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[Anna appears on the feed for the first time in many months. In spite of the smile she's trying to keep in place, the sadness she's carried reflects in both her eyes and her voice.

It takes a moment, clearing her throat uncomfortably and swallowing hard before she speaks.

Hi everyone. Anna here. It's been a while since I last posted. Too long maybe but I just needed the time away? Not sure if it helped but.

I'll get to the point. As many of you may have realized, my sister Elsa has left this world. If what everyone says is correct, she's back home in Arendelle now. Things work out and she ends up happy in in the end, the best queen our country has ever seen.

[And yet, that last sentence has Anna's voice wavering.]

So. Yes. [A pause.] As for me, I'm still here though I'm living in Nonah now. Haven't spent much time in the city but I'm starting to find my away around. I might try to restart the sweets shop in the future? But for now I'm focusing on the adjustments of being somewhere new.

[There's a halfhearted wave and a weak smile when the feed closes out.]
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Arright. So, Porter gives people powers, seems like goin' fast is one of them. I was thinking going real fast is actually kind of harder than it sounds? Plus also, some of us go-fasters wanna go even faster and the best way to train yourself up is friendly competition!

So, anybody wanna race with me?

Oh also, if anybody's having problems with like uhhhh clothes being on fire or sneakers melting or things like that, I know a guy. [himself, the guy he knows is himself] Lemme know.


[in a terrible and pompous english accent:] Mmmyes, Miss Katherine Bishop would like all of the uneducated masses to be aware of the fact that speedy mcgofast people are officially recognized by the state of Earth as speedsters, thank you and good day.


May. 3rd, 2015 06:05 pm
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So... Hi.

[ man it's tricky starting these things, isn't it? well, it wasn't the first time. but that was before she turned into a manic not-zombie for about a week, so. eh. anyway! she's not sick anymore, but she still looks a little worse for wear. she sounds tired, voice rough from screaming once she really started to lose it. she almost only went on voice instead, but she's not really the type to hide. even if the right side of her face is marked up still, dark scars of long scratches she gave herself while she was sick, trying to get the buzzing noise in her head to stop. the nanites might've amped her body's ability to heal, but traces of the Flare aren't completely gone just yet. STILL.

Rachel's been stuck in bed for too long, and if she can offer something helpful? she's going to do it. and no she's not thinking of the long-term, but she probably is going to leave the offer open for more than just this. compensation? what's that?

I know everybody's busy cleaning up and getting things back to normal, and I'm not, um, there yet with the being able to help thing, so... I thought I'd offer something I can do. [ taptaptaptap her fingers drum on the flat of her sketchbook, off screen ] The Porter, or whatever, gave me the power of being able to pull the things I draw off the page and make them real. Only stuff, and food, not animals or anything too complex, but. If anybody got reckless while they were sick, like I did, I guess I'm just offering to replace anything that might've gotten broken or destroyed because of all this.

Or- anything, I don't know. Clothes, food, supplies for rebuilding. Pretty much anything. I'd just like to help. [ she pulls on a grin, her hand moving up to absently scratch her face but aaaah no nope not doing that ] Just let me know, yeah? I was thinking about heading to the park later on, so I can meet people there, or- Wherever. Just let me know.
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[ what the video feed shows. is well. a rather tall individual dressed in well, a crimson suit with a mask that has a pretty cool lightning bolt on the chest. when he speaks there's a slight distortion that's caused by vibrating. originally he had planned on vibrating his face as well, but vocal cords will do for the identity hiding for now. besides, this is something you need to see- the general outline of his face for. ]

I don't need to underline how serious this virus is since some others have already done this. And you already know to quarantine yourself though medical areas are more equipped to handle that then whatever makeshift quarantine you make in your bedroom. If you're really scared about infecting anyone else while trying to get there. I'd be willing to take you to one myself and I'm probably about as immune as they come and I move pretty fast so you won't be breathing on anyone but me. All you have to do is just message the Flash.

[ which brings him to a much better points. ]

I know those of you who are getting sick or who have friends who are sick are concerned. And viruses that are airborne tend to make people panic. But that's exactly what's bad to do when it comes to this. It'll just make things worse for all of us and I know none of us want that. [ which actually brings him to the original reason he actually made this. ] If you're Immune, even if you just think you are because of your biology from home and you're not already doing something. Helping with keeping everyone calm beyond the quarantine that we've tried to put in place would be a good idea. It's what I'm trying to do and I know none of us want this to progress any more than it already is.


Mar. 12th, 2015 08:37 pm
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Wow, hi. Okay. Hi. I'm Rachel Elizabeth Dare, I'm originally from Manhattan, and I'm new here.

[ yep, someone's definitely treating this like some kind of interview / Skype session - the screen is 60% wildcrazyred hair, 30% face, and 10% neck and shoulders. until she sits back a bit, but that doesn't change the percentages very much. there's a lot about this place that's going to take getting used to, but there's something(s) she needs to ask about pretty much right away ]

Does anyone else here have art-centric powers? Drawing related? Or, no. I mean, yes, I'm curious about that, but I'm just wondering if I got extremely lucky, or if everybody got matched with something they really love, too. Do artsy people get art powers, athletic people get ...sporty powers? I don't know. I'm just curious.

Calling all Seers of Fate too, if there are any. When I asked the woman, she made it sound like anything was possible, so I thought I'd ask. It'd be cool to meet another Seer, for sure.

-- Okay, I'm mostly interested to know if anyone else got a drawing power like my new one. I'd love to have somebody to practice with. It's actually a lot harder than it sounds. Unless there's some kind of training camp I can go to-? Anything. Let me know.

And, umm. Yeah! I guess that's about it. Can't wait to meet you all!

[ yes you're going to meet all of them, the whole city, every city, everyone ever. reach for the stars, Rachel ]


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