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[ The feed opens up focused on a small green iguana with tiny wings crawling all over a hand.

Max lifts the hand up, and tilts the camera up as he holds the baby lizard up to his face and grins like a madman. ]

Look! Look at my new baby! She has wings! Is that not the coolest?

What do you guys think? Does she look like a Marduk or a Brigid?
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( guess who's back, back again? here she is, the grumpy savior, and... unbelievably, she's doing kind of okay. not, you know, great... but kind of okay.

she comes as a woman on a mission, though... however embarrassing it is.

easy to pick up hobbies that you do with your hands, and go

sidebar: does anyone want a dreamcatcher? because I've got a lot of dreamcatchers.

( no seriously. a lot of dreamcatchers. she can get about an hour of sleep a night on a good night, so far, and the rest of her nights are spent failing at crafting and making dreamcatchers. )

003. text

Nov. 3rd, 2016 12:09 am
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okay I've noticed something and maybe it's the whole "superhero" theme this place has but

am I seriously the only fat dude?

I have not seen another fat guy. or person. that is an imPort.

not that I'm self-conscious or anything I'm great and supremely handsome and blah blah blah. but a spade's a spade. and I think I'm the only spade and that's weird to me.
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[ It's so, so easy to put on a smile for his friends, and for social situations. He'd been doing it for well over a year. Yet as easy as it was to smile, with every day he did it, it was harder and harder to reach out and try to talk about just what he'd been dealing with.

But that's why they invented anonymous posting, right? ]

Does anyone have any tips for what to do if you want to stop feeling emotions?

Like, if I'm riddled with guilt for things I could never, ever hope to repent for, because they happened back home, is there a way we could surgically remove that guilt? You know, like an emotional tumor?

There's gotta be like a magic thing that can do that.


Oct. 7th, 2016 07:17 pm
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[The screen of their communicators flickers to life with a fluorescent glow. Initially, there's only a hint of someone there-- thick red fabric, chain mail, a hammer.]

I had prayed to come to good tidings. Greet friends, and assuage fears. To bolster thy strength with mine own.

Instead, I come here haunted by past misgivings I thought requited, by a name all too familiar to me. If you know him as well, I would like to speak to him.

[It doesn't sound like a request. The image swings up high to a broad faced man with long blonde hair. A winged helmet. His eyebrows are drawn down across a brow rigid as though it were carved from stone.]

To my friend.
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[ The feed starts with a very... awkward awkward angle. The camera is high above Max - as high as his arm will go, anyway. A quick glance at the background makes it clear why: He's leaning on a red motorcycle. He's trying to look nonchalant, and he is definitely succeeding at looking like a child who is trying to look nonchalant. ]

So, hey. Uh. Does anyone wanna teach me to ride one of these things?

[ He's got a motorcycle now, have you seen his motorcycle? NO BIG. Please look at his motorcycle.

Okay, technically it's Duncan's if he ever comes back. But at least if anything good came out of Duncan being ported out, it was Max's little inheritance. ]
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[Jacob films this post while standing in front of the white walls of Helix Station in Maurtia Falls, wearing a navy-blue tank top and black shorts. Judging by the sweat visible on his arms, he just finished his exercise for the morning. His ramrod-straight posture projects an image of Official Business that doesn't match his casual tone of voice, or his workout clothes.]

Hey, everyone. I'm Jacob Taylor. I work with RISE: that's an imPort police team, for all you new arrivals out there. I'm putting together something new for the community... kind of a public safety resource. Like the FAQ, but focused on who's causing trouble these days.

So I thought I'd ask: what do you think are the biggest threats around here? Criminals, terrorists, the Soviets? Maybe there's something most of us haven't heard about yet that more people need to know about. It's important to be aware, especially when people might want you dead. There's always something happening under the surface around here.

Oh, and just so we're clear: this is going to be a list focusing on groups, not individual people. So don't bother talking about who your least favourite imPorts are.

[He pauses for a moment, then relaxes his posture as he segues into more civilian matters.]

That's about it for official business. Unofficially... I was wondering if anybody has got suggestions on a good name for a dog.

[He's totally planning to get a dog. Heads up, MF 001 housemates!]
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[Superman looks honestly just....

Tired. He reaches to rub the bridge of his nose before he speaks, wondering how to even put it into words. Oh, he knows what he wants to say, knows what he wants to do. But it would be unfair to out someone without giving them a chance to work things out in this place, to become a better person.

Except, last time he tried that it ended up with him kidnapped in Crane’s basement.]

If someone from your world appeared here, someone who you knew was capable of really awful things… would you warn people?

Or would you give them a chance to be different in this place?
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[ Max is trying his best to stay upbeat, and specifically gears his body language toward looking relaxed and dismissive, though some might catch a hint of concern in his eyes. He holds the camera on himself, then on a bowl in the sink. ]

Hey, so uh — has anyone seen Duncan Heimdall? My housemate?

This bowl has been here for like a week now, and I want to congratulate him on finally learning to let stuff like this slide every now and then. But I uh, haven't caught him lately.

[ Not that he's worried Duncan left or anything. Oh no. Certainly not fishing for info to prove that wrong, definitely not. ]
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[Richie is excited but nervous, unsure what to expect from this new world and all of the people in it. But mostly excited. He’s never gotten to dimension hop before! And people say that Virgil gets all the fun. Not that it doesn't completely suck that all of his tech is back home. Couldn't they have brought him when he was in costume? Of course not that would be too easy.

So he’s putting his best foot forward and trying to look as cheery as possible—while also trying to get as much data from the network as he can.]

Yo, man, this place is off the chain, but I’m pretty sure my mom is against me traveling out of town on my own, let alone to an alternate universe. I hope I get a note to take home that says “We apologize for taking your son on an interdimensional field trip without prior permission. Next time make sure to pack a lunch.” [He holds out his hand a bit like he’s reading something on it but then turns his eyes back to the screen.]

I’m sure the Justice League would have been all over this. Saving universes is their thing. Me? I have a math final to study for. But I’m here, so who else is a world-hopping newbie? I can’t be the only one around.
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[ MAX HAS HAD A MONTH, OKAY? And with June rolling into July and him now being short one bodyguard, having another brainwashing scare, and hearing that another friend died (but got better) he's definitely not in the best state of mind right now.

Sleep hasn't been coming easy these last few months, tonight he decides he might try to do something with the time, at least.

As the hour draws close to midnight, Max turns on the video feed. He's sitting up in bed, hair scruffy from tossing and turning, illuminated only by the light of his communicator. His eyes are tired, framed by dark circles, but he seems otherwise alert. ]

I know we can't know or control when we get ported out, but if you somehow knew and could accomplish one thing here before that happens, or at least get to do something, what would you do?
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[The man facing the camera might be familiar, or he might not. His face and voice resemble the Doc's, and the ID still reads 'Emmett Brown', but his demeanor has entirely changed. The man's hair is short and neat, he wears a prim and proper suit with conservative polo, and the eyes behind his glasses bear a stern impression, nothing like Doc's wide-eyed wonder. Perhaps strangest, his room is the vision of neutral sterility, lacking the inventive chaos and sprawling blueprints that usually surrounds him.]

Good evening, citizens. I believe this is the appropriate forum for introductions? My name is Emmett Brown and I have recently arrived in the town of De Chima. I've had a fine welcome, and I thank you, but I confess I'm troubled by some of what I've seen.

I see discord, grit and grime, compounded by the chaos these 'supernatural abilities' are said to bring, and I wonder, perhaps: if there might be a better way. You see, I'm the leader of a peaceful and thriving town, and if we're all to remain here for the time being, I believe I should offer my services to you as well. With some careful planning, we can make this town a cleaner, brighter, and happier place.

I therefore toss my proverbial hat in the ring for the role of Ambassador, and I'd be honored to receive your vote of support.

[He steeples his fingers, glasses glinting in the light.]


Jun. 11th, 2016 11:26 am
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[If you ever wanted a screen full of dancing turtle your time has come. He has some sweet tunes blasting at first but after thirty seconds or so he slams those jams off and shoots finger pistols towards the webcam as his sweet moves come to a halt. This sure is a teenager who is mutant turtle that might be trained to be a ninja. He seems pretty stoked to be talking to everyone and doesn't seem to feel the need to explain things like Why He Is a Giant Turtle.]

YO! I'm Mikey! I'm in this Manchurian Falls place and I just got here and I got this brochure but it was real boring and blah blah blah. My bros are probably gonna portal themselves over or something soon to pick me up but until then let's hang! I gotta get in some sweet vacation time while I can.

Where's the best pizza here at? I got a need that can only be unneeded by about three boxes of large pizzas! I'm gonna stack them on top of each other like a perfect cheesy and tomatoey cake.
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Hey, imports. I don't know how many of you follow the news routinely, but... I figured I would come on here, while my press guy goes to tell the news outlets.

[ He looks away from the screen, for a moment, before back to the camera. ]

Effective...well, as soon as it can be arranged, I've decided to give up my position as ambassador of De Chima, Virginia. I'd like to thank everyone for their support, and their willingness to let me nose in on your lives and your opinions, and I hope... that in the future, you'll allow me to keep doing that.

I'm not exactly done with politics, or I'd probably have stopped breathing by this point. I'm not really in the business of giving up, but... When opportunity strikes...

[ Another pause. This one considerably longer. He tipped his head, as if he was listening to something off-screen. Of course, he was. ]

So, it's official. This one's mostly for anyone currently living in Virginia -- hopefully you'll be voting, and if you do, I'll appreciate your vote in November. I'll be running to become your elected Sentor in DC.

But, obviously, more than that, I'd appreciate hearing what's important to you. Just because I'll -- hopefully -- be one of the honorable senators for Virginia, doesn't mean I don't intend to forget about the rest of you imports. I'd like to take our voices to the Senate floor, whenever possible.
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Hey, guys -- magic users specifically, but you know, anyone I guess. I've got someone finishing up warding the house and i was wondering if any magic users wanted to come test it out.

i mean i totally trust sabriel's work, but if there's any weaknesses we don't know about, its best that we find out NOW instead of LATER, right?

and if any science-y types wanna come get a look at the ward and see if it can be like, mass-duplicated or something, idk, feel free. :)

(( OOC: Mosey on over here if your character wants to participate! ))
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ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ This is Ice Bear.

Ice Bear is new, and therefor needs to know where other bears can be found.

Not zoo bears. These bears*: 🐻 🐼

Ice Bear has no money. Will cook as payment.

Also, new housemates; Ice Bear sleeps in the fridge. Food was in the way.


*may not be bears.
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So, uh... hi?

[The woman on-screen cringes a little and runs a hand through her hair.]

Sorry. Never had to introduce myself to the internet before. I'll try to be less awkward from now on.

I'm Ruby. Or, you can call me Red. Some of my friends do, so... Anyway! I'm new around these parts and figured I should say hi to everybody. It seems to be the thing to do for us newbies, right? So yeah, I like running, watching movies, nights out on the town with friends. That sort of thing. So if that's your thing too, hit me up, I guess? Maybe we can do a thing together sometime. I don't know.

[Yes. Excellent. Not awkward at all.]

Also, if anybody's up for a weird conversation about witches and ghosts and goblins and stuff or has seen a small woman wearing a sword, a scowl, and a suit of armor, let me know! I seem to have lost one. Er, woman, I mean. Not goblin.



May. 7th, 2016 11:56 pm
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[welcome to late night shitposting with duncan, mother's day edition]

Okay so, hypothetically speaking

If you were born in 2024, and you wanted to try and see if your mom existed in a parallel universe in 2016

Would that be creepy?
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[ Max has been getting better at cleaning his room since Duncan moved in, but anyone who cares to check the background of this shot might notice it's spotless. No clutter on the floor, and the bed itself is actually made.

Amazing what a sudden bug infestation will do to your cleaning habits.

Max is sitting at his desk with the phone propped up against a book to record. Ignore that can of bugspray just barely in-frame. ]

Hey guys. If I wanted to shield my house from magic and prevent people from, say... magically filling my bed with roaches from an unreasonable distance away, how do I go about doing that?

[ Totally hypothetically, of course. ]


Apr. 17th, 2016 08:29 pm
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Hey, everyone. Listen. I had an idea. See, I've heard those... heroes running around have special names for themselves. Different names. Like... super man or something.

So. I've decided.

[Whoa now, he sounds proud of himself. That's probably not a good sign, where Iron Bull is concerned. And this is something everyone can thank the one and only Sky High for, since the nice man has been filling Bull's head with talk of Hero Names.]

Get this. Instead of the Iron Bull, how about we go with... The Iron Dragon?

[There's a pause. Like he's waiting for a reaction.]

Yeah? Huh? Intimidating enough? I figured it would be. It has a better, scarier ring to it.


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