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Why does no one consider that the government are lying to us? There have been some who've talked about it, yeah, but no one really seriously thinks about it. But we know they've got the ability to change memories, haven't they? They can make people forget their lives here, or at least SOMEONE can. So why do we all think they haven't just done that? There's never been a group of people in power who didn't love to see their populace docile and harmless and quiet. They've got every reason to alter our memories and our thoughts so that we're nice and obedient to them.

Why are we swallowing what they tell us? Why aren't we questioning them? Why aren't we challenging them? We've got the power to make them scared, so why aren't we? We're powerful, and we'll fight for what's right if we've got the chance, so why AREN'T we doing that? We've got to organize. We've got to make change.
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[To those who know 'Didi,' you might be surprised by the angry look on her face, or the cold, clipped tone in which she speaks.]

I've put up with this indignity for far too long. To try and trap Death herself in a fragile sack of mortal flesh... it's greater foolishness than any of you could possibly understand. The chaos your impertinence and ignorance threatens to wreak on this world is beyond your comprehension.

There will be consequences, keeping me here.

(ooc: Welcome to Death from three billion years ago! She's cold, she's harsh and she's a far cry from the kindhearted Didi you all know and love.)


Mar. 17th, 2015 04:27 pm
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[ Peter doesn't look entirely pleased, but for the most part he's just sort of hanging out at work, taking a breather and all that. It's not like there's a million and a half things to do once you're done cleaning out the ambulance and so here he is, ready to face the world and... pose a question.

He... really doesn't like putting his face on the network very much though. But, even so-

Anyone here ever lose time? I don't mean going back home or finding out that you've been here before and don't remember. I mean, just- [ He's reaching for words here, glancing off for a second. ] One second you're some place, and then another you're somewhere else and two days have gone by. And you weren't anywhere during all of it. Just misplaced.

And I'm not talking about amnesia. Been there, done that. I still remember all those days now that i've got my memory back. It's different.

I'm talking about just losing your place here. I don't even remember where I went. If I went anywhere at all. I know where I was, and then the next thing I knew two days had gone by and I don't know where the hell they went.

[ He huffs a breath, looking a touch concerned before he gets over himself and hops down from where he was sitting. ] Figured i'd see if anyone else had been through the same thing.
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Is it weird to ask for... advice here? I know this is a public forum, so don't feel pressured into answering or anything. I've just been thinking, and has anyone... you know, kind of managed to reform themselves from an awful person? Doesn't matter whether at home or here, I don't care about the details. I'm just curious.

And, I guess this is my real question, but after you stopped being awful, did the people you were awful to forgive you? Or did they just not want to see you ever again? Were you able to become friends?

Sorry. I'm just kind of wondering what the usual turnout for this kind of thing is. Guess it depends on the situation.


Mar. 12th, 2015 02:06 pm
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[The woman staring into the camera is (quite literally) well-built, and it's hard not to take note of her purple hair and red eyes. She's wearing a leather jacket over a low-cut gray bodysuit. Keen observers familiar with lifelike robots or prosthetics might notice something subtly artificial about her appearance, but she otherwise appears perfectly normal. Besides the hair, eyes, and questionable fashion choices, of course.]

I've been researching the history of this place on the net and there seem to be two major diversions from my own world's history: the Soviet Union's continued existence and Japan's relative unimportance on the world stage. The former is interesting because back home, I'd be standing in the Russo-American Alliance right now. And I guess we have the latter to thank for this monstrosity. [She holds up a cell phone that looks more like a brick than a high-tech communication device.] America always thinks that bigger is better.

I also seem to be the only person with a cyber-brain that I've encountered. There are hovering cars and nanotechnology, but true cyberization still hasn't taken place. I suppose that means I don't have to worry about being hacked.
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[ At first, the video is so up close and zoomed in that all there is to see, is a bright warm light. But as the camera starts to pull back, it becomes more apparent that it might in fact be a bright eye, a lens of sorts, narrowing and widening as it twists. It's squinting more like, curiously, until it's wide open all over again, a face soon staring down at the device.

More of him comes into view as he pulls it back - a robotic head, then his neck, barely his shoulders - which is right around when he’s distracted by a bird passing overhead, looking around himself a bit before he finally drops his attention back down to the comm.

For a moment, he tips it every which way, offering everyone a wonderfully disorienting show (and if you can make it out through the blur, the visual of a junkyard in Maurtia Falls behind him). When he finally stops, he just looks confused, head tipped sideways as he attempts to ascertain the situation at hand. If he had a larger grasp on the English language, you bet your patooties he would be saying something about how this isn't where he’s supposed to be.

Which can be proven instead by what he does say, voice all grinding metal as he rolls the words like rocks.

Home? ...I, hero?

[ ooc; if you think you can figure out where he is, feel free jump right in to action if you want! ]
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[ The audio starts before video's established. Two voices are already talking in the background. One neutral and subdued and the other thick with a Jersey accent. ]

So you've got a call running--

Yeah, yeah, I'm not an idiot.

--But you've only got audio. There's video capability if you--

I know! I might be old to you but I'm--

[ The transmission is suddenly dropped. But it comes back in a few seconds. ]

--was the "End Call" button.

.......... Yeah, I see that. I mean I know! Maybe I just didn't like the connection.

[ Silence stretches for a moment before the more authoritative voice picks back up. ]

So, instead, hit this button--

I got it! I've got this! At ease, soldier! It's not that hard to figure out! Criminy...

[ Finally, video is activated and the viewer is given a wonderful view of a young man in the most unflattering uniform the Army could and has ever handed out. He's scowling at someone off camera, allegedly walking to the door now that his job as a handler is over with. ]

Yes, thank you! You do your country proud as an armored baby sitter.

[ There's one last screwed up look before he returns his attention back to his portable device. It's like something right out of a Flash Gordon movie. His face brightens for his new audience. ]

So. This again. [ He literally just got back from the future, guys. Can't these trips be staggered a little better, please? ] My own government plucks me from one war and into another. Doesn't seem like a very effective tactic, now does it? Not that that's any a'my business. Never is, but I gotta ask... Can't you fellas wipe your own asses? It's been, what, seventy years! Figured by now you'd have invented something to clean out all the nooks and crannies...
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Super not in theme with the craptastic events happening right now, but still important.

For anyone who is technologically ... not stunted, have a look at this. Challenge: Can you crack it?

[ insert super fancy, ridiculously indepth coding here; all it really is, is a code meant for training purposes. However, should you make a wrong turn... A thrice repeating video of flatulating porcupines will be taking over whatever system you`re working off of. There is no way out of it unless you manually reboot the device. But again. It only happens three times, before giving you another chance to try and crack the code. From scratch. Hopefully you don`t mess up too many times! ]

Feedback accepted.
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[So Rikki's been doing okay. Sorta. She's still not sleeping like she used to, but she's also got the serum now, so she's not sure she even needs to sleep as much as she used to. Her day job is still good. She's pulling in pretty good grades at school and kicking all kinds of ass in PE. Maybe too good, since it earned her a talk with a school counselor about her potential and what she wants to do. Except that's kinda dumb, it's not like that's actually a bad thing, it just. She's just. Ugh.

Rikki logs into the Nomad ID she'd set up.]

How do you handle it if your night job starts butting in on your life stuff? Like if someone says something totally innocent to you that reminds you of something else and the reaction you want to have is completely inappropriate to what they said?


Feb. 10th, 2015 08:34 pm
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Shit, so. Let me get this straight...

[Well, for one thing, you need to straighten out your camera there, Bull. The big Qunari is holding it upside down, affording viewers a lovely look at the underside of his scruffy chin. And a couple scars -- one that looks a little more picked at than the rest.]

[Oh, and the horns. Did we mention the horns? And the fact that, as he's walking down the street, he's a good head and shoulders taller than everyone else.]

All this... metal crap. The stuff that moves. The... thing here, in my hand. This is all normal to you guys?

I can't be the only one who doesn't know what he's doing. Please say that. It looks really bad if anyone saw--

[Like if he was being recorded.]

[He squints his one eye down at the screen. Like he's waiting for an immediate response. Then when nothing immediately pops up, he starts mashing buttons. Or trying to hang up. Those huge fingers aren't good with tiny buttons.]

-- oh come on. You're magic, aren't you? Work.

005 [Video]

Feb. 9th, 2015 07:04 pm
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[Oh hey, it's this guy again, wearing a little bit of concealer to hide the fact he hasn't slept well over the past week. People expect him to look fairly fresh and energetic, after all, especially since they've got one less killer roaming the streets.

Up until now he's made these types of videos while donning his powersuit, so he decides to keep up the tradition. Some people might think he looks like a pink Iron Man, but that's okay. His ego can take it just fine.

Naturally, his face plate is open, revealing a fair-skinned man wearing a polite smile.]

Hi, this is Barnaby. I've noticed some new faces lately, so now seemed like a good time to do this.

First of all, I'd like to once again thank everyone who helped apprehend the masked vigilante Lunatic, also known as Yuri Petrov. For privacy's sake, I won't mention anyone by name, although you are welcome to step forward and identify yourselves in response to this message so your fellow imPorts can properly thank you.

[Things are far from over back home, unfortunately, but...well, that isn't Barnaby's problem anymore, so he presses on without giving it another thought for the time being.]

Second, I want to remind people that we have an Emergency Notification System in place. Registered imPorts who sign up will receive a small device that lets you hear information from dispatchers. Unsettled imPorts who are interested can also sign up through any registered imPort who owns a device. In either case, people are welcome to sign up through either myself or Wild Tiger. Any other device-holding imPorts are also free to help people sign up.

Additionally, we have a communicator-based app that lets you send out a distress signal to any device-holding imPorts. Anyone who needs help learning how to use the Distress Signal Application, please let me know so we can arrange something.

Third thing: although Petrov is behind bars, I think most of us are well aware of the potential dangers both the imPort and native communities currently face. To anyone lacking concrete combat or rescue experience: please refrain from jumping onto the front lines. No one gets saved if you die, and you'll likely hinder other people's attempts to apprehend criminals or evacuate citizens.

There are other ways to help, though, which brings me to my next point: is anyone interested in receiving certifications for CPR and first aid? If enough people say yes, I could try to arrange something.

Anyway, I think that's everything. People who have questions or concerns about the Emergency Notification System, the Distress Signal Application, or possible first aid and CPR certification classes, feel free to ask in response to this message or in private.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[People who want their characters to sign up for the Emergency Notification System, check this link out!]


Feb. 9th, 2015 01:02 am
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[ Oh, christ on a cracker, this is seriously painful. Ray’s peering at his comm like it just insulted his mother, halfway between confused and seriously pissed off. He’s been at this for way too long and he’s not sure he’s even got a grip on it now - shaking it didn't help. His annoyance might be showing, just a little. Or a lot. ]

You guys know that video killed the radio star, right? Nothin’ good about plastering my face all over this bulletin board of woes, but hey- I can go with the flow. Me and the flow are best buddies, in fact. Go out for beers every friday night. Shoot pool. That sort of thing.

[ Yeah, okay, that’s enough running with that. Ray clears his throat, scratching at his neck uncomfortably. ]

But seriously, dudes, guys- folks, there’s something wrong with this. Communication wasn’t supposed to go in this direction. Telephones I understand, I get those, Edison sure knew what he was doing on that front. [ It was totally Edison, right? ] But whoever made these is laughing from the bowels of hell. I mean, c’mon, there’s more than enough ways to talk in person, when’d we start deciding we were never gonna leave the house again?

How’re you supposed to get real information outta anyone when they’re hiding behind a screen?

[ Call him old fashioned, but Ray is shaking his head, judging the hell out of the future he’s crawled his way into. ] But fine, okay, i’ll move on, no biggie. Other shit worth worrying about. Like how’s a guy just supposed to deal with the, uh- whole new shebang they hand you? I can barely manage my own shit, how am I, uh- supposed to cope with all sorts’a newfinagled powers?

… Guess i’ll worry about that once I gotta deal with it. Until then, I’ll just be… explorin’ the territories.

o1; video

Feb. 7th, 2015 08:26 pm
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[ about as brief as it comes, her face level the whole time ]

I've been given to understand this is a different universe from what I've known. I request independent verification.

If anyone knows the names Chaiva Egloff or Andrew Hussain I would ask for immediate contact.

Thank you.


for maurtia falls #004 residents.

[ she might hate everything about this, but she's been given a place to stay so she's here, a bag strung over her shoulder and her face and body set to rigid. over the next few days she's mostly to be seen either cooking in the kitchen (things she leaves in the fridge afterwards) or vanishing into her room.

you have a great roommate, guys. ]

for others.
[ she can be found around the city, hair pulled up tight and communications always in her hand as she searches. what she's looking for exactly, well - that can't be found. doesn't meant she isn't trying.

her look is always a little sharper than she means it to be. ]

video | 01

Feb. 5th, 2015 05:14 pm
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[At first, all you get is a charming view up Thomas’ nostrils as he holds the phone directly below his face... though once he sees his error, he’s quick to readjust the camera until it’s facing him at a more flattering angle.]

There. Much better. It seems that this is used for all sorts of things: Introductions, people finding, event planning, bids for information...

[His smile is small but pleasant, and remains throughout, as if he’s having an intimate conversation with everyone who’s viewing this.]

Unfortunately, I have nothing quite so interesting to share with you all. My name is Thomas, I am newly arrived, and I must say that this is certainly the most congenial kidnapping I've had the pleasure of experiencing. I certainly hadn't expected for us to be housed and fed, or to be provided with employment and health care.

[Why, it sounds downright socialist, not that Thomas is foolish enough to voice such a thought in public.]

Of course, I have my questions about any place that sees fit to appoint me as a, ah... Kindergarten security guard. Is it truly so dangerous here that they need someone to guard elementary schools?

[Thomas arches a brow at the camera in a clear invitation for others to share whatever information they’ve gathered. He’s already done a little snooping himself, but he likes inviting people to speak their minds, particularly in a public venue. If nothing else, it’s a way of putting feelers out to see what this happy little community is all about.]

Despite their kindness, I think I'll be seeking out alternative employment. If you've any offers, by all means, send them my way.
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( ooc: info on the mirror network here and note about oliver's abilities - he has a power that allows only people who already know that oliver queen = the arrow to be able to place his features while he's wearing a mask! )

[The image on screen is that of a man in a hood and a dark green mask. Almost every visible inch, apart from his neck and face, is covered in some sort of green leather, and there's a quiver peeking out from over his shoulder.

When he speaks, his voice is lower and rougher than Oliver Queen's would be, and the name showing up on the display is nothing more than:

I've noticed something since arriving here. A good number of the people I've seen on the streets, making posts about information they've gathered, and bringing up technology they've found or made are- [... kids? he probably shouldn't say kids.] Younger. Than a lot of people may like.

[Here, his voice gets a little clipped.]

So, to those of you buying your first ski mask to take advantage of whatever abilities you have: don't. Go back to school, go back to your friends, go back to the life you've been living here, go back to being safe.

[There's a pause, to let that sink in, before: ]

To everyone else: don't do it alone. Get training, be well equipped, find someone who will watch. Your. Back. When things get out of hand. [Because if Oliver has experience with anything, it's with a dumbass teenager who will just keep diving in no matter what he shoots him with does to try and stop him.]

And for those of you with experience: share it.

[This has been a Grumpy Green Arrow PSA]


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