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[ Well it's been a couple of days since the swear-in, and if Clem was sure of one thing, it was this: She should not have walked home in the rain.

There's a stifled sneeze when the audio function turns on, and a few minutes of silence follow. Finally, a sign of resignation. She's not sure what is the best medicine, and she's trying to remember what it looked like when she last was sick. Halp? SHe's a newbie at this stuff. ]

I... have... a question. [ Someone is going to laugh at her, she feels, but she's going to ask anyway. ]

I haven't ever been to FLorida before, but...has anyone ... [ She stops there, decides not to ask. ]

Nevermind, it's stupid.

[ She'll ask something instead. ]

What would you do, if you got someone killed..?

[ Heavy questions from Tiny McTinyTot. But it's guilt that weighs heavily on her head, and she was curious how other people deal with it. ]


[ OR If you rather, Sniffles McGee, aka Clem can be found departing either a pharmacy or a supermarket, with a small bag of goodies, on her way back to the Government apartments. Feel free to run into her either at the pharmacy or the way home if you would rather! ]

001; video

Jul. 10th, 2014 08:16 pm
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[Aaron Stack, singularly most advanced android every made, has Been Through This Shit Before. It wasn’t any more impressive the second time around. He didn’t feel any more inclined to care.

He was going to just wait it out. But he's getting bored, and curious, and suspicious of the quiet. And so-

At the risk of having a conversation I have had numerous times before, again- I still do not appreciate being repeatedly dragged into your silly fleshcapades. I have no need of your government oversight or blah blah meatsack safety regulations or whatever the thinly veiled justification is this time. Was it the Soviets? Please. If the Soviets are still givig you trouble, there no hope for you at all. And I liked my universe, you know. Danvers' inability to use Google Maps aside, it was fun. Lots of kicking and explosions and things that needed shooting.

But in the spirit of self-interest all you fleshies embrace, I’ve given it some thought and decided I am willing to extend the same offer I made SHIELD. If you can offer me suitable and fulfilling incentive and deliver a reasonably large amount of expensive imported beer on a daily basis, I will once again consider...well, whatever. To start, I want a Life Model Decoy pony this time. You do not get to question why.

[It's because he has a leftover cowboy hat from hunting zombies, mostly. And mostly to see what people think he will do with a pony.]

These are the only terms I will accept.

001; video

Jul. 8th, 2014 02:00 pm
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[The screen is awfully dark at first; wherever the video is being recorded, it's hard to tell, so at first it might seem like this is either an accident or the user isn't all that great with technology.

Fortunately, it isn't long at all before a light source comes on, but it's dim - so dim, in fact, that the person who shows up on screen isn't entirely visible. He seems to be lounging around somewhere, but there's enough light to tell that he's...he's shirtless, yet his face is completely obscured.

Surely he couldn't be doing it on purpose to show off his body, right? Who the hell could be that narcissistic?

cut for endless nonsense from a guy who likes to hear himself talk )
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[Congrats Heropa, you have one uncertain looking teenager on the network. Both arms are crossed over his chest (which is missing the usual red S) and Conner practically glares at the phone that he's set up. Behind him is the turmoil of his room that the people currently in Residence 16 might have heard him tossing about. The bed has been upended and is sitting on its side against one of the walls along with the rest of the furniture - some may notice he's taken a couple of chairs from the common area. That doesn't leave a lot of open space in the rest of his room and that's the way he likes it.

He also may or may not have searched for bugs.

Curled up on one of those chairs is an excessively large white wolf, part of his body spills off the chair. Wolf has his resting on one the arms and doesn't seem to care about Conner or his public broadcast.]

So...it's the fourth of July. A day of independence and freedom. Feels kind of ironic to have shown up on this day. [He doesn't elaborate on that more but certain people know.]

Are we expected to keep the jobs they gave us or are we allowed to find a new one? [Conner does not look excited about the prospect of having to keep it.] I'll give it a try but I don't know how well it will go over for me working at a fitness place.

[Sure, he can benchpress a small car but that doesn't mean he can teach someone to benchpress a car.]
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[It's not too long after Danger's post that this one goes up--video, in his case. He's hanging out on his couch in house #14 again, and looks--somewhere between reflective and nostalgic. It's Father's Day, so of course he's been thinking about Kaede--but when the post goes up asking people to talk about their dads, it gets his mind on the reverse.]

Danger's post got me to thinking--how many of you guys have kids, back home? I'm not just talking by blood, anyone you'd consider your kid or like a kid to you counts, really.

I was wondering if anyone'd wanna share something about their kids, a story or a random fact or what they're like.

I dunno, maybe it's silly, but I kinda like the idea that maybe, even if time isn't actually moving for us back home, they'd still know--somehow--that we're thinking of 'em.

[A slight pause. He shifts on the couch, leaning forward toward his communicator a little. His smile is soft, and if it seemed a little distant before, it's certainly faraway now.]

I guess it'd make sense to go first, yeah? I've got a little girl back home, Kaede. She's ten, this year. She...

[He trails off for a second, but it's easy to see from the barely repressed enthusiasm that it's not so much that he can't think of what to say as that he wants to say everything at once, and can't figure out quite where to start.]

She's an amazing kid. Super independent and brave and tough as nails, too. Helped her old man outta kinda a huge mess not long before I got here, actually. And really smart, she's close to the top of her class in school!!

[He's practically gushing with pride as he says all of this, but that last thing gets some particular emphasis, because he was pretty terrible at school himself. There's a beat or two more of pause, and then he laughs a little.]

Got a temper on her too, though. Sweet but fiery, just like her mother.

[If his eyes look sad for a moment there, he's not affording anyone the chance to dwell on it, because he barrels straight on--]

Heh, if she were here, she'd probably be yelling at me right now for being embarrassing. [Another soft laugh.] So I guess I oughta stop there before she scowls too much at whatever she's doing back home.

[He could go on forever about Kaede ok, she is his baby. ;w; Buuuut perhaps best not to lose all the cool points he'd just so painstakingly finally earned, even if just in spirit.]


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