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[The young woman who shows up on the video is exhausted, and cleaning a sword as she speaks.]

Now that the bloody dragon is dealt with, and I have some time to rest- has anyone made any progress on a cure? I seem to be immune, but the healing spells I know can only slow the sickness down, at most. [Which is frustrating. Even if healing isn't her greatest strength, it's something she's been doing a surprising amount of since her arrival.]

And perhaps it doesn't matter right now, but I'm curious- what do people know about the Lif Foundation? I know they sponsored that raffle at the last swear-in, but they've been around for a while- I heard Mr. Holiday mention their founder during the February swearing-in. [Sabriel looks down at the sword. There are symbols on the blade- but they're not static- instead, they're constantly shifting, moving over the metal.]

001. video.

Mar. 9th, 2015 04:02 pm
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Uh, hey. Sup.

( Tara is sitting, cross legged, addressing the device, and offers a half wave. She's looking a little worse for wear, as might potentially happen during a... zombie apocalypse, jeans torn and her flannel shirt looking like it should maybe be cleansed with fire rather than washed. )

Okay, so this whole blogging-slash-vlogging community thing is neat, I guess. I kinda missed the internet. But, you know, I was hoping there would maybe be some cat videos or something.

( Ah, the sweet notes of gentle sarcasm. )

This seems more like-- man, this isn't even Facebook, this definitely is givin' off some MySpace vibes. It's kinda... I mean, I'm just waiting for some autoplay bubblegum pop nightmare. I mean, nobody deserves shit that screwed up, right?

( Right? C'mon, you know you agree. Tara glances down at her hands, shakes them out and rests them on her legs. Her smiles fades a little, brow creasing, and by the time she looks back to the camera it's gone completely. )

Listen, you gotta get a whole lot of these-- ( she waves her hand idly. These posts, you know? )

Anyway, there are people I was with before I wound up here, and I need to get to them. Help keep 'em safe, annoy them with dumb jokes, y'know. So, uh, Maggie, Glenn, Rosita, Eugene-- Abraham? Team GREATM, we need to regroup. It's not much of a 'Team' with just the 'T,' right?

( A moment of hesitation, any fragment of bravado slipping away. ) There's others, too.

( But she wasn't with them when the firetruck was heading back to the church, so it's less likely they'd be here, she's pretty sure. She's looking calm, though the giant puppy eyes of oh God where are my people are becoming more and more apparent. Her puppy eyes were almost, but not quite, listed as one of her powers. )

If you can give me a heads up, thanks in advance. And if anyone knows any decent pizza places in Mauritia Falls, give me a heads up. I owe this Jaime jackass a meal, figured I better make it a decent one.

So, I dunno. T-T-Y-L, or something.

( And she leans in to cut the feed. )
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[ The camera opens on a young 25ish man, settled in front of a large window that looks like it might be a restaurant or cafe. The light is beginning to die outside, but you can still see the shops of downtown Heropa in all their dusky glory. The man himself is wearing a white, collared shirt, pressed to perfection.

The angle has him looking down somewhat, making him look a little taller than what he is but framing him nonetheless well. He looks bright and smiles a little. You can use this video to get a good idea of the earnesty he's putting into his quick words. ]

Hello, to all the imPorts out there listening right now.

My name is Louis Bloom. I'm a pretty recent arrival to this world, and I suppose I could go so far as to say our world, now.

But where I'm from, I was the owner of a successful news gathering service. It was our responsibility to ensure that the public received footage of breaking news stories, especially when it concerned crime in the community. This was without a doubt an important role to fill in my old community, but with the hands-on aspect to this one, I would say that it's even more important that news be swift and accurate.

That being said - are there any imPort news production teams already out there? Who do you trust to keep you informed?

[ He gives a momentary break, blue eyes unblinking. ]


On a semi-related note, I am looking for information. Firstly, I am welcoming suggestions for a lawyer, specifically one that has experience in cases of personal injury.

Secondly, and to those asking questions about the first, I am looking for any and all information regarding this man.

[ The video flashes to a picture of this man, although it's dark out and John Reese is lit by the fire of a burning building nearby ( though it's hard to tell going by the shot alone ).

Lou's voice continues. ]

A name and what city this man might be taking residence in would be appreciated.

Thank you for your time.
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[The ID reads Green Lantern and he's sitting on the rooftop of some building and eating a sandwich.]

Word of warning, if you go off planet they'll threaten to cut you off and effectively leave you to die. So if you leave make sure you have something that isn't dependent on your abilities, technology from your world counts in that category so build a new ship.

Also this universe is quiet. I couldn't find a single inhabited planet or get any transmissions. So to answer that question, we are in fact alone in this universe.

[He takes a bite and chews on it while he sets up a hologram of the region in space he explored. In case the ID didn't make it clear, the hologram is green. Green everywhere.]

Anyway a while back there was a discovery that this lady mapped out a section of space and noted down a couple of stars that don't actually exist now. [The relevant points glow brighter.] I checked them out and there's nothing there. At all. Something that big doesn't just vanish, but whatever happened there wiped it out so completely I couldn't get anything on my scans.

If anyone wants to look them over be my guest, but I doubt you'll find anything new or even find anything that can handle that much raw data.

[ooc: mirror network info is over here and the link is for ooc reference only.]
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[She's used to phone calls, and has done more than a few video chats, but for the moment, she's just a little more comfortable communicating the good old fashioned way - text. Maybe it's the pitiful exposed feeling she's got from being kidnapped via teleporter, or just a desire to keep her distance till she figures things out, but either way, this is how she wants to do it.]

Wow, this is nostalgic. It's been a while since my blogging days, and I can't say I missed being a tiny voice in a shouting crowd, like all bloggers are. Still, it was always nice to interact with my fans and express myself a little, so I'm going to go ahead and enjoy the blast from the past. Excuse me if my writing's a little rusty.

[For a few moments, she pauses while writing here, trying to work out what she wants to say, and how.]

I could get all 'rah rah fight the power' here, and advocate striking back against the system, or maybe I could make an argument for fighting evil with the backing of the government and how, shall we say, empowering that might be - but I can't say I'm feeling that political right now. I'm not feeling much of anything. I guess that makes me a bad blogger, but I was never really a good one to start with.

So instead, I'm going to ask a question. What's going on behind the scenes? I know the official rules, what are the unofficial ones? Fill me in on all the dirt.


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