Sep. 16th, 2016 02:22 pm
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Quick and easy one for you guys.

Who here is from or knows of Central City? And if you are one of those two options, how?

Bonus points if you can say which version you're from.

I think at some point we're going to need a list.


Aug. 27th, 2016 11:11 pm
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[ As always, with Shade, it's Video.

And as always, he looks pretentious as hell, but this time, it's worse.
] Good evening, imports!

[ Says Shade, dressed in a dark smoking jacket, complete with a pipe, although his tophat and shades are still on. In the background, one can see a roaring fire -- in North Carolina no less -- and in the foreground, a small shadow gremlin stumbles around, bringing a both a glass of hazy green liquid (absinthe) and a paper, which Shade takes. ]

I'm the Shade, for those of you whom I haven't met, and I'm quite the fan of the written word.

Most of the time. [ He holds up the paper, labeled with a bold TMI -- the headline an image -- with a headline underneath: TMI EXCLUSIVE: REGGIE MANTLE CONFESSES - SEE WEBSITE FOR DETAILS ]

I thought I'd give this a go, as the reading seemed to hint that it would include too much information, but this may very well be... too much.

[ He cleared his throat, before he started. ]

Import Harleen Quinzel may not be a human import at all! The import was last seen turning into a -- my word, really? -- Harley Davidson motorcycle, and speeding down Formation Boulevard in Nonah this past Saturday. Some followers of imports pointed out that she may be a... Transformer -- [ He sounded bewildered: ] What is a... ah! -- an alien that is known to tranform from a robot into a vehicle.

[ A pause. ] Fascinating!

And the next one says... Saitama, the import known for packing quite the punch... [ He paused, eyes peering over his sunglasses while he read. His face becoming more and more horrified by the moment. ] ...is now starring in a...n.... X-rated video called "Three Fist Man"? [ Muttered under his breath: ] By erebus -- I don't think that's appropriate for the Sundays...

[ Gross. Maybe he should move on. But only after he reaches out to take a sip of his drink. ]

Ah! My friend Dorian! Apparently you've been rather naughty. [ He grinned. ] Caught in the sheets with Power Girl! My! And with an illegitimate child? Kara Danvers? [ A hand to his chest. ] Toby must be devastated, really. It appears that TMI reporters were able to locate an illicit exchange between the two, but there was no footage, but... the similarities between Ms. Danvers and Power Girl are rather striking, aren't they? [ A wave of his hand. ] Or is it coincidence? Who truly knows?

Ah! It appears that an import is to blame for the FBI's incompetence as well? Apparently a one Erik Lensherr was to blame for the FBI's entire database, which found itself wiped. Apparently the man is a living...magnet? Can that affect compuiters? Regardless, the FBI chose not to comment, and instead dismissed the intrepid TMI reporter as insane. Of course tthat's incorrect.

And lastly -- [ He's on the third page -- ] Import Frederick Chilton was found in the arms of his patient! How scandouls. James Patrick Marsh, hotel owner, was found with the Doctor on a sensuos lunch date, where the two were found laughing over... strawberries and créme. [ A thoughtful noise. ] How very romantic -- and clichéd. [ Another sip. ]

Isn't it fascinating, what things we've all been up to so far?
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[ Bart's chilling on a swing in the park, although the swing itself isn't visible. The chains are pressed against his t-shirt, though, and the horizon is slightly swaying in the background. He's gone for a walk to think about whether he wants to make a Big Deal about this, because standing up on a soapbox and proclaiming a family member to be awesome is. Yeah, daunting. In the end, he decided that it's worth the embarrassment and whatever ribbing he might take for his sentimentality. ]

We interrupt your scheduled broadcast of humongous monsters, troll babies, and accidents to bring you this public service announcement.

As none of you know, today is National Aunts and Uncles Day. I know. You can't contain your excitement. It's OK to freak out.

[ Hang on. Is it okay to bring up something about family on the Network, or is it bragging that your family is here? He doesn't mind bragging about his family being awesome - on the whole, it is. But bragging about them being here, he doesn't want to do that. It's like rubbing salt in the wound, or something.

After a few seconds, he decides that it's probably more awkward to change the subject than to power through. He hopes people will understand.

Huh - actually, I'm kinda sorry I brought it up, because I know everyone's gotta be homesick, but my favorite uncle's here. It was only a three man race, sure, but he smoked the competition and this is the first year since I've known about this made-up holiday that I've been able to do anything about it. You all got Fathers Day and Mothers Day at some point. The universe owes me this one.

[ Getting so far off the track now. He better rein it back in before one of the more separation of name and codename types - like the one he's making the whole post about - has his head for naming specific relatives that aren't here. ]

So, uh. If you see Max Crandall today, be awesome to him even if he's being boring and cranky? I think I'm too old to make him a card, but I can try to give him a good day.

Oh yeah. I dunno if they'll never see this, but I'm giving a shout-out to my other aunts and uncles. Official and not. Even the one I've never met. I bet you're awesome; I know your daughter is.

[ He shrugs as if the statement is lighter than he means it to be. ]

You never know when people will turn up here, amirite?

All this needs is a BBQ, and it'll be my third favorite holiday. Hey, Uncle Max, you want to go get barbecue with me?

01 - video

Jul. 9th, 2016 10:16 pm
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[Okay so this tech? Rad as all hell. He has no idea how it works, how it's so slim lined and tiny, where the batteries go or why he even has it but it's so bitching, he's not even gonna protest it. His now. No backsies. Ever.

He doesn't quite get what's happening and he doesn't quite care so mostly, he's just looking to reach out. Communicate. Make friends. Maybe even a love connection cause, you know, yolo. Stranger things have happened. The video is on him and yes, he's rocking an awful outfit of blue and yellow and yes, he doesn't pull it off at all. Does he care? Naaaah. He grins an obnoxious grin that will kind of make you want to punch his little gremlin face in.

He decides to go with a time tested and flawless way to both express his interest in all these glorious people, all at once, and convey the right depth and emotions required for a first intro.]


[Nailed it, yo.]

This place is so dope! This is the Trickster comin' atcha and I am delighted to be here. How are you beautiful people?
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[ It took Peter a while to figure out the whole smartphone thing. To be fair though for him 'a while' was like... five minutes. Maybe six. Oh he still hadn't figured out EVERYTHING yet, but like the basics? Totally down. He had to fight the urge to try and take it apart and put it back together again. He had a feeling it was waaaay more complicated then the walkmans and arcade cabinets he pulled apart and tweaked. ]

This thing is so awesome... Like something outta a scifi flick or something...

[ There's a guy with a silver mullet and motorcycle goggles perched on his head on the screen. No really. Dude looks like he walked right outta the 80s. He pretty much did too. There's also an odd high pitched buzzing noise in the background. Technically it was music. A mix of Queen, David Bowie, Rush, and Pink Floyd. Not that most would notice. It was being plaid at like... several hundred times the normal speed. Luckily Peter notices he left his walkman on and he flips it off after a couple seconds. ]

Anyway, hey. Name's Peter Maximoff and it's come to my attention that it is the year 2016. Last I checked it was 1983.  That means I'm missing out on 33 years worth of music and that's a damn tragedy. [Clearly that's his most important issue here now. ] So y'know. I need recs from all you future people! What's good? What sucks? I'm not too picky about genre but I gotta have music or I'll probably go crazy.

[ OK so really he's still worrying about his mom and his sisters and the kids at the Prof's school and other family issues that he just really doesn't wanna think about daddy issues don't ask. So to keep his mind off things he's just gonna think about music and stuff because running more laps around the city really isn't helping him much. ]

Oh! And video games. There's gotta be like at least a dozen new versions of the Atari and ColecoVision by now, right?
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[A somewhat wan older man is looking at the camera. If there's one thing the superhero life enforces, Max's life by being what it was enforces, it's how to get familiar with strange things quick. Thankfully the communicator wasn't too hard to figure out how to use. On the other hand, he's never managed to end up somewhere completely new and then a hospital immediately after. At least the fact that speedsters heal quickly got him out of the hospital much sooner than later. The painkillers they prescribed him will help, but he's used to dealing with pain now and again.]

I guess I should feel lucky they're well prepared for when people show up here, but I think I would have preferred skipping the hospital trip. I managed to get an idea of what was going on from a few news magazines while I was there, but I'm still going to have to make a few library trips. [One of the best resources for someone who skips through time.] See if I can't find some more historical context and what's different here. I can't say I'm an expert on the Cold War since my focus has always been on Native American history [Personal interest, though so many jumps into the future means he's had to become good at figuring out what happened in the years in between.] There should be more to find out, since you don't have a cold war turn hot all by itself..

[He suddenly shivers, like someone just walked over his grave. Not the greatest feeling in the world, especially when it makes him wonder at the specific cause.]

In the mean time, could someone tell me if they know a kid named Bart Allen?

[He has a suspicion.]

[Optional action:

For anyone else who lives at Maurtia Falls #002, they can come across Max in the living room, reclining back on the couch he's sitting on shortly after the network post. Some of the bandaging crossing his chest is visible, his shirt partially unbuttoned from having just checked to make sure it was in place. He'll get up in a moment to find his way to figure out claiming a room, really.]


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