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I come from a world called Ferelden.

[stated plainly. shale doesn't want this to be a long or fancy post. she just has a few things to say.]

It's much like many worlds I've heard of while here - only... "medieval." I've taken that word to mean a hilariously backward world full of moronic humans who would probably believe you if you told them the sun was blown out by the Maker at night.

[she shifts slightly, the rune on her forehead glowing dimly.]

I find this amusing; even though I am from the medieval world, I think the humans in this technology-laden one are the exact same as the smelly morons I was surrounded by for almost thirty years. They have the same problems. They react the same way to hardships. They squeal when they see violence. I've even seen stories where another race is amazed to see humans still alive because they're so primitive. All written by humans, of course. They did the same in Ferelden.

[if anyone's expecting a 'but' they'll be very disappointed. honestly, shale's mostly just being a grumpy gus because her pals aren't here.]

It's quite pathetically self-aggrandising. Has there yet to be any one of you born with a modicum of self-awareness? It's been millenia.
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[Crane's calm, polite voice says inquisitively.]

For those who believe in providence; does this world's existence solve any of your big questions? For those who repudiate the irrational, do your answers to life's mysteries remain written in stone?

[He musters all of his carefully-rehearsed self-control to question a topic he isn't fond of.]

My fundamental question is does this world affirm the existence of the divine? I must say; if you take the positive view because you are a member of a pantheon, then that's a strange way of attesting your strength. Divinity is given power by its worship, do you realize? What's divine here other than your celebrity? Well, leaving aside for a moment the Porter. Lucifer is no more powerful than anybody. Inanna is no more powerful than anybody. Persephone is no more powerful than anybody. And, funnily enough, Woden is certainly no more powerful than anybody.

Emerson said, "Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool." I think that makes the question of how a God feels about playing the part of the Fool quite relevant.

That's all I've got to say. I'm going to slip off to work. Thank you for listening.

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May. 2nd, 2017 09:34 pm
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Greetings, Network. My name is Skeets. As new imports come trickling in again, I have something important for us to discuss.

As you're aware, imPorts by definition do not come from this Earth and are instead from various alternate universes. Some of us come from the same or similar worlds to each other, while others come from vastly different ones. This has created an organizational problem for me in my file-keeping. I'd like to categorize known worlds but as of yet I haven't many records of names.

I believe it's about time we agreed on some names for our home universes to make things easier - not just for data collection but also to make it easier for us to talk about them.

Skeets has a survey, under the cut for your convenience )

005 {Video}

Mar. 2nd, 2017 10:25 pm
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[Sookie is back! And surprise, surprise, somehow she's injured herself, if the sling on her left side is anything to go by.]

I guess I was gone about as long as I was at home. They said it doesn't happen like that too often? I guess I'm lucky.

[Said with the most put-upon frown one woman could ever muster. Hey, she thinks she deserves to be sorry and grumpy for at least for a few days.]

Since I missed Mardi Gras and I didn't get to ask, what did everyone decide to give up for Lent this year? I mean, if you do Lent. I know not everyone does even in my church. But I'm always curious to see what everyone else likes to do.

[She hasn't even had time to plan what she's giving up, so any ideas are gonna help. And also because she's just a little bit nosy when it comes to things like this.]

Also, anyone seen Sam? Sam Merlotte, I mean. He's not answering his phone or when I knock.
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heal plz

if youre at swear in

by the fuckt busted tree youll see it

make it in 5 min otherwise rez plz

(( OOC: The boys got in a fight. First healer to respond to this post wins the prize but feel free to point and laugh. Also, no need to tag the log. We can thread it here. ))


Feb. 13th, 2017 08:02 pm
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This Heaven Scent thing is the strangest feeling. I hated it at first. I don't like the idea of having anything affecting my mind. But now, I don't know.

I've been missing my Dad. He was a monster. Not a literal monster, but the kind that does the worst possible things. I thought I hated him for what he did to me, my Mom, and so many other people. Now, I'm seeing that he did love me. In the only way he knew how. Someone told me once that every family loves differently and every love is unique. I think the person that told me that, loved me too. That person was like a father to me too. And in the end, they both showed their love for me in the same way. I see that now. I can accept it now.

I feel like doing something to celebrate them. My Dad taught me how to hunt and we made dinner afterwards. I'd like to cook some venison, or other game meat now. Any recommendations on butchers?

My other father figure taught me how to play the harpsichord. I don't suppose anyone knows where I could find a harpsichord in Heropa? If I do find one, roomies, would you be okay with it?

Would anyone join me for dinner or listen to me play? I don't feel like being alone these days either.
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Well, this is just freaking appropriate.

[ John Murphy's not so cheerful introduction to the rest of the imPort community, spoken in a dry, bored drawl, expression withered. Honestly, there's some cosmic entity somewhere that's laughing their ass off at him right now. ]

If anyone wants to know how this nuclear arms race thing goes, feel free to stop by... wherever the hell I am right now. [ A glance up and around - he's somewhere in a museum in Heropa, for anyone who may recognize it, trying to brush up on history and where he is on a timeline. If this timeline is even close to what he'd been taught about Earth, before it was nuked into the dark ages. But, he's pretty sure magic powers were never part of it... ] In case you haven't already used those advanced, superhero minds of yours to guess, I'll give you a quick teaser.

A century or so of radioactive wasteland, most of the last of humanity stuck in rusty tin can in space going batshit on each other to conserve air and water, the few that survive on the ground turning into war mongering, torture happy nutjobs, and gigantic, nightmare sea worms. [ he's stopping at a plaque, reading over something, as he wryly lists off the last part, sounding more upset about that bit than the others. then, as an afterthought: ]

Also, horses with two heads. So that's kinda badass.
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does anyone know how to deregister?

I don't mean I want to turn vigilante, or go the other way. And I don't want to go AWOL. I know about those. I just made a mistake, I know that now. I made a mistake and I want to undo it.

there has to be a form to fill out. something.

Please. Anything could help.
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[Noah turns on the video feed, looking sort of like he has a joke he can't wait to tell.]

Hey, what day is it?

[It's simple data collection. He wants to know how many people here have seen the seminal film of his generation.

But behind the smile on his face, there's a slighter edge of hesitance, and after a few moments he leans in a little closer to the camera.]

Um, and for anyone who knew her, Blue Sargent went home over the weekend. I don't know if she'll come back or whatever, but... yeah.

[Daily wisdom: when you're trying not to cry on the network, start with a meme.]
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[Sometime in the evening, after all this happens, there's the Iron Bull's unmistakable voice. Though, instead of how lighthearted it usually is, there's an edge to it.]

Hey! Any of you assholes out there ever wanted to go a few rounds with the Iron Bull?

Now's your chance.

[He'll send a photo of himself standing in the middle of a park in Nonah. There aren't many people around, somehow, in this location, but Bull shouldn't be hard to locate.]

I'm feeling the urge to hit something. Where's the Seeker and her stick when you need her...


Jul. 14th, 2016 02:05 pm
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[[so after a week of aimless wandering and several failed attempts to return to the Dreaming or remove the tattoo on his wrist, the Corinthian finally decides it's time to say hello. Twin black lenses peer thoughtfully down at the communicator, their owner nestled in the shade of some nondescript building.]

It is a curious thing, to be out of place. They have done their best to make us fit, but ill-fitting it must remain for those who had purpose before. Ties are not as easily cut as some lesser materials, and I find these unwanted attempts to bind... [he hums], an irritant. I doubt that I'm the only one.

[a pause. The Corinthian glances briefly down at the tattoo on his wrist, glowing in the shadow. He frowns, then returns his attention.]

...I am also aware that there are none here I know, and I am cut off from contacting them. So instead I would have your names and a word on your world, if you would give them. Or not - as you will. But it seems the only thing to do with a communicator is to attempt to communicate; there is no point to hiding in a false world. I will even begin, to make it more comfortable. [he adds, humored:] That is a rare offer from me.

[the nightmare touches a hand to his chest genially.]

I am known as the Corinthian, nightmare of the Major Arcana in service to the Lord Shaper, Lord Dream of the Endless.

And it is good to meet you.
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[This is a view from the bottom of a very tall hill - a small mountain, if you will - that is also very steep and has a small cart at the top. Standing next to the cart is Adam Parrish. He looks doubtful.]

This is for posterity, Parrish. In case we die.

[Running a hand over his face, Adam’s faint voice can be heard in all it’s horrifically accented glory.]

I should never have let you watch those Jackass reruns. It’s not the nineties anymore.

[Ronan makes a noise.]

Don’t pussy out on me now-

[Ronan sets the camera down and gets in the shot; the angle such as it can catch the entire length of the hill. He heads up, and there is a moment of bickering at the top that the camera doesn’t catch because that’s how far up they are. The bickering is good natured for all that - they’re not really fighting. They’re just arguing for the joy of arguing. Chainsaw is sitting at the front of the cart and she occasionally contributes her opinions in the form of cawing.

And then Adam scowls, gets in the cart, and Ronan gets in behind him. Apparently, Lynches celebrate birthdays with spectacular feats of stupidly racing down things, because Ronan pushes them. They’re both screaming after a moment, and Chainsaw opens her wings and flies away before they crash at the bottom.

Now they’re right in distance for the camera to catch them, a pile of boys at the bottom of the hill, with Ronan making a noise that’s laughing and Adam-

Adam Parrish, resident misanthropist, who has never been seen really smiling on the network (or anywhere the public can see) is smiling too, and pushing at Ronan.]

That was really fuckin’ stupid. [He’s still grinning though, far too fond as he untangles himself and moves to check out the pretty wicked scrape now on his arm. It’s then that he catches sight of their recording, moving to pick it up and hand it back to its owner when he gets a look at it properly.] Did you press something different?.

What? [He looks up. Ronan Lynch, who has never posted to the Network, didn’t realize that the red button for record and the green button for stream were different things. This is what you get when you hate phones. He gets up, and rolls his eyes, and switches it off.]
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Poll #17541 Serious Poll
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 31

In my world, the blogging platform for re-distributing content via "reblogs" is known as:

View Answers

12 (40.0%)

1 (3.3%)

Something else
3 (10.0%)

We don't have the internet
6 (20.0%)

we have the internet but we're still in the Myspace years
4 (13.3%)

We have the internet but I'm old and don't understand the question
4 (13.3%)

Did you have Michael Jackson

View Answers

19 (61.3%)

7 (22.6%)

It's Complicated
5 (16.1%)

Why is pop music in this dimension so bad? (please check all that you think may apply)

View Answers

has no tumblr, only rumblr
2 (7.4%)

imPort worship removing relevance from actual native artists
12 (44.4%)

Continued cold war aggresions limits cooperative globalization, harming the progress of human art
12 (44.4%)

Lucifer has not put out an album yet
4 (14.8%)

seriously though you guys dont even have Justin Beiber. I don't get how you can still fuck it up after a boon like that.
10 (37.0%)

If you selected "it's complicated" for question 2, please explain below.


Jun. 8th, 2016 07:04 pm
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[ the feed comes on to show a boy with very tall hair and a much shorter girl with scratches on her face over her eye, one looking rather cheerful and the other less so. ]

Hi hi hi everyone, I have an important question. [ he holds up a finger, tilts his head as if a thought had just occurred to him. he's so preoccupied he was going to launch himself into his spiel without even introducing himself. ] I'm being rude. I am Henry Cheng, and we were wondering —

[ the not so tall and in fact very short girl interrupts. ] We're looking for someone we know! [ she pulls a little face, looking over at Mr. Henry Cheng. ] A few people, actually. [ okay, maybe that was a little rude. she murmurs something unintelligible and takes a step back. please, proceed. ]

And that was my lovely friend Blue. [ he gestures with a flourish toward her, shoots her a wink, absolutely unbothered by the interruption or her outburst. ] As she said, we are looking for someone. Multiple someones. I'm sure this place has a list of sorts, yes? A quick way to CTRL-F a friend's name and find out their status?

[ he looks a bit more serious, then, like underneath the cheerfulness he's exhausted. his next words are very earnest. ]

We would appreciate any info. Thank you.

[ in the background, Blue begins tromping away, shedding dead leaves for some reason, and can be vaguely heard to say 'maybe we should've mentioned Gansey by name' before the video ends. ]
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[ The video starts with a blurry shot of grass and Matthew, speaking from behind the camera, in the middle of a sentence. There's also shouting in the background, laughter--the event being (rather inexpertly) filmed is a party involving five teenage boys, cake, and a giant slip-n-slide. ]

--got it, I got it!

[ The feed shakes as he tries to get the camera pointed where he wants it, revealing a number of the people involved. Here's a glimpse of a rather smudgy boy, eating a piece of cake with something like reverence on his face. There's Adam Parrish, cupping his hands around his mouth and hollering-- ]

Gansey, take off the damn sunglasses!

[ And then the camera fixes on the ridiculously long slip-n-slide itself, and coming down it right now? Yes, that is Richard Campbell Gansey III. That is Richard Campbell Gansey III wearing swim trunks and rocketing down the slip-n-slide from hell (more accurately, the slip-n-slide of dreams), and he's smiling like a king and somehow manages to make this look almost dignified. Though he did, in fact, fail to remove his sunglasses first; think of that what you will.

This is raven boys having fun. Matthew gives a shout of delighted laughter, and Chainsaw chimes in from offscreen but close by with a loud kerah!, which snags Matthew's attention.

The camera turns when he does and someone else comes into view--shaved head, tattoo clawing up the back of his neck, fierce-eyed raven on his shoulder. But this is Ronan Lynch as rarely ever seen--relaxed, unguarded, all posturing abandoned because who needs posturing to throw their little brother a birthday party?

Matthew sounds very excited. ]

Hey, hey, Ronan, I just realized. Since I'm old enough now, do I get to drive the Camaro?

It's up to Gansey, shitheel. If he's okay with it, I don't care.

[ "Shitheel" is in fact a term of affection, and you can tell because the easy smile on Ronan's face is one reserved for very, very few people. ]

Yes, I'll ask him if-- Huh? Oh.

[ Matthew laughs again, this time at himself, and the video shakes again as he pulls his communicator closer to his nose. ]

I must've hit the wrong button. I think everyone can see this.

[ Ronan's expression changes abruptly and his shoulders square up, because being video broadcast to a shit-ton of strangers absolutely does require posturing. ]


No, no, I got it. I'm just gonna-- Sorry, guys!

[ That's an apology to you, imPorts. Matthew's laughing again when he shuts off the feed. ]

1 ¡ text.

Mar. 11th, 2016 11:18 am
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this is joseph kavinsky

[Ronan attaches a photo of a skinny teenager staring down from the top of what appears to be a suburban apartment complex.]

you only get one warning
stay the fuck away from him
dont believe any of the shit he says

i dont care if you listen
its on you not to be a stupid shit
you get one chance not to fuck up
thats more than most people ever get

01 | VIDEO

Mar. 6th, 2016 07:11 pm
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[ Here's a video of a teenage boy, young and square-ish, new to these parts.

Anyone who knows Ronan Lynch might pick up on the similarities in the face before them--the same shade of blue in Matthew's eyes (though his are round with anxiety), the same perfect teeth (though Matthew's are worrying at his lower lip in a way that Ronan would never allow for himself), other shapes and lines in his face that suggest they might have come from knockoff molds of the same man.

The hair is very different though, a full head of golden curls as opposed to Ronan's edgy, close-shaved skull. Also distinctly different are his general mannerisms--Matthew has manners, for one.

His voice is strained, like he's trying very hard not to freak out. Which he is in fact doing. He's just recently been dropped off at his new government-provided apartment and even after all the explanations, he's not feeling super settled. ]

Can anyone tell me the best way to find somebody here? Somebody specific? He's not answering his phone.

[ He gives a short-lived, nervous laugh, a very pale imitation of a normally infectious and beautiful thing.] I mean, that's normal. But--

[ He draws a slightly shuddering breath, stopping himself before he has to try to explain. Obviously calling his brother's number is not working but he doesn't know what else to do. This has been kind of a crazy day and he's not so well equipped to deal with it on his own, sorry everybody. ]

Look, Ronan, Declan, if you guys are here, I'm-- [ Have a pause in which he is briefly replaying the events of the day to himself and trying to figure out what to say. ] --here, too.

I'm ready to go home.


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