t realize that the red button for record and the green button for stream were different things. This is what you get when you hate phones. He gets up, and rolls his eyes, and switches it off.]


Jun. 8th, 2016 07:04 pm
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[ the feed comes on to show a boy with very tall hair and a much shorter girl with scratches on her face over her eye, one looking rather cheerful and the other less so. ]

Hi hi hi everyone, I have an important question. [ he holds up a finger, tilts his head as if a thought had just occurred to him. he's so preoccupied he was going to launch himself into his spiel without even introducing himself. ] I'm being rude. I am Henry Cheng, and we were wondering —

[ the not so tall and in fact very short girl interrupts. ] We're looking for someone we know! [ she pulls a little face, looking over at Mr. Henry Cheng. ] A few people, actually. [ okay, maybe that was a little rude. she murmurs something unintelligible and takes a step back. please, proceed. ]

And that was my lovely friend Blue. [ he gestures with a flourish toward her, shoots her a wink, absolutely unbothered by the interruption or her outburst. ] As she said, we are looking for someone. Multiple someones. I'm sure this place has a list of sorts, yes? A quick way to CTRL-F a friend's name and find out their status?

[ he looks a bit more serious, then, like underneath the cheerfulness he's exhausted. his next words are very earnest. ]

We would appreciate any info. Thank you.

[ in the background, Blue begins tromping away, shedding dead leaves for some reason, and can be vaguely heard to say 'maybe we should've mentioned Gansey by name' before the video ends. ]
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[ Here is Gansey, looking a little strange. He’s wearing a navy-blue sweater emblazoned with a raven – an Aglionby school sweater, over what appears to be ordinary clothes. His shoulders and hair are damp, like he’s been rained on, and he looks strangely pale. Despite that, he’s displaying a welcoming smile, and his hazel eyes are bright and vital with some emotion he’s holding back. ]

Apparently, I vanished yesterday.

I say apparently because it feels more like several weeks ago, but according to this – [ he holds up one of De Chima’s daily newspapers – a tabloid, headlined with speculation about the upcoming import elections ] – it’s only been a day.

A lot can happen in a day. Sometimes things that give you perspective.

Can I ask – the school year is almost over. Some of you will be graduating. I will. Which is odd, because I was here for eight months, and then I went home and it was Fall again, and Senior year was just beginning. I’m not completely sure what age I am now. I turned eighteen a couple of months ago.

[ Which, he actually never mentioned. It had seemed like there were more important things to be getting along with, and the thought of getting older in the wrong world had annoyed Gansey anyway. He’d kept quiet. Now, if he could do that over again, he thinks he’d celebrate it more – even though he’s only mentioning it now because it’s relevant to this. ]

Then I go home, and I’m seventeen again, so now I don’t even know what counts. Graduation will, though, I know that much.

So: to everyone else who’s graduating. Or even if you’re not, even if it’s just that you see change coming for you. What are your plans? Will you work, will you travel? What would you like to do, ideally? I think I’m ready for it to be summer again.

Private )


Jun. 5th, 2016 02:34 pm
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[ Sam is wearing one hell of a grin as he makes sure his video is steady. He backs up, and in view behind him is a small pick-up truck with a high cap over the bed. It may have once been powder-blue, but those days are clearly well behind it.

But hey, it has tires. Honest to god tires.

It was hard enough findin' one that doesn't hover, but throw stick-shift in the mix and you'd think I was askin' to buy the first printing press. [ his grin widens. ] Hell, I feel like a hunter showin' off a trophy.

But bein' able to avoid public transportation? Or just go campin'? That's priceless.

She's gonna need a name though, for good luck. [ Sam levels a playfully serious look on the camera. ] Can't go drivin' a cursed truck. So, any suggestions?


May. 20th, 2016 06:31 pm
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 So,  I guess a few things recently have gotten me wondering about something.  Just curious, you know?  

[Actually he was a lot more than just curious. But he was trying to be just a little sneaky about this. You know, get the information without admitting to being part-ghost himself.]

How many of you have met ghosts back home? And what were they like?

Um, also one more thing. Anyone know how long you can completely fail at a job before you get fired?  Because I am seriously terrible at mine.

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[ The video starts with a blurry shot of grass and Matthew, speaking from behind the camera, in the middle of a sentence. There's also shouting in the background, laughter--the event being (rather inexpertly) filmed is a party involving five teenage boys, cake, and a giant slip-n-slide. ]

--got it, I got it!

[ The feed shakes as he tries to get the camera pointed where he wants it, revealing a number of the people involved. Here's a glimpse of a rather smudgy boy, eating a piece of cake with something like reverence on his face. There's Adam Parrish, cupping his hands around his mouth and hollering-- ]

Gansey, take off the damn sunglasses!

[ And then the camera fixes on the ridiculously long slip-n-slide itself, and coming down it right now? Yes, that is Richard Campbell Gansey III. That is Richard Campbell Gansey III wearing swim trunks and rocketing down the slip-n-slide from hell (more accurately, the slip-n-slide of dreams), and he's smiling like a king and somehow manages to make this look almost dignified. Though he did, in fact, fail to remove his sunglasses first; think of that what you will.

This is raven boys having fun. Matthew gives a shout of delighted laughter, and Chainsaw chimes in from offscreen but close by with a loud kerah!, which snags Matthew's attention.

The camera turns when he does and someone else comes into view--shaved head, tattoo clawing up the back of his neck, fierce-eyed raven on his shoulder. But this is Ronan Lynch as rarely ever seen--relaxed, unguarded, all posturing abandoned because who needs posturing to throw their little brother a birthday party?

Matthew sounds very excited. ]

Hey, hey, Ronan, I just realized. Since I'm old enough now, do I get to drive the Camaro?

It's up to Gansey, shitheel. If he's okay with it, I don't care.

[ "Shitheel" is in fact a term of affection, and you can tell because the easy smile on Ronan's face is one reserved for very, very few people. ]

Yes, I'll ask him if-- Huh? Oh.

[ Matthew laughs again, this time at himself, and the video shakes again as he pulls his communicator closer to his nose. ]

I must've hit the wrong button. I think everyone can see this.

[ Ronan's expression changes abruptly and his shoulders square up, because being video broadcast to a shit-ton of strangers absolutely does require posturing. ]


No, no, I got it. I'm just gonna-- Sorry, guys!

[ That's an apology to you, imPorts. Matthew's laughing again when he shuts off the feed. ]
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[There's a boy staring at the camera.

Light hair, unassuming, face needing a bit of a wash. A little too close to the lens for comfort. He's eating from a bag of M&M's, slowly and reverentially. Really, you wouldn't be glancing twice at the broadcast if it weren't for the fact that he's just looking at you, well past the broadcast's minute mark. Looking at you, at your room, at whatever's behind you - either he's having some neurological symptom, or your surroundings are very interesting.

Then, as if a switch has been flipped, he seems to notice that you're actually looking back. His eyes brighten, and his fingers go fidgety.]

Oh. Oh. [A beat, as he tilts his head. He's close enough to the lens to count his freckles.] Can you see me?
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Hey there.

[it's a Louisiana accent, for those in the know. A Louisiana accent attached to a wary (and worn) looking man in his late thirties, rubbing a hand against the rough stubble on his chin. He's in a black suit jacket over a simple white, striped formal shirt, a black tie. Not Sam's usual fare, not by far, but no one here is going to know that.]

...So I'm gonna warn you now that you've probably heard all I'm gonna say before. Sorry for that. I have spent a little time gettin' some lay of the land, probably not enough, but enough to get that I'm not the first to be this confused at showin' up, or the first who's come from somethin' a little hard, and who this situation ain't exactly helpful to. I get that, and I won't bother you none with it.

Now, I've figured out through the lack of True Blood on the shelves an' the fact that apparently my town doesn't even exist anymore, that there's a lot more to this than bein' a few states over. And I'm gonna try to adjust to that, same as anyone. I'll even give bein' an assistant manager at the De Chima Vineyard a good go, despite not really bein' a wine man.

But... [he sighs deeply] ...the best way I figure to do that adjustin' is by talkin' with people. I've always found that more helpful than just nosin' around on my own. I owned a bar and grill back in Bon Temps - that's that non-existent town I mentioned - and managed some rentals. People and business are what I know. They're what I'm comfortable with. So I hope you don't mind me askin' ya'll to just talk with me a bit. Maybe 'bout what it's been like for you to be here, or any tips you've got for a newcomer. Hell, at this point I'd just settle for you givin' out the name of your favorite place to drink or eat.

'Cause sometimes all we need's just not to feel alone.

[he licks his bottom lip, considers, and nods his thanks.]

So, my name's Sam Merlotte. I'll thank you in advance for hearin' me out.
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[technically, baba marta was a month ago and in another country. but it’s april fool in the united states which is close enough. according to his companion, this is better than shooting homeless people with paintball guns. when the video shudders into view, 10-year-old richard gansey iii stands on a heropa beach lit by mitsubishi headlights. the little boy is festooned in birds, a hilariously tall stork standing on his left shoulder, half a dozen tiny swallowtails running down his right arm. he looks very solemn and alarmingly adorable. from behind the cellphone camera, a voice (kavinsky’s) (drunk) (not more than usual) calls out:] Okay mini-Dick, telling your loving public what gives.

[ Dick is, in fact, more interested in the swallows than the camera. He seems relatively at peace with the stork, even when it starts to climb from his shoulder to the top of his head, but the swallows are running along his arms, and he has to keep moving to give them somewhere to go. ]

Are you sure the birds won't be scared of the fireworks? I don't want to make them -

[ Then he does look up, and sees the red light on Kavinsky's phone. His eyes widen. ]

We're already live?!

[ Concern is instantly replaced with the kind of smile that hints this is not his first photoshoot. ]

Hi, everyone! Joseph wants to tell all of you about the Baby Martha.

[ He pauses, looking expectantly at the boy offscreen. ]

Motherfucker I said no name-- fine. Fine, [kavinsky's disembodied voice is annoyed, but cussing at a smol child is just regular kavinsky. he never got pr lessons.] Baba Marta is a celebration of Spring. Life and renewal, bitches! March is a grandma who spends all winter fucking, shakes out her broke-ass mattress to make the last big snow, and the sun comes out when she smiles. [this is not the version you’re going to find in an encyclopedia. It’s also not child-safe. but everything is still mostly ok.] Me and homey here are bringing the Goddamn season.

[ Dick is wearing an expression of strong disapproval every time Kavinsky curses. It’s the kind of look you might see from your dad, which roughly translates as We’ve talked about this, son. But if they have, Kavinsky was clearly not listening, and Dick is not about to be put off by words alone. There are, after all, going to be fireworks. He was promised. ]

Okay, okay! Show them. Oh, wait.

[ One hand waves at the stork, getting it to fly, and then Dick starts to gather the swallows into the relative safety of his hands. ]

Fuckin’ sweet. [and then the camera fumbles. kavinsky clamps gansey’s little head between his elbows and puts his hands over his own ears, so that the camera winds up with a weird, skewed shot of the sky. the next instant, fireworks rip out of the mortar embedded nearby in the sand and up into the night overhead. deafening. red and white. the imports of heropa might even hear it, the distant pop-pop that goes with the flash of smoke and color over the seaside sky, punctuating the boardwalk lights and saturday beach club music. birds soar! the video goes out.]
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[For people that know Pacifica, she's been...subdued, of late. Even after months, she has never really adjusted to being outside of Gravity Falls and losing the inherent power base that being Pacifica Northwest gave her. She was self-aware enough to know that she could be...frustrating...when she wasn't adored, and she hadn't quite sorted out how to deal with that here.]

[It was why she had never made a public video post on the network, because she didn't feel sure enough in her footing and her backup that she wouldn't say the wrong thing and ruin everything. But either she's feeling better, or recent events have surprised her enough that it's about to change.]

[When she turns on her phone, she's sitting on a bench in the park in Heropa, with a pile of magazines next to her. They're all brightly colored monstrosities with IMPORT BEAT written in fancy but unfortunate script at the top, and pictures of various imports on the covers. She's holding one in her hand, though she has the cover bent so you can't see who's on it. Oops.]

[She looks a bit baffled, honestly, when she starts to speak.]

I just got interviewed for a magazine? And like, apparently they've been wanting to interview for me a while or something? But they kept missing me or...I don't know, it all feels kind of crazy? Like, if I were home it would make sense, people wanting to interview me, I was- [She hesitates. Important? Famous? Was she, really?] It just would have.

But here, jeez. It's a fashion blog, or I guess a column if it's in a magazine, or something? They've been taking pictures of all the clothes I wear and it's actually kind of a little creepy but totally a compliment too right? I'm in like, four of these things.

[She shakes the magazine at the screen.]

'Cause there's a whole magazine about us. Kid imports. And a website and blog and they're all talking about us all the time. And there's other ones too, for like...old people, I guess.

[That was rude probably oops.]

Not that there's anything wrong with being old. I mean. I guess we all get that way eventually. [Not if she could avoid it though.] But their magazines are way more boring than this one.

Uh. Anyway. [She had a point.] Oh right! So, I guess I never really actually introduced myself on this thing the way everyone does. So.

[She straightens up a bit on her bench and...did her hair just get shinier? It may have gotten shinier. And then she smiles that winning smile of hers. None can resist.]

I am Pacifica Northwest.

[In spite of everything, she still says that like it should mean something.]

I've been here for a while, but I still probably don't know a lot of you so, why not fix that now, right? Hi!

[There. She felt better. She settles back into her seat again and then shakes the magazine at the screen.]

Anybody else end up in this thing lately? Lemmie know and I'll find you in here. Heck, you might not even know you're in here!

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Mar. 6th, 2016 07:11 pm
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[ Here's a video of a teenage boy, young and square-ish, new to these parts.

Anyone who knows Ronan Lynch might pick up on the similarities in the face before them--the same shade of blue in Matthew's eyes (though his are round with anxiety), the same perfect teeth (though Matthew's are worrying at his lower lip in a way that Ronan would never allow for himself), other shapes and lines in his face that suggest they might have come from knockoff molds of the same man.

The hair is very different though, a full head of golden curls as opposed to Ronan's edgy, close-shaved skull. Also distinctly different are his general mannerisms--Matthew has manners, for one.

His voice is strained, like he's trying very hard not to freak out. Which he is in fact doing. He's just recently been dropped off at his new government-provided apartment and even after all the explanations, he's not feeling super settled. ]

Can anyone tell me the best way to find somebody here? Somebody specific? He's not answering his phone.

[ He gives a short-lived, nervous laugh, a very pale imitation of a normally infectious and beautiful thing.] I mean, that's normal. But--

[ He draws a slightly shuddering breath, stopping himself before he has to try to explain. Obviously calling his brother's number is not working but he doesn't know what else to do. This has been kind of a crazy day and he's not so well equipped to deal with it on his own, sorry everybody. ]

Look, Ronan, Declan, if you guys are here, I'm-- [ Have a pause in which he is briefly replaying the events of the day to himself and trying to figure out what to say. ] --here, too.

I'm ready to go home.


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