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My birthday's coming up in three months, I actually remembered, this time.

[Honestly, people should be proud of him for remembering something that isn't food, adventure, or fighting-related.]

But not only do I not have a ship STILL, but my crew is still tiny. [It's just him and Zoro--that's so lonely.]

So what kind'a parties do people have in this weird place? I want a big one. And a fun one.

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Oct. 1st, 2016 01:50 pm
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Hi, everyone. If you haven't met me yet, I'm Catherine!

I wanted to ask everyone-- what's your favorite place, ever? It doesn't matter if it's impossible for you to get there right now, or even if it's not real. I just want to hear about where you'd be if reality wasn't an obstacle. Tell me all about it.

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[The first image you'll get to see on this particular video feed is pretty much a real detailed view of someone's eyes. They're way too close to the screen and you can almost see the individual flecks of deep brown when the image isn't blurred thanks to this guy moving more than a little bit. The individual responsible for such a sight is trying his damndest to figure out how the hell this thing works, how you can send messages or even videos on something that's very pointedly NOT shaped like a snail, and how you even know if it was working or not.

Eventually it seems like he's stopped caring, or decided that on sheer force of will alone that it's working. Because the feed pulls back and you can see this very 'good dog' expression on a very simple-looking man. A scar under his eye, and a rather ratty old straw hat perched atop his head.]

The food's really good here! And I wasn't even yelled at when I ate a lot, either, and I like that. [The crowd hadn't been the most fun, but who needed fun when there was food involved.]

An' yanno what? I don't like being away from my crew an' home, but if there's an adventure--Nihihi, then I guess I don't mind stayin' around! [And then that 'good dog' expression melts, as if exposed to heat very suddenly. A frown on his face.]

But there's so much land everywhere! And the ocean is so far away! There's too many buildings and I was told that there aren't any pirate ships here??


What's up with that??


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