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[The video's going to start with the camera passing over the headlines of several newspaper clippings, the date pretty unclear to how the camera's moving, but the headlines come out pretty clear. 'Russian Kidnapping plots', 'Invaders within the City', 'COMRADE RED', etc.

It looks as if he's showing off a section of wall set up like someone's tracking something--and honestly, it's not far from the truth. After a second of silence, the Camera whips around to show the image of a bright blonde many of you might recognise. Despite the sour headlines, he's grinning madly.]

...Seriously? Brainwashing? Soviets invading?

I've been gone for what, a month, and I come back to this place recovering from Crisis mode?

I knew shit was getting bad when all those propoganda videos and clips hit the air months ago, but now this, all at once?
How long do we got until everything really goes to hell in a handbasket.

Also hey, what's up. Been gone for a while, huh. Sorry about that, guess something just wanted to drag me home for a while or something. My roomate's gone, and so're his pets. If any of you guys know where Maine--or Tank--has gone, give me a ring, yeah?

Hideyoshi, Out.
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"Be subtle," they say, "don' be drawin' attention, Jin." 'S not the first time I've had to be all sneakylike, in fact havin' the ol' shinobi job I've pretty much always had t'be all sneakylike. But there's bein' sneaky in the shadows and there's bein' sneaky out in front o' everybody, and nobody's ever been tellin' me t'be makin' all like I'm a human before! A point's a point, is what I say, and if they be bringin' me here t'fight baddies fer 'em then I'll be doin' the job they brought me t'do!

[The feed is high on top of a building, given the fact that there's nothing but clouds and sky behind the bright shock of scarlet hair of this particular new face. The voice is a mile a minute in an almost impenetrable accent.]

'Sides that, if they be expectin' me t'make those gross smelly cakes like what they had in the hotel, they be in fer a shock! Sure, they smell all nice an' pretty-like, but then it's all slip slide on yer teeth and yer mouth gets all slick 'n bubbly an' bitter like swallowin' herbs, it does! I'll not be havin' none o' that, I learned that lesson!

12, Video

Jan. 21st, 2016 12:49 am
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[Major-General Armstrong is standing in her small, Spartan office, her back to the camera. As always, she's in her blue Amestris army uniform, though this time, she's also wearing a long, dark coat lined with fur at the collar. She very deliberately reaches up to grab a long, ornately decorated saber from where it hangs on the wall.] So it's come to this.

How many of you know war, I wonder? Not the violence of a brawl, or play-acting at being heroes, but war. I know it far too well. Back where I come from, I command a fortress at the border my nation shares with its greatest enemy. Amestris and Drachma have been at varying states of war for decades.

[She turns to the camera, resting the tip of her saber on the floor.] What they do not tell you is that war is boring. If you were under my command, every day you'd sweep the battlements for icicles. You'd maintain our weapons, our tanks. You'd ensure our supplies are sufficient to withstand a siege. War is drudgery, day to day.

And then, one day, you're awoken by artillery shells exploding twenty feet from your head. You scramble for your rifle, to get dressed in the pitch black of night, wondering if the next shell is going to be twenty feet closer. You're too scared to even piss your goddamn pants. And even when your orders cut through the chaos, you won't stop being scared. But you damn well do your duty, as you've been trained.

The sound of bullets... it's a curious sound. Quite beautiful, in its way. Bullets whistle, coming past your ear. [She mimicks the sound, a little thwip, with her own mouth.] In that instant, you don't realize that hearing the bullet means that if you'd been standing six inches to the right, your brains would be over the floor. [A tiny, cold smirk tugs at her mouth.] Hearing the bullet is good, because it means you're still alive to have heard it.

This declaration of war is a declaration of war not just on this nation, but on imPorts. We are under attack, and if they want war I damn well mean to wage it.

The courageous, join me. The rest, stay behind our backs. War is no place for the weak-hearted.
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[Good morning, everyone! Have a Winry with a bandanna wrapped around her head, standing in the kitchen. There's a soft 'chuff, chuff' sound coming from out of the view. Winry smiles off-screen then turns to the camera.]

Hi! I know this is short notice but I thought, since this is a big day in this world, I'd do something for it.

[She picks up the comm and turns it toward the kitchen. There are loaves of bread rising, a huge pot with steam coming out of it, and a lot of chopped up vegetables, as well as a few pie crusts, obviously ready to be filled.]

I'm making stew and bread and I'll have plenty for you if you want. If you want to come over, let me know and I'll send you the address!

[Another soft chuff off-screen, and the camera swings to show a pair of border collies, one black and white, one mottled merle.]

I do have a pair of dogs here but they're friendly if you have any pets you'd like to bring. So just give me a call and let me know!

[With that, she signs out.]


Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:54 am
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I think being friends with about forty thousand people warrants a network announcement. If any of you know Jaime Reyes, he's been Ported out.

Pretty smart guy told me that three months is a good amount of time to wait before assuming someone's not coming back with their memories, SO. I had a good idea of what we can do to make this a little happier, which is probably what he'd prefer anyhow. 'Cause he's a hippie.

Anybody interested, share a story about Jaime! Funny, nice, interesting- anything's fine so long as it's not depressing. Or if you don't have a story, maybe something you like about him or you could leave a message of something that you'd like to say to him. Maybe we can show him this if he gets back. Make him cry, so I can get blackmail pictures.

[A heavy pause.] Iiii don't want to make this sound like a eulogy or anything. Especially if he DOES come back, because then I'll look really stupid. But he's not from my world, so. You all know how that goes.

Jaime is...a seriously good guy. He's really a great- He's a great person. So. If you DON'T know that loser, definitely read around to what people have to say. You'll probably want to get to know him when you're done.


Nov. 23rd, 2015 10:24 am
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[The video feed switches on to Max, knitting and giving the camera a bit of a grin.]

Uh... hey, everyone. I don't normally do this stuff, but my employers asked, so here I am! Since the holidays are coming up, we've got a special sale going on at our studio.

[And here, she leans over, still knitting (can you tell she's been cheating with her rewind to get better at it quickly?) as she reads a list of various photo packaging prices, complete with backgrounds, props, and such.]

Not bad, huh? And yours truly will be working on the weekends in the afternoon and during the winter break, so if any of you want to drop by, feel free! Just be sure to call in, or reserve online, because sheesh, are we filling up on that quickly!
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[School has let out for the day by the time this broadcast goes up. You can tell because Josuke hasn't changed out of his uniform. (Never mind Heropa High doesn't require uniforms. Or the fact that Josuke wears his uniform a lot.) He's seated cross-legged on the carpeted floor of his bedroom which, for those of you who know that it's usually overrun with animals, happens to be curiously quiet today.]

So, uh...

[He raises his right hand and scratches lightly at his chin.]

I guess it's been sort of a while since I had anything to say on the Network? Sorry about that.

[It's really weird thinking he hasn't made a post for a couple of months. Not that he hasn't been around on other peoples', driving them nuts by pushing their buttons. In fact, one of those people is even responsible for Josuke feeling the need to make this post!]

Anyway, I actually got a couple of things I wanna talk about today! First up, Veterans Day just passed...we don't celebrate that back home, but we got Self-Defense Force Day and it's pretty much the same thing. You know, for remembering the people we've lost to wars. I figured since we're fightin' a war and we've had casualties, too—lost people either due to the fighting or the Porter—we deserve a way to remember 'em by. So, uh...I set up a message board for doing just that.

[Briefly, Josuke leans forward to take up his comm and tap out a LINK that soon appears onscreen for everybody to access. The comm's set back down again in front of him, then. Probably on a stack of school textbooks and homework he'll forget to do until five minutes before class Monday.]

If you got people you miss who aren't here no more, check it out. You can say something about 'em, or say what you'd have said if you'd been given a chance to say goodbye.

The other thing is, and it's pretty important, too... [Josuke's eyes narrow, his expression becoming serious.] ...even if Halloween did just pass, there's been more talk of fear lately than I think's healthy for anyone. Especially 'cause there hasn't been as much talk in circulation about how to overcome our fears.

I'm not an expert, but I do know the first step to owning your own fears is not running from 'em. It's not supposed to be easy, so don't get discouraged if at first you feel like it's gonna be impossible. I promise, it's not. Take a look around you and see how many people you got supporting you? A whole imPort community, some of 'em probably from your home. You can do this. And this is how.

[This is it, this is what this post has been building up to.

Josuke's gaze flicks to the side, towards something off screen, and while he tries to keep his expression militant, it's obvious in the arch of his brows and the faint grimace curling his lips that he doesn't want to do this. And why? Well, because he's afraid.

Afraid of the turtle he suddenly scoops up and holds out in view of the camera. Its little feet waggle nonthreatening in thin air and, as its tiny head slowly pokes around from left to right, it's clear that it's trying to make sense of what's going on.]

You just gotta...reach out and grab your fears with both hands. L-like so. And tell 'em, "You don't got me! I got you."

[Because he really looks like he's got this, right? But at least he's trying!]

A-and that's how you do it!

[Now, does he turn off the broadcast without looking like he's in too much of a hurry to set the turtle back down again? Looks like using his toes will have to suffice!]
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[Around 2 AM, a poorly worded text message makes its way onto the network:]

how do u get a kid to put a cucumber in his mouth
wait a minute
this is nut wut it sounds like

[Some letters are written with love or great frustration, but this one in particular was composed by a not-so-anonymous poster who had imbibed copious amounts of alcohol. Have no fear, however- As misleading as this shitty example of a modern "letter" is, Asher means well by it. He's been conspicuously absent from social media as of late, aside from the occasional #gains gym selfie on whatever this world's equivalent of Instagram is.

Anxiety is a bitch, and while his newfound powers could certainly be considered a godsend, his lack of control of them is what worries him most. Will he be the result of another unfortunate tragedy, yet again? Will the results of a mishap be even worse, this time?

He has managed to drink these thoughts away in order to gain more focus of the important things: Namely, how to get two mischievous twins to eat their vegetables.

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( If you want to read this entry without Papyrus font, it is HERE. If you would like to opt out of Papyrus font for your threads, it is HERE.)

[Looks like someone settling in nicely! Papyrus turns on the camera and adjusts his cape before adopting the absolute smarmiest smile possible. Skeletons are always smiling, you say? Well he's smiling even more than that.]




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hope can be such a fickle thing

ive lived my life without it for years and it chooses now of all times to barrel its way back in
but none of that makes it fit in the environment
its only like an ice cube trying to enjoy a summers day

even when im staring at it in front of me i cant seem to conquer the idea that it isnt mine
that im not the one who gets a happy ending its only being borrowed from someone else
another me from another timeline who things progressed more happily for
another me who could look at this and actually feel like shes earned it

i dont know what to do with this feeling
except to know its made a fool of me

[ She includes a photo taken on her desk, some weird black ball covered in candy corn spikes. Is it a Halloween decoration? ]

im going to be a mother after all

(T e x t)

Oct. 2nd, 2015 11:31 pm
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There are so many talented residents.

Some of you have never had powers before. Some of you know your powers well.

I am curious about your beliefs.

Are you comfortable in your current situation? Could you use...focus? Speak. I will listen.

(He senses unease - the spark of something bigger. How deep does it run, city? How big can the serpent grow? He doesn't mind operating in the shadows - a singular entity - but the progress is always sluggish.)

002; text

Sep. 30th, 2015 08:20 pm
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[ So with the beach trip out of the way, and finally progressing to the point where she can actually be allowed to go to other people's houses, there's one last thing Hinami's been thinking about. ]

theres schools here right? but not a lot of people go?

is it fun? i guess it's really easy to make friends if youre around a lot of people your age and working together

i only know what they actually do in one because of onee-chan and books. i do all my work at home.

[ it's curiosity for now. because lord only knows if cannidad and cannimom are ready for that request. ]
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SO, HEY. Hideyoshi here, nice t'meetcha new faces and old and all those niceities, but seriously--I have a really important question here.

Like, super dire. I might die if I don't get a proper answer, so have a heart and give a guy a good answer, okay--?!

Alright, here it is:

...October is next month. October is Halloween. Back home, never did go trick-or-treating because it was honestly an American ideal, you know? But look--look--

We're here now, right?? Do you think it'd be awful for an imPort to go trick or treating?? [He leans into the phone a little, a hand to his mouth, like he's imparting a secret.]

Or d'ya wanna make a group an' go trick or treating with me?
Promise I won't use my superspeed t'get more candies than you guys, alright??

[ Video ]

Sep. 5th, 2015 03:27 pm
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[ It’s Kaneki’s face on video; last time he made a post he was having a mental breakdown GOOD THING HE LOOKS NORMAL NOW. He isn’t going to talk about what happened last month; it has been 3 weeks and a lot of people have mentioned it already. If anyone wishes to talk about it, fine – but he won’t be the first to start the conversation. ]

I know this will be a very strange question coming from someone like me. [ since he doesn’t eat human food ] But I would like to know what are your favorite dishes and food. What do you like the most that I can acquire or cook in this country?

It’s not for me, obviously, since it’ll only taste like rotten intestines to me, [ kaneki has a great and colorful vocabulary for human food, yeah ] but I would like to try cooking something.

I might need a taster... [ last time he cooked, he didn't need one, but- ]

002. Video

Aug. 26th, 2015 02:14 am
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[Have a rather sleep mussed Andrew Warner broadcasting himself to the network guys. His hair in a great state of disarray and he clearly hasn't crawled out of bed just yet if the pillow behind his head is anything to go by. Its early in the afternoon and he should be in work, but he probably should have been in work a lot over the last few weeks but he just stopped going.

There's a wide grin before he starts speaking in a grumbly voice.
] Hey super-people! [Yeah he really did just say that. Because he was equal opportunities between superheroes and villains.] So uh, I figure I've been here kinda like a month now? Been a full cycle at least an' I'm havin' a total blast there's just one tiny thing.

[He flops back onto the pillows like he was having a conversation with a good friend rather than an entire country of people.] Where's the fun? I mean there's gotta be bars in this place, clubs, that kinda crap? This wolf has a cravin' for some place up-beat where I can shake what the good lord gave me. Any suggestions would be amazin' and y'never know, maybe we could call it a date?

[Shameless. Utterly shameless. He can't even get drunk but that won't stop him from making an ass of himself on some kind of dancefloor. Give him suggestions, good imPorts far and wide.]


Aug. 24th, 2015 08:08 pm
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[The man on the screen is wearing a clean white suit with a grey shirt underneath it, the simpleness of this attire outshone by the mask on his face, as it's clearly meant to draw all the attention. The mask is white with two black hearts for eyes (and only tiny holes in those for him to see through) and large pouty red lips made of plaster.

He spreads his arms, greeting his audience.]

Hello, lovebirds of all ages, shapes, and sizes!

I am pleased to announce that the brand new reality show GHOULFRIENDS will be airing on a station near you in the very near future! However, we still need one very important thing - contestants! That's right! You could find love right here on national television!

We're looking for some... unique participants to make this show stand out from any others of its type. (I'm looking at you, heroes!) So call our toll-free number or enter on our website! Heck, sign up your friends! We'll convince them it's worth their time.

As your host, I'll be glad to consider answering any questions you might have.

[Uta isn't using his usual tone of voice today, so he should be fairly hard to recognize. Go ahead and use this post to get an IC reason to have your character sign up for the show. Questions can be asked OOCly there, or ICly here.]

001 video

Aug. 6th, 2015 10:26 pm
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Okay. [Oh hey, look, it's one of those guys in armor. Only this guy isn't grey or white or glowing and see-through. Naaaah, this guy's just cobalt blue and somehow managing to look pissed off despite being literally just a suit of armor and a helmet. It's a gift.] This is bullshit.

[... yup] And I don't mean this weird-ass message board or the fact that we're in Florida-- no, I'm talking about all of it. Getting pulled here? Bullshit. Getting assigned a job? Bullshit. Being forced to live in a house with a bunch of other idiots? Buuuuuuuuullshit.

So. You all have five minutes to tell me something useful before I go right back and have a fucking chat with the machine that dragged us here.

[He's about to end the feed when something occurs to him.]

Oh. Right. There's someone else here using my name. I'm not him, he's not me. Wanna know why? Ask someone who cares.

[He's so charismatic.]
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[hey, network: did you need more dudes in massive armor? i think you did. he shifts, maybe uncomfortably? it's hard to tell, on account of the helmet.]

My name is Agent Washington. [okay, 'name' is pushing it, but he's already out of his comfort zone, here. this is clearly not a man who uses social networking in a non-business capacity.] Normally, I wouldn't do this, but "interdimensional kidnapping" seemed like an exception as far as asking stupid questions goes. I got the basic run-down from the soldiers at the teleporter installation, but I know better than to take a recruitment speech at face value. If anyone wants to fill in the blanks, it's more than welcome.

[yeah, that seems like a great introduction, wash, it's so devoid of personal information. PERFECT. church pipes up, loudly, from offscreen:]

"What, that's it? How about you try what the fuck is going on here, instead? I want some actual, you know, answers. When was the last time you got anything done by being polite?"

[wash just sort of.... ignores it... like he isn't even there.....]

Any help is appreciated. Washington out.

[blue team COs arrive together and get stuck going to the same apartment, and so, lucky you, network, you get double the jackass for the price of one. church might reply to toplevels, so BEWARE OF ASSHOLE.]

10, Video

Jun. 23rd, 2015 01:14 pm
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This is Major-General Olivier Armstrong.

The government has finally signed off on the RISE initiative: Rogue Import Suppression Enforcement. Several of you have spoken to me about this beforehand, others have not. For those who don't know, RISE will be working alongside local law enforcement to apprehend dangerous imPorts who pose a threat to innocent civilians and try them according to local law.

I'm in need of field agents with tracking and combat abilities to work in tandem with native police to apprehend suspects, and those capable of building and prosecuting cases in accordance with this place's law. Unsettled imPorts are welcome to work in the latter function, but will be prohibited from operating in the field. [And she doesn't sound entirely happy about this! But she keeps her emotions otherwise in check.]

There will be a recruitment event this week. Field applicants will have to face a military obstacle course and spar with a native combat instructor. All applicants, whether field or judicial, must be cleared for duty following a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Frederick Chilton.

I look forward to working with you.

(OOC: The OOC Sign-Ups / Information sheet for RISE is live and can be found here!)
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[ Nakamori Aoko is feeling a very complex mix of emotions. She’s just been told about her powers and that she has to live here now. She hadn’t really been able to get in a word edgewise as she ushered here and there in that weird building and then just dropped her off at this weird house. It’s left her one part scared, one part confused, one part excited (because superpowers!), but mostly it just left her angry. And now she has words. ]

Aoko doesn’t care if you did give her superpowers to make up for it, Stealing is stealing and kidnapping is kidnapping. It doesn’t matter if you’re government or not because it’s still illegal to take people from their homes. [ She’s pretty sure she was at home, she’s not really sure but that doesn’t make her any less angry. ]

The law is there for everyone to follow and no one is above it, it’s disgraceful your government thinks it can just pick and choose which ones it wants to follow. Aoko has family where you took her from! They’re going to be very upset and you’ll be very sorry.

[ She glares darkly at the device before continuing on, she’s not lecturing the people that brought her here yet. ]

And you can’t just drop people off at weird buildings with strangers and expect everything to be okay! They seem nice-and Aoko doesn’t have anything against them but you probably didn’t warn them either and that’s just rude.

If you brought Aoko here to help you should have just asked! Jeez! She Probably would have said yes. But you’ll never know, because you didn’t! [ And with an irritated huff, she cuts the feed ]


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