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What's the longest someone's ever been here? A few years or something, right? Four? Five.

[The camera goes all skewed when Wally sets his phone down nearby. He picks up a container of Hershey's chocolate syrup and empties it into an ice cream carton before reaching for a soup spoon to eat out of it.]

Y'know what's nuts? I bet someone could live a whole life here, if they never got Ported out. If it gets stabilized or something? Like, what if somebody showed up when they were like ten, and then they lived here for fifty years? They could have kids, grandkids. Graduate, get a job, maybe do the superhero thing if they felt like it. [Shakes up a can of whipped cream and sprays it into the carton.

...keeps spraying. Until. Until it's empty.]

You could totally have a whole dual life here. Would it be a dual life if it stops existing when you go back? -but yeah, you'd be on your deathbed and then you could decide, okay, that's enough, and get Ported back home and you're ten years old again and you live whatever life back home.

[huge spoonful into the mouth] 'N 'f y'think 'bout it, [swallow] isn't the life you forget just as important as the one you actually die in? I mean, just because you go back home and don't remember your friends, they still remember you. Or I dunno, maybe it stops counting if they forget you too.

But scientifically, I mean, it doesn't. Doesn't not-count. It counts, even if people forget, because it still exists in reality. That's the cool thing about the multiverse hypothesis- I guess it's not just a hypothesis anymore, knowing what we know about here. That there's infinite possibilities, and the only reason one doesn't exist is because it just hasn't been discovered yet. I mean, it doesn't matter if you subscribe to Tegmark's levels or Greene's types, it's all still the same, right? Possibility.

Holy crap, this is great ice cream. [He turns the carton to face the camera.] See that? "Red, White and Bugles." Whoever thought of putting chips in ice cream deserves a medal. [He turns the carton back on its side and scrapes out the last of it. ...and then pours more chocolate syrup on the spoon and licks it off his hand like a pig.] Mmmm.

Anyway. I started out with the point, but I can't-


Anybody else here never wanna go back home? I know there's some of you with crappy apocalypse worlds that don't have a whole lot to offer. Or what about staying here sixty years and then just going right back to where you left off? Sixty. I think I said fifty. Whatever, not important.

Get this ice cream, it's freakin' bomb.
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so it would seem i am about to have ample time to sit around and get all the chores i've been putting off done for once. that in mind, does anyone know if there's a decent armorer in this maker forsaken country?

i have a few items in dire need of repair.

[ Which is only one part of the message, the part open to the entire mirrornet, decided lack of capital letters and all. The next part, however... ]

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[ The video starts off jerky as Sarah runs a hand through her messy hair, then smooths out… a little. She’s walking down the street—pacing, really, near the house she’s been assigned to in Nonah—and looks like she’s barely holding it together. She doesn’t appear to be hurt, physically, but there’s a tiredness in her face, especially around her eyes, that suggests she hasn’t gotten a good night’s rest in a while. ]

Hey, hey, is this thing even working…? Shit. I just—

[ She stops walking, coming to a halt on the sidewalk, and adjusts the communicator. ]

I just need to talk to someone about what’s going on. It’s important. If anyone can see this, can you get back to me, please? God, this is so…

[ “Creepy,” she wants to say, and “Suspicious,” and about a hundred other things, none of them nice. But she’ll hold off, at least for now, and wait for some answers. ]
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so i just got here

and yeah i got the whole welcoming spiel so can it

i got separated from my friend somehow but hes gotta be here somewhere. if u see a kid named gon that wears all green and is way to cheerful lemme know.

oh and what happens if u just skip school? theyre telling me i have to go to school when the new semester starts. ive never went to school before though and it sounds like a waste of time.

[Something about the tight-knit government around here, how he arrived, and everything they knew about him just rubbed Killua the wrong way. Normally he wouldn't even care to ask, but he has to wonder if there's some ridiculously disproportionate punishment for playing hooky. He's been here all of a day and he already doesn't trust the place.

The last thing he remembers from home was using Accompany On with Gon. By all means they shouldn't have been separated, and yet they were, which is why he's convinced his friend has to be here somewhere. Not that anyone at the base would tell him.]
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[ to the video a woman with bright red hair and a selling smile comes to view. Her ID tag reads “Dominique Destine”. ]

Well, it seems the Porter has yet again brought in new faces. Welcome to this world, even if not under the best circumstances for all. My name is Dominique Destine and I’m a scientist working for Stark Technologies and also the new Biology teacher at The Xavier School for imPorts – worry not, I’m not particularly strict. [ yeaaahhh, she kind of is. ] Regardless, I welcome anyone to attend my classes if you feel that you’d benefit from them but do expect your knowledge to be tested eventually.

[ now that is out of the way ] Anyway, I know this place has become the epicenter of worlds coming together and as someone who came from one where Humans are the sole rational species, it fascinates me to see other species and races as intelligent – if not even more – as humans. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to now be living among us, Homo Sapiens [ yeah, she can ] but I’d love to know your opinions on the planet and our culture, the differences, what you might find lacking or simply far too weird and different from your own. Anything that comes to mind, no need to hold back. [ at all. ]

Lastly – it seems the Porter enjoys irony, thus I was given a kind of magic as my power. It’s fairly useless [ it isn’t. ] most of the time, but I have been wondering if it’s possible to fuse the magic of two different imPorts together. Those who have magic, would you be willing to experiment with me and see how far are we able to get?

Thank you for your time. [ Dominique nods and turns off the feed ]


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