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Feb. 9th, 2017 06:10 pm
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[ A very fashionably dressed, green-skinned elf wearing a dapper, pointy hat over his long blond hair peers over the tops of some neon pink sunglasses to look into the camera. Surprisingly, he doesn't seem all that concerned with how this handheld technological wonder is able to broadcast him live, despite clearly being some sort of fantasy wizard. ]

So, this place is fucking bonkers, huh? One minute, I'm minding my own business, polishing the handle of my Umbra Staff and pretending to listen while some asshole tells me about his fish, and the next thing I know, I'm in some crazy bullshit world with floating battle wagons and way more elevators than could ever possibly be necessary.

On the bright side, I guess I'm a makeup artist now? Which sounds pretty sweet, I guess. Making people nicer to look at and not running all over the world to track down stupid-powerful weapons of mass destruction and almost getting killed every other Thursday? Sign me up! I needed a vacation, anyway.

But here's a really important question for all you listeners out there: who's gonna point Taako in the direction of the nearest day spa? Cha boy's had a hell of a day, and my pocket spa just ain't cutting it.


Dec. 28th, 2016 12:25 pm
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Gooooood aaafter-- oh, is it afternoon yet?

[Asks Maya, checking her bare wrist before she looks up and around at the Heropa park she's sitting in. She doesn't seem to find a clock.]

Whatever, afternoon. Today, I have a really funny story for ya.

[She adjusts on the bench, grinning and pushing her hair out of her face. The camera bounces a little with the movement of her leg before she realises she should steady it.]

So like-- it's 2020 where I come from. Sorta. I already lived through 2016, but today we-- well, on my today four years ago-- we were on one of the most important cases of Phoenix's career!

But you know what the best part is?

[Maya's grin turns into a more amused smirk.]

One of the interrogated witnesses... Was a parrot.
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Hullo, all.

So...The days are short, the air is cold (except in Heropa), and all of us are struggling with lingering embarrassment from all those mis-sent texts. So, to give us all a bit of cheer, and in recognition of all the holidays we've constructed to help us deal with winter, I thought we all could give one another a bit of love.

So! How does this work, then? Well -

1. Go ahead and post your name in this post.
2. People respond to you with things they like about you, lovely moments you've shared, et cetera.
3. You go out and respond to others with things you like about them.
4. NO BEING AWFUL. Do NOT give backhanded compliments or secretly troll people or things like that. The point of this is to be good to one another. Go be good to one another!
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ok get this

there is a bull for HEAVEN

like instead of IRON BULL hes like GOD BULL and shit can u imagine

hahahaha take that wolf god am i right

((ooc: you can thank this thread for the text here))
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As seen in local newspaper, magazine, and radio ads in the Nonah area:
Knights, Knaves, and Knives will take advantage of those sweet, sweet imPort fandom dollars (and their imPort employee's connection to other imPorts) and do a specially themed show/crossover with the Pink Princess TV show, running from November 14th to the 23rd!

In the TV show's plotline, Maya has traveled back in time to seal some past ghosties, and in the restaurant show she's transported herself to King Arthur's court to get some magical backup. Maya enters a tournament by mistake (as you do), and finds herself going against Morgan la Fey and her champion, Mordred (who, for the sake of being more kid friendly, is now a spooky ghost in spooky armor instead of Arthur and Morgan's bastard). If Maya wins the tournament, she'll win a magical artifact to help her on her journey and save Camelot. If Mordred wins, Morgan gains the power to destroy King Arthur and Camelot for good. Oh no! The results are determined by audience participation and cheering, and both endings are written with the potential for all characters to come back from their untimely defeat.

As seen on TMI's First Scoop TV segment, website, and magazine article:
Could winter's chill be bringing new couples together? For Daryl Dixon and Mako Mori, all signs point to yes. Daryl appears to have hired Mako as his new manager following several trade show appearances, so this may not seem surprising, but the two have also been spotted spending a lot of time together on the streets of De Chima and Nonah. And acting particularly unbusiness-like.

They were first spotted together last month in Maurtia Falls when Daryl was seen carrying a dazed Mako into a diner near the city's Porter. Fans of Daryl reported they'd seen the two leave the 'Haunted Alley' that stirred up so much imPort interest. No one's sure what happened in there, but whatever it was, it looks like a spark was lit when he acted the part of knight in shining armor. Both have denied any romantic involvement, claiming to be 'just friends', but recent pictures of the two show that they can't seem to keep their hands off each other. Guess we know who'll be cozying up in front of the fire this holiday season!

(A smattering of candid photos of the two, Mako's hand often resting against Daryl's arm or Daryl's hand at the small of Mako's back, accompany the segment.)

As seen on local news outlets:
A three-month-old missing persons case was unexpectedly solved when Alice Whitman, 14, was dropped off at her parent's house at four in the morning and an ambulance called by an unknown tipster. Early questioning of Alice about her experience by authorities paint a horrific picture of being held captive in an unknown building. Police responded to questions about how she was found with the statement that Alice wasn't in an emotional state to give specifics, but that she kept repeating an 'angel' saved her and 'flew' her home. Given the propensity of flight powered citizens, imPort involvement is suspected, but it could also be a member of our new Metahuman community. However, no one has come forward to claim credit for the rescue. When asked about the fate of her abductor, Police said that they were already in the process of investigating suspects and seizing evidence.

As seen in tabloids and The Evening Sun:
Where are they now? A local rag called imPortant! promises to answer this question and more concerning America's latest craze: metahumans! This five page spread gives up the good on the who, what, and where like no one has tackled before! Read interviews from local metahumans in your very own community! Check out the website for video interviews and all the photos imPortant couldn't fit in its pages.

Let's take a look at just one example of this tantalizing coverage!

"We tracked down one man who has been a regular defendant of imPort rights and their importance within America for several years under the alias PorterPosse. Now, he truly feels part of their struggle after the life-changing effects many natives have experienced. This man may not know what the future holds, but he seems confident. 'The world is changing for them. America will be a place for imPorts! It's going to real soon. I guarantee it!' "

Sounds confident, doesn't he?

As seen on Politica and The Beltway Press:
A curious story made the rounds this week, regarding the upcoming Senate election in Virginia. A race that’s been looking tighter and tighter by the week was starting to promote some terse relations between fans of both candidates. However, there was a moment of levity, on a local comedy show, when both candidates Hundred and Stankavich were invited onto the Comedy Hour earlier this week. On the same show.

While tensions arose between the candidates on many points -- most that had to do with economic policy, imports, and international relations -- both spoke at length about their positions, but the most memetic moment of the entire interview was when the host, Danny Talon, provided each with a cream pie, and the candidates smushed the pies into each other’s faces -- before the host proclaimed them the “Re-pie-blican” and “Demo-cream” candidates. All while the audience recited pi.

Pictures of the candidates have been plastered online, and in good fun, both have left the images of their pie-covered faces remain part of the Bwitter profile pictures.

As seen on the national news stations, major headline papers, and public radio:
Maurtia Falls Police Department are on high alert and asking for public assistance in their search for Michael "Mika" Covington. Covington was one of the citizens affected by imPort Tony Stark's "4" app, a no longer downloadable nor legal mobile app that activated a complex virus local citizens had been infected with back in early fall, granting them superpowers. Covington is 5 feet and 10 inches, of average build, has short brown hair and blue eyes. Friends and family say he can be often seen wearing his favourite red hoodie and he has a mole on his chin. Covington gained the ability of flight; something, his family says, he was keen on mastering.

He was last seen in Maurtia Falls at approximately 10:28 PM on October 28th, only three blocks away from where he lived. He was seen at a 24 hour convenience store picking up snacks, however his shopping bag was found in the alleyway behind the store.

His family is begging anyone with any information on his whereabouts to speak up to the police. An inside source says police are also under much pressure from the government to locate Covington due to his status as a meta. They are also cautioning other metas, imPorts included, to stay vigilant when they are by themselves, especially in the night.

As seen on TMI, Rumblr content, Maurtia Falls tabloids:
The first of November sparkled with the celebration of a new psychiatric hospital opening in Maurtia Falls! Doctor Frederick Chilton, newly-minted Head Administrator of the Maurtia Falls Psychiatric Hospital for the ImPorted and Empowered, was the guest of honor among a celebrity list of scintillating imPorts and personalities. Reported among that number was aging heartthrob Jeff Winger and the stunning Raina. Fan-favorites like hotel magnate James Patrick March, underground rock star Persephone, the newly married Dorian Gray, and the lovely Bela Talbot. For a full list of the glamorous guests, check out the TMI STAR GAZING! You can alpha-bet that these A-listers have gossip going on.

The event was organized by Rincewind, reported to be Doctor Chilton's closest platonic companion. Dispute on that claim is welcomed in the comments on TMI's linked site! The choice of venue, Ambassador Petyr Baelish's Iron Throne, inspired some raised eyebrows. TMI hopes to follow-up with Ambassador Baelish on his extracurricular activities and growing influence.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from to MODERATELY SKEPTICAL PINK to VIOLET DRIZZLE because PURPLE RAIN was too expensive and the government is hitting a fiscal budget tightening.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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Playmaker-san asked a good question about if our powers defined us. It's something I've been thinking about lately.

What if you have a power that goes against even your biology?

If it changes something about you that's always been a requirement?

As a Ghoul, I've always had to eat humans to live. There's no other way, it's how Ghouls are. How our bodies work.

But...the Porter has made it so I can eat human food now.

Before it made me sick. It tasted horrible. But now it's good, it doesn't make me weaker to eat it. If I can eat human food to live now, instead of humans...

Does that change who I am? Does it change what I am?

I have always been a Ghoul. I don't know how to be anything else.

[ 'i don't know if i want to be anything else' goes unsaid, but it's there.

thanks for the existential crisis, kidou. ]
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[This is a really...odd question to ask. And Kaneda knows it. But something's been on his mind as of late, especially with his new job working out the way it is. Boredom begets creativity, and thus the feed opens up to our favourite biker teen sitting at his desk in Neo Tokyo, sliding back and forth on his rolling stool as he plays with a thumbtack.

Poking his skin lightly with the tip. It makes no impression, and it's as if it were going into silly putty rather than actual skin.]

Does...anyone know where to get something that can block my powers? I don't know, like a magic bracelet or something?

[He has his reasons.

He totally has his reasons.]

I want a tattoo.

[They're related, honest.]
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[ The video begins with only Pearl's hair pretzel being visible in the camera's frame before she sets the phone down on a table. Pretzel Head Pearl's demeanor is much different than it was when she first appeared on the network. Rather than a scared and confused foreigner, she now looks like a scared and confused native. Much different.

She also has something shiny and red in her hand, but only part of it is visible from this angle. It looks... not dangerous, per se, but definitely not like something an eight-year-old should have in their hands. ]

Umm... Hello. The other day, I found out that I had been gone for a day, but I'm not sure where I went, and I don't remember leaving... And when I came back, I was suddenly holding this. [ She holds up the obviously love-themed bow with a bashful expression. What she fails to mention is that she was daydreaming of her favorite pretend couple KISSING when it appeared in her hand. Which may be why she also looks so guilty. ]

I-I think I've been a bad girl... This isn't mine, and I don't know who to return it to! [ GUESS who just started bawling on the feed, coming to you live from her bedroom! No really, you'll never guess who!! ] I'm sorry for stealing, and pretending that Mystic Maya and Mr. Nick kissed!
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Do you believe in God? Gods? Do they exist where you're from? What about angels or demons or anything like that?

Where I'm from the existence of gods is hard to deny. People are pretty devote and religious. Church is an intrinsic part of our culture. It takes someone pretty hardheaded or self-centered to deny the existence of higher powers, but here there's not much emphasis on religion. Guess I'm just kinda curious now. Is it more like my home in your worlds, or more like this one?

[Joaquin may be slightly drunk, or perhaps he's just tired.]
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What day is it!?

[ Hello, imPort network, that may be a voice you haven't heard in a while- owing to the fact that someone disappeared early last month- a certain birdly-lookin' fellow (not a full bird, mind you, but the feathers stick out behind his ears and just under his ridiculous spikes), as he whirls around. ]

I was just leaving to check on Edgeworth's house, and then - wait, no, I was in- someone in Europe? But I was just here! And-

[ He's pointing the device probably at some digital text that is scrawling across a billboard, that reads August 8th ]

Wasn't it July a minute or two ago? Am I going crazy? What- what happened? What did I miss? Hello? Anyone?

[ He will likely stay on video for a period of time, owing to the fact that he has no idea what else to do, just yet. ]
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[ Pearl has been here for over two days now, yet has only mustered up the gall to step outside once (excluding her arrival). She's been restless, unable to calm down for the bulk of those two days and it shows in her fidgeting.

She was also very hesitant to use the network since she'd practically be putting herself out there in front of possibly hundreds of strangers. But, well. Here we are. She begins with a diffident, shaky tone. ]

H-Hello, my name is Pearl Fey. I'm not very sure how to use a celery phone, but I'm looking for my cousin, Mystic Maya. She was - [ Pause. She's trying to remember the word. Also, she meant cellular, not celery. ] - kid... napped, by a very bad man.

If anyone knows who kid napped her, please tell me...!


Jun. 3rd, 2016 07:06 pm
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[Mid-morning, Cass makes a post to the network while sitting at one of the tables of her café. She's smiling just as usual, but the Lucky Cat Café in the background is quiet and oddly empty, even at this slow time of morning after the rush hour.]

Hi everyone! It's Cass... and I've got a couple of announcements to make, [she starts, then drums her fingers against the tabletop before she continues.]

I'm sure most people know have realized by now, but Tadashi and Hiro Hamada have left. They haven't come home in several days, and they're no longer on this network. I don't know if they'll come back or not, but so far I've waited and there haven't been any signs. I-- [She turns away from the camera for a moment and raises her hand to cover her mouth. There's a sniffle, a sigh, and then she's back.] Regardless of whether they come back or not, I wanted to take some time and thank all of you for being there for them, supporting them, and most of all being their friends. It meant a lot to me to be able to see them surrounded by so many people.

That said! [she claps her hands once, softly.] If the boys had borrowed something from you and you want it back, please let me know. I'm going to be going through their belongings and storing them. If you had borrowed something from them and want to return it, you can bring it to the café and I'll hold on to them.

As for my second announcement. [Here she sighs and takes a look around at the store.] We've been shorthanded at the shop lately. I don't want to overwork the guys I've got now, so I would like to announce that if anybody is interested and working at a café, I could use some extra hands on the weekends and in the mornings.

That's it! It's getting warm, so stay hydrated, all of you.

((ooc; The cafe really is hiring! If your character is interested, hit me up in a PM or my plurk @ squigstuff ))
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[ Video isn't actually meant to be on right now, that much is clear. Hinami looks too miserable, too tired to have presented herself on purpose. She's been crying for quite some time, if how painfully red and swollen her eyes are says anything. ]

I know...that some people saw it when Onii-chan...when he got out of control. That they saw him leave.

So, um. [ she takes a moment to try to get another wave of tears under control. ]

So Kaneki Ken has been ported out. He was a few days ago.

[ what else can she even say? first the rampage and then he was just...gone. with nothing but a letter left for her in case this happened, a list of people she could go to and rely on. ]

I-I'm sorry to the people he hurt. Onii-chan is a good person, but he...he has some things wrong. In his head. I don't know what happened...and it doesn't make the people who were any better, but he wouldn't have done it if he was himself.

He doesn't like hurting people.

[ and that's...really all she can say. ]
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[His voice comes out a little hesitant - embarrassed, maybe.]

Uh, hey there. I suppose I should re-introduce myself, since a certain someone pointed out I hadn't posted since I... uh, tried to get help with my powers. Thanks for that, by the way, everyone! It's been a couple months now and I've got the hang of it.

Anyway, I'm Phoenix, Phoenix Wright. But uh, now I've got a different problem. See, they uh... assigned me a job. And, I mean, it is something I have some experience with, and I've been doing alright introducing the basic concepts, but...

[A groan.]

Why do they think I can teach law here just cause I practice it at home!?

I've never had to plan lessons before, and I'm supposed to teach National Security Law to Students? I'm not exactly an expert on that level of the law, not to mention this place is... well, a lot different!

...I suppose I should explain what I did at home, too. In case anyone is interested. Back home, I was a defense attorney. So if people need help, I can offer to represent them - at least, I'm pretty sure the Bar Exam isn't that much different than the one I took. I've got a pretty good track record, too. So... if you need someone, I'm always on hand - it's sure something I have more experience with than teaching.

[A beat.]

Which - if anyone has any tips, uh, feel free to let me know! I-I could use some help...!

[He chuckles, nervously, before shutting off the audio.]
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[Pffft. These idiots just decided to give her a device that can transfer sound to anywhere in the world. Sounds like her voice. Y'know, the one in her music. The music that just so happens to hypnotize people into do her bidding. What a bunch of dipsticks these guys were.

...Ember doesn't yet realize that her music can't hypnotize anyone over the network. So we're going to have an attempt, if nothing else.

So, as a result, the voice post that gets sent across the network is of a girl singing. There's no instrumentals at all outside of a totally radical electric guitar. But the result still comes out pretty good - and the vocals are an absolute highlight. After the song is over, there's a brief pause, and the same voice speaks with a certain sense of cockiness.]

Well, whatcha think, babypops? C'mon, tell me who you love.
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[A helmeted man in what appeared to be full Hero regalia focuses dead-center at the view of the camera, his coat and epaulettes fluttering in the wind, staring at it for a time as if he's either contemplating something or was just quite puzzled. In the background there were open skies, and it's hard to tell perhaps but there may have been a few birds here and there flying past or around him. Either he was up on top of a building on a roof of some kind, or he was just floating in mid-air.

Normally he'd have been on HERO TV even in this capacity when addressing the citizens. Was this a broadcast much like that? Given the phone they'd given him upon arrival was the only thing that appeared to be working however, he has little choice but to utilize it in lieu of his wristband that couldn't gain a connection.

Although the former King of Heroes was no longer taking orders from Agnes to get the "perfect" shot, it still seemed he wanted to pose just right, with his hands on his hips and then his arm lifting in salutation before long. It becomes clearer that yes, indeed, he's flying in the air, if the jetpack on his back was any indication. (Maybe the phone was floating too?) The stream of air he pushes through it brings him higher now and if he wasn't in costume, he may even have smiled.]

Greetings and greetings again! Is this not a strange, fascinating place we have found ourselves? I admit this is all quite new to me, but it is my deepest wish that if anyone needs my help, that they ask for me. I promise I will endeavor to do my best with all might!

[Maybe that's a little strange, that he's saying he'll help others, when it's more likely that he's in a position to be helped.]

I have agreed to protect the cities and its citizens, and so I say to you, my fellow Heroes, thank you and thank you again for your service! I am Sky High! And I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

[It was your generic in-service Hero spiel, of course, but how can he do anything else when he has very little else to go off of? They'd only given him so much information in the pamphlet. Still, he'd been attentive enough when it came to the details.]

Ah, before I make my rounds there was something I wanted to ask, if it is permitted! You see, I come from a place where NEXT are quite prevalent, but I've never encountered a place where you gain abilities upon arrival. I've heard that everyone has powers here. I don't meant to pry, I just have to wonder how that happened, exactly. They didn't really invite such questions when I arrived, you understand.

To anyone whose powers may have recently awakened...You may have difficulty controlling them at first. It's natural, however. You'll quickly get used to it, I assure you.

Thank you and thank you again for your time and consideration!


Apr. 7th, 2016 02:38 pm
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[The video opens on a patch of blue sky, with some birds flying by. The camera turns and there's a surprisingly green girl giving a smile and a wave. And apparently holding the comm with no hands. She floats (??) peacefully for a bit, wind catching her cape before looking at the camera again.]

Hey, everyone! I'm Miss Martian. But you can call me M'gann. Just thought I'd introduce myself. A-and even though I am actually from Mars, I promise I'm not here to invade or anything! I mean, an invasion of just one person isn't a very good invasion. And I'd probably go all undercover so you wouldn't even notice... It'd be pretty easy actually.

[She actually appears to be considering the logistics of an alien invasion before remembering herself.]

Anyways! I'm really excited to meet everyone and I hope we can be friends!
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Okay, weird question. Completely important, guys. Like...Priority #1

Baseball★ or Cricket☆.

[Yes, he speaks in stars. What of it. You may hear the essence of a home run after 'Baseball', and a umpire in the background of 'Cricket'. Yeah. that happens.]

I'm not saying it's to prove a point but it's DEFINITELY to prove a point.

Baseball's totally better.


Mar. 14th, 2016 09:02 pm
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[It would seem this post’s been crossposted to other social media outlets, so if your character’s obsessed with the various brothers and sisters of Twine and MeTube, they might get this on multiple channels.

the camera opens to a wondrous view of a handsome young golden retriever wagging his tail as he sits on the sidewalk next to a bench, and of said handsome young golden’s master beautifully shoving hand-sized pies in his mouth with… multiple fast food bags beside him. They’re probably all full of hand pies. Gorgeous. Stellar. Truly a world-moving portrait.

Behind the camera is one Maya Fey, who along with Ken has been dragged on this pi-day pie collecting plan.]

Goood afternoon, Nonah. We’re here today with your follow up to operation: Kaneda pre-orders a pie. Kaneda, the public would like to know-- how many pies did you pre-order?

[Maya shoots her hand out in front of the camera as though gesturing at Kaneda with an imaginary microphone. This microphone is a paper-packaged straw, mind you.]

[Give Kaneda a moment, he didn’t expect an interview while he was still eating. His eyes cast to that ‘microphone’, his chewing slowing down to a snail’s pace as he finishes up that bite, swallowing hard and looking at the pie (still in box) that he’s holding.] ….One.

And how many pies were you able to buy, in the end?

[Another bite of pie follows, as he sizes up the bags sitting next to him on the bench. Clearly he’s in food-mode right now, and actually using his brain is taking a backseat to munching. Without even swallowing this time, he starts to count inside the first bag, holding it open with one hand while the other still firmly holds the pie.]… thirty.


...It’s really damn good.

[This entire video has ‘dog shaming meme’ written all over it, apparently.]

It’s strawberry. [Kaneda seems to have stopped paying attention to the broadcast, focusing more on the pie and talking to...well...Maya, I guess.]

Mmmmmhm. So, yeah. Pre-ordering pies— worth it, or not? You decide.

I want another. [As he goes diving into the first bag, spelunking for another one, practically sticking his whole head inside in the process.]

[The camera swaps over to the view of Capsule nosing at the bare patty of a hamburger, a special treat for pie day, since dog pie is certainly not a fast food staple.]

And now for the real hero of the day, Capsule. You go, pal.
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[It's a slow day here in Nonah #005. There's nothing really too exciting about March 7th. It's sunny, slightly warmer (Don't worry, Maya let them know alllll about that), and breezy. High of 50's at most. But that was just it--nothing was really happening. And when you're so used to hitting the ground running these past few months, a few hours of nothing is an eternity for someone like Kaneda.

It was too quiet.

The feed opens on Nonah 005's couch, Kaneda sitting there with his legs propped up on the coffee table, hands covering his eyes in boredom. Fingers split to peek through, looking into the recording screen, before drawing his attention elsewhere, to the spot right next to him on the couch. There sat one Maya Fey, comic book propped open on her lap and currently wrapped up in an intense battle between the Lime Light and Minestro. He should let her keep reading, she looked pretty involved in the story…

But boredom is the heaviest burden of all.]


[Not one to ‘disturb her’, he puts a finger to his lips while catching the camera’s ‘eye’, reaching over while he thinks she isn't looking to take her comm. Sneaking it past her, he flips it open, browsing through it to try and find SOMETHING entertaining.] Let's change her background...

[And that's what he does for a few minutes, cycling through random google images of everything from magic eyes to some weird chipmunk meme, lifting them up to the screen as if they could give an opinion. But then, he stops dead, eyes fixated completely on the other screen, eyes enlarging to the size of dinner plates.

Something unironically caught his attention this time.]

Cut for silly shenanigans )

[ooc: Replies can be either done on the network, or on the social media instagram proxy called "Hashtagram". You can choose to reply in whichever style you want, if you want to make it like social media, feel free!

P.S. Nonah 005 people can action this.]


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