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[Was that a mask? The visual shows what appears to be some sort of skeletal alien mask and the voice that accompanies it sounds oddly mechanical. Some here may recognize the cyborg General, even if just from historical records. While arriving as human, he'd quickly discovered his powers of transformation from the files he was given then after some brief experimenting he settled on the one he'd last been most familiar with. At least for now.]

Citizens. Heroes.

[The emphasized word seems to catch in his throat and there's a brief cough before he continues with an underlying growl to his tone.]

This is an unfortunate development. I was interrupted in the midst of a critical battle. I do not have time to deal with your little world's problems.

[The words are interrupted again by more coughing then an annoyed growl before the video cuts out abruptly.]
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(cw murder, survivor's guilt, brainwashing?, jokes at the expense of trauma survivors, etc.)

good morning assholes

[(it's 3:00pm est.)]

u all remember the blackout shit mid jan 2017. count dooku rounded up 1direction to look @ the prison breakout using our magical superpowers. this is what we found.

spam )


Feb. 1st, 2017 12:53 am
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So, uh... that blackout was somethin', hunh?

[ Adachi's been busy, between parsing together what he pulled out of the investigation, to just recovering after all that time running on bare minimum sleep, so his response to it all is late in coming. Even now, he still looks like the dark circles under his eyes are permanent fixtures, and he paused a moment to rub at his eyes, as if it would help. ]

I've been thinking about it for the past few days, and I realize I'm pretty rusty with my judo. I uh...

[ He hesitated, making a face that was more directed at himself. It didn't matter what he did or who he talked to: asking for things like this and forcing himself to be a social human being was hard. ]

I-I could use someone to practice with. Get back into shape, you know?

[ Adachi sunk back a little reaching to rub at the back of his neck. ]

Also, it's my birthday today. I could use a drinking buddy for later; I don't want to spend turning thirty by myself.
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[ The video opens on two young men sitting side by side on a couch, set up to address the camera together. One is younger, Japanese, with dark hair and glasses; he is way, way less enthused about this than the platinum blond Russian dude waving enthusiastically at the video feed. ]

Um … well … I’m … Katsuki Yuuri. [ He trails off, mumbling more about himself, but it doesn’t quite make it to the microphone. He seems wildly uncomfortable to be doing this. The last phrase sounds something like “nice to meet you” but it’s hard to tell. ]

[ The Russian chooses that moment to sling an arm around the shoulders of his embarrassed companion and lean on him a bit, his heart-shaped smile and handsome face gorgeous enough to be in a fashion magazine. He looks into the camera with no hesitation at all. ]

Hiii! [ he proclaims brightly, his Russian accent becoming more evident as he talks. ] I’m Viktor Nikiforov, and I’m Yuuri’s figure skating coach! We just finished our biggest competition of the year, the Grand Prix Final, and we just wanted to reach out to our fans to thank them all for their support!

[ Yuuri chokes at that, his next comment coming out as a squawk. ]

-- Eh!? VIktor, this is a different dimension! We don’t have fans here!

But we can get NEW fans! [ Viktor winks at the camera before he turns his head to look at Yuuri mischievously. ]

Wh - Viktor, no! We don’t know anyone! Not in public--!

[ And then the feed goes down as Yuuri manages to knock it over before Viktor throws himself at him. ]

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14, Video

Oct. 22nd, 2016 04:01 pm
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[The woman on the video is tall and stern-looking, with blue eyes that kind of make you feel cold just by looking at them.]

This is Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the commander of RISE: Rogue Import Suppression Enforcement. We're an imPort-run group that works with the local law enforcement to police our own, and handle crises that local, unpowered officers can't. We're headquartered out of Helix Station in Maurtia Falls, and were instrumental in fighting back the Soviet occupation some months ago.

The whims of the device that brings us here and sends us home have left my staff limited. I need new recruits, both those willing to confront potential rogue imPorts, and those willing to bring them to justice via trials.

That is all. Armstrong out.

001: voice

Oct. 5th, 2016 01:42 pm
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( It's taken Cassandra a great deal of trial-and-error to be able to use the communicator at all. It sits awkwardly in her hands, as if mocking her ineptitude. The thought of people being able to see her face, from a distance, is frankly unnerving, so she quickly discounts the video option. Writing is bad enough when it's ink on paper, so that leaves her with one option she understands, really: voice communication. There are items in Thedas that have a similar function, Cassandra knows, but usually they're not so... bright. And rectangular.

Now, she knows, she is just procrastinating, and she is not the type of woman who likes to waste time. She flicks the audio function, like she'd been taught, and scowls at the device as if she expects it to stare back. )

I do not like this.

( A moment later, it's as though she's just realised she's already turned pressed the button. )

Oh! It's...on?

( Of course it is. And everyone has heard her confusion. Why did anyone think this form of communication was a good idea again? She does her best to gather both her composure and her thoughts. She starts to talk in a clipped staccato: )

I shall be brief. I am not familiar with this technology. Obviously. I was merely wondering if anyone else here is from a world similar to my own. I would like to hear your experiences, if you would share them.

( And she ends the call there partly because she's not sure what else to say but mostly because she's still not convinced that this actually worked. )

001 - video

Oct. 4th, 2016 05:54 pm
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[ The video feed goes live to a view of a blank wall that would look very much like every living room wall in the Heropa government housing block, if not for the fact that it has recently been painted an eye-searing shade of fuchsia. There's the sound of a computer mouse being double-clicked, then an ominous, suspenseful song begins to play. The sound of maniacal laughter overwhelms the music, and the video feed jostles and then is panned up in an awkward selfie angle to reveal a middle-aged man with truly impressive eyebrows… dressed in a butterfly costume. ]


[ He laughs maniacally again, then stops to clear his throat. ]

Seriously, you had all better be bowing right now. For you are now under the control of the Monarch! This world's feeble, useless government has clearly teleported me here to rule you. Even if they did stick me with the world's stupidest cover gig. Seriously, who thought a fucking day job was necessary? I'm not even going to dignify that with my presence.

No! The Monarch is above such petty nonsense as a 9-to-5! The only job I will devote myself to is arching DOCTORRRRR VENTURRRRE.

[ He breaks into cackling again. ]

...But, uh. First I'm gonna need some henchmen. I mean, obviously. How the hell am I supposed to arch without henchmen? So I'm having an EVIL EMPLOYMENT FAIR in the, uh— [ He glances at a piece of paper. ] The gymnasium at Heropa Middle School. Seriously? What the fuck, they could've at least put me in the high school! Do these people even know who I am? I'm the fucking Monarch, not some… Eagle Scout master!

Whatever. You're all expected to come pledge your allegiance to your new lord and master and pick up your uniform. And if not enough suitable applicants show up, I'll… I'll… I'LL KIDNAP SOME!!

[ There's more evil laughter before the feed cuts out. ]


Oct. 3rd, 2016 06:28 pm
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[Today's video showcases Ed sprawling haphazardly across an armchair. Judging from the books and notepads strewn about, he was probably trying to get some work done. Guess he gave up on that idea.

His tone is clipped and frustrated when he speaks up.]

What the hell is with the porter? It brings people here and then just send them home again a week or two later! How does that make any sense? For anything! There's no goddamn point to it!

[He slouches further down in his seat and kicks at a notebook balanced precariously on the arm of the chair, sending it tumbling to the floor.] Can't even… [His mouth twists in a sullen scowl, and he drags a hand roughly across his face.]


There's no way I can get any work done today. It's…kind of an anniversary, and with that asshole leaving on top of it— Ugh.

...Look. Just tell me about something from your home. Something you're looking forward to. Someone you miss. Just…anything you've had to leave behind that you don't want to forget about.

It's a good day to remember.
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Do you believe in God? Gods? Do they exist where you're from? What about angels or demons or anything like that?

Where I'm from the existence of gods is hard to deny. People are pretty devote and religious. Church is an intrinsic part of our culture. It takes someone pretty hardheaded or self-centered to deny the existence of higher powers, but here there's not much emphasis on religion. Guess I'm just kinda curious now. Is it more like my home in your worlds, or more like this one?

[Joaquin may be slightly drunk, or perhaps he's just tired.]
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[ At some point, mid-evening on Sunday, during the height of the battle, the network for most users flickered to life -- the system-wide announcement was simply Iron Man -- although at some point, his helmet had peeled back, a few stray strands of the Symbiote-infused suit wavered and flickered back and forth, like something alive, chrome moving as if it were a real thing.

And Stark stood there, the camera obviously wasn’t a comm -- but one of those handy cameras that one of the De Chima ambassadors had set up, and right next to him is Spider-Man, hunched over on the ground, both suit and man looking distinctly the worse for wear.

You know what we need, imports?

We need to stop hiding. We need to stop pretending that we’re something other than what we are -- we’re humans, each and every one of us. We pretend like we’re better than the people down there, just discovering their potential. Like we’re enlightened. Like we don’t have our own problems.

[ He wraps a hand around Spider-Man’s bicep and hauls him to his feet, a slight, sardonic grin on his face. Spider-Man, for his part, doesn’t look like he’d be able to stay there without being held up. He's not even looking at the camera. ]

I’ve always been one for the public knowledge of who we are. We should be held accountable for our actions -- yes, yes, even me. I know this isn’t popular right now, I know it isn’t.

[ Spider-Man makes a dismissive noise, barely audible over the camera microphone. ]

There’s no reason to be rude.

See, the thing is... you accuse… me... of talking outta my--

[ He plants his heels and pivots in Iron Man’s grip, shooting out web-lines from both wrists towards a target off camera. Spider-Man heaves, there's an earsplitting squeal, a briefly seen blur of dark, and an almighty CRUNCH before the camera goes dark.

It stays dark for another 45 seconds.

When the broadcast resumes, it shows the same scene from a different angle. More than that has changed: the wreckage of a car burns merrily in the background, an Iron Man-shaped imprint molded into the chassis. The man himself looks no worse for wear. Spider-Man, even more battered, looks barely conscious, only able to scrabble feebly at the gauntleted hand that holds him by the throat, a good foot off the ground.

I was going to say -- before I was rudely interrupted, that I forgive all of you, because you can’t help it, not really. My friend here, however, he can help it. And he chose to ignore that.

What I don’t forgive is trying to undo all the work we did together.

[ He reaches under Spider-Man's chin -- batting aside the other man’s last-ditch attempt to defend himself -- grabs the mask, and pulls. The face underneath is bruised, bloody, and not quite present, but recognizable to anyone who saw the network post on Wednesday. ]

Peter here’s a great example. We go through all this trouble, a public unmasking back home, media, everything, and what does he do?

Somehow, he undoes all of it. It took coming back here for me to remember what he’d even done. You think I’ve got the problem? Imports, we all have a problem, and it’s as deep as our very culture.


Sep. 17th, 2016 04:39 pm
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[Bianca is looking just a bit stained- nothing too bad, just tired, and she's recording this in what looks to be a large classroom, a variety of people behind her listening to an instructor give direction on how to perform CPR.

Several CPR dummies are visible, and there's one on the table next to Bianca.]

Hi, everyone. I was hoping to do this after I went through all the certification processes here, but with everything happening now is as good a time as any.

I don't think there aren't very many of us here who have medical training, or at least the kind that's up to date and useful as an emergency responder. Paramedic work isn't the same kind of thing I'm used to doing in the ER, for example.

[She's been keeping busy. The training for paramedic and the job she was assigned to is keeping her busy.]

I ended up in a discussion last month with the director of emergency services at the main hospital here in Heropa because of this and it went from there.

While they can't grant certification that hasn't been earned, they can waive the fees for everything from basic first aid and CPR classes to the paramedic course.

With everything that's going on- especially right now- if anyone can spare the time, you should consider doing at least the basic courses.

It can make a big difference at the end of the day.

[Along with the video, there's also a bunch of links to various organizations and schools that provide all of those classes in the imPort cities,  as well as what each state has for their basic  requirements. She did the research!]
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[ The video begins with a weird vibe to it. Floating betwixt the shadows and the ghostly moonlight flitting through a window there lies a vivid bright V accompanied by green orbs-- as the camera adjusts to the light and auto focuses, the orbs become solid rings and the white light of the moon pick out a helm. More than that, in fact. Though silvery is the outline of the figure, the emerald loops and V are so striking that he knows he should have probably done some kind of video during the day. But he had spent the day planning the video. Nothing was really going according to plan however-- he didn’t mean for his first appearance of himself to be shrouded by dark as a barely visible silhouette of a ominously luminous creature. The preview image on the communicator didn’t show much. There is the softest of sighs that is displaced by a metallic tinge.

The lights were clearly off for a reason.

Ah… greetings. [ There is an attempt at a patient tone and a slow nod, visible by the V shape bouncing. His Japanese accent is ridiculously heavy and he tries to at least speak slower than usual so his words don’t roll and merge in the usual way that they do when he speaks in English. ]

Fellow… heroes? Vigilantes? Villains? One moment I am at the fringes of snowy Nepal and the next moment I am enlisted in a foreign military…? I do not speak harshly but rather, truthfully-- this illusion feels like everyone is a part of a show and we are being given parts to play in some kind of fantasy.

It will become clear upon any physical meeting with me that I am a tool for murder, but I refuse to take part in senseless death. If anyone of government is perhaps watching I wish for them to know this. I may be enlisted as a 'hero' but I have been a hero before and am above senseless violence. A militia that steals its members cannot be so innocent, regardless of the facade you paint your cities with.

What can we gain from being here?

[ Friendship wasn’t something that was ever high on any of his lists. There is a long pause of silence where he ponders what he just said, finding it to be depressingly off key when his master’s teachings echo around his head about silver linings and the darkest skies. If he needed to clear his throat to not appear awkward he would, but with the coming of metal vocal chords came the loss of natural human perks like that. ]

Apologies, [ Murmured softly as he turns his helmet a little to look once more directly at the camera. ] I do not mean any offence; I am merely troubled and I wish to understand more. My name is Genji. It is an honor to make your acquaintance.

[ The cyborg places a fist against his other hands open palm and bows to the camera though sitting down. The action is no longer a highlight, it’s visible now as the night rolls on and the moon casts its gaze upon him. Whether he liked it or not, this seemed to be home for now… but every human inch of him already ached to leave. ]

VIDEO | 01

Aug. 5th, 2016 08:33 pm
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[Welcome, imPorts, to a face a sight less pretty than the shounen heroes and superheroes you've grown accustomed to. Instead of a bright, youthful face, you get the dour face of a man who has comfortably hit middle age, skin pale, nose hooked, and brows furrowed behind those thick rimmed glasses of his.

He clears his throat. Once he speaks, his voice is predictably nasal, and not at all happy.]
All right, so let me get this straight. They drag us in here to be super-heroes - [he uses airquotes for that, as you do] - and they don't even have a proper set of rules?! Look, I'm no stranger to the whole superhero-supervillain, blah blah blah game, but if you don't get held by a set of standards, there's no telling what will happen.

Oh, wait. There is telling what will happen, and I'd tell you, but instead I have a more immediate, pressing complaint. I am a superscientist. And according to this form, I'm supposed to be... a sex therapist? How the hell am I even supposed to begin with what's wrong with--

[Sorry, anyone who wanted to listen to Doc moan and groan any more than he already has, because a bright blue robot enters the frame, crowding Doc half off of his chair, beeping wildly and flailing his limbs, one of them knocking Doc's glasses off.]

Helper, no, Helper, down. You're not helping! No! You don't know anything about sex!

[Helper beeps very insistently. Doc stares at the screen.]

Well, apparently Helper's going to do my job for me. Come say hi if you want sex advice from a robot. [Helper thrusts his arms up in the air and lets out a high-pitched, ebullient series of beeps that could be accurately translated to yay!]

Oh, for the love of -- I wasn't being seriou--

[And the video cuts off there.]
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[Lex has spent the better part of the day perusing the network. Learning the news of this place. Reading, watching, listening. Seeing the faces and names of those present. Experimenting with one of the new powers granted to him by the Porter by telling the communicator to speed up the playback- not enough to make everything unintelligible, but fast enough to speed the process up so that it isn't as much of a chore.

It's only after he decides that he has learned enough from this that he sets the communicator a distance away, and sits back, his hands folded together, looking perfectly relaxed. He activates it mentally before he begins speaking, in an almost bored tone.]

How interesting.

A world where the USSR never collapsed. Technology able to bring people from other, different worlds.

And here we are, so many of us now granted abilities we didn't have in our own worlds, with the option of doing things with them.

The decision of what to do in our hands. Do we play along with this government- continue to abide by our own loyalties in the case of those of us who were Americans in our own worlds- and their expectations of what we will do for them in exchange for a basic standard of living, or do we deride it and not accept their assistance, and not assist them in turn? Or do we take some middle position, accept their aid while criticizing them at every turn?

What a fascinating conundrum it must be for those who think about it, particularly over the political aspects, with the presence of elected ambassadors. Even a candidate for the Senate.

It's an interesting scenario where power is concerned, isn't it?


Aug. 1st, 2016 08:10 pm
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[ This network post is brought to you from the Maurtia Falls ambassadorial office. Petyr Baelish and Count Dooku are seated together so amicably -- you would never guess they once went head to head in an election. And naturally, Petyr is the first to speak. ]

Greetings, fellow imPorts. There are a few matters I would like to address. First and foremost, I do hope everyone is well after the unexpected attacks in Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. As the Ambassador for Maurtia Falls, I believe this hits especially hard because it happened within my very state. But I want to thank the imPorts who fought and helped to subdue those creatures as well as the ones who helped lead those in need to safety. It could have been far worse without all of your efforts. As such, we must find out who was responsible for those attacks. It is the only way we will be able to prevent them from happening once again. If anyone has any information or would be willing to investigate these matters, please let me know and I will be sure to direct proper funding to your efforts.

[ A pause. ]

But the main reason we are here is to address another issue within our very community. During the debates, it became abundantly clear that many of you question RISE -- their organization, their methods, and their competency. I have been in contact with Lady Sabriel, and we have arranged an investigation that will hopefully answer questions and put minds at ease. [ One way or another. ] Count Dooku had already wisely suggested an investigation during the debates, and as such, I believe he is the best possible choice to lead this matter, not only because of his foresight but because he is a man dedicated to bringing the truth to light.

[ Baelish gives Dooku a small gesture. The floor is all yours, friend. ]

[The Count steps forward and bows his head as though humbled by Lord Baelish’s kind generosity toward his defeated rival. Yet when he speaks, his voice is strong and confident, earnest in his totally-legitimate pursuit of justice.]

Today, the Ambassador and I call upon imPorts to step forward as witnesses to testify regarding the activities of RISE. Anything you have to say, good or bad, will be welcomed into our report. Your voice shall be heard in the strictest of confidence. And further, we invite any Registered Hero to volunteer as an investigator as part of this inquiry. Help us to uncover the truth of these disputes by interviewing witnesses and determining where there is need for improvement. Together, we shall ensure that truth and justice are served.

Interviews will be held over the following week. If all goes as planned, we shall have gathered our testimony and submitted our report within the month. RISE will be compelled to adopt whatever recommendations we provide regarding their practices- and whatever recognition they receive for their brave service, of course.

[That’s all the Count has got. Back to you, Lord B.]

As always if you have any questions, you may direct them at Count Dooku or myself. We thank you for your participation and do hope that this will be to the benefit of all parties involved.
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[ there are a string of short, aborted videos on the network, most of which contain a blurred image of a strange blue uniform and a series of creative, mumbled expletives. when the video finally stabilises, an agitated man in his mid-thirties leans back in his chair. there are some childish drawings pinned against a whiteboard over his right shoulder but, other than that, it's hard to discern his precise location until a woman wearing brightly coloured scrubs walks past and gives him a funny look.

arms crossed over his chest and a scowl fixed upon his face that can only mean he's new here, dr. leonard mccoy is not happy with his current situation. prime directive be damned, they've dropped him back into the medical equivalent of dark ages and he's going to let everyone know how he feels about this. ]

Now this damn thing has finally decided to work, the name's Leonard McCoy. I'm your new local paediatrician. It's a pleasure. [ the corner of his lips twitch in what might be considered a smile. ] Now before you start asking: I don't practice the dark arts these doctors of yours call medical treatment, I don't make house calls, and I don't do any of this mumbo-jumbo magic crap either.

[ they seem to be a bit of a sore subject for the doctor. ]

If you need any medical assistance, I suggest you ask for me specifically, unless you want holes drilled in your head. God help me, I'll be here all day.
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[ For those familiar with his face, Shepard seems ... younger, somehow. Not by much, but there are fewer lines creasing his forehead and the corners of his eyes. His posture's slightly different, too, shoulders squared and spine straight even as he almost hums with alertness. ]

I'm Commander Shepard. I've been told I've been here before, but apparently I'm missing a few things. I don't recognize most of the faces on this network.

[ His voice is scratchy, hoarse from use -- or lack of it? He's had the time to go through his communicator record -- lucky it wasn't locked -- and what he's seen has mostly added to his growing confusion. Although he conceals it well, the frustration with the inability to understand what's happening grates on him. ]

Am I the only one having issues with memory loss? Is this something that happens a lot here?
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[For the first time in quite a while, it's Doc. This time he's not building hoverboards, but something smaller. Lenses litter the desk, shining in the light.]

I realize that photography is largely a function of our communication devices these days, but do any of you still possess a more traditional camera? I'm looking to modify the build for my own and missing a key component or two.

And if any of you have created albums, I'd be interested in seeing those too. Not all memories can be recorded, but I'd like to remember what I can...while I can, at the very least.

[His smile almost wavers, but he fights it off and waves.]

Thank you.
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[ Kanaya turns on the camera, glancing at a distant point to the side, wearing a great scowl. ]

Have you ever had those days when you've had to empty out your savings to relocate friends whose lives are in active danger?

Well, happy birthday to me.

[ She finally looks at the camera directly, as Ashiah can be seen bumbling across the wall behind her. ] I think it's time to admit I need a new weapon. The Porter recently took the one I've relied upon for years, and this [ She brings her hand up, holding a large knife. ] has proven a feeble replacement. I'd prefer something with more weight and reach, something that can actually deal damage. Motorized, if possible.

So, I'm open to suggestions. If you craft any yourself, sell me on your product. I'm willing to learn something new, but no firearms. They don't agree with my style.


Mar. 13th, 2016 03:26 pm
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[Sabriel's standing in front of her desk at RISE headquarters, wearing her hauberk and surcoat. Her tone is clear and confident, and she holds herself still as she speaks.]

For those of you who may be new- greetings! my name is Sabriel, and I'm a member of RISE. We're a group of imPorts sanctioned by the government to both apprehend imPorts who choose to threaten the natives of this world or their fellow imPorts, and bring them to trial, under the leadership of Major General Armstrong. Some of our other duties involve acting as security at swear-ins, and acting to protect both imPorts and natives from other threats the police can't deal with- groups like the Cain Cabal for example.

We're seeking new members- both those skilled in combat to act as field agents, and those whose skills are less martially inclined- investigators and lawyers to both gather evidence and prosecute cases- any imPorts captured by RISE will be judged by a tribunal of their fellow imPorts, although we cannot pass down any sentence harsher than what the government allows. [Frustration slips over Sabriel's face as she says this.]

Unfortunately, due to certain... restrictions imposed by our hosts, field agents must be registered, and applicants are required to pass both a physical and psychological evaluation.

Let me stress- if you want to help protect people, and you're willing to work as part of a team, RISE can provide you with the resources to do so. And even if your skills do not incline towards the physical, there's still a need for them. Bringing imPort criminals to justice takes more than just arresting them.

If you have any further questions, don't be afraid to ask. Or you can contact Major General Armstrong, if you'd prefer.

Later, on the Mirrornet

[Sabriel's no longer at RISE HQ- instead, she's sitting on a chair in her home in Nonah. She's quieter than she was in her earlier post, and her expression is thoughtful.]

I understand why people chose to protest at the ceremony- imPorts should let the government know how we feel about their policies. But I wanted to know how government officials felt, and I had hoped to gain information about what happened to former Secretary Chases, and find officials who might lend a sympathetic ear to imPorts. [Sabriel sighs.]

Instead I learned something else. I received several contradicting answers regarding Chases whereabouts- various officials claimed she was sent to Belize, to the 'Federal Correctional Institute', or possibly the Cayman Islands- that particular official also claimed that the Soviets were engaged in money laundering, or possibly unethical experimentation, in the vicinity. I'm not sure if any of the information is valid, and it's... disturbing that a government official could just vanish.

My attempts at finding sympathetic officials who could help imPorts also failed. People were angry and frightened by the Soviet invasion, and they don't want to be accused of spying. Some of them have said that they feel like they can't trust anyone. [Sabriel frowns, and drums her fingers against the chair.]

We have a problem that's messier than America destroying one city in retaliation for the invasion. This fear, this paranoia about spies and being accused of spying, people vanishing... I'm not an expert in this world's history, but it seems disturbingly similar to the situation in 1984, right before the first imPorts arrived.

I'm not sure what we should do, but I suspect it'll be more complicated than simply protesting a bombing done in our name.


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